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  • Monday

    7/23/2017 11:59:27 PM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Packed and ready see you on the flip side hugs and peace sold my brothers house and things are going to be great peace and joy... Read more

  • Saturday

    7/22/2017 12:10:34 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Be blessed my friends sending light and love hugs... Read more

  • TGIF

    7/21/2017 12:09:49 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Sending light and love finishing packing leaving Monday for Germany be blessed... Read more

  • HappyDay

    7/20/2017 12:13:46 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Have a wonderful day and be blessed hugs... Read more

  • New week

    7/17/2017 12:09:05 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Have a blessed day enjoy... Read more

  • TGIF

    7/13/2017 11:44:27 PM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Have a wonderful day filled with light... Read more

  • Saturday

    6/30/2017 11:32:41 PM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Have a blessed day... Read more

  • Starting week 4 feeling a little disappointed.

    6/26/2017 9:34:43 PM, by MARYDURHAM1959

    My weigh-in at TOPS tonight showed a 1/2 pound gain for the week even though I increased my average daily calorie burn by 100 and only increased ... Read more

  • Starting week 3 back on track.

    6/20/2017 2:19:03 PM, by MARYDURHAM1959

    In my first 2 weeks I lost 6 1/4 pounds, but more importantly I fed my body nutritious foods in the right quantity every day and have been pretty... Read more

  • Back on SparkPeople -- 3rd time is a charm!

    3/18/2017 4:00:33 PM, by IMAMRCL

    I find it incredibly ironic that as a social worker I struggle with goals. Not other people's goals....I rock that. Its my own personal goals I... Read more

  • Good Intentions, bad efforts, ugly results!!!

    9/26/2016 12:13:55 PM, by 4HEALTHOFIT2017

    The Good Intentions - I have the genuine desire to make myself healthy. I make the plans, I am going to walk each day, I will count the cal... Read more

  • Re-motivated

    9/4/2016 8:50:11 AM, by 4HEALTHOFIT2017

    Life sure can get in the way of your goals!!! It can refocus you, it can demotivate you or even cripple you. But the truth is, Life is Life and y... Read more

  • Saturday

    7/30/2016 1:08:58 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Well my brother has taken a very bad turn and I do not think he has much time left not eating or drinking sad but I have him with me at home se... Read more

  • TGIF

    7/29/2016 1:29:31 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Have a blessed and prayerful day be blessed and try to enjoy life hugs... Read more

  • Divine Life

    6/1/2016 10:59:22 PM, by AMERICAPATMAN40

    So excited for the newest organic product launch of the century. Finest quality of organic teas,supplements and much much more. BEING A CANCER SU... Read more

  • The plateau

    5/22/2016 6:42:03 AM, by PWORTHEY

    Well..it has been a year since I started this and I laid off working out as much during the winter and also not following my "diet" as strictly..... Read more

  • A Year Later

    4/15/2016 7:47:26 AM, by PRSPARKS

    I am still at the weight I was a year ago. All settled in at my house and now it's time to focus on me again, without distractions.... Read more

  • Success!

    4/11/2016 11:48:39 AM, by TWEETY2015

    Success can be measured in any number of ways, and I was successful in tracking what I ate, sticking to my plan, and losing pounds! It's a wonde... Read more

  • Free to be Free

    4/9/2016 9:12:45 PM, by GLEORIA

    It is officially Spring 2016 and I am looking forward to seeing my life have new blossoms. I have made a big decision to no longer be a substitut... Read more

  • Looking Forward

    4/9/2016 4:14:25 PM, by TWEETY2015

    It's always good to have a goal. Some place you are looking to get to. A lot of people get healthy this time of year for swimsuit season. ... Read more

  • Attack of the GERD

    4/7/2016 10:41:42 AM, by TWEETY2015

    You don't realize how well your medication is working until your insurance changes it and leaves you in pain. Wow. Just wow. This just further... Read more

  • The Beginning is the Hardest

    4/6/2016 2:22:58 PM, by TWEETY2015

    Today I find myself begging the refrigerator for a little cheese. Not a lot, I just need a little. For some people giving up sweets is the... Read more

  • Maybe this is the push I need

    4/4/2016 6:54:55 AM, by TWEETY2015

    My weight has been a struggle for the past 16 years. It would be easy to blame it on the hypothyroidism. In fact, I do, and often give up being... Read more

  • Let's roll!!

    3/1/2016 8:38:08 AM, by DIBRN5

    I am ready to start fresh. It is my time and I need to stay away from negative thoughts and people. My fitbit is my buddy. Started again last ... Read more

  • 2016 a new start

    1/6/2016 11:20:40 PM, by RHONDAWI

    I know I have to get serious about my health. I am doing little things to get there, which is good, but I think I need to do something bigger to... Read more

  • Nostalgic

    12/30/2015 5:42:23 PM, by TWEETY2015

    Today I saw a picture posted for "way back Wednesday" of my high school dance team. It didn't include me, it was some time after I was there, bu... Read more

  • Day 1 - No plan

    12/29/2015 10:55:06 AM, by TWEETY2015

    So, I don't really have a plan. Haven't done any shopping. Couldn't find the tape measure this morning. My daughter has a high fever and is no... Read more

  • Happy New Year !!!

    12/27/2015 2:51:21 PM, by YZDIET

    Ending 2015 with being 10 pounds overweight...will I lose it in a few months starting 2016 ? Gosh I guess everyone by now wonder where di... Read more

  • Great Christmas!!

    12/26/2015 8:32:58 AM, by RHONDAWI

    I had a wonderful Christmas!! I was relaxing, just what I needed!! I pray your Christmas was what you needed also!! Jesus is Awesome!!... Read more

  • cleaning

    12/22/2015 9:50:40 PM, by RHONDAWI

    Well, I have been trying to clean house. I think I need to quit eating so I can quit doing dishes!!! LOL Where do dirty dishes keep coming fr... Read more

  • Christmas is coming!!

    12/18/2015 11:22:43 PM, by RHONDAWI

    Well, Christmas is close by, less then 7 days now! I am excited and ready to celebrate Jesus' birth. I love going to church on Christmas eve. ... Read more

  • Tired

    12/17/2015 12:23:20 AM, by RHONDAWI

    I am tired. But that is how it goes! Make someone smile today!! ... Read more

  • Getting it done!!

    12/9/2015 11:57:30 AM, by RHONDAWI

    Well, I think it is time to cut back on Chocolate!! I have been eating too much these days. So, It is time to slow down. I have to get the car... Read more

  • 120415

    12/4/2015 10:11:38 AM, by FLYINGHAWK1952

    I did my Leslie Sansone 2 miles yesterday. Today I have a lot to do. I must finish the dresses for the twins so that I can make 3 pairs of fing... Read more

  • 120215

    12/2/2015 10:02:57 PM, by FLYINGHAWK1952

    I'm doing my computer thing in the evening today (it's nearly 10pm now). I had a busy morning and afternoon. I didn't post my nutrition yet - a... Read more

  • Challenges on SP

    11/30/2015 11:17:40 AM, by RHONDAWI

    I do like these challenges they have on SP. Right now I am doing the new members challenge. Now, I am not new, but thought it would be good to ... Read more

  • Getting ready

    11/23/2015 9:22:10 PM, by RHONDAWI

    Getting ready for Thanksgiving!! DH and I were talking today about who else will be invited to our home for Thanksgiving! We don't want anyone ... Read more

  • France

    11/14/2015 9:22:53 AM, by RHONDAWI

    Praying for France and the world!! Remember to tell someone you love, that you love them!! ... Read more

  • Veterans Day (USA)

    11/11/2015 3:38:49 PM, by RHONDAWI

    Well, today is a day to honor a veteran here is the USA. Somehow, tell a veteran "THANK YOU" GOD BLESS AMERICA!!... Read more

  • Others

    11/11/2015 12:01:15 AM, by RHONDAWI

    What have you done for someone else today?? examples: phone call, letter, e-mail, ect. I called a friend and let her vent!!... Read more

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