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And up again!
6/3/2013 7:50:24 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Alright, I fell off the wagon but hard and waved at it go by. I have caught up to it and am back on it again. I put up my nutrition tracker so everyon...  Read more


Curse you 4am! *shakes fist*
2/15/2013 12:26:58 PM,  5 COMMENTS

I guess it was my nerves that woke me again at 4am today because my bladder doesn't usually give me grief until 5. After thinking about my bladder b...  Read more


My son...I am at my wits end!
2/14/2013 3:58:06 PM,  8 COMMENTS

My son is overweight...VERY overweight. After he moved in with us just over a year ago, we went to the pool at the gym and I managed to get him to we...  Read more


How long should it take you to eat?
2/12/2013 1:29:02 PM,  3 COMMENTS

(Cross posted to the diet and nutrition message board) I had my gallbladder taken out a little over a year ago. I am not sure where I read it or...  Read more


He loves me yesterday, tomorrow, and today.
2/8/2013 3:13:11 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Argh. My poor beau, he should be nominated for sainthood methinks! I have been at the same weight for exactly 2 months now. Its frustrating...wh...  Read more


2/4/2013 3:15:26 PM,  5 COMMENTS

That's my life lately. I have a hard time dealing with changes...even if they are for the better. I have my routines and when they are thrown off.....  Read more


1/31/2013 3:08:11 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Osmosis: The process of gradual or unconscious assimilation of ideas, knowledge, etc. Have you ever been around someone that is mad all the ti...  Read more


Red Hots n Water!
1/28/2013 3:07:48 PM,  5 COMMENTS

I don't eat too much candy since I quit eating Reese's several months ago, but the other day I had a huge urge to get some Red Hots...those hot little...  Read more


Lazy day Sunday
1/27/2013 9:43:02 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Today was my chance to sleep in. I don't work Sundays and my son was actually off for a change. I even remembered to undo the alarm on my phone for...  Read more


1/23/2013 11:13:51 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Getting things accomplished slowly while trying to keep my nerves in check. I found a new home for my kitty today. A lady answered my post about...  Read more


Actions, reaction, and ...stuff!
1/20/2013 7:02:26 PM,  6 COMMENTS

My action this weekend was to purchase this... My brand spankin new 36 inch tramp! I have always wanted one, and in true Gallagher fashion...  Read more


6 month pictures...not really what I was hoping for.
1/17/2013 11:14:59 PM,  7 COMMENTS

I haven't taken any pictures for 5 months, I am posting 6 month apart pics, from when I started and now. I know its only 30 pounds, but when I think...  Read more


One step and then the next ...
1/14/2013 2:45:53 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I have been really behind on reading everyone's blog...I think I had 30 or so in my email! Everyone is doing such a great job! As for myself, t...  Read more


No Cancer!
1/11/2013 7:39:21 PM,  10 COMMENTS

My sister got her scan results back today, NO BREAST CANCER!!!!!! Thank you God, and thank you for all the good thoughts and prayers! THA...  Read more


I just realized...
1/7/2013 9:14:42 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Somehow, I have fallen off the proverbial wagon. I haven't binged or anything like that, but I have blown up all, or most, of my good habits. ...  Read more


News, changes, and me.
1/6/2013 9:35:57 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I have had a shock this weekend, I got a call from my younger sister and she said that her doctor found a lump in her breast. She is faithful about g...  Read more


Wow....just WOW!
1/3/2013 8:50:00 PM,  10 COMMENTS

I got my new hearing aids today....and I am stunned at how much stuff that I was missing! I think tomorrow's task is to pull the fridge out and see w...  Read more


A Confession. I am one of THEM...almost.
1/2/2013 4:13:48 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Please God, not me. I have turned into one of THOSE people, one of 'THE EX'ES' You know how when you were not young...but younger, doing what yo...  Read more


Here we are.
1/2/2013 10:53:11 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Here we are at the start of a new year. To sum up was a roller coaster for me. I had some days/weeks where I made excuses, but overall, i...  Read more


On the eve of the apocalypse...
12/20/2012 3:07:11 PM,  6 COMMENTS

What is it that fascinates people about impending doom? I heard something once in reference to why people like to watch horror movies, the comment w...  Read more


And the status quo is quo!
12/14/2012 10:23:40 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I am finally over being sick! Yay! And it only took me two weeks! One thing I have learned in 41 years is that when I get sick, the germs make a...  Read more


'Home' Improvements
12/6/2012 12:55:11 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Since I have been sick for a week now, I actually have more time since I haven't been trying to fit exercising in to my schedule. More time to contem...  Read more


I can't tell you how long its been since...
12/3/2012 3:40:35 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I have been sick! Its been before I changed my diet, so I haven't have a cold, flu, cough, or anything since before May of this year, so 7 months. ...  Read more


Happy Birthday and 100 miles!
11/29/2012 6:57:24 PM,  9 COMMENTS

19.5 weeks, 100 miles, and over 17,000 calories burned just in jogging/walking! Happy birthday to me! Next goal is to average 365 miles from...  Read more


Being stubborn is all I have lately.
11/23/2012 9:02:03 PM,  7 COMMENTS

When I signed up on SP, I filled out my website registration, closed the page and forgot about it for a month. When I came back, I fiddled around wit...  Read more


April's Goals
4/2/2012 4:29:23 PM,  2 COMMENTS

So this is my first blog post on here and considering March was a slow weight loss month my hope is to lose a few more pounds and gain energy. Fortuna...  Read more


A bride...but never a bridesmaid :/
1/2/2012 7:58:13 PM,  5 COMMENTS

One of my best friends I've known since we were 7 got engaged for the FIRST time at age 32. She asked me to be her bridesmaid so I'm SOOO excited! My...  Read more


Diamond cutting
12/22/2011 1:42:05 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I don't know what it is about me, but I find that I always take roads that make life more complicated. I'm always metaphorically being told to go slo...  Read more


I took a self-evaluation
12/15/2011 4:29:01 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I took a self-evaluation and found that I am highly neurotic and that I have a skewed vision of myself. I contribute negative and untrue feelings to...  Read more


Changing Eating Habits
12/13/2011 11:23:51 AM,  2 COMMENTS

The reason why I gained so much weight is mainly because of poor eating habits. When I was young, and an athlete, people would say not to drink the m...  Read more


12/13/2011 8:52:48 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Hi everyone, I feel like I've wasted a year moping and crying over the fact that I was so close to my goal (over half-way there) and gained half of t...  Read more


Help! I need a restart . . . .
11/16/2011 12:34:42 PM,  5 COMMENTS

OK ~ Here I am in November without reaching my goals. . . . AGAIN! 15 In fact my weight is going in the wrong direction. There are lots of reason...  Read more


Almost fell over this morning
10/27/2011 12:16:20 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I freaked out this morning.... I have a blouse that I've never worn. I bought it a few years ago and when I bought it it was too tight to wear. I...  Read more


Interesting self-motivation tool for eating Healthly
10/26/2011 3:05:57 PM,  3 COMMENTS

A few years ago I passed a gallstone ending up in the ER very sick. I know I was sick when they told me that they were admitting me and I didn't even...  Read more


Boost of self-confidence
10/18/2011 2:04:20 PM,  1 COMMENTS

It's really interesting how losing just a few pounds can give me an incredible boost of self-confidence. I'm still extremely overweight and am heavie...  Read more


Am I changing or going through a phase?
9/7/2011 12:54:16 PM,  2 COMMENTS

How peculiar...I had planned to make some Pasta Roni white cheddar shells for dinner, which are yummy, easy and probably have no nutritional value. B...  Read more


The Life of a College-Wannabe Marathoner
8/28/2011 8:36:59 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Hello, hello, all! Figured I'd pop back in with an update on how life has been going so far, as well as how I've been managing my marathoning schedule...  Read more


Marathon Mayhem
8/15/2011 3:11:10 PM,  3 COMMENTS

So the first week of training has passed, and the second week has begun. Throughout the last few days, all the ones that have passed since my last bl...  Read more


Marathon Training and the Search for Spandex
8/11/2011 1:24:08 PM,  4 COMMENTS

After 3 days of marathon training, and not much actual running (YET!), I've come to the conclusion that I need a running buddy that does not include m...  Read more


C25K for reals, Y'all!
8/7/2011 8:45:45 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Yeah, I know. The grammar killed me just writing it. Today is my 2nd day of C35K and that means a day of rest. Which I truly wanted though I dunno if...  Read more


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