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  • Oops

    5/19/2017 9:42:48 AM, by IDICEM

    Instructions need precision. lol ... Read more

  • Happiness is...

    5/3/2017 1:49:22 PM, by WHOLENEWME2017

    Today I weighed in for my challenge week and I'm down 7.5 lbs since the day I started the low-glycemic food plan (almost 4 weeks). I'm so happy!... Read more

  • Progress ... slow but sure.

    5/1/2017 4:48:03 PM, by WHOLENEWME2017

    Interesting times in Western New York. We're under a tornado watch ... very rare for this area ... and in the middle of severe thunderstorms the... Read more

  • Low-glycemic program

    4/25/2017 1:44:44 PM, by WHOLENEWME2017

    I've been on the low-glycemic program for 2 1/2 weeks. I'm down 6 lbs and counting. I feel so optimistic! I keep thinking about how great I'm ... Read more

  • Down 4 pounds in 3 days!

    4/20/2017 1:08:25 PM, by P-NOT-P

    I know it's the low-hanging fruit that is falling off, but I'm glad of it. I'm also glad my son is able to see progress from the sacrifice. He'... Read more

  • Back again and pissed off!

    4/17/2017 7:44:08 PM, by P-NOT-P

    I knew I had gained weight. I could feel my stomach muscles stretching these past months. It was painful. My stomach is bigger than I have eve... Read more

  • Going No where fast

    4/13/2017 9:15:02 AM, by DASUKNOW2

    Ugh! I just don't understand. Why can't I change my bad habits? I can't breathe and want to get off my oxygen if I can but I continue to smoke. T... Read more

  • Program update 4/12/17 - Day 6

    4/12/2017 2:19:30 PM, by WHOLENEWME2017

    It's Day 6 of the new program and I'm feeling great! I'm happy to have lost 3.5 lbs. so far. It's too soon to see too many changes but I have t... Read more

  • Got to do this!

    4/8/2017 1:45:17 PM, by DASUKNOW2

    I am so unhappy with my life right now but I have no one to blame but myself. I am overweight. My medical records have me in the morbidly overwe... Read more

  • New Program

    4/5/2017 1:28:32 PM, by WHOLENEWME2017

    I'm very excited. Tomorrow I am starting a new program for my health. It's called WTF Chef...I know it sounds funny but WTF stands for "Wellnes... Read more

  • New healthy way of eating!

    3/22/2017 10:19:45 AM, by ROSEBUD1954

    My niece convinced me to do the Whole30 program with her! It helped me figure out what flares my arthritis,what foods affect my mood, body and m... Read more

  • Spring is here, the boat is calling and now to get back to it

    3/21/2017 11:12:40 PM, by BARB0863

    Over a year ago my guy friend and his brother bought a project boat, more a project small yacht at 29.5 feet, . I have been lucky to... Read more

  • Weight loss and age

    3/15/2017 3:29:06 PM, by WHOLENEWME2017

    Twenty years ago, I lost 36 lbs and was smaller than the day I graduated from high school. I was very proud of my achievement. I did it by walk... Read more

  • Attitude

    3/2/2017 10:29:07 AM, by WHOLENEWME2017

    I had a long talk with my mother last night and was shocked by some of the things she said. What made her so angry and unhappy with life? When ... Read more

  • Personal Training

    2/8/2017 4:45:54 PM, by WHOLENEWME2017

    I've just completed my first month of personal training and it was awesome! It was interrupted by my cold so I've decided to do it again for ano... Read more

  • George and Tammy

    1/25/2017 9:51:37 PM, by STEVENKIND

    I would not have guessed George Jones and Tammy Wynette would have a song that could fit in with getting in shape! Will you travel down down... Read more

  • Ice Cream

    1/21/2017 2:35:16 PM, by STEVENKIND

    I ate ice cream. It was so good. 5 cups. My reward. My issue.... Read more

  • Thankful Thursady

    1/19/2017 6:56:39 PM, by STEVENKIND

    I am so loved at work. I can't tell you how many came by wanting me to do something for them. Kind of expectant, like, I need you to drop what yo... Read more

  • Wednesday

    1/18/2017 8:59:41 PM, by STEVENKIND

    I hope everyone had a great day. Or good. Or at least made it through ok. I got an hour of step aerobics in after work. I definitely do better wi... Read more

  • Manic Monday

    1/16/2017 9:40:20 PM, by STEVENKIND

    7.05 miles walking today and an hour of racquetball today. Step count for racquetball was >4500. Food was just over 1500 calories, 102 g protein ... Read more

  • Dating is difficult

    1/15/2017 11:11:14 PM, by WHOLENEWME2017

    I've been divorced now for over 2 years. I've tried various dating sites and dated a few men but mostly I meet some nice guys who seem to like m... Read more

  • That made my day

    1/15/2017 7:32:35 PM, by STEVENKIND

    Remembering names is my disability. I'll remember your face, what you do, where you live, but I have to work hard to memorize your name. I just g... Read more

  • Daily Dose

    1/14/2017 10:10:17 PM, by OAHARRIS

    It can be difficult staying positive but Sparkpeople has made it easy. I find that when ai come to Spark everyday it helps me to stay in the game... Read more

  • Fit Friday

    1/13/2017 9:03:52 PM, by STEVENKIND

    Gall dang it's cold out. Hope y'all are staying bundled up all warm and toasty tonight. I hope you went to the gym. I hope you ate healthy today.... Read more

  • Thinking Thursday

    1/12/2017 9:43:00 PM, by STEVENKIND

    I'm thinking today I out did my self in total steps. 15,738 steps including 5 miles walking and an hour CW dancing tonight. I'm hoping that doing... Read more

  • A Gift For Me

    1/12/2017 9:02:32 PM, by OAHARRIS

    Reading articles on Sparkpeople is teaching me how to treat myself better.... Read more

  • Windy Wednesday

    1/11/2017 5:28:20 PM, by STEVENKIND

    Riding a bike into the wind today is making me use lower gears and say bad words. I create too much wind resistance. 2 mile walk in before sunup ... Read more

  • Terrific Tuesday

    1/10/2017 11:47:03 AM, by STEVENKIND

    I am not usually the optimist. Why is today terrific? Because I am in so much pain from playing racquetball yesterday!! My A double S is hurting ... Read more

  • Making Monday

    1/9/2017 6:43:52 PM, by STEVENKIND

    Hope everyone got some exercise of some kind in today. Even a little. An hour of racquetball this afternoon and getting ready to go CW dancing fo... Read more

  • Happy Sunday

    1/8/2017 1:52:14 PM, by STEVENKIND

    It's freezing out, but am planning to get 4 mile in this afternoon. It's the track or planet fitness, one or the other. Hope you get yours in tod... Read more

  • Community

    1/7/2017 9:43:56 PM, by STEVENKIND

    In My Trackers, my Spark Points, under the heading Community, how do I "Like a community post"? I go to the page, but don't see what to do. You g... Read more

  • Now What

    1/6/2017 6:50:30 PM, by OAHARRIS

    It's 4:48 and I have eaten my calorie allotment and I haven't had dinner. What should I do?... Read more

  • Rx sent in

    1/5/2017 10:26:40 AM, by STEVENKIND

    I got a Rx for happiness today. Take 4x a day for the rest of the week. I asked if my insurance covered that since I didn't want the generic. It ... Read more


    1/4/2017 11:07:57 PM, by STEVENKIND

    What's up Texas? I came down here to help avoid the freezing Buckeye weather! Hope everybody stays warm tonight!!... Read more

  • Exercise Tip

    1/3/2017 8:47:41 AM, by STEVENKIND

    Find somebody who is a little bit healthier than you, but who has like a ton more enthusiasm, positivity and energy than you, and go exercise wit... Read more

  • New Year's Resolutions 2017

    1/1/2017 9:15:22 PM, by SUZAN30

    1) walk 10,000 steps at least 5 days a week 2) weight training 3-4 days a week 3) track food, keep under 1400 4) drink more water and limit... Read more

  • Switching Gears

    12/31/2016 3:33:34 PM, by STEVENKIND

    Since graduation earlier this month, I've kicked around the idea of becoming certified in personal training, sort of a what to do next with my ti... Read more

  • Goodbye December, Hello New ME!

    12/30/2016 11:15:41 PM, by WHOLENEWME2017

    December went by in a flash! Seriously, I am sitting here wondering where the month went and following up on the things I forgot to do. Overall,... Read more

  • Day 1: Plan my food for the day after tomorrow

    12/29/2016 7:07:08 PM, by KTALLAMIGO

    Today is my starting date. There are a few other things I've already put into place, such as "no alcohol," and "take my medications," and today I... Read more

  • No snow yet...

    12/6/2016 4:38:57 PM, by WHOLENEWME2017

    It's 40 degrees outside and not raining or snowing so I decided to go for it...walking again during my lunch hour. I'm always sad when I can't w... Read more

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