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  • Hard truth about commitment

    3/31/2015 9:49:48 AM, by P-NOT-P

    I read this article today and it really made me think. 8 Cold, Hard Truths about Exercise It's Time for an Exercise in Tough Love By Nic... Read more

  • When the pounds come off

    3/30/2015 3:20:32 PM, by STEVEN_D

    It's always good when the pounds come off. I kind of used Atkins to kick start my weight loss. It works for me, but the digestive process was a l... Read more

  • Giunta 5k 2015 - First Goal Reached

    3/29/2015 4:40:10 PM, by CONAN1956

    Today I got up a little later than planned (8:30am) but that wasn't a big deal since the Giunta 5k road race wasn't starting until 12:05pm and it... Read more

  • Saturday

    3/29/2015 10:18:31 AM, by PREYNOLDS1956

    Well Saturday was quite the day! Ended up in the hospital with my heart beating 180 times a minute was scared to death, couldn't breathe, sweatin... Read more

  • Maybe this tracking IS the key...?

    3/28/2015 9:24:19 PM, by P-NOT-P

    I've tracked my food for two days. Yesterday, was a real eye opener. Even though I kept myself in check, I still went over my limit by 600 calo... Read more

  • I love My daughter !

    3/28/2015 9:44:05 AM, by KALLIE1958AR

    ‎Friday, ‎March ‎28th‎2015 God is so good yesterday my daughter came home with a picture for me with the verse ISAIAH CHAPTER 12 2... Read more


    3/26/2015 10:13:02 AM, by KALLIE1958AR

    ‎Thursday, ‎March ‎26, ‎2015 Good Morning all , wow what a night we did tons of praying here .. at one point it got real black and st... Read more

  • 2-day Streak

    3/25/2015 12:55:57 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    Talk about a happy 2-day streak. It may sound silly, but I'm on my 2nd day of being pain free and am so happy. You may question the length of thi... Read more

  • Do you know Him !

    3/25/2015 10:23:33 AM, by KALLIE1958AR

    THIS WORLD IS NOT OUR HOME ! JOHN CHAPTER 14: 1 ¶ Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. 2 In my Fa... Read more

  • New Doctor?

    3/25/2015 9:16:12 AM, by KELLY48647

    I will be seeing yet another new doctor next week. I have heard good things about him from a few of his patients, so hopefully this one will be o... Read more

  • Surprise

    3/24/2015 7:16:24 PM, by WILLIAMPEE48

    I have tried almost everything to lose weight but when I finally decide to give up all the fads and just eat right......I lost 8 lbs in less than... Read more


    3/24/2015 2:24:53 PM, by KALLIE1958AR

    AND HE ROSE OUT OF THE GRAVE Mark 16: 14 ¶ Afterward he appeared unto the eleven as they sat at meat, and upbraided them with their unbelief an... Read more

  • A New Day!

    3/23/2015 11:49:44 AM, by KALLIE1958AR

    ‎3/‎23/‎2015 Good Morning .. wow where to start has been awhile since I blogged ,I have taken time out to let God show me things I needed... Read more

  • Most addictive food

    3/23/2015 3:20:28 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    I get a sponsored post – Huffington Post with "the most addictive food" The article claims that research has established that the foods most li... Read more

  • Geocaching

    3/22/2015 3:42:36 PM, by STEVEN_D

    My daughter showed me the finer tips of geocaching yesterday and we used that as a walking opportunity. And she found it, too! Read more

  • Life with a Kidney Stone

    3/22/2015 1:57:33 PM, by SUSIEGKORN

    What an interesting month it's been…..After feeling so good about the incredible workout I had at an advanced water aerobics class earlier in t... Read more

  • A Bump in the Road for My Race Prep

    3/22/2015 8:36:11 AM, by CONAN1956

    One week from today, I am planning on running in my first road race since 2009. That was the year that I was heavily invested here on Spark, lost... Read more

  • The unhealthy breakfast

    3/22/2015 3:50:13 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    For a month I have tried a different breakfast from my usual (that is wholegrain bread with ham och salmon and coffee with milk) Now I cook ba... Read more

  • Weight vs behaviour

    3/21/2015 5:11:54 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    The past week has been successful in the aspect of losing weight. But my behaviour has not been the most sensible, my goal in eating is to eat th... Read more

  • Rain in West Texas??

    3/20/2015 12:46:47 PM, by STEVEN_D

    What is this stuff falling out of the sky? Nice steady rain all morning!!... Read more

  • Something completely different....and rocking the socks.

    3/20/2015 2:16:36 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    So - daughter is preparing to get confirmated this spring. I have no idea if this is done in other churches but in the lutheran church in Sweden... Read more

  • TOPS Tuesday 17 Mar 2015

    3/19/2015 11:17:27 PM, by TOPS-TORTOISE

    This week wasn't so good. I haven't been doing very well over thee last two weeks. I've slacked off on tracking my food, and just plain ate too... Read more

  • TOPS Tuesday 10 Mar 2015

    3/19/2015 6:58:38 PM, by TOPS-TORTOISE

    I've gotten behind on my weekly weigh in blogs so it's time to catch up. The weather was great that day. Sunny and no snow so everyone could ge... Read more

  • Unfriendly or what?

    3/19/2015 2:10:46 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    I am struggling with a lot of things - eating healthy, get moving and being consistant to pages like spark people. I have a vague hope for the mo... Read more

  • Two months ain't bad

    3/18/2015 12:40:54 PM, by STEVEN_D

    I fell off the Sparkpeople edge again, but not for too long. Weight went up some, enough to push me back here, but not horribly so. When you yo-y... Read more

  • TOPS Tuesday 3 Mar 2015

    3/17/2015 11:05:28 AM, by TOPS-TORTOISE

    Why does it always snow on Tuesday? According to the weather forecast we were supposed to get up to 4 inches of snow with blizzard conditions du... Read more

  • TOPS Tuesday 24 Feb 2015

    2/25/2015 11:05:38 AM, by TOPS-TORTOISE

    The TOPS scale was good to me this week. I lost 1.7 pounds. Our weight recorder was absent, excused of course, so I assisted with weigh in. Ge... Read more

  • Surging Ahead With My Fitbit

    2/23/2015 7:42:03 PM, by TOPS-TORTOISE

    Well, I've had my Fitbit Surge for a week now. They claim the more you wear it the more accurate it is. I've been wearing it nearly all of the ... Read more

  • TOPS Tuesday 17 Feb 2015

    2/18/2015 5:26:18 PM, by TOPS-TORTOISE

    I wasn't sure what the TOPS scale would say this week. I had a ham sandwich for lunch yesterday and I know how that affects my weight. Turns ou... Read more

  • Getting Fit Bit By Bit

    2/15/2015 4:40:45 PM, by TOPS-TORTOISE

    My mom gave me some money for Christmas last year. I've been sitting on my stash of Christmas cash for awhile now. I decided to wait until I fig... Read more

  • Keeping Food Fresh Longer

    2/12/2015 12:35:21 PM, by TOPS-TORTOISE

    Sometimes it seems like I throw away more veggies and fruit than I eat, especially lettuce, strawberries, and raspberries. Onions, cucumbers and... Read more

  • TOPS Tuesday 10 February 2015

    2/11/2015 7:09:43 PM, by TOPS-TORTOISE

    Our TOPS meeting was canceled last night because the weather wasn't cooperating. It started snowing around noon, and continued the rest of the d... Read more

  • RD Humor

    2/10/2015 1:23:09 PM, by CINNAMONIE777

    I got a letter in the post the other day. It said, 'Do Not Bend'. I thought, How am I supposed to pick it up... Read more

  • Food Humor

    2/9/2015 11:58:31 AM, by CINNAMONIE777

    What kind of lettuce was served on the Titanic? Iceberg... * Why did the man star... Read more

  • Clown

    2/8/2015 5:15:43 PM, by CINNAMONIE777

    One cannibal to another while eating a clown: "Does this taste funny to you?" Cinnamonie ... Read more

  • Volunteering

    2/8/2015 5:26:14 AM, by MEDDYPEDDY

    ...so we have all these beggars from Rumania in Sweden this winter. From being a phenomenon only in Stockholm, they are now in most cities - in k... Read more

  • Crossword

    2/7/2015 10:40:47 PM, by CINNAMONIE777

    An editor tried to decide what to write a headline for the obituary of a woman who was noted for a fondness for ... Read more

  • Biblical Humor

    2/6/2015 4:51:16 PM, by CINNAMONIE777

    Q. Where is the first tennis match mentioned in the Bible? A. When Joseph served in Pharaoh's court. ... Read more

  • Decluttering My Body

    2/6/2015 11:04:04 AM, by SUSIEGKORN

    I'm still up, down, up, down with my weight, but I'm okay with that right now. Why, you ask? I'm still trying to figure a few things out with my ... Read more

  • Staying the course

    2/5/2015 9:36:15 PM, by 2DREAM4

    2/5/2015 I am working a lot of overtime this week and have not made time for exercise. I like my exercise, it makes me feel good. So today, I... Read more

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