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  • BLC Week 2 Day 2

    9/15/2016 11:56:56 PM, by MOWINELADY

    So far so good. I spent 2 hours today weed eating before it started raining. Today I did a beginner plank for 30 seconds and then an inte... Read more

  • Raw Vegan Discovery

    9/15/2016 4:56:52 PM, by _VALEO_

    This summer I went to my first raw vegan festival. This week has been an epiphany for me, not only in terms of diet but also lifestyle. Read more

  • BLC Week 2 Day 1

    9/15/2016 12:50:49 AM, by MOWINELADY

    Today I spent 3 hours mowing are yard (we have a big yard). It is surprising how tiring sitting on a lawn mower can be. Even so I did a m... Read more

  • Week 2 blog: How will the cooler weather affect us and our exercise rituals

    9/14/2016 9:45:45 PM, by CANDOK1260

    Week 2 blog: How will the cooler weather affect us and our exercise rituals Does the cooler weather that comes with this time of the year chang... Read more

  • BLC -- Beginning Goals

    9/14/2016 12:53:23 AM, by MOWINELADY

    My goals for this challenge are: 1. Walk 13,000 to 15,000 a day. I have been consistently walking 10,000 steps but I read that to lose weig... Read more

  • Back to school...

    9/13/2016 12:48:45 PM, by XIAOLINMEI

    Another two pounds gone this week and I couldn't be any happier! It is nice to see that my metabolism is finally working! All it took was some tr... Read more

  • 5% Challenge Commitment

    9/12/2016 10:07:35 AM, by LISA0517

    The 5% Challenge starts 9/24. My exercise commitment: Walk 1 mile per day, 6 days a week Do strength building exercises 3 day... Read more

  • BLC 32 SMART Goals

    9/11/2016 8:31:07 PM, by RUTHE_51

    In the time I have been with Sparkpeople, I have already made some good changes. I am faithful in doing cardio 5-6 days a week for about 60 minu... Read more

  • A Great Sense of Loss and a New Beginning

    9/11/2016 6:46:30 AM, by LOPEYP

    OK. The title may be a bit dramatic but that's how I feel.... about the removal of the lovely hemlocks border. You see, the hemlocks belong to ou... Read more

  • Wake up call

    9/10/2016 9:32:04 PM, by XIAOLINMEI

    Hi all! September has been going well! I am down 11 pounds since school ended almost 1.5 months ago. Turns out that stress is our worst ene... Read more

  • Fall 5% Challenge Invitation

    9/9/2016 10:09:32 AM, by LISA0517

    Fall 5% Challenge Invitation Are you looking for a way to get fit, lose weight, and have fun along the way? Check out the Fall 5% Challenge!... Read more

  • S.M.A.R.T. goals for BLC-32 (fall 2016)

    9/8/2016 8:44:54 PM, by CHERYLN

    Specific - My goal is to lose 15 pounds, improve my strength and flexibility, reduce my heart disease/diabetes/cancer risk. Measurable - ... Read more

  • bsg AUG result andSept.. goals and jokes

    9/8/2016 2:16:57 PM, by CANDOK1260

    bsg AUG result andSept.. goals and jokes For my BSG I am to Blog about my progress the past month and my. goals for this month. My AUG. goal... Read more

  • SparkTeam Challenges

    9/8/2016 10:20:04 AM, by LISA0517

    I am participating in a couple of SparkTeam Challenges, and they are both highlighted in the blog by Coach Jen! www.sparkpeople.com/blo... Read more

  • Fall 5% Challenge Invitation

    9/7/2016 4:41:10 PM, by CANDOK1260

    Fall 5% Challenge Invitation Are you looking for a way to get fit, lose weight, and have fun along the way? Check out the Fall 5% Challenge!... Read more

  • SMART Goals for BLC32

    9/7/2016 12:50:30 PM, by GRACIEC

    BLC32 SMART GOALS Long term goal - get into a healthy BMI range Short term goal - Lose 15 pounds I will reach my goal by: ... Read more

  • My new love...

    9/6/2016 8:52:50 AM, by GOOSIEMOON

    Anna Rose, born August 9th, 2016. Being a grandma ROCKS! Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    Let Yourself Be Terrible

    9/5/2016 1:37:07 PM, by MOSTMOM1

    So glad today is my day off and Audrey doesn't have school! I hadn't planned on posting a vlog today, but I was out walking with Bubba and wanted... Read more

  • First day again

    9/5/2016 9:07:10 AM, by DAZZLE_C

    I'm starting again today. I have a few pounds to lose and I need to be more flexible and toned. Off to a good start. Healthy breakfast and some m... Read more

  • New Trainer

    9/4/2016 6:41:29 AM, by LOPEYP

    I had my first session with the new trainer on Thursday. It went well. It was mostly a session for her to assess where I am and how I move, etc.,... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    Judgment-Free Fundapop in the Morning

    9/2/2016 2:02:48 PM, by MOSTMOM1

    Y'all know how important I think play is. Not only can it be a good way to stay active, I think it keeps your mind sharp and jumpstarts creativit... Read more

  • Runner's Knee!

    9/1/2016 8:24:56 AM, by 1LADYJLOVE

    Just because your strategic doesn't mean you won't have set backs... For the last week or so..I chose not to go into the gym...I chose to just ... Read more

  • September Goals

    8/31/2016 12:51:32 PM, by LOPEYP

    I have been struggling with food choices and just eating too much. My willpower seems to have gone bye-bye. I was reading an article... Read more

  • jokes and bsg bonus blog wk 4

    8/30/2016 10:02:07 PM, by CANDOK1260

    The bonus blog for bsg this week is about fitness. What is your favorite fitness activity and Why? My favorite fitness is anything in the pool. I... Read more

  • Starting over, again

    8/30/2016 4:16:50 PM, by LISA0517

    Well, here I am, and I have almost gained back the 40 pounds I lost in 2013. Read more

  • jokes and week 4 bsg blog

    8/28/2016 8:54:28 PM, by CANDOK1260

    This blog is about . "Three Things I've Learned About Exercising", 1. exercising don't have to be formal exercises it can be something like hou... Read more

  • weight gain

    8/28/2016 12:01:40 PM, by DEBTOLOSE

    I have been gaining weight .and I need to stop now I am officially at the most weight ever, and can not add more, I have tried to lose weight... Read more

  • Met with the Trainer

    8/27/2016 6:41:35 AM, by LOPEYP

    Met with the new trainer last Wednesday. I think I'm going to like her. You know how they say you can't judge a book by its cover? I guess that... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    The Swishy Hoop Wrap Thing!

    8/26/2016 10:27:12 AM, by MOSTMOM1

    I finally learned a new hoop move!!!! It took me all week, but I learned a new thing and it's so much fun. Of course, now that I watch it, it loo... Read more

  • Blog 2

    8/25/2016 11:37:37 PM, by COLEB269

    Feeling good. Wish I could go back in time and tell my younger self to keep working out it would be so much easier now. ... Read more

  • Time to get back in the game

    8/24/2016 8:31:30 PM, by COLEB269

    I stopped using SparkPeople about a year ago. I had lost 30 lbs and was confident in my food and excercise choices. I've maintained my weight si... Read more

  • Thailand

    8/23/2016 10:53:28 PM, by ROSINVN

    Hi everyone, I have just come back from spending a week in Thailand near a town called Mae Sot. It was a great week and here are some pho... Read more

  • bsg blog #2

    8/23/2016 9:30:31 PM, by CANDOK1260

    This week for the Aspire & Inspire's Buddy Support Group Challenge we are to blog about childhood memory. Do you have a favorite childhood memor... Read more

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