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  • Two levels.

    10/20/2014 3:16:07 AM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    I had a bit of a bad water weight gain when doctors found kidney stones this week. Bad pain on two levels with that issue. You can't work out, ... Read more

  • Day 66

    10/19/2014 11:19:37 PM, by CALAMITIE

    Another one of those days where I get to spend my day doing things other people need me to do. GRRRRR. I got a phone call early this morning to... Read more

  • Why I am M.I.A.

    10/19/2014 11:54:09 AM, by SIRENNEA

    Hello Spark Friends, I've been looking for work and moving the last few weeks and so not online a ton. The job hunt is not going well.... Read more

  • Day 65 The Best Laid Plans

    10/18/2014 11:18:42 PM, by CALAMITIE

    Today went off track early. I went to carry some stuff out to the car and for some reason breathing in the wind was really hard. I'm sure betwe... Read more

  • Day 64

    10/17/2014 11:34:06 PM, by CALAMITIE

    I had some crankiness left over from yesterday along with some knee pain from driving a car that is not set to me but all in all a good enough da... Read more

  • Day 63 Very Hard day

    10/16/2014 10:56:09 PM, by CALAMITIE

    It is always hard on me to spend several hours in the car with my parents. They can't carry on a conversation because of the hearing issues so I... Read more

  • Sweet Baby Ty =*(

    10/16/2014 6:25:44 AM, by NSKYLINE115

    I dont know why everyone around me is dying all of a sudden. Yesterday I found out one of my old highschool classmates passed away from liver fai... Read more

  • Day 62 I needed inspiration!

    10/15/2014 11:53:08 PM, by CALAMITIE

    I really needed to have something special to craft. This morning for the first time since June the scale took a downward turn. Being excited ab... Read more

  • Back in the rhythm

    10/15/2014 12:45:52 PM, by SPICEMWE

    This week has been going pretty well for my first week back on track. I'm already down 3.4 lbs since I've been back and that's just since Monday!... Read more

  • Fair Food

    10/15/2014 6:54:34 AM, by NSKYLINE115

    This past weekend a friend of mine and I went to a fair, I forgot how much greasy fried food there was at a fair. There really werent any healthy... Read more

  • Day 61 solving problems

    10/14/2014 11:28:35 PM, by CALAMITIE

    Koffeenut you just make me smile. I will post pictures of the costumes once my son sends them to me but that won't happen until after I send the... Read more

  • Back to the beginning

    10/14/2014 10:04:48 AM, by SPICEMWE

    I had been struggling over the past couple of months. Between injuries, a mental haze and stress I had let myself gain the weight back. All of th... Read more

  • Day 60

    10/13/2014 11:39:02 PM, by CALAMITIE

    The whole idea of finally deciding how to do things more on my own is wonderful. My 2nd husband died 3 years ago and I've finally decided I can ... Read more

  • Month 7 Update

    10/13/2014 10:43:33 PM, by ALBURBRIDGE

    I apologize that it’s taken me so long to get another update out. This last month and a half has been a bit crazy. Our piece of junk car was ba... Read more

  • Garage Sale

    10/13/2014 3:06:48 PM, by NETGYRL

    The town my sister lives in has a city wide sponsored garage sale. You sign-up and the city hands out flyers and puts up posters around town and... Read more

  • Januvia Update - Questions & Comments Answered

    10/13/2014 12:01:59 PM, by _JESSIEROSE_

    To answer a couple questions - Yes, I am on Metformin as well as the Januv... Read more

  • Day 59

    10/13/2014 12:08:45 AM, by CALAMITIE

    Oh yes I think there will be more trips to the fabric store but I'm really bad there. I always buy too much fabric. A bunch of us crafters use... Read more

  • Death by Januvia

    10/12/2014 5:26:03 PM, by _JESSIEROSE_

    So, as part of my doctor visit was changing around some of my medication. A... Read more

  • Day 58 Fun

    10/11/2014 11:35:39 PM, by CALAMITIE

    Yup the fruit thing is coming along pretty good. As a matter of fact I was running around today and had a hamburger from Culver's. Of course th... Read more

  • Day 57

    10/11/2014 12:23:33 AM, by CALAMITIE

    Today was a pleasant day at home. I didn't have to run anywhere to help or fix anything. I did manage to give my house a little bit of cleanin... Read more

  • "Diabetic Education" and making a plan

    10/10/2014 9:46:19 AM, by _JESSIEROSE_

    I have to start out by saying I am so grateful to my mom who went with me Sam's Club in Billings this week to help me stock up on healthy foods. ... Read more

  • Day 56

    10/10/2014 12:04:45 AM, by CALAMITIE

    This turned into one of those days where the best laid plans just didn't work. First of all I could not go to sleep last night. I was up readin... Read more

  • Dietbet - 4 week bet is over! Results/Impressions

    10/9/2014 1:36:39 PM, by NETGYRL

    Four week Dietbet recap: I found out about and decided to sign up for a 4 week and a 6 month diet bet. Since they started at the same time ... Read more

  • 45 min walk 16272 steps.

    10/9/2014 2:01:50 AM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    45 min walk 16272 steps for last night. On track for the 10 k steps a day fitness plan listed on my profile. 2272 steps before 7pm 16272 steps ... Read more

  • Day 55

    10/9/2014 12:05:42 AM, by CALAMITIE

    I'm conflicted today. I also really didn't accomplish anything today. I took the garbage can to the street and brought it back. Beside that I ... Read more

  • Visit to the Doctor

    10/8/2014 9:57:49 AM, by _JESSIEROSE_

    So, after hopping all over town trying to find a new primary care physician, and then being referred by one off to another, I finally got in to s... Read more

  • Finally signed up for the gym in Miami!

    10/8/2014 9:46:40 AM, by RELIVE

    So yesterday I signed up for LA Fitness. I'm really excited because I finally want to start working on having a great body. I've been in the 160s... Read more

  • Day 54

    10/7/2014 11:33:42 PM, by CALAMITIE

    Those days like yesterday I call "wonder woman" days but they don't happen very often and I almost always pay for them with pain the next day. I... Read more

  • There was a point where I had no trouble counting calories

    10/7/2014 8:27:21 AM, by RELIVE

    I used to be great at counting calories. These days, however, I'm awful. I don't know what's wrong with me. I could blame it on a lot of things, ... Read more

  • It is my Birthday, my Fri-ends.

    10/7/2014 2:25:00 AM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    It is my Birthday, my Fri-ends.... And I'll Birthday party 'till the end! ... Read more

  • Day 53

    10/6/2014 11:34:30 PM, by CALAMITIE

    Today was long. I woke up early this morning and hit the ground moving. By 10 am I had done a load of laundry, emptied and filled the dishwashe... Read more

  • Summer's Last Fling

    10/6/2014 1:25:14 PM, by JONESEYJR55

    As I take my journeys, each day brings new surprises . One of the many blessings I was missing by not getting out and exploring my own neighborh... Read more

  • Loss of Routine/Puppy Update

    10/6/2014 10:01:41 AM, by BONOLICIOUS2

    Hello! Getting out some thoughts and I am totally sleep deprived so please excuse my rambling… I can TOTALLY see how women gain a ton o... Read more

  • Day 52

    10/5/2014 11:49:39 PM, by CALAMITIE

    This was a wonderful day. I dearly love my grand kids but only see them once or twice a year because I live in MN and they live in Seattle. It... Read more

  • Day 51 2nd half

    10/5/2014 12:18:57 AM, by CALAMITIE

    I had intended to not do much today. But I got a really nice phone call this morning so off I went to get some things done quick. My daug... Read more

  • Wake Up Calls From the Universe

    10/4/2014 8:43:13 AM, by _JESSIEROSE_

    Hello! After several years away, I'm back on Spark with a whole new identi... Read more

  • Day 50

    10/3/2014 11:42:31 PM, by CALAMITIE

    This was one of those typical fall days. The wind was really bad and of course it was a cold wind. I got all my things done. I did some ... Read more

  • You are an inspiration!

    10/3/2014 2:01:57 PM, by NETGYRL

    It's gonna be a hot one today. In the 90's at least. I decided that I would get my run in early. I usually run around lunch time but today that... Read more

  • Time to Make Grandma Soup

    10/3/2014 2:01:14 PM, by JONESEYJR55

    It's that time of the month to clean up the vegetables in the crisper and bring them to life again with a warm, 'made with Love', pot of Grandma ... Read more

  • Day 49

    10/3/2014 12:26:25 AM, by CALAMITIE

    This was one of those cloudy gloomy icky fall days. I did not go out and do any of the errands on my list. But did work up in my new sewing roo... Read more

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