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  • 13 weeks to next goal.

    3/2/2014 1:35:40 AM, by RUSSELL_40

    Down another 1.2 to 183.4 I weighed in this afternoon, and was feeling great. Then I ate some pizza, and feel bad right now. I can turn down... Read more

  • Good Morning

    2/27/2014 10:18:53 AM, by DOXISRCOOL

    Hope you're all well. I'm better today. Here's what I've been doing: researching Transcendental Meditation, deep breathing, did a "release t... Read more

  • Struggling

    2/23/2014 10:22:31 AM, by DOXISRCOOL

    Hi, I don't know if anyone even reads this and I don't have any actual "friends" that I talk to here, but I'll post anyway. I have to do thi... Read more

  • 14 weeks to go.

    2/21/2014 11:40:44 PM, by RUSSELL_40

    Down another 1.2 lbs. to 184.6, which is an all new low. I am feeling okay. Got a check-up on my ICD ( inter-coronary device ), and the past week... Read more

  • Week 3 is over. 15 weeks to go.

    2/16/2014 8:43:11 PM, by RUSSELL_40

    This week I lost .8 lbs. I am down to 185.8, and diet is going well. Exercise is suffering, because I have a twinge in my chest for the past 2 da... Read more

  • Why is red meat red?

    2/12/2014 1:05:33 PM, by WOUBBIE

    My sister brought this up at dinner on Sunday (my steak was not quite as rare as I like!), so I decided to read up on it. Just thought it was kin... Read more

  • Week 2 is done. 16 to go.

    2/9/2014 3:22:46 AM, by RUSSELL_40

    I didn't have the best week, and only lost .2 lbs. which is 186.8, but I know why... so I'll just be better this week. I have been doing ex... Read more

  • Week 1 is done. 17 to go.

    2/2/2014 3:05:22 AM, by RUSSELL_40

    This week I lost 1.2 lbs, and am down to 187. I started adding some pull-ups to my exercise, and was amazed that I could do 2 sets of 10. I do th... Read more

  • A request for Super Bowl Sunday

    2/1/2014 7:50:46 PM, by WOUBBIE

    Watch this awesome two minute video then post a link to your Facebook page. It's better than any ad you're gonna see tomorrow. It's time to ... Read more

  • update on my brother

    1/29/2014 9:36:17 AM, by RUSSELL_40

    My brother is still experiencing pain in his chest and back, but the doctors now think it is a pulled muscle, or a tear. They took blood 4 times,... Read more

  • My brother is in the hospital.

    1/29/2014 12:37:11 AM, by RUSSELL_40

    I have been on track all week, and been feeling great, and my brother has been eating well all week too, since we usually cheat together. I was o... Read more

  • 18 week challenge ( to myself )

    1/25/2014 11:21:21 AM, by RUSSELL_40

    I find that I do better with a goal, or deadline to reach ( even if I miss the goal ). So while I did not reach 185 by my birthday, I did r... Read more

  • Hello!

    1/20/2014 10:44:48 AM, by DOXISRCOOL

    Good morning. Today I'm thinking a lot. I really need a focused plan of attack to approach this year. Yep, I'm behind. LOL. It's well into Januar... Read more

  • Good Morning!

    1/18/2014 10:04:09 AM, by DOXISRCOOL

    It's actually raining here. Yesterday morning the wind chill was minus 7. I'm happy with rain. Yesterday I ate out twice, but had a LOT of... Read more

  • Over the hill.

    1/17/2014 4:35:50 PM, by RUSSELL_40

    Not that I am complaining. I hate climbing. The last 10 years have been tough. Downhill, sounds pretty good..lol. I made it back to 190 eve... Read more

  • Brain Fog

    1/17/2014 7:21:06 AM, by DOXISRCOOL

    Blehhhh. So Tired. Threes? Yep, three of my family decided to wake me repeatedly all night. More than three times, unfortunately. And today's a ... Read more

  • It's a Great Day!

    1/16/2014 1:07:16 PM, by DOXISRCOOL

    Hello, It's a beautiful day despite the wind warnings, clouds and spitting snow. It's actually warm and the clouds are pretty. But, mor... Read more

  • Weird Morning

    1/14/2014 8:26:19 AM, by DOXISRCOOL

    So far, strange morning. I'm really tired. Woke up in the middle of the night flushed and hot, still flushed now. But I'm also in a clammy cold s... Read more

  • Got my numbers

    1/13/2014 8:46:54 PM, by WOUBBIE

    Did my lab tests last weekend and got my results on Saturday. I have to admit, even though I know the theory of high fat low carb eating, it's st... Read more

  • changing my mind

    1/11/2014 9:29:10 AM, by DOXISRCOOL

    Hello, Today I'm still working on changing my mind, upshifting from diet to health. I haven't weighed since before Thanksgiving because my s... Read more

  • The FlyLady Challenge: Low Carb Pantry List

    1/10/2014 8:27:41 PM, by WOUBBIE

    This list was just too long to post in a regular team thread, so I'll post it here. If you want to make an electronic version just cut and paste ... Read more

  • Starting over...again...but this time I mean it!

    1/10/2014 3:03:49 PM, by DOXISRCOOL

    Hello, For Christmas my sweet husband bought me a Sparkpeople Tracker. It sat in the box until a couple of days ago. You see, I want to lose... Read more

  • 1 more week till my birthday.

    1/10/2014 1:16:39 PM, by RUSSELL_40

    Next Friday I hit 40. I have been losing good the past month or so, but seem to have hit a plateau or something. I am eating about 2,200 calories... Read more

  • My bad few days

    1/9/2014 7:14:37 AM, by RUSSELL_40

    Actually it started last Monday. I slid on some snow outside my apartment, and twisted my back. So I have been in pain for a week. I have been so... Read more

  • Cold as Hell

    1/6/2014 10:37:25 AM, by RUSSELL_40

    Hell, MI that is. Both places are going down to -11 tonight. Went to the mall to get my walking done, and it was about 10 degrees. Supposed... Read more

  • Jan. 2

    1/2/2014 9:35:51 AM, by RUSSELL_40

    Happy 2014. Day 2 of the new year, and I am just getting over the flu. My muscles still hurt, but I am back on track. Weighed in at 187 exactly t... Read more

  • Autopilot Behind the Wheel of the Caravan

    12/31/2013 1:07:03 PM, by BOSS61

    You knew this day was coming,. It is here. And you will be just fine. The ladies who sit in the front row of the Caravan - I call them co... Read more

  • Dating Rejection Deja vu - The Next Generation

    12/29/2013 7:56:13 AM, by BOSS61

    As I close my failed experiment with blogging here (yes, ECOAGE, yet another farewell), I've reflected back on the odd, humorous, pointless and o... Read more

  • Darmok - Or All the Calories She Had Had Had Had

    12/28/2013 6:08:55 PM, by BOSS61

    With just a few days to go until the no-blogging resolution takes hold, nothing like going out with a bang, huh? The most thought-provoking ... Read more

  • How to Delete a Privatized Spark Friend's Page

    12/28/2013 7:56:22 AM, by BOSS61

    Ever peruse your own list of Spark Friends? Ever see that some people are not clickable, and that you cannot view their page as you once have? ... Read more

  • Putting Words to My Gym Routine

    12/27/2013 2:36:27 PM, by BOSS61

    I made this up. It's probably inefficient. Anyway, here goes. I typically go every weekday morning, unless weather, work or family commit... Read more

  • Between Christmas and New Year's

    12/27/2013 12:24:22 PM, by RUSSELL_40

    Everyone is so busy, except for me..lol. I am bored. Store hours are random, and T.V watching is non-existent, so I am cleaning, walking,reading,... Read more

  • 5 days till New Years

    12/27/2013 12:36:40 AM, by RUSSELL_40

    I had a weird day today. I went to bed on Christmas at 9:17 p.m., which was incredibly early for me. I slept until 7 a.m. I woke up with a sore b... Read more

  • Nature or Nurture?

    12/26/2013 11:51:53 AM, by BOSS61

    Today marks my second Spark-versary. The arrival of this date, and the approach of the New Year, has found me newly contemplative of my Sparky e... Read more

  • Yuletide (b)log

    12/25/2013 2:25:58 PM, by RUSSELL_40

    I have had a couple of rough days with my diet, but for some reason, I can't seem to gain any weight. I weighed in at 189.4 today, and re-weighed... Read more

  • Merry Christmas, Love, FlyLady

    12/25/2013 11:02:29 AM, by WOUBBIE

    As usual, Marla has some timely and wonderful things to say today. Her daily blog is entitled Peace Starts with a Choice and a Smile. Here are so... Read more

  • 90% Quit Sparkpeople in 3 Years or Less?

    12/25/2013 7:15:23 AM, by BOSS61

    As many of you know, one of my 2014 NY resolutions is not to blog. This, accordingly, is one of the last. Not blogging will give me more time for... Read more

  • Why People Quit Sparkpeople

    12/24/2013 7:59:51 AM, by BOSS61

    As many of you know, one of my 2014 NY resolutions is not to blog. This, accordingly, is one of the last. Not blogging will give me more time for... Read more

  • cheat day yesterday

    12/23/2013 10:25:59 AM, by RUSSELL_40

    Yesterday, I got invited out to breakfast @ Cracker Barrel. We showed up, and met in the parking lot, and when we went in, I wondered if I was ge... Read more

  • almost Christmas

    12/21/2013 10:36:16 AM, by RUSSELL_40

    Been up for a while now. Did a 45 minute walk really early in the mist. It is about 35 and misting is the best word. Hasn't frozen, so at least i... Read more

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