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Feels like time is standing still
7/31/2014 10:16:26 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Today has been a very slow day. It felt like time was standing still. I don't know why though. I know that it isn't because of my uncle's passing thou...  Read more


Yah! Friday
7/31/2014 2:46:46 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I had a terrible day yesterday the machines kept plying up, Dr's were waiting for scopes because of it and it made for one really long day....  Read more


What a difference a month makes...
7/31/2014 12:22:10 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Four weeks of wedded bliss, coming into my own, planning my work and working my plan and re-working my plan. All I can say is wow, that there is joy...  Read more


My Virtual Walks
7/31/2014 10:32:02 AM,  7 COMMENTS

I have decided to get back to my Virtual Walks and have created a new blog for them. My first walk is from St Ives to Zennor in Cornwall. It will...  Read more


feeling good
7/31/2014 8:54:06 AM,  5 COMMENTS

had a good night's sleep last night and i feel so much better today. enjoyed the time i spent with my daughter yesterday. today, i will be working on...  Read more


Not so good news
7/30/2014 10:20:39 PM,  1 COMMENTS

We lost my dad's oldest brother Francis this morning around 4am. I had the cell phone on this morning just in case and Francis' stepson's wife calls s...  Read more


Change Your Perspective
7/30/2014 7:40:03 PM,  4 COMMENTS

This devotional hit me square between the eyes. And then blessed me. The following is taken from “Jesus Today – Experience Hope Through His Pres...  Read more


5 Promises
7/30/2014 4:19:52 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Well, friends and neighbors, my time with Cymbalta was short-lived. I first want to say that the four days I was on the medication, I was almost comp...  Read more


7/30/2014 2:46:49 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Running late today as hubby is home sick so did not get started on my SP till late and now I have to rush to catch the shuttle as I am over at the oth...  Read more


First appointment was yesterday with weight loss surgery DR
7/30/2014 1:41:51 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I went to the appointment yesterday. I met with the Dr and the dietician. I'm learning a lot from the process. I have started a more healthy diet and...  Read more


Eatingwell's Sausage-&-Quinoa-Stuffed Zucchini
7/30/2014 12:59:30 PM,  4 COMMENTS

This week for lunch, I've been eating Eatingwell's Sausage-&-Quinoa-Stuffed Zucchini (
_quinoa_stuffed_zuc...  Read more


it's wednesday
7/30/2014 9:41:55 AM,  6 COMMENTS

had a somewhat restless night last night. so today i am more tired than usual. i will have a power nap this afternoon and that will help. i am running...  Read more


Our day out to Brighton
7/30/2014 9:00:00 AM,  10 COMMENTS

Yesterday we went to a coach trip to Brighton and really enjoyed it. Temperatures were high and reached around 90F so we stopped off at various plac...  Read more


7/30/2014 8:47:48 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I am grateful for being free of physical disabilities because I have many people in my life who are disabled. I must keep myself fit so that I can enj...  Read more


Excuses, Excuses
7/30/2014 8:46:36 AM,  0 COMMENTS

I almost did not do my exercise routine last night. Not that I didn't want to do it. I felt I have been dedicated to it but for some reason last nig...  Read more


Still keep family in prayers
7/29/2014 9:58:52 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Dad's oldest brother still isn't doing too good. They thought that he might pass away today but so far he hasn't. He seemed fine around noon but not t...  Read more


7/29/2014 2:53:21 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I'm still a bit off track, especially in the mornings. I have to pull out more "recovery" tools, like staying on the phone to someone while I'm on my...  Read more


7/29/2014 2:37:34 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Today it is very wet out there but managed to get my walk in while it was dry, at least it was warmer this morning than it has been so that was a plus...  Read more


Some Thanks and Clif Shot Bloks - Black Cherry
7/29/2014 12:41:44 PM,  1 COMMENTS

First off, thanks to everyone for their comments, goodies, messages, etc. lately. I've been a bit off my game, so I've not responded to everyone as I...  Read more


woo hoo!
7/29/2014 9:52:51 AM,  5 COMMENTS

it's tuesday! a day where i can enjoy some much needed time doing whatever i feel like. school is done and i did really well. my daughter says hi! all...  Read more


Just every day stuff
7/29/2014 1:25:08 AM,  4 COMMENTS

I am happy no longer waiting for the big weight loss to have fun. My boyfriend and i am doing more together. I met a friend that has a lot of things...  Read more


Prayers are needed
7/28/2014 10:38:35 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Prayers are needed for my dad's oldest brother. Got a call from the stepson's wife and she said that he's not eaten in 2 days and is on morphine. He h...  Read more


Medication Conundrum
7/28/2014 6:33:33 PM,  3 COMMENTS

As you may have read in an earlier post, I am a breast cancer survivor. The cancer that I had reacted to hormones (estrogen, to be precise) and my lo...  Read more


Be strong and courageous
7/28/2014 3:27:29 PM,  3 COMMENTS

The following is taken from “Jesus Today – Experience Hope Through His Presence” by Sarah Young (who also wrote “Jesus Calling”). The devotional is w...  Read more


7/28/2014 2:51:42 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Hubby had a bad turn yesterday, he said he was pleased he was not driving as he just went to sleep so am not to sure whether it was his diabetes or so...  Read more


Day 20. Busy, productive weekend.
7/28/2014 1:36:47 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Fiance and I got a lot done this weekend - picked our venue (we have a meeting on Wed to book it), got a few gifts, picked out rings to be ordered lat...  Read more


Thanks for the Help Sparkles!
7/28/2014 10:46:19 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I call the people who post anything I see on here as Sparkles. What a joy to have help from so many; inspiration from all and the courage just to be...  Read more


No Fear
7/28/2014 10:31:32 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Last night I had a wonderful dream and woke up feeling so optimistic for the first time in years. In my dream I was traveling somewhere foreign. I rod...  Read more


Day 4
7/28/2014 10:29:40 AM,  3 COMMENTS

More weight gone. I know it's all water weight, but it still feels good! I managed to walk for 10 mins yesterday and will do so again today....  Read more


Feeling so lonely
7/27/2014 10:20:32 PM,  9 COMMENTS

Yeah I know that I shouldn't feel lonely but I do. Its been that way since my mom passed away in 2006. Seeing my brothers, sister-in-laws, nieces, nep...  Read more


Thinking about weight loss options-surgery ? If so sleeve or bypass?
7/27/2014 8:57:59 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I made several healthy choices today. I had 5 glasses of water instead of drinking diet pop. I went on a walk with my daughter after lunch. If I could...  Read more


Weigh-In -- 27Jul2014
7/27/2014 8:27:14 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Yikes!!! I didn't realize it was so long -- I thought three weeks or so... I'm still hanging in there. I gained a few pounds and finally said "...  Read more


What was I thinking?
7/27/2014 7:06:39 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I tried a frozen prepared turkey burger tonight. Even dressed it up. Not something I am eager to have again. I have five more frozen of these. An...  Read more


7/27/2014 4:58:09 PM,  7 COMMENTS

Today I had the idea that I could use this blog function to chronicle my weight loss and my journey to fitness. I enjoy reading other people's blogs,...  Read more


Day 3
7/27/2014 3:58:35 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Yesterday I was really frustrated by the site. It was taking me about 10 minutes to add one food item. So this morning, I cleaned up my computer, an...  Read more


7/27/2014 2:39:06 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Woke up this morning to another 1 deg Celsius hence another frost did not want to get out of bed, got to work and had forgot my security card without...  Read more


Happy Sunday!
7/27/2014 1:45:29 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Latest flowers - I'm going to fill the house! Everyone have a wonderful day!! ...  Read more


Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables --- I approve this idea!
7/27/2014 12:53:43 PM,  23 COMMENTS

550 265 291 372 369 474 373 367267 371 In the United States of America -- three hundred million tons of fresh produce is thrown away...  Read more


Operation Declutter
7/27/2014 10:04:52 AM,  12 COMMENTS

I have always disliked clutter even as a girl I was always tidying things up and getting stuff organised. My Dad would say' Paula's in tidy mode aga...  Read more


Kind of productive day
7/26/2014 10:15:02 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Well, just on the crocheting part that was productive. I'm using up the leftover yarn to make an afghan. Its similar to the all yellow afghan that I m...  Read more


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