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  • video blog Video Blog
    My Vivofit needs steps

    5/28/2016 8:42:55 PM, by KNITSKI

    This is how I finish getting my steps in at the end of the day. I've lost 23 pounds so I think it's working pretty well.... Read more

  • Sleeping bags

    5/28/2016 11:41:07 AM, by GETULLY

    We now have all the sleeping bags washed! Spent the morning at the laundromat, with the huge washers, and at Farmer's Market. I am feeling more c... Read more

  • daphne-brogdon/yellow-ear

    5/28/2016 8:31:45 AM, by USMAWIFE

    ash.html ... Read more

  • Saturday

    5/27/2016 11:46:44 PM, by JTREMBATH

    Having a reastful day today have not done much. My Grandaughter rang with some good news that she has been accepted into Air New Zealand as an Ai... Read more

  • 5/27

    5/27/2016 10:08:22 AM, by MAMASTUMP

    Good morning! Today is my sweet Lily's 11th birthday. We are having a low key day with games and movie with family- and cake baking ( and e... Read more

  • Out today

    5/27/2016 7:40:51 AM, by GETULLY

    Today will be a long day, with not much knitting. In a few minutes DB and I are leaving to go to the next county seat. I need to return my father... Read more

  • Friday Yah!

    5/27/2016 3:40:20 AM, by JTREMBATH

    I am pleased this week is over with extra work with people being sick I think the sudden change in weather is the reason but when I think of my ... Read more

  • Still Making an Effort

    5/26/2016 8:13:47 PM, by PURRLGIRL

    Since I last logged into this site, I have replaced almost all of my breakfasts with a green smoothie...a healthy one, not a sugary one. It hasn'... Read more

  • it's thursday

    5/26/2016 5:46:08 PM, by USMAWIFE

    thats enough lol... Read more

  • Strategy to use evening time better

    5/26/2016 3:35:07 PM, by GAILITCH

    257.4 SparkCoach topic: ways you tend to waste time; come up with a few healthier ways you can use that time to work toward your goals. * ... Read more

  • Be a sunbeam!

    5/26/2016 10:20:25 AM, by MAMASTUMP

    Today when I checked in with one of my groups I came across a comment that intrigued me. This person, for her cardio workout, did hula hoops- wei... Read more

  • Rain, chance of Rain, Big Thunder!

    5/26/2016 9:57:41 AM, by GETULLY

    This morning it was raining again, this time with thunder, no walk outside. Need to power up the treadmill. Instead I took a sleeping bag to the ... Read more

  • Thursday

    5/26/2016 4:10:56 AM, by JTREMBATH

    Had a very quiet night as hubby was not feeling very well so we did not go out for dinner so guess what yes I had to cook dinner. We are going to... Read more

  • May 26, 2016

    5/25/2016 10:08:21 PM, by BLUEEYESCANADA

    I couldn't believe how long it has been since I posted a blog. It is amazing how much energy I am experiencing lately. This is the reason I... Read more

  • Changing Again

    5/25/2016 10:28:50 AM, by MZZZFROG

    Just over two months ago I decided to head back to Weight Watcher meetings because tracking on my own was not getting me the results I wanted. S... Read more

  • dealing with stress

    5/25/2016 10:26:22 AM, by USMAWIFE

    "Never argue with stupid people. They will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience." -- Mark Twain ... Read more

  • challenged?

    5/25/2016 10:04:56 AM, by FITBIZZZ

    Yep, that's me. I'm a special kind of challenged. Let's see where to start on this week's challenges. Between getting back from my office t... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    5/25/2016 8:43:52 AM, by MOMMY445

    a mostly cloudy and warm day here today. there is a chance of a thunderstorm in the afternoon. my daughter had a great practice and soccer game y... Read more

  • Wednesday

    5/25/2016 3:22:40 AM, by JTREMBATH

    Had a good day today very busy as I was on my own the other person was still off sick. It was my birthday today all my kids rung up which is grea... Read more

  • Wednesday

    5/25/2016 3:22:37 AM, by JTREMBATH

    Had a good day today very busy as I was on my own the other person was still off sick. It was my birthday today all my kids rung up which is grea... Read more

  • I Made It!! (more than once)

    5/24/2016 9:47:03 PM, by RETIREDSUE

    I recently finished my first 5% Challenge as a member of the Awesome A team (and they were "awesome"!). A true 5% loss when I began would have b... Read more

  • Air conditioning? Already?

    5/24/2016 8:39:34 PM, by KNAUGHT61

    I visited my SparkPage after talking to a dear Spark Friend of many years. She said there was a new layout so I had to see it. Things change, b... Read more

  • 5/24/16

    5/24/2016 5:02:25 PM, by CRAFTSNUT

    Between using mostly upper body when swimming, increasing shoulders, arms and upper back workout, and woodworking, my shirts are fitting me diffe... Read more

  • Dates for trip to Wisconsin

    5/24/2016 4:23:38 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    I sent a text message to my uncle to see how long we are going to be in Green Bay and Door County. We are leaving July 20th and coming back on Ju... Read more

  • it takes one to make you want to throw my hands in the air and quit

    5/24/2016 12:52:46 PM, by USMAWIFE

    just venting and figuring what to do with this person ... Read more

  • Tuesday morning not walk

    5/24/2016 7:41:22 AM, by GETULLY

    It is raining so I am not walking. I was up earlier than normal this morning because I woke up a little after 4am. When I realized that I was not... Read more

  • Tuesday

    5/24/2016 3:18:51 AM, by JTREMBATH

    It was so cold this morning so I put on a thermal top but by the time I left work I was that hot my face was scarlet but it does not take long t... Read more

  • fabulousness

    5/23/2016 5:58:52 PM, by FITBIZZZ

    Ohmygosh! Aren't these just FABulous! I'm really getting excited about Buttercup's graduation party this week and then my friend whose daughter's... Read more

  • 5 Signs Hes Serious With You

    5/23/2016 2:57:35 PM, by USMAWIFE

    In dating world, Men can play cool at first and its hard to know if his serious with you or not, below are signs that hes really ... Read more

  • it's monday

    5/23/2016 1:55:45 PM, by MOMMY445

    a great day to get outdoors and enjoy here today. sunny and warm, with no chance of rain. did a lot of walking yesterday. taking it a bit easy to... Read more

  • Cris-Crossing with SparkGuy

    5/23/2016 10:21:04 AM, by GAILITCH

    257.8 Last night I picked up my daughter and her 2 friends from the airport. They returned from a fun week out west (OK, TX, AZ, UT, NV). After... Read more

  • Monday morning walk

    5/23/2016 10:11:52 AM, by GETULLY

    I overslept so my walk was not as long. I made up for less walking time by more verticals. Going up is always OK but coming down I am starting to... Read more

  • Monday

    5/23/2016 2:57:48 AM, by JTREMBATH

    It was really cold this morning the coldest morning this year just watching the weather forcast and looks like another cold day tomorrow.... Read more

  • Hitting the panic button

    5/22/2016 12:37:16 PM, by GAILITCH

    261.8 Yikes and yikes. I've gained back from the low 230s in Feb to 261.8 today. I am getting a grip on this before I gain all the way ba... Read more

  • a strange postcard

    5/22/2016 12:23:53 PM, by USMAWIFE

    A doctor was having an affair with his nurse. Shortly afterward, she told him she was pregnant. Not wanting his wife to know, he gave the nurse a... Read more

  • this & that weekend shenanigans

    5/22/2016 11:28:48 AM, by FITBIZZZ

    End of school year...so many shenanigans. Some healthy and miscellaneous updates in no particular order... Read more

  • Sunday

    5/22/2016 2:28:52 AM, by JTREMBATH

    Had a very busy day but seems to have done nothing, my son called round so sat talking to him for awhile made him some lunch as was doing ours ir... Read more

  • Whole 30 - Day 8

    5/21/2016 8:30:54 PM, by JAMIRBLAZE

    Still going. Have been feeling a little run down the last few days, but I think as I am not drinking soda and am not a huge coffee drinker (at l... Read more

  • Missed Yesterday

    5/21/2016 8:06:26 AM, by GETULLY

    But I was still walking, even longer. I have a bad case of 'startits'. Heading into the stash room to clear out sleeping bags I saw a bag of dis... Read more

  • Saturday

    5/20/2016 10:10:39 PM, by JTREMBATH

    Winter has finally arrived we had a thunder storm during the night and the rain is really heavy today and has just got really cold in the last fe... Read more

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