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  • Around the Lake

    4/30/2017 2:08:30 PM, by 2SUBLIME

    It was a lovely morning so I played hookey and i... Read more

  • Finally broke the plateau that I've had since Tuesday

    4/30/2017 12:57:22 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    I finally broke the plateau that I've had since Tuesday. It's not much but at least I broke the plateau. I've been at 197 pounds since Tuesday. I... Read more

  • Meal planning reassurance

    4/30/2017 10:27:37 AM, by GAILITCH

    276.6 This past week I had the SparkPeople Diabetic Menu printed and stuck with a magnet on my refrigerator. It helped me to seize small mom... Read more

  • On brain chemistry

    4/30/2017 2:49:40 AM, by GRATTECIELLA

    If you've read my other blog posts, you know that a few days ago, I was in complete depression and despair. It had started suddenly. And it ended... Read more

  • about fridays blog

    4/30/2017 12:20:09 AM, by USMAWIFE

    I have tested knitted for a lot of designers and also have become friends with them on facebook on ravelry. So when one of the youngest design... Read more

  • All-Consuming Obsession

    4/29/2017 7:09:08 PM, by ABBYR415

    I'm beginning to wonder if there is room for anything else on the road to health and fitness. My children are grown, and I'm retired, so I can co... Read more

  • Still no weight change

    4/29/2017 6:13:18 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    Since this past Tuesday, I've been at 197 pounds. One of the longest plateaus that I have had in a while. I thought that for sure that I was goin... Read more

  • a lovely day

    4/29/2017 3:24:59 PM, by MOMMY445

    my daughter went rollerblading for two hours with her friends the other day. today, she is heading to a birthday party, then to a dance with her ... Read more

  • Cleaning Day

    4/29/2017 3:24:45 PM, by PACEKA1

    and my home is getting happy. I never thought I'd ... Read more

  • Nutri Bullet Users, out there?

    4/29/2017 12:29:37 PM, by GAILITCH

    Hey, SparkFriends. I just got out from an (ahem) extensive dental app't. My jaw rejected 2 implants out of 3 and now I have to let the spaces an... Read more

  • Exercise with elder care

    4/29/2017 8:31:06 AM, by GAILITCH

    266.6 I have pretty much no time, between full time work, night school, and homework. I have gotten my daily steps from 3,000 to 5,000 in the la... Read more

  • Breaking the long silence

    4/29/2017 7:40:09 AM, by BESSHAILE

    I've always thought of myself as someone who embraced change. But there is one kind of change I actually run shrieking from - the change of closu... Read more

  • Friday

    4/28/2017 10:59:10 PM, by USMAWIFE

    learned some things on my knitting group today that made me sick .. designers are just loosing out I will follow up more later... Read more

  • Time to reassess

    4/28/2017 5:43:32 PM, by 2SUBLIME

    I didn't sleep well last night and put on two pounds by morning! I'm eating under 1900 calories a day. I'm walking close to 5000 steps. Maybe ... Read more

  • Grateful for RN sister

    4/28/2017 7:59:55 AM, by GAILITCH

    268.4 - 4/28/17 SparkCoach-assigned topic: What are you grateful for today? Sister exchange I have 3 sisters (who live out of state) and 1 brot... Read more

  • the eyes truly tell all

    4/28/2017 4:47:44 AM, by USMAWIFE

    had my 6 month appointment with my opthamolgist this morning. my eye pressure is holding its own with the drops he also knows my medical a... Read more

  • Time for more protein!

    4/28/2017 3:13:56 AM, by GRATTECIELLA

    Today I swam for the first time in at least six months. Wow! What a workout! I swam for about 40 minutes, 40 lengths of the pool, (a little more ... Read more

  • Dearly Beloved Called

    4/27/2017 9:07:51 PM, by GETULLY

    It was unexpected. He called with news that one of my best weaving buddies, and a cousin, died on Tuesday and the funeral is tomorrow. I will not... Read more

  • 04/27/2017

    4/27/2017 8:55:39 PM, by CRAFTSNUT

    My husband and I have been going to the gym together. We each do our workouts. It's nice to have his support and company. I kind of suspect that ... Read more

  • And we're going down!

    4/27/2017 3:54:34 PM, by 2SUBLIME

    I did get a good *12 hours* of sleep last night, and woke up one pound lighter at 186.4 lbs! Hoping to continue my downward trend. Trying to ge... Read more

  • a sunny and warm day

    4/27/2017 2:38:55 PM, by MOMMY445

    it is very warm,sunny here today! woo hoo! today i am getting some housework and errands done, so i can be relaxed for tomorrow, when i start my ... Read more

  • Not much this week.

    4/27/2017 12:18:47 PM, by ELAINEANNE1

    I only 1/2 a pound this which was a bit disappointing but I am sure I will have done OK next time, there is no class next week as he is having a... Read more

  • Stuck on a 3 day plateau and wishing that I was lower

    4/27/2017 11:36:04 AM, by AUNTRENEE

    I've been stuck at 197 pounds since Tuesday and wish that I was lower. I have been getting my clues in from my body that I've lost weight but I h... Read more

  • Non-fasting cholesterol 225

    4/27/2017 10:02:59 AM, by GAILITCH

    269.8 My Nurse Practitioner actually e-mailed me to underscore the results of my tests last week: 225 non-fasting cholesterol and the chest ... Read more

  • What a Work Out!

    4/27/2017 7:33:03 AM, by MICHKNITTER

    There's nothing like digging in the dirt if you wan... Read more

  • update on fb friend

    4/27/2017 5:16:38 AM, by USMAWIFE

    today I had another chat with the person in my knitting group about her family life her youngest son has a birthday this weekend and he aske... Read more

  • Playing with our food

    4/27/2017 2:33:49 AM, by GRATTECIELLA

    Mentally, I'm feeling SOOO much better today. Not sure why, but I'll take it! For dinner, I made buttermilk-beet borscht (a super easy and y... Read more

  • Doctor's appointment tomorrow!

    4/26/2017 11:42:28 PM, by XNANNY

    I am not sure if my problems are physical or mental but the doctor is the first step to finding the answers! My family has a long history of men... Read more

  • The Effects of a trip to South Korea

    4/26/2017 10:54:14 PM, by 2SUBLIME

    We spent 10 days in South Korea with young people who walked my butt off! We averaged 10-12 km/day...except the day Hubby came down with a cold.... Read more

  • No weight change but stilling feeling great

    4/26/2017 4:47:50 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    No real change in my weight. I as kind of surprised that my weight hadn't changed. My body was giving me hints that it did lose some weight. But ... Read more

  • woo hoo!

    4/26/2017 3:57:10 PM, by MOMMY445

    the new job starts this friday! i am so ready to work again. even my daughter is getting in on the excitement. she has another dance to go to thi... Read more

  • Progress

    4/26/2017 12:59:41 PM, by LISA0517

    ... Read more

  • Saying No begins with me

    4/26/2017 12:47:33 PM, by GAILITCH

    270.2 "Building my resistance muscle" is a new concept to me from The Beck Diet Solution, which I am reading (and implementing) for the 2nd tim... Read more

  • I have decided....

    4/26/2017 11:12:03 AM, by PACEKA1

    My mom sold Mary Kay products for over 20 years. She absolutely loved everything about it. Needless to say, I was the recipient of a great deal... Read more

  • Creating muscle memory

    4/26/2017 9:42:09 AM, by GETULLY

    Yesterday my class was in Russian spindle spinning - specifically to spin very fine for lace knitting. I tried on my own to learn and did master ... Read more

  • Tough times and rocky seas

    4/26/2017 12:32:15 AM, by GRATTECIELLA

    I have been having a tough time for the last week or two. Lots of stress, lots of enmity towards the children. Who, of course, usually deserve it... Read more

  • tuesday

    4/25/2017 10:38:41 PM, by USMAWIFE

    the sun finally came out soft winds blowing and cool temps all this is going to change tomorrow my husband was off today so no a... Read more

  • Hypochondriac?

    4/25/2017 1:35:22 PM, by ABBYR415

    I'm muddling along on the exercise, and find that part of the program much harder than the food part. Eating right is mostly mind set and ... Read more

  • Lost a pound and cholesterol went down

    4/25/2017 1:07:04 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    Well I had a 2 day plateau of being at 198 pounds and now I am at 197 pounds. I was at 202 pounds 6 months ago. So I lost 5 pounds in 6 months. ... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    4/25/2017 10:54:36 AM, by MOMMY445

    it looks like i will have a different job starting later this week. i am finalizing details today and i will more than likely start this thursday... Read more

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