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  • Almost 4 weeks post op and addicted to walking

    1/25/2015 9:51:23 PM, by KAREN91

    I had my surgery 4 weeks ago tomorrow. I see the Dr and the nutritionist tomorrow. I think they will start me on soft foods tomorrow. I have walk... Read more

  • Reaffirming My Path

    1/24/2015 9:23:25 PM, by DDOORN

    As many changes as I have wrought for myself over the past several years since joining SparkPeople, I am betting that this year ahead will be one... Read more

  • It's been a while...

    1/24/2015 9:16:15 PM, by DREVILS

    I'm re-starting my fitness endeavors and I need all the help, community, and support I can get. I'm the heaviest I've ever been at 306. Maybe t... Read more

  • Back to School

    1/20/2015 12:08:40 AM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    I start college classes for the new semester on Tuesday. Hope I can get to sleep tonight. ... Read more

  • 3 Things

    1/19/2015 1:43:29 PM, by NICOLED40

    Today's SparkCoach challenge is to write down 3 things I'm proud of that I recently accomplished. So, here they are: 1. I spoke to the cho... Read more

  • Catching Up with Local Sparkers

    1/17/2015 10:08:47 PM, by DDOORN

    We've had some interest among our local SparkTeam members in catching up for a walk so I set up a meet 'n greet for today...however back when I s... Read more

  • Mid January -- three months later

    1/16/2015 11:34:10 PM, by WOMANWITHGRIT

    I never intended this break, but I have not been on these pages. I'm not sure why, really, except that I had so much going on - more work than n... Read more

  • been a while

    1/16/2015 3:41:34 PM, by FIXED531

    It has been a while since my last blog post. Life has been interesting. I have upped the weights I lift and tweaking my other workouts. I have ... Read more

  • Mid January

    1/12/2015 5:27:12 PM, by BIGMAMAT

    Mid January update. Its cold here. I guess it's cold most places, it is January! I was so excited to get my Spark activity tracker, but of c... Read more

  • 12789 steps for last night.

    1/10/2015 8:12:13 PM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    12789 steps for last night, on track for the 10 k steps a day plan listed on my profile. -Andrea... Read more

  • New Pleasures, New Joys

    1/9/2015 10:04:50 AM, by DDOORN

    A lot of smart blogs have been posted related to FatLoser.com and recently the theme has been that "thin people eat to live, fat people eat for p... Read more

  • Looking Ahead to 2015

    1/7/2015 11:37:45 AM, by DDOORN

    2014 was off to a hobble with a pacemaker install and blood thinner jitters scaring me off the bike until June...although it certainly picked up ... Read more

  • January

    1/5/2015 10:39:44 PM, by BIGMAMAT

    Hi friends! Happy New Year. Looking forward to see what 2015 brings. 2014 brought some big changes for me. I resigned my position with Hospice ... Read more

  • One week post op

    1/5/2015 7:42:09 PM, by KAREN91

    I'm feeling more like myself again. I haven't needed any medicine for pain or nausea since saturday. I decided to take 4 weeks off work. I'm nev... Read more

  • 2015 GOALS

    1/5/2015 4:07:02 PM, by NICOLED40

    Back at it in 2015! So this will be my fourth year on Spark - probably the longest I've ever stuck with anything. What started out as a t... Read more

  • Good bye and Good Riddance, 2014

    1/1/2015 7:09:16 PM, by RSILVERSEA

    It's been a tough year. My life has spiralled out of control and it shows. I had to put my beloved dog, Merlin down June 6 and my uncle died a ... Read more

  • 2014 Year End in Review - Goals

    12/30/2014 3:44:36 PM, by NICOLED40

    Well, only one day left in 2014 and I have to say...I started strong this past year and finished poorly. I think my surgery in September really ... Read more

  • Sisters & Brethren of the Sun

    12/26/2014 4:31:27 PM, by DDOORN

    The sun and cloudless blue skies called...so out I rode! First ride since Veterans Day, mid-November! Best Christmas present of all! T... Read more

  • Brand New List of (58) Reasons

    12/22/2014 9:26:47 PM, by LILISUPERHERO

    Here's my brand new list of reasons to get off my butt, to get away from the snacks, to eat wholesome, nutritious foods, and to get moving!! ... Read more

  • Tips to stay healthy during the holidays?

    12/22/2014 2:16:53 AM, by HAKAPES

    Hi All, Christmas is just a few days away. What I notice this year that now I approach to the holidays with much less stress about eati... Read more

  • "Disciplined"...? Moi?

    12/18/2014 3:13:30 PM, by DDOORN

    So far, so good navigating those treacherous holiday party waters...able to weather it pretty well! Helps to make sure to bring a healthy dish to... Read more

  • Back on Track

    12/12/2014 8:36:54 PM, by PAMSPARKS

    After a rough summer and fall, I am back on track. Logging my fitness and nutrition everyday and ramping up the workouts. Next step, getting the ... Read more

  • 60 min walk 16854 steps.

    12/12/2014 2:18:10 AM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    60 min walk with 16854 steps and 30 mins on the Elliptical was my workout for last night. On track for the 10 k steps a day plan listed on my pr... Read more

  • Just HAD to Pass This Story Along...!

    12/11/2014 10:24:01 PM, by DDOORN

    Recently at work, probably a carry over from Thanksgivoween candy mark-downs, some anonymous *questionably* well-meaning person at work brought i... Read more

  • Mastery and Practice Part 2....lift calmly

    12/11/2014 4:33:08 PM, by GETSTRONGRRR

    WOW! It's been 3 months since my last blog!! Who am I?!?! Well, I am many things, but right now, I am a man fascinated by what our minds and... Read more

  • Gastric sleeve surgery

    12/9/2014 11:16:51 PM, by KAREN91

    I'm trying to think of the best way to tell my nurse manager and my co workers at the hospital about my surgery. My nurse manager knows I'm havin... Read more

  • 60 min walk with 15914 steps.

    12/5/2014 1:54:34 AM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    60 min elliptical walk with 15,914 step count was my workout for last night. Our new Tony Little Gazelle elliptical works great! Super swe... Read more

  • How long do you meditate per day?

    12/4/2014 4:58:40 PM, by HAKAPES

    Recently I started my meditation habit really consistently. I do it both in the morning and in the evening, about 20 minutes each. When it i... Read more

  • Holiday Fun With Bikes!

    12/4/2014 12:09:58 PM, by DDOORN

    One of the cool things our local bike club does is to join in with our local Christmas Parade. Our club members do some pretty clever things to t... Read more

  • growing

    11/28/2014 5:42:51 PM, by CALGIRL80

    Once a year, DH and I choose to do a junk food day. This year we picked Thanksgiving as we will be with friends for Christmas. We had some of our... Read more

  • Thanks

    11/27/2014 1:59:13 PM, by CALGIRL80

    Happy Thanksgiving!. This is the one holiday I truly enjoy. Why you might ask? Because the holiday has little commerical attachment. Yes, store a... Read more

  • 45 min walk 16086 steps.

    11/27/2014 1:49:37 AM, by POEDAUGHTER7

    45 min walk 16086 steps was my workout for last night. On track for the 1... Read more

  • Unique Greeting of the 1st Snowfall!

    11/27/2014 1:26:45 AM, by DDOORN

    Today was our 1st significant snowfall of the year and we got off work early...woo hoo, off to the fitness center! BUT: at the same time I ... Read more

  • dealing with desire

    11/25/2014 2:21:54 PM, by CALGIRL80

    I really had to talk myself into going for my bike ride today. The weather was good, it was late enough traffic wouldn't be crazy, but I just did... Read more

  • Giving Thanks, my pledge

    11/25/2014 11:32:43 AM, by VALERIEMAHA

    Given what's going on all around my own country...and the world, I pledge: ... Read more

  • Gratitude for a Much Needed Thanksgiving Ride!

    11/25/2014 9:26:31 AM, by DDOORN

    This past Saturday I had delivered Thanksgiving food baskets to several of my clients so I had a 1/2 day of comp time banked when we rolled into ... Read more

  • starting week 4

    11/24/2014 3:32:18 PM, by CALGIRL80

    I have been making healthy choices for about 4 weeks. I have noticed some big changes that have nothing to do with weight or body size 1) le... Read more

  • Beware!

    11/24/2014 8:25:16 AM, by DDOORN

    While SparkPeople has in general been a relatively "safe" haven within the wild, wild frontier of the internet, I have occasionally come across u... Read more

  • Soup and bread day

    11/23/2014 2:45:50 PM, by PMRUNNER

    A crisp fall day, a great day to make French bread and split pea soup! ... Read more

  • new day

    11/23/2014 11:19:56 AM, by CALGIRL80

    On friday night DH and I found out the his grandfather passed away. It is really a huge blessing but still hard. His gradfather had severe alzhei... Read more

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