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My latest obsession.
5/23/2014 11:15:43 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Sorry I have barely blogged at all this month. Wedding season has taken over my life!! Thankfully, this is actually very good exercise because I am co...  Read more


minimalist running shoes?
5/22/2014 10:23:06 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Hello! I "need" new running shoes because my two beloved pair of New Balance shoes have really been working hard! I took a chance on buying these...  Read more


Test results, not doing well tonight.
5/20/2014 10:50:52 PM,  5 COMMENTS

3 months. All the extra walking, even when I have so much pain in my hip that it wakes me up at night, I have been keeping myself moving. I have...  Read more


Committing to SparkCoach 4 week Plateau Busting Plan
5/20/2014 2:06:33 PM,  6 COMMENTS

I am committing to the SparkCoach Plateau Busting Plan today. I will start walking a mile in mornings first thing again. I will start following...  Read more


Race Report: Sporting Life 10K
5/20/2014 8:57:17 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Hello! This race was last weekend. I didn't train properly. I was surprised when I started running, and throughout the race, at how great I felt! I fe...  Read more


5/20/2014 4:24:54 AM,  5 COMMENTS

Just under a month ago I completed one of my big goals - 100 miles on the bike (yay!) - which was fantastic! But then things started to unravel....  Read more


I am learning about gratitude
5/19/2014 11:10:33 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Gratitude is the state of being that I wish to be in. I remember the Psalms and all the times that David praised God. I want my life to be a bless...  Read more


Accentuate the positive, Eliminate the negative
5/19/2014 4:31:04 PM,  1 COMMENTS

That is my goal for the remainder of this month. When things aren't going very well in any part of my life I tend to be hardest on myself. I have pi...  Read more


Acting Class - Monologue
5/19/2014 1:03:33 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Monologue on Margaret Tobin: (The curtain rises. The room consist of a lamp on a stand next to an overstuffed chair. There sits an older woman...  Read more


Motivational techniques that work best for me
5/19/2014 8:49:23 AM,  6 COMMENTS

My Spark friends - Thank you soooo much. I appreciate you more than you can know. I read your comments and your kindness often brings me to tears. ...  Read more


100-Day Challenge (week-eight results)
5/18/2014 10:29:10 PM,  6 COMMENTS

My caloric average for the week was 1888 My pyramid average for the week was 82% I made it to the gym four times this week and hope to repeat t...  Read more


Vampire visit and my NSV...of sorts.
5/17/2014 12:25:50 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I had blood drawn this morning for my 3 month checkup on my A1C and cholesterol. I am hoping like hell that all the frustration and hard work of t...  Read more


Going clothes shopping makes me feel...
5/17/2014 10:09:12 AM,  10 COMMENTS

Sad because then I have to face the fact about how much weight I have allowed myself to gain. The mirror is right there and the sad fact is there star...  Read more


Thank you everyone :-)
5/17/2014 7:08:27 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Just wanted to thank everyone who's posted a comment on my recent blog. Very surreal to get all this attention (!) - and humbling too. I've read...  Read more


Acting Blog 3
5/16/2014 9:47:17 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Do I feel actors are still looked down upon for their personal lives or overexposure, and if so, do I think this is fair? (Remember, historically acto...  Read more


Distractions for when I feel a food binge coming on
5/16/2014 12:14:10 PM,  12 COMMENTS

Take a walk. Take a bath. Cuddle with my cat. Read a book (not a magazine, too many pictures of food.) Call a friend. Meditate. Clean. K...  Read more


Happy happy
5/15/2014 2:40:53 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I'm getting closer to the better side of 250, which is a weight I've not seen since university. Seems weird but in a good way. Once I hit that miles...  Read more


Acting blog 2
5/15/2014 1:11:04 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Do I think of fame as success? I don't tink of it necessarily as success. There is good fame and there's bad fame. Some people's fame co...  Read more


Acting blog 1
5/15/2014 12:20:14 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Do I think actors deserve the recognition they receive in our society? I believe the actors who receive recognition for doing good, as far as he...  Read more


Ways my life has improved since adopting healthier habits
5/14/2014 8:45:57 AM,  9 COMMENTS

I have more energy. I don't hurt as much. My thinking is clearer. I am accomplishing more. How has your life improved since adopting health...  Read more


99 Problems
5/13/2014 10:32:06 AM,  12 COMMENTS

Anyone else? ...  Read more


100-Day Challenge (week-seven results)
5/12/2014 8:56:23 PM,  2 COMMENTS

This past week was very good nutritionally (except for Sunday) but I still need to work on getting more activity in. Hopefully I can make it to the gy...  Read more


3 good things that happened to me this week
5/12/2014 11:11:47 AM,  9 COMMENTS

I attended the Spark rally in Springfield this past Saturday and had a picnic and a walk with my new friends. I went to brunch with my mom yester...  Read more


What I love about my body
5/11/2014 6:04:52 PM,  8 COMMENTS

I love my eyes because they can see beauty. I love my sense of touch because I can feel pleasure and pain. I love my hands because they can create...  Read more


5/10/2014 3:56:09 PM,  6 COMMENTS

I couldn't stop laughing when a friend sent this to me so I had to share! ...  Read more


I know I've had a good workout when......
5/10/2014 8:21:25 AM,  10 COMMENTS

I can feel all those nerve endings jump in my quads after a workout. I feel more relaxed, less stressed. I can feel in my back that I have been moving...  Read more


Turning "Can't" into a choice.
5/9/2014 12:07:05 PM,  7 COMMENTS

My family deals with stress with humor. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have cracked a joke in the middle of an argument or some othe...  Read more


Learned the STOP method on SparkCoach today.
5/9/2014 11:07:52 AM,  9 COMMENTS

STOP is about relearning to eat mindfully like when we were children. My assignment this week is to use this method for three meals this week. Fo...  Read more


Focusing on happiness
5/9/2014 1:05:04 AM,  10 COMMENTS

SparkCoach suggested focusing on one area to improve health and writing down what steps to take to reach that goal. I would like to focus on beco...  Read more


Lay off Typing so much
5/6/2014 8:06:56 AM,  5 COMMENTS

Yes, it's time to lay off so much typing, which has been mostly from working on my family tree. I can feel the tingling in my fingers which in the pa...  Read more


The best part of my day
5/5/2014 11:21:11 PM,  7 COMMENTS

The best part of my day was dealing with some financial issues the had been bringing me down. I did not complete everything on my to do list, but it w...  Read more


To me "health" means...
5/3/2014 11:43:41 AM,  6 COMMENTS

To me health means... Getting up in the morning feeling energetic, vibrant, and looking forward to the day. Having edifying, supportive rela...  Read more


Bippity Boppity Boo!!
5/2/2014 7:56:14 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I feel like I have a fairy godmother behind the scenes making my day awesome! My wonderful co-workers gave me an amazing gift for my 40th. A faci...  Read more


what I would like to accomplish in the next week
5/2/2014 11:20:03 AM,  7 COMMENTS

Sparkcoach said to dream big, so here it is. This is big for me. I would like to find the paperwork from my federal taxes. I would like to send t...  Read more


Tiny Hamster eating Tiny Burritos
5/1/2014 6:21:57 PM,  1 COMMENTS

This has absolutely nothing to do with anything, but if you are in need of a good laugh or a HUGE burst of cuteness then you absolutely have to watch...  Read more


Dance/exercise routine to "Dark Horse"
5/1/2014 12:38:57 PM,  0 COMMENTS

May be considered NSFW? Ha! Kinda sexy dancing to Katy Perry's Dark Horse. It's also hard as hell if you are doing it right. Just a fun exercisy t...  Read more


What I will do to change my life for the better today.
5/1/2014 11:22:43 AM,  6 COMMENTS

I will walk a mile. 248 I will follow my healthy eating plan. 248 I will track my nutrition and my fitness minutes. 248 I will ask for help....  Read more


Quick April Summary
5/1/2014 10:49:13 AM,  7 COMMENTS

Per the spark activity tracker. April's steps...235,862. 24.89 miles. Burned 18,959 calories. 2,264 minutes of moving. (Walking and...  Read more


Fed Up (documentary film)
4/30/2014 9:37:20 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Hello! I went to the HotDocs film festival last night to see a new documentary called Fed Up. It's having a cinematic release in May and will be avail...  Read more


Goal weight
4/30/2014 8:49:05 AM,  4 COMMENTS

I would like to reach my goal weight of 145 pounds no later than January 16, 2016. I will do this by eating healthy and exercising each day. I will st...  Read more


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