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  • My mother-in-law

    8/24/2016 11:30:36 AM, by DARLENEK04

    Good morning, We got a call a few minutes ago from the caregiver for Davids' mother. She thinks mama has had a stroke, perhaps a light on... Read more

  • Busy day!

    5/21/2016 6:15:03 PM, by EBEAMS

    I accomplished much today but still had time to kill a... Read more

  • First week went okay

    5/20/2016 5:43:54 AM, by EBEAMS

    Day 1 was busy with flying and good food choices. Day 2 and 3 had good exercise AND good food choices. Yesterday was no exercise and I ate frie... Read more

  • Looking for advice

    5/15/2016 6:52:17 AM, by EBEAMS

    I'm looking for advice on how to construct a daily routine that will work for me while I'm home being a home maker or on the road. I am (current... Read more

  • So fed up!

    5/14/2016 8:41:19 AM, by SHINY_SIDE_UP

    I'm generally healthy today in all ways except for my weight. Yes I have fibromyalgia and a few things here & there, but no high blood pressure,... Read more

  • Chaos ... my comfort zone ...

    5/11/2016 11:48:51 AM, by EBEAMS

    I'm just going to admit it. I feel the most productive in my life when everything is completely ticking along at lightening speed with no relief... Read more

  • It was a good day!

    5/3/2016 9:04:19 PM, by EBEAMS

    Hubby and I both got official job offers from the plac... Read more

  • Starting to calm down a little

    5/1/2016 6:55:49 AM, by EBEAMS

    Shu-wee .... this move has been a butt kicker. Thankfully, we're past the "Where the heck is __________?" (you fill in the blank cuz we couldn't... Read more

  • What a day!

    4/27/2016 10:18:46 PM, by EBEAMS

    Mercy, it can rain buckets here in KY in no time at al... Read more

  • Getting in shape ... by moving!

    4/26/2016 9:29:06 PM, by EBEAMS

    Oh. My. Goodness! The new house is forcing us to be more active and moving in is DEFINITELY getting us going, going, going! I've had over 12,00... Read more

  • The

    4/20/2016 6:04:27 AM, by EBEAMS

    Not our move but ... well, we're pretty good (read: experienced) at the whole packing up and moving it out process. Yesterday we spent a good pa... Read more

  • Thanks for the encouragement!

    4/18/2016 11:08:35 PM, by EBEAMS

    This blog entry could be titled "Motivation has arrived". It's one of those blogs where several things could be the subject matter. Yesterd... Read more

  • Passed on the cookies

    4/17/2016 3:43:51 PM, by EBEAMS

    After lunch today, our hostess popped Hershey's Ultimate Chocolate Chip cookies into the oven and baked up a batch. Lunch was stew and cornbread... Read more

  • What a difference a night's sleep can make

    4/16/2016 7:04:52 PM, by EBEAMS

    I didn't even rest well but this morning while I was in the half in/half out of it state of resting, the thought spoke very clearly into my mind ... Read more

  • I'm a doer

    4/15/2016 9:30:23 PM, by EBEAMS

    Being a doer is a blessing and somewhat of a curse, all at the same time. I can procrastinate sometimes, depending on what the task ahead is and... Read more

  • Nothing interesting today

    4/14/2016 6:49:15 PM, by EBEAMS

    We did make it to my husband's appointment on time ... LOL ... we are in a part of KY where some of the State is in one time zone and one is in a... Read more

  • Another day ...

    4/13/2016 7:57:39 PM, by EBEAMS

    It was a little chilly this morning but we went out a... Read more

  • Another day done ...

    4/12/2016 9:11:19 PM, by EBEAMS

    I found this yesterday on Pinterest and I really id... Read more

  • Team Beams restart!

    4/11/2016 8:44:04 AM, by EBEAMS

    We're here. We finished up our road trip last Thursday and have spent the past few days doing the family circle and seeing everyone. Today, the... Read more

  • Made 10,000 steps 2 days in a row

    4/5/2016 8:22:13 AM, by EBEAMS

    Woohoo - I got really excited about that last night. Frankly, it's hard to get steps in when you are sitting on your bum for HOURS every single ... Read more

  • Traveling across the US

    4/4/2016 9:03:04 AM, by EBEAMS

    I'm still here ... except in a totally different "here" in so many ways. We're currently in S. Dakota. We left Idaho on April 2nd and are heade... Read more

  • Lots of changes ...

    3/25/2016 9:14:48 PM, by EBEAMS

    Life is certainly unexpected, isn't it??? When I last blogged, I was already in the midst of what would be one of the most life changing events ... Read more

  • Update on Nikki

    3/10/2016 11:00:06 AM, by DARLENEK04

    Nikki lost her battle with cancer and MRSA on Tuesday evening. She fought to the end to stay with her husband and children, but after countles... Read more

  • ... and then it changes again ...

    2/22/2016 8:01:08 PM, by EBEAMS

    Meet our sweet baby grandson who arrived this morning! He was 9 lbs 3 oz. His mom is really glad to be done! Read more

  • Change ... the only constant thing in Life!

    2/19/2016 10:24:34 AM, by EBEAMS

    I'm stuck between here ... and here ... ... Read more

  • Love me some Leather!!!!!

    2/11/2016 6:26:18 AM, by KIM22211

    I have been on a leather love fest with handbags lately. My most recent one I was able to get an an incredible steal so I went for it! I already... Read more

  • Moonlighting

    1/20/2016 10:40:22 PM, by EBEAMS

    I worked late last night at my second "job". I cal... Read more

  • Oh dear ...

    1/18/2016 7:09:04 PM, by EBEAMS

    Started out my day with a dentist appointment to ge... Read more

  • Brand new week!

    1/17/2016 12:16:42 PM, by EBEAMS

    Ahhh .... the baby shower is finally done! Read more

  • Happy Monday to me ...

    1/12/2016 9:36:43 AM, by EBEAMS

    (Disclaimer: I have no idea why my photos load sideways ... Sorry!) Yes, I know that it is Tuesday but it's my work week Monday ... so ther... Read more

  • Weird happenings while ordering lunch

    1/11/2016 1:11:29 PM, by SILLYHP1953

    All last week I ordered salads for lunch from McD. They have a pretty good southwest salad with grilled chicken. Well, today I decided to go back... Read more

  • No motivation today.

    1/10/2016 12:37:17 PM, by EBEAMS

    I have about a billion things that I should get accomplished today but I'm tired. I started going through some stuff this morning to get things ... Read more

  • Glad it's the weekend!

    1/8/2016 10:00:46 PM, by EBEAMS

    I have been running around like crazy all day long. I worked on (and completed) a couple of projects, then made some good progress on other thin... Read more

  • Back to Spark!

    1/8/2016 9:41:09 AM, by ECLIPSED

    Well, not really, I haven't 'left" I've just been tracking on my phone app. But, my husband got me a Fitbit for Christmas (after me telling him t... Read more

  • I have a story to share ...

    1/7/2016 8:54:50 PM, by EBEAMS

    You know how you are always hearing that we "plant seeds" today that we may not ever get to harvest? We plant, someone else might water and some... Read more

  • Good day overall ...

    1/6/2016 9:41:06 PM, by EBEAMS

    but, man, was I grumpy. Probably no one else noticed but I did. I was grumpy in my thoughts and my spirits. I was awake from 2 am til 4 am thi... Read more

  • I'm tired

    1/5/2016 10:18:40 PM, by EBEAMS

    We kicked off today with a run. 4:20 am is really early to get up so you can go for a run ... but it's the best investment of my day! I should ... Read more

  • Struggling with emotional eating

    1/4/2016 9:30:45 PM, by EBEAMS

    I have an area in my life right now that is very chaotic. I am like everyone else ... I'm not a huge fan of change and my first reaction is to h... Read more

  • Home again!

    1/3/2016 11:33:47 PM, by EBEAMS

    It's always nice to go somewhere for a quick break from your own reality. It's even nicer to come back home! :) The bonus of this quick trip w... Read more

  • The Year of Eda

    1/1/2016 5:24:53 PM, by EBEAMS

    2016 is going to be a much different year for me... Read more

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