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  • Trying To Slowly Increase My Activity

    10/14/2017 2:37:58 PM, by AQUAGIRL08

    I am pretty much finished with organizing the cabinets, closets and bookcases in our house. It has taken me several months to finish. I filled ... Read more

  • long

    10/2/2017 5:04:40 PM, by JKPONYGIRL

    It's been a long time since I blogged. I got a little inspiration from a wonderful blogger here on SP. She is one of the most supported and ded... Read more

  • I've Been A Busy Bee

    10/2/2017 2:24:04 PM, by AQUAGIRL08

    My leg is slowly getting stronger. I'm doing Silver Sneakers followed by Chair Yoga, two times per week. At first, I was exhausted and could ba... Read more

  • Very Little Storm Damage!

    9/20/2017 7:49:00 PM, by AQUAGIRL08

    I'm glad we survived hurricane Irma! Our power was only off for 18 hours but the internet, land line and television were off for 8 days. They ca... Read more

  • We're As Ready As Possible

    9/10/2017 6:39:11 AM, by AQUAGIRL08

    Sunday, September 10, 2017. at 8:00am With the exception of hurricane shutters or plywood boards, we are as ready as possible for hurricane ... Read more

  • It can get better too!

    9/3/2017 9:21:38 AM, by SUE4491

    Well, my hamstring injury is almost healed and I'm ... Read more

  • Progress Update #22

    8/27/2017 9:56:32 AM, by AQUAGIRL08

    Good news! My leg is finally starting to get stronger! I was able to complete a Silver Sneakers class this week, followed by chair yoga. The i... Read more

  • It can always get worse!

    8/17/2017 4:05:53 PM, by SUE4491

    Had a small - well not that small) awakening, Aug 2... Read more

  • Progress Update #21

    7/29/2017 9:46:37 AM, by AQUAGIRL08

    I am slowly making progress. I'm now back in physical therapy. This week we added some easy balance exercises to the ultra sound treatments and ... Read more

  • The week from heck!

    7/28/2017 4:42:49 PM, by SUE4491

    This week was difficult. Started in with DH yellin... Read more

  • Progress Update #20

    7/12/2017 10:09:18 AM, by AQUAGIRL08

    Monday, I had my visit with my orthopedist as a follow up to last Wednesday's urgent care visit. Last Wednesday, my knee still looked angry and w... Read more

  • Progress Update #19

    7/5/2017 9:27:07 PM, by AQUAGIRL08

    It has not been a good week. Last Wednesday, I went to see my orthopedic surgeon after my leg turned red and hot after a fall the week before. Th... Read more

  • 4th of July

    7/4/2017 7:02:12 PM, by SUE4491

    I thought today, the 4th of July, would be a downer. Previous years, we've spent it with our son and DIL. This year, with my hubby very depressed... Read more

  • Progress Update #18

    6/29/2017 10:05:21 PM, by AQUAGIRL08

    Just when you think you can go back into the water a shark called infection, bites. I fell and was caught by a Good Samaritan before hitting the ... Read more

  • Up and down

    6/19/2017 3:15:28 PM, by SUE4491

    Kind of down again today. Saw photos on social media..DS had a family gathering for Father's Day and not only didn't invite us but when I had ask... Read more

  • Progress Update #17

    6/11/2017 9:53:18 AM, by AQUAGIRL08

    It has been a while since my last blog. The big news is, I am now back in the water for water workouts! After over two years away, due to poor ... Read more

  • Feeling a lot better now

    6/1/2017 2:46:36 AM, by SUE4491

    I am finally getting used to my new life as a caregiver.... DH has had a bit of return, but somehow, I feel much better. Have been really stressi... Read more

  • Progress Update #16

    5/23/2017 11:04:37 PM, by AQUAGIRL08

    My leg swelled when I increased my activity level over the weekend. I'm not a happy camper. The pain is awful. My whole leg is stinging and thr... Read more

  • And Life goes on....

    5/22/2017 5:56:07 PM, by SUE4491

    If I could say one word to describe caregiving, it would be tired. Always tired. DH decided to go walking without his walker outside in Feb... Read more

  • Progress Update #15

    5/17/2017 9:56:23 AM, by AQUAGIRL08

    I am now 16 weeks post op. It has been a long and painful recovery. I'm in my 4th week of outpatient physical therapy. Yesterday, for the firs... Read more

  • And again . . .

    5/5/2017 9:22:03 PM, by JQRICHMOND

    I'm not looking back, just forward. 5 days in and I've lost a few pounds. I had gained even more than ever before so I have a long way to go. ... Read more

  • Progress Update #14

    4/30/2017 8:21:58 PM, by AQUAGIRL08

    I have mixed feelings about the amount of time it has taken for my leg muscles and scar tissue to calm down after my Thursday physical therapy se... Read more

  • The Wedding

    4/28/2017 9:18:36 AM, by AQUAGIRL08

    My daughter made a beautiful bride. Her gown spark... Read more

  • Progress Update #13

    4/28/2017 8:11:50 AM, by AQUAGIRL08

    The wedding was beautiful (pictures later) but the schedule we kept was grueling. Hubby and I are exhausted still. The big thing we have notice... Read more

  • Progress Update #12

    4/13/2017 8:15:01 PM, by AQUAGIRL08

    My progress is currently a real mixed bag. I have lots of highs and lows. Today, I had my final visit with wound care. I am totally finished w... Read more

  • Still Hanging in there!

    4/11/2017 2:07:05 PM, by SUE4491

    Got my bike ride in early and it's getting too hot ... Read more

  • Progress Update #11

    4/9/2017 12:20:52 PM, by AQUAGIRL08

    I walked around the antiques fair in town and......drumroll.....I drove today! I drove for the first time in 3 months! WooHoo!!!... Read more

  • Progress Update #10

    4/6/2017 9:21:54 AM, by AQUAGIRL08

    This has been a big week for me. On Tuesday, I was released from home health physical therapy. I am now at a fully functional level. The thera... Read more

  • Progress Update #9

    4/2/2017 9:28:06 AM, by AQUAGIRL08

    Progress is still slow but now it is more steadily going in a positive direction. I have developed a huge amount of scar tissue from all of my o... Read more

  • Progress Update #8

    3/24/2017 12:09:46 AM, by AQUAGIRL08

    Yesterday, I met with the orthopedist. I had x-rays after I got there and then had an hour wait to be called back to see the doctor. It was an ... Read more

  • Progress Update #7

    3/21/2017 12:25:23 PM, by AQUAGIRL08

    This week has been a tough one. I'm still fighting a cough and sinus issue that has left me short of breath and hacking. Yesterday, hubby took ... Read more

  • Progress Update #6

    3/13/2017 12:50:48 PM, by AQUAGIRL08

    I walked outside with just a cane (plus my therapist and a safety belt) today! I walked one block and was huffing, puffing and waddling on the w... Read more

  • Progress Update #5

    3/8/2017 11:25:59 PM, by AQUAGIRL08

    I had my 2 week follow up with my primary doctor late this afternoon. He was pleased that I have done quite a bit of healing but disappointed at... Read more

  • Progress Update #4

    3/4/2017 3:53:43 PM, by AQUAGIRL08

    Hubby has become concerned about me lately because I have been isolating myself. At first, it was for purely medical reasons. I was pretty sick ... Read more

  • Progress Update #3

    3/2/2017 4:24:28 PM, by AQUAGIRL08

    My progress in healing has been a mixed bag. Two steps forward and one step back. This week I have walked outdoors with my physical therapist, ... Read more

  • Progress Update #2

    2/27/2017 5:44:48 PM, by AQUAGIRL08

    Finally, I am starting to make some good progress. My wounds still have to be constantly checked by a nurse, cleaned and treated with medicine. ... Read more

  • Progress Update #1

    2/23/2017 4:29:39 PM, by AQUAGIRL08

    Yesterday, hubby took me for a four week check up at the orthopedist's office. He was pleased that the wounds look better and that my knee is be... Read more

  • Anniversary of losing 107 lbs coming up and my present life!

    2/21/2017 12:20:34 PM, by SUE4491

    Photo is DH and I in the 1990's - younger and I... Read more

  • My Surgery Nightmare

    2/20/2017 3:50:37 PM, by AQUAGIRL08

    I had my revision replacement on January 24 as planned. Sometime during my surgery, I had an allergic reaction to something and when I returned ... Read more

  • Stay in the Fight

    2/19/2017 10:30:29 AM, by BLACKROBIN06

    Last week I spent a majority of the week under attack from sciatica and an upper respiratory infection. As I lay in the bed I was reminded that I... Read more

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