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Blogs by Members of SP Class of July 6- 12, 2008

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  • A wall of glass... my choice!

    12/5/2016 8:59:31 AM, by JUSTYNA7

    I sent a spark mail to a friend and thought I could post some of it here. I had a great meditation this morning. My neighbour is a recovering a... Read more

  • Relaxing

    12/4/2016 9:58:39 AM, by CHELLY218

    Workout completed early today & laundry is actually already done! Going to enjoy a nice and relaxing Sunday. Hope everyone else does too!... Read more

  • Christmas

    12/3/2016 8:22:55 PM, by CHELLY218

    Got a lot accomplished today, all the Christmas decorations up & some shopping done. And still managed to get the work out done. Had a very pro... Read more

  • Grateful wishes for you

    12/3/2016 11:17:30 AM, by JUSTYNA7

    I am so very grateful today. I was doing a remember when when sending a spark mail. I used to carry so much emotion around with me. A huge sui... Read more

  • A Bit of Dreaming as December Begins

    12/1/2016 7:42:26 AM, by BDJOHNSON

    Much has happened during this year. I still walk two or three times a week when I am fortunate enough to sleep through the night and get up in th... Read more

  • Long week

    11/30/2016 6:36:45 PM, by CHELLY218

    This week seems extra long for some reason. I actually have the entire weekend off work so I am probably anxious for that. But honestly, it fee... Read more

  • Gym Time

    11/29/2016 3:56:52 PM, by CHELLY218

    I can honestly say my time at the gym is my favorite "me time" activity. I look forward to it every day & hate days I can't go. Love falling in ... Read more

  • The strength to do your bidding

    11/29/2016 8:54:15 AM, by JUSTYNA7

    Morning friends! Ah the world is spinning quickly today. My painter has the flu so I need to juggle things to see when he can fit in between gu... Read more

  • Survived The Holiday

    11/28/2016 6:27:07 PM, by CHELLY218

    I wasn't sure how the weigh in today would go, but was surprised & happy to see that not only did I not gain weight over the holiday, but I've lo... Read more

  • Return to an old routine

    11/28/2016 8:35:58 AM, by JUSTYNA7

    Today is "Mix it up" Monday and the challenge is to find exercises to do in every room of the house. I have a big house so this is going to be f... Read more

  • One Day Closer

    11/27/2016 12:29:09 PM, by CHELLY218

    Every day really does get easier. I have enjoyed learning more about portion control & what I need to eat to fuel me & not just to eat. It has ... Read more

  • Rambling blog

    11/27/2016 9:08:44 AM, by JUSTYNA7

    I have been painting the headboard for the new guest room. I saw one I really liked on Kijiji. It was from the Chateau Laurier which in Ottawa ... Read more

  • Thanksgiving

    11/24/2016 5:26:54 PM, by CHELLY218

    Made it through today & still was able to stay under my calories for the day. Also, even though the gym was closed, I was still able to squeeze ... Read more

  • Homecoming, Part One

    11/23/2016 5:37:24 AM, by BDJOHNSON

    Today my son comes home from Texas Tech after being away from us for three months. I have already made him a pecan pie and stocked up on apples, ... Read more

  • Recovery Days

    11/22/2016 4:46:21 PM, by CHELLY218

    Today is my recovery day, to let my body rest. But I still went to the gym, I had to at least spend my half hour on the treadmill. It is honest... Read more

  • Fair vs Need

    11/21/2016 9:19:35 AM, by JUSTYNA7

    ... Read more

  • The cat and I

    11/20/2016 5:42:33 PM, by JUSTYNA7

    Thank God my challenge today is no sugar. I have been stressed and my mind has gone to many sugary treats... but I have none in the house. I ac... Read more

  • Progress

    11/19/2016 3:28:08 PM, by CHELLY218

    Another pound & a half down for this week. I really believe the food tracker is what is helping with the progress. It is definitely helping mot... Read more

  • The Freezer

    11/19/2016 2:26:37 PM, by JUSTYNA7

    There is supposed to be a high of 14 today (5.5 right now and it is already after 2:00 so is this true?) so I decided it was now or never to cle... Read more

  • Holidays & weekends

    11/18/2016 6:20:42 PM, by CHELLY218

    With weekends & holidays, especially with kids, it seems harder to stay focused. My goals this holiday season is to stay on top of my workouts &... Read more

  • Progress

    11/17/2016 3:20:20 PM, by CHELLY218

    While it may be small, I am down three pounds so far. I really am enjoying my daily workouts & hope to incorporate more weights into my routine.... Read more

  • I'm trying to repost my success story... had problems sharing it with a spark friend today

    11/17/2016 1:14:15 PM, by JUSTYNA7

    help_from_her_sparkfriends ... Read more

  • Today

    11/16/2016 8:07:01 AM, by CHELLY218

    Today is a gorgeous day & the holidays are creeping closer. Hoping to get the good eating & exercise to become habits before then and maintain t... Read more

  • Beginning Again

    11/15/2016 6:53:03 PM, by CHELLY218

    It has been a rough road to losing the weight, getting to my goal only to have stress and life help put it back on. Beginning again isn't easy b... Read more

  • Sponsor family and my plan to regulate my blood sugars

    11/13/2016 8:09:51 AM, by JUSTYNA7

    Yesterday was crazy busy. It was the "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" fundraiser that I have been helping organize and I provided gluten free bread a... Read more

  • Do I wish I did not have to "work" at being thin all the time?

    11/12/2016 9:06:48 AM, by JUSTYNA7

    Do I wish I did not have to "work" at being thin all the time? This was a question one my good spark friends asked. Sometimes. My journey seem... Read more


    11/11/2016 4:40:35 PM, by JUSTYNA7

    Friday already???!!! And more distressing is it is November 11th which is 11 days into Nanowrimo and I have not started writing yet. BUT I stil... Read more

  • To my American friends to cheer you up! A message from Canadians

    11/10/2016 6:17:39 PM, by JUSTYNA7

    http://youtu.be/stGhjokq57U Darn the link does not seem to be working... but cut and paste this and watch it. I hope it makes you smile. ... Read more

  • Choices and walls

    11/9/2016 10:17:16 PM, by JUSTYNA7

    Today was a good day. In my meditation I read about making choices. I can stay focused on my needs and how they often conflict with each other ... Read more

  • Waking up - Self Respect

    10/21/2016 1:46:25 PM, by JUSTYNA7

    I'm reading another Brene Brown book (Rising Strong) and also doing a daily "meditation.. but more like a learning moment" using Non Violent Comm... Read more

  • Busted!

    10/17/2016 1:23:06 AM, by BDJOHNSON

    A mother of two of my former students and I are friends on Facebook. Tonight she tagged me in a post that read, "You know you have touched a chil... Read more

  • 40 and looking into getting healthy.

    10/10/2016 8:12:48 PM, by TWEETYKACE

    I am 40 years old and have three grand babies. I really want to get healthy to see my grand babies grow up.... Read more

  • The Rain is Good

    10/7/2016 6:28:25 AM, by BDJOHNSON

    I awakened just before 5:00 A.M. and went to get a glass of water. To my surprise, I heard rain and wind outside. That will not be a problem. I w... Read more

  • What is Beauty?

    10/4/2016 7:22:33 AM, by JUSTYNA7

    Yesterday morning I was sitting beside my Sister in law who I admire sooo much and she made a comment that shocked me. It was to the effect that... Read more

  • Tarts and Vickers

    9/29/2016 2:47:44 PM, by JUSTYNA7

    As promised... my costume. I'm the tart, lol. ... Read more

  • Don't get Hepppt up!

    9/25/2016 9:34:08 AM, by SKMINNY

    HEPPP: Hot, Exhausted, Pain, Pale, Puke If you are a woman at risk for a heart attack and you experience these symptoms, chew an aspirin im... Read more

  • Day 60

    9/18/2016 6:55:43 PM, by SUSANNA37

    You guys, I'm sick. A cold's been going through our house, and while I think I had it before, I really have it now, if that makes any sense. ... Read more

  • Learning a New Normal

    9/18/2016 7:52:45 AM, by BDJOHNSON

    It has been three weeks since we took our son out to school at Texas Tech. He is adjusting to college life well. I had the opportunity to see his... Read more

  • Bobble head Justyna

    9/17/2016 11:27:45 AM, by JUSTYNA7

    Apparently I have a bobble head. My physio thinks all my symptoms of pain and weakness relate to my neck problems. The X-ray showed a lot of de... Read more

  • Day 55

    9/13/2016 2:19:34 PM, by SUSANNA37

    I've got 45 days left of my exercise 10 minutes a day challenge. I doubled-up and joined a Jessica Smith challenge for the next 28 days. I'm ho... Read more

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