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  • Have you seen my motivation lately?

    2/16/2018 11:34:03 AM, by DARKMORNING

    I finally got back to the gym this week and it felt good. But what also felt good was the extra time I had in my days when I wasn't going. I real... Read more

  • Injuries suck...

    2/7/2018 12:25:56 PM, by DARKMORNING

    I pulled a muscle in my back during last Tuesday's trainer workout and it still hurts. The inside of my right shoulder blade. It hurts all the ti... Read more

  • Happy New Year!

    1/2/2018 2:04:01 PM, by DARKMORNING

    I think I succeeded in making myself so sick with all the sweets in December that I don't want to go anywhere near it now. There's cake, cookies,... Read more

  • Back on the little blue pill

    11/30/2017 10:21:37 AM, by DARKMORNING

    No, not THAT one. Yikes. I'm back on the Belviq as of this morning. My weight problem is not from poor nutrition. It is not from lack of exe... Read more

  • Scared straight (?)

    11/29/2017 9:03:11 AM, by DARKMORNING

    Got on the scale this morning. I've regained 16 pounds... not 8. Frack. Getting way too close to 200lbs again. I will, WILL turn this around. WIL... Read more

  • Rededication, my ass.

    11/28/2017 9:40:20 AM, by DARKMORNING

    I am floundering. My eating has been bad and tracking has been sporadic and my gym time hasn't been as often or intense as it could be. Why can't... Read more

  • Week 41 Update

    10/17/2017 12:05:55 AM, by KARALIANNE

    Sorry about the silence. Been very busy. My husband was away for two weeks (missed Thanksgiving) and it was busy getting him ready to go and then... Read more

  • Week 37 Update

    9/19/2017 1:51:49 AM, by KARALIANNE

    My birthday was Thursday last week. I don't feel any different. Still me, just 41 now. I want to get more movement into my day s... Read more

  • Rededication to health and fitness

    9/18/2017 10:20:55 AM, by DARKMORNING

    Now that life has returned to normal after the hurricane I seriously need to rededicate myself to losing weight. All summer I've been doing the b... Read more

  • Checking in post-Irma

    9/12/2017 3:39:31 PM, by DARKMORNING

    Everything's ok after the hurricane. We got electricity back a few hours ago but internet is still iffy. No major house damage. Keep sparking!... Read more

  • Week 36 Update

    9/12/2017 2:03:49 AM, by KARALIANNE

    I haven't been tracking my food here, but I am writing it down. Eventually I'll get around to putting it here too! :) I'm trying to be on to... Read more

  • Week 35 Update

    9/5/2017 2:50:41 AM, by KARALIANNE

    We went on vacation for two weeks, to visit J's family in BC. It was a great time and I got to rest for real for a few days. Now we're home and e... Read more

  • Book 4 - Prologue

    8/30/2017 8:57:30 PM, by MJHUGHES12

    Well, I'm back. I've been MIA for several years (can't really believe it's been that long!) and am now starting over. So much has happened over t... Read more

  • Week 32 Update

    8/15/2017 1:38:19 AM, by KARALIANNE

    I'll weigh in tomorrow. This past week has been odd a bit; I've been having weird dreams. I stopped taking all my supplements, so that could... Read more

  • Week 31 Update

    8/8/2017 1:03:51 AM, by KARALIANNE

    Didn't weigh myself this morning but I will tomorrow. This past week has been pretty decent. I need to find a few more ways to get my physio... Read more

  • Well, it's my birthday

    8/3/2017 3:05:07 PM, by DARKMORNING

    And I didn't make my 175lb goal by today, 177 was the... Read more

  • Week 30 Update

    8/1/2017 1:04:43 AM, by KARALIANNE

    Definitely gained this week. Hoping that I'm actually starting to make sustainable changes. Does anyone know anything about lipedema? I'm st... Read more

  • Fish oil and another low calorie day

    7/31/2017 9:58:30 AM, by DARKMORNING

    I've been seeing a lot about the various fish oil benefits and even though I love fish, I don't prepare it at home very often, so I started on a ... Read more

  • First 5:2 cycle check in

    7/26/2017 9:58:33 AM, by DARKMORNING

    The first week of my 5:2 calorie cycling is done and it went OK. For those just joining us, I'm eating 1600 calories for 5 days and 2 non-consecu... Read more

  • Week 29 Update

    7/25/2017 1:47:12 AM, by KARALIANNE

    Didn't weigh in yet this week; not expecting any loss. Which is fine. I'm tweaking so much in my life right now that I just can't let myself get ... Read more

  • Big push to the next goal...

    7/19/2017 11:49:38 AM, by DARKMORNING

    I felt like I needed a big push these last 2 weeks before I turn 40 to hit my goal of 175lbs. I have about 6 lbs to go. I decided to try a 5:2 in... Read more

  • Week 28 Update

    7/18/2017 1:30:19 AM, by KARALIANNE

    Lost a little more weight. Feeling really tired lately, not totally sure why. I'm struggling to get through my plans for writing. I have an ... Read more

  • Week 27 Update

    7/11/2017 4:32:32 PM, by KARALIANNE

    Things are looking up. I need to get my physio on track but other than that I've lost a bit of weight and I'm feeling generally pretty good. ... Read more

  • Week 26 Update

    7/4/2017 4:25:14 PM, by KARALIANNE

    Lost a little bit of weight, but not much; started my period today so that's probably why. Overall I am still feeling really positive. I had... Read more

  • Back from vacation!

    6/28/2017 12:09:47 PM, by DARKMORNING

    Spent a week visiting Baltimore, my home town. My BF and his son came too and we had a great time. Smithsonian Natural History Museum in D.C., He... Read more

  • Week 25 Update

    6/27/2017 1:18:43 AM, by KARALIANNE

    This past week has been pretty good. I lost some weight, I've started tracking again, and I'm still feeling pretty good about getting stuff done ... Read more

  • Week 24 Update

    6/20/2017 12:47:24 AM, by KARALIANNE

    Still doing great! I started tracking my food and activity again today. I'll weigh myself in the morning; it's probably closer to 280 lbs th... Read more

  • Week 23 Update

    6/13/2017 2:26:51 AM, by KARALIANNE

    I had an excellent week. Didn't get in as much movement as I would have liked, but my mood has been quite good for the most part. The things... Read more

  • Struggling

    6/12/2017 9:06:02 AM, by DARKMORNING

    Still struggling with keeping my calories under 1550 and getting to the gym regularly. I guess I'm feeling burnt out, I don't know. I even went b... Read more

  • Week 22 Update

    6/6/2017 2:06:18 AM, by KARALIANNE

    Things have gone well this week. Not worrying about exercise or anything has been good. This week I'm going to try a little more to make good foo... Read more

  • Week 21 Update

    5/31/2017 12:35:13 AM, by KARALIANNE

    I haven't weighed myself lately. I'm going to shift my focus for a little while and not worry about my weight or my diet or anything like that. I... Read more

  • We're all still here

    5/28/2017 5:56:26 PM, by FB_000

    I normally just use the log but noticed how long it has been since I added to my blog. After looking at my old post and comments, I looked up my ... Read more

  • Nine year Sparkaversary!

    5/18/2017 11:11:18 AM, by DARKMORNING

    I feel better right now than I have in a long time. After stalling out in April, the pounds are coming off again in May. My body feels strong mos... Read more

  • Week 19 Update

    5/16/2017 1:15:14 AM, by KARALIANNE

    Gained this week but there are a few reasons for that, one being biology and the other being emotional eating. *sigh* I'm coming out of the funk,... Read more

  • Week 18 Update

    5/9/2017 12:34:21 AM, by KARALIANNE

    I haven't weighed myself yet this week. Generally things have been going pretty well. Yesterday I did a bunch of gardening. We have an old w... Read more

  • Charting it up!

    5/5/2017 2:39:45 PM, by DARKMORNING

    After I've had a bad month, I like to go over my past successes and all the data. It helps to reinvigorate my drive. And to emulate the great MIS... Read more

  • 39 and three quarters

    5/3/2017 8:01:36 AM, by DARKMORNING

    That's my age today. Three months until I'm 40. And I'm really not freaking out about it or anything but I'm disappointed that I probably won't m... Read more

  • Week 17 Update

    5/2/2017 2:32:29 AM, by KARALIANNE

    So I gained weight in the last little while, but I understand why and I am not actually concerned. I've been under extra stress for the past mont... Read more

  • Week 16 Update

    4/25/2017 12:42:58 AM, by KARALIANNE

    Didn't weigh in, I'll do that tomorrow. Not really worrying about it. My health goal is to be physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotion... Read more

  • The results are in...

    4/18/2017 9:07:23 AM, by DARKMORNING

    I had three doctor appointments in three days. Primary, podiatrist, and the rheumatologist. Primary is happy with the weight loss and all my numb... Read more

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