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  • A rambling post that eventually gets to the point

    2/15/2017 1:19:21 PM, by DARKMORNING

    So this starts off as a ramble but ends better, I promiseā€¦ Maybe that blog I wrote a couple weeks ago wasn't quite right. I don't think I ju... Read more

  • Week 6 Update

    2/14/2017 1:05:38 AM, by KARALIANNE

    Regained that 3lbs but I'm okay with that for now. I saw the doctor on Thursday and had some bloodwork done. My right foot requires phy... Read more

  • Poof, just like that.

    2/10/2017 2:01:47 PM, by DARKMORNING

    I don't know what's wrong with me today, it's like I completely lost all motivation to exercise. I took the day off yesterday due to pain in my k... Read more

  • Week 5 Update

    2/7/2017 12:50:56 AM, by KARALIANNE

    Three pounds down! Not changing my plan yet. Stick with what I've been doing, basically. I have a doctor's appointment Thursday afterno... Read more

  • Long journey to get back where I started...

    2/3/2017 8:50:18 AM, by DARKMORNING

    Since I've been here since 2008, with the same account, occasionally I pull the reports for the whole journey. It's kind of hard to realize that ... Read more

  • Monthly measure time!

    1/31/2017 8:47:51 PM, by DARKMORNING

    Measured by the trainer today. 7 lbs and 4.5 inches gone this month. Damn that feels good. ... Read more

  • Week 4 Update

    1/31/2017 1:32:35 AM, by KARALIANNE

    Missed last week. Sorry about that! I've been doing okay. Not much weight loss (if any) but I'm okay with that for now, especially since exe... Read more

  • Doubling Up

    1/30/2017 1:21:54 PM, by DARKMORNING

    Last week I knew I wouldn't be able to get to the gym after work because of preparations I needed to make to go on a road trip over the weekend, ... Read more

  • Team Melanie

    1/20/2017 2:30:41 PM, by DARKMORNING

    Is it weird that I want to start a Spark Team for people named Melanie? I've met so many on here already and we're pretty awesome :)... Read more

  • On the marvelousness of chia

    1/20/2017 11:14:13 AM, by DARKMORNING

    I've dabbled in chia a little bit in cooking and making chia puddings, but the other day I bought a chia juice drink that was so tasty and refres... Read more

  • Week 2 Update

    1/17/2017 10:31:02 AM, by KARALIANNE

    Last week went well, I think. I probably snacked too much in the evening though, leading to just a half pound loss. Onward and upward, though; a... Read more

  • Off the BP meds!

    1/17/2017 8:53:07 AM, by DARKMORNING

    With my doc's approval, I've stopped taking Metoprolol, yesterday morning was my last pill. I have to monitor for 2 weeks and if all goes well I ... Read more

  • On personal trainers

    1/10/2017 2:04:59 PM, by DARKMORNING

    Whenever I mention having a trainer I worry that people will think I'm pretentious or flaunting. I am by no means well-off financially and it was... Read more

  • Week 1 Update 2017

    1/10/2017 12:54:27 AM, by KARALIANNE

    A variety of things happened last week that sabotaged my attempts to cut sweeteners and yeast, but I did my best and made the best choices that I... Read more

  • I got a peek at Onederland

    1/9/2017 11:31:56 AM, by DARKMORNING

    I saw 199.8 on the scale this weekend, obviously not good enough to really say that I got below 200 but it definitely gave me a mood and motivati... Read more

  • Adding activity to otherwise low-activity tasks

    1/6/2017 12:28:03 PM, by DARKMORNING

    I'm close to my first weight loss goal right now (201.5 this morning!) and therefore very motivated to burn whatever extra calories I can, especi... Read more

  • Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades

    1/4/2017 7:55:46 AM, by DARKMORNING

    Well, I didn't get under 200lbs by the end of 2016 but I'm pretty close and still fighting, 202.5 this morning. Probably "helped" by the fact tha... Read more

  • Happy New Year!

    1/2/2017 4:13:27 PM, by KARALIANNE

    My plans this year are pretty simple. I'm cutting sweeteners and yeast from my diet. I'm hoping to get into physio for my plantar fasci... Read more

  • Updates

    12/17/2016 1:21:03 PM, by DARKMORNING

    As the last bottle ran out and the pharmacy "lost" my refill request, I decided to stop the Belviq to see if I could notice a difference. I wasn'... Read more

  • Making a plan and working the plan -- Keep It Simple Silly!

    11/29/2016 1:05:56 AM, by KARALIANNE

    I do meal planning on a monthly basis. By which I mean, I have a rotating schedule of meals for dinners and Saturday breakfasts, and I put it all... Read more

  • On my way to One-derland!

    10/17/2016 1:49:45 PM, by DARKMORNING

    I always thought "one-derland" was a very silly word, and I guess I still do think it's silly, but I'm almost there! Weighed in this weekend at 2... Read more

  • Readjusting calorie levels

    10/12/2016 10:57:47 AM, by DARKMORNING

    Since I've plateaued (that looks weird spelled out) a few times I've decided to make my calorie goals more aggressive to make up for the differen... Read more

  • Bland Diet

    9/23/2016 10:15:51 AM, by DARKMORNING

    I think I'm going to put myself on a bland diet for a little while, I've been having so many digestive troubles (I'll spare you the gory details)... Read more

  • Back to tracking.

    9/13/2016 1:48:28 AM, by KARALIANNE

    I can't track my walk today though. I didn't bother checking the time when we started and ended, and I'm not 100% sure where along the river we w... Read more

  • The ticker, it moves.

    9/2/2016 10:34:14 AM, by DARKMORNING

    I never pay much attention to the little ticker on our pages. In February when I started (again) I set it to the pounds I needed to lose to get t... Read more

  • Macros in balance!

    8/26/2016 1:01:25 PM, by DARKMORNING

    Does anyone else ever want to stop eating because your macros are balanced just right after lunch and you don't want to ruin it? :) Ok, just me t... Read more

  • Lack of support

    8/23/2016 11:21:02 AM, by DARKMORNING

    I also meant to rant a little about my BF. My irritation has lessened since last night but I'm gonna post anyway. To recap, for months we'd been ... Read more

  • Personal Training is happening

    8/23/2016 10:37:06 AM, by DARKMORNING

    I had my first personal training session on Wednesday last week and it took until Sunday for me to be able sit down unassisted. Whew! I thought m... Read more

  • Hiatus

    8/23/2016 2:13:41 AM, by KARALIANNE

    From dieting and stuff, at least, taking a break. Last week I went for a really long walk with my son one morning, it was half an hour to th... Read more

  • Resolution?

    8/16/2016 12:24:43 AM, by KARALIANNE

    I lost weight last week and then over the weekend I regained it. Owell. Teach me, right? Not doing great today with eating but tomorrow I will tr... Read more

  • And I did THAT too! $$$

    8/15/2016 1:46:05 PM, by DARKMORNING

    Sunday's session with a personal trainer ended with a sales pitch of course and she talked me into signing up for that too. It's pricey so I'll h... Read more

  • Ok, I did it!

    8/13/2016 9:50:35 AM, by DARKMORNING

    I have joined a gym. A gym with a pool that has AquaFit classes. YAY! (I feel like there should be celebratory trumpets playing) I came home fro... Read more

  • Why can't I just DO it?!

    8/12/2016 4:16:05 PM, by DARKMORNING

    It's been weeks since we've been talking about joining the gym but for some reason we just can't get it together enough to visit the gym together... Read more

  • Life is a trip.

    8/9/2016 1:15:54 AM, by KARALIANNE

    I have eaten well today! I didn't get any exercise in but I ate well and I got all my housework done. Things to work out as I continue: ... Read more

  • Trying something new

    8/8/2016 4:30:04 PM, by DARKMORNING

    So my BF and I are going to join a gym (any day now, really) but a big hurdle is making dinner. Normally I get home at 5, and (when we remember t... Read more

  • Eating my emotions

    7/26/2016 1:24:11 AM, by KARALIANNE

    Today was pretty good and I really enjoyed my lunch; definitely going to do that again! But dinner... I was feeling upset and we ate late an... Read more

  • Demotivating Motivator

    6/16/2016 8:38:45 AM, by DARKMORNING

    So I have a coworker who's been trying to help motivate me lately and I've appreciated it, mostly. She asked me to commit to working out 30 minut... Read more

  • Eight years

    5/26/2016 11:15:53 AM, by DARKMORNING

    So I guess I just missed my 8-year Sparkversary last week! Shame on me. :) I wish I had stayed more active through the years, I'd probably be be... Read more

  • Nearing the end of May

    5/24/2016 1:53:43 AM, by KARALIANNE

    I lost about 5 lbs in 20 days, which is pretty decent. I did it by cutting sugar and yeast (mostly, a few allowances here and there). I also dran... Read more

  • I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

    5/22/2016 5:25:37 PM, by VIKTORIALYN

    It's been a rough 6 years. I've kept plugging along through the majority of our trials but the last one involving my son almost knocked me down ... Read more

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