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My Daily Challenge- Sit and squeeze/ a very challenging and emotinal day.
8/20/2014 9:19:26 PM,  3 COMMENTS

How to do it Sit up straight on the edge of a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Put your hands on the seat of the chair outside your hips and...  Read more


Diet Rage - HULK SMASH :)
8/20/2014 6:46:59 PM,  8 COMMENTS

GRRRRRR. I have PMS and I want chocolate and salty crunchy things and then more chocolate. Chocolate-covered salty crunchy things. So, I'm sitt...  Read more


Back to School & Metamucil
8/20/2014 6:46:10 PM,  8 COMMENTS

I work at a prep school and we started our meetings yesterday. I don't teach. I am the Head's exec. assistant, so I have to prepare and/or review all...  Read more


Not KETOing!
8/20/2014 5:30:25 PM,  11 COMMENTS

I was living under the illusion that I was in Ketosis. Was way, way off! Still a little confused about how to eat high fat, low carb/protein & eat...  Read more


Overweight! Yippee!
8/20/2014 5:26:14 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Woohoo! I started my weight loss effort this February with a BMI of 31.5 After all kinds of aggravation and slooow progress, my weigh-in on Mon...  Read more


May we find courage to change
8/20/2014 3:24:44 PM,  6 COMMENTS

...  Read more


it's wednesday
8/20/2014 3:18:58 PM,  11 COMMENTS

another nice summer day. my daughter's last day at day camp is tomorrow, it is a full day at the camp for her. she gets to see the movie frozen.all of...  Read more


Daily affirmation
8/20/2014 2:45:04 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I know, it's not really daily at the moment but I am working on that. Today's affirmation: It's ok if I can't keep up with everything every singl...  Read more


Its mid morning, feeling better!
8/20/2014 2:41:09 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Working at making positive changes here. Its all you can do and have a lovely attitude. I joined a few teams this morning that may help me. I liked th...  Read more


Here we go!
8/20/2014 11:46:03 AM,  7 COMMENTS

...Again. :) So....To those of you that knew me when I was losing weight and being kind of awesome and motivated...How I hope I can get bac...  Read more


Day 31
8/20/2014 10:36:28 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Busy, busy, busy!! School, work, football, DRIVING. Last night I had to go to 5th grade orientation for my daughter. I met her teacher and worked o...  Read more


Why Is Harry Pooping on the Carpet?
8/20/2014 10:34:22 AM,  6 COMMENTS

I've blogged about this before; about once a week or every two weeks, Harry poops on the carpet. I honestly am puzzled why he's doing this. Litter b...  Read more


Ok, Enough With the Feet Already
8/20/2014 10:30:01 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Did my foot stretches before, during, and after my walk. Had some pain. Not as much. Was able to pick up my pace towards the end of my walk. Feeling p...  Read more


8/20/2014 10:27:58 AM,  23 COMMENTS

Hope these will help to bring you a smile . . . Punography · I tried to catch some fog. I mist. · When chemists die, they bariu...  Read more


Weigh in day!
8/20/2014 10:08:03 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Today is weigh in day and usually the thought of weighing myself is scary...but today I looked forward to it. I lost 6 pounds!! I see now the pat...  Read more


Tea-Fueled Goals
8/20/2014 10:06:35 AM,  3 COMMENTS

The lasagna recipe I tried last night needs a little tweaking, but it did taste good and I’m sure my boyfriend will be happy to open his lunch box and...  Read more


Things Tuesday Taught Me
8/20/2014 9:45:54 AM,  9 COMMENTS

Yesterday I ate take out- twice. I am not ashamed, I am not defeated and I'm not beating myself up. I'm just not. I refuse to do that to myself....  Read more


Under Construction (aka Improvements!)
8/20/2014 7:49:28 AM,  8 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Anything You Set Your Mind Too
8/20/2014 7:41:51 AM,  14 COMMENTS

This blog is part insight and part bragging. Grandfathers have a right to do those sorts of things. My 9 year old grand daughter was accep...  Read more


Day 38th Of Exercise Streak, WooHoo!
8/20/2014 7:25:44 AM,  10 COMMENTS

87 Weekly Review For August 10th - August 20th 87 1) 320 Days Of Logging In To Sparkpeople. 252 2)August 28th 2014, Will be my 2yr old Ann...  Read more


Soul Searcher Question Wednesday, August 20th
8/20/2014 6:25:53 AM,  11 COMMENTS

...  Read more


We All Need to Smile
8/20/2014 6:23:32 AM,  13 COMMENTS

...  Read more


The day is over
8/19/2014 10:25:17 PM,  11 COMMENTS

Almost bedtime! 244 Had a test at the Gastro docs office today. Not fun and glad it is over. The results weren't good nor devastating. Will n...  Read more


My Daily Challenge-Prettify your plate
8/19/2014 8:26:02 PM,  2 COMMENTS

My Daily Challenge-Prettify your plate How to do it The next time you're about to eat a healthy meal, take a few moments to amp up the visu...  Read more


My current "intentional activity" plan
8/19/2014 5:37:49 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Going from completely sedentary to doing some kind of "intentional activity" (I can't use the word exercise without wanting to hide somewhere) is a ch...  Read more


August Goals
8/19/2014 4:11:25 PM,  6 COMMENTS

1) Lose 3 lbs 2) Exercise 4 X a week 3) Declutter my sock drawer 4) Make an appointment with my therapist...  Read more


Dance it out!
8/19/2014 2:46:32 PM,  12 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Still alive! Still trying!
8/19/2014 2:35:29 PM,  8 COMMENTS

Boy, that was a long time between blogs! August has been insane. I went to Outside Lands music festival for the fourth year in a row -- that account...  Read more


Not Giving In
8/19/2014 1:32:13 PM,  2 COMMENTS

My patients keep telling me that getting older aint for sissies. I am starting to believe them, but I refuse to give in. This foot pain is very new to...  Read more


Rough to Keep Going.
8/19/2014 1:09:06 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I'm having one of those times where I'm so, so nervous about all of this. I'm so afraid that it will never work, that I'll never feel any better, that...  Read more


a beautiful day
8/19/2014 1:02:17 PM,  3 COMMENTS

i do have some errands to run today. it is a really nice,sunny day here. my daughter and i will be doing some back to school shopping tomorrow. i pic...  Read more


Goal Setting
8/19/2014 12:45:04 PM,  5 COMMENTS

I would like to start working on my goal setting. I've been struggling with my fitness for a while now (ok, forever) and I'm hoping that by setting e...  Read more


Physical or Emotional Hunger
8/19/2014 11:11:57 AM,  19 COMMENTS

Eating mindfully is so important. Learning to identify true hunger from emotional hunger (or boredom) is key. If you're not hungry enough...  Read more


99-year-old Female Sprinter & 97-year-old Female Rig Driver
8/19/2014 10:38:16 AM,  11 COMMENTS

On the MSN website, there are two news stories about these ladies. Honestly, I can't even wrap my mind around what they are doing while most that age...  Read more


Day 30
8/19/2014 10:10:20 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Thirty days. I've been doing this for 30 days. It seems like a minute. I'm loving how this "weight loss" program has been changing my life. I'm 10...  Read more


Creating a Good Day
8/19/2014 9:44:08 AM,  5 COMMENTS

I have days where I don't sleep well and I have low energy. 102 It's easy to keep putting things off until I feel better but sometimes it take...  Read more


The Power of Hobbies
8/19/2014 9:00:16 AM,  10 COMMENTS

CRYSTALJEM’s status and my email “came together” this morning. 304 universe She is wondering why she doesn’t have “time for all...  Read more


Sparkling Tuesday!
8/19/2014 8:59:38 AM,  11 COMMENTS

Good morning Spark Friends! Once again I find myself learning so much about how my brain works. I think that the lessons around me have a...  Read more


Tuesday Morning
8/19/2014 8:54:32 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I'm feeling a little blah 24 this morning, I'm sure it's because my back is still aching. I want to stop hurting so I can go back to doing what I'm u...  Read more


Enjoying Sparking!
8/19/2014 7:17:07 AM,  15 COMMENTS

Hi all! I just love this helps to keep me connected to friends and helps keep me focused on some goals. 220...  Read more


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