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it's wednesday
7/23/2014 8:47:22 AM,  0 COMMENTS

i'm almost finished school until september. just two more days after today and i will be done. it won't be as hot here today. some relief from the hum...  Read more


Alpha-Linolenic Acid (ALA)
7/23/2014 8:47:10 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Has anyone out there had experience with this? A friend gave me some as he knows that I am trying like crazy to build up my immune system before the n...  Read more


Day 3: The Chair & Reality
7/23/2014 8:15:57 AM,  3 COMMENTS

I do a lot of my work from my office. I spend time writing and filming webinars, Google+ Hangouts and things like that. But yesterday I ventured out t...  Read more


I Know What I Need To Do
7/23/2014 8:09:12 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I know what I need to do - majored in nutrition in college. I know how to do it - worked in the restaurant industry over forty years now, handling foo...  Read more


Mindfulness: I Will Recognize When I Am Judging My Feelings
7/23/2014 7:45:36 AM,  6 COMMENTS

67 ...  Read more


Conversations that Feed Me
7/23/2014 7:01:01 AM,  9 COMMENTS

My husband and I start and end most day with a little conversation. In the morning we read the newspaper and chat over coffee and at night we collect...  Read more


Stay Focused!!
7/23/2014 6:29:23 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Yeah - my weight is on it's way back down!! I know that I can get my weight down to my goal weight of 132 lbs (5 lbs away). So, what big changes hav...  Read more


Middle of the Week
7/23/2014 6:14:15 AM,  5 COMMENTS

...  Read more


100 Days to a New You Challenge day 070/100/030
7/22/2014 11:16:46 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Today is day 70 of my 100 days challenge. I did a little walking inside drank 12 glasses of water & did a little Mandala coloring. I watched 2 DVDs to...  Read more


Busy, great day!
7/22/2014 9:41:37 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Awakened in a motivated state of mind. Swept and mopped the whole condo, straightened, then cleaned the kitchen and emptied the garbage. Worked fo...  Read more


Today's Frustrations with Customer (non) Service
7/22/2014 9:02:19 PM,  7 COMMENTS

I had a round of errands to do this morning, and had two frustrating situations in a row with customer service. The first was at a retail store where...  Read more


Day 3 review, and day 4
7/22/2014 6:17:46 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I chose to be over calorie yesterday. This was a choice I made. It was 80 calories, and it was a smoothie. I didn't have enough fruit, and I was a...  Read more


By night one way, by day another... blah
7/22/2014 2:22:38 PM,  9 COMMENTS

In the past two days I remind myself of Princess Fiona, true love of Shrek. By night one way, by day another... apart from the fact she seemed to en...  Read more


7/22/2014 1:46:28 PM,  7 COMMENTS

"La musique et la danse, c'est là tout ce qu'il faut." [Music and dance are all you need.] ~ Molière ...  Read more


7/22/2014 11:45:09 AM,  45 COMMENTS

PROGRESS is PROGRESS no matter how small. 104 I finally feel as if I am back to making progress. It is slow and hard, but it's happening...  Read more


it's tuesday
7/22/2014 8:42:30 AM,  7 COMMENTS

i made it through another day. my daughter is doing well and says hi! today there are two classes. one in the morning and one in the afternoon. i stil...  Read more


Why I'm Sad
7/22/2014 8:38:48 AM,  6 COMMENTS

I will begin with a little background information. Until last September, my mom had been living with my husband and me. She came to live with us aft...  Read more


7/22/2014 8:35:41 AM,  5 COMMENTS

First, when I woke up yesterday, I had a bad feeling that the day wasn't going to be a good day for me. I felt so drained not getting enough sleep the...  Read more


Day 2: It Doesnt Get Easier Does It?
7/22/2014 8:24:50 AM,  15 COMMENTS

I often resent having to deny myself. Every time I start over here at Spark there is a small degree of personal resentment. Sometimes I feel lik...  Read more


So its about 1pm in Madrid right now
7/22/2014 7:49:19 AM,  6 COMMENTS

and it means its 4am where I live! I'm pretty good with keeping up with World Times on this holiday so far! I just had lunch because breakfast was at...  Read more


Fat Tuesday
7/22/2014 6:09:46 AM,  14 COMMENTS

...  Read more


3+ accomplishments I am proud of today
7/22/2014 12:47:58 AM,  11 COMMENTS

1. I walked 12,816 steps throughout the course of my day. (That's 6.25 miles.) 2. I got most of the dishes done at home. (I was really behind.) This...  Read more


100 Days to a New You Challenge day 069/100/031
7/21/2014 11:04:16 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Today I did some walking inside because it was really warm outside again today, drank 10 glasses of water & did a little Mandala coloring. I watched 1...  Read more


Day 2 review and day 3
7/21/2014 8:59:16 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Yesterday ended with me in calorie range. I slept horribly; I'm not sure I ever got "deep". I got up at 7 as I was supposed to go to the zoo toda...  Read more


Filing Claim Ugh!
7/21/2014 8:15:07 PM,  9 COMMENTS

Today has been an unusual day. Had tons of paperwork to complete. Got half of it done and had to put it away . A moving company broke and lost...  Read more


Free Eating Psychology Conference link
7/21/2014 8:00:45 PM,  4 COMMENTS

387 FYI: sign up for free speakers regarding different aspects of the psychology of eating. Speakers include Dr...  Read more


7/21/2014 3:12:07 PM,  9 COMMENTS

...  Read more


decisions decisions decisions
7/21/2014 1:43:14 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I have gotten off the wagon just a tad, not on purpose though... Last couple days i have just been running out of good healthy food in the house to e...  Read more


Reviewing My Plan
7/21/2014 12:42:00 PM,  20 COMMENTS

Today could be one of those days. It's Monday, the first day after vacation. 5AM rolled around much too early this morning. YAWN.... But i...  Read more


My first post-pregnancy 5k, weekend setbacks, and future goals
7/21/2014 12:32:07 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Saturday morning, I was frantically driving around in the backwoods of Stark County trying to find the damned race. A month ago, it seemed like SUCH...  Read more


7/21/2014 12:28:41 PM,  1 COMMENTS

My three day weekend went by pretty quickly but it was nice to have an extra day. I did the usual and can't wait for another one. Last week my w...  Read more


Turning A Page......... Starting Over Day 1
7/21/2014 9:47:06 AM,  27 COMMENTS

There is a line in a song that goes something like "And every time you fall it's only making your chin strong." I should be able to lift a building wi...  Read more


Feeling Very Thankful
7/21/2014 9:30:29 AM,  15 COMMENTS

After yesterday's ER visit, I have a very strong feeling of gratitude for good health. I never take it for granted and know how fragile and tenuous l...  Read more


a beautiful sunny day
7/21/2014 8:48:30 AM,  6 COMMENTS

i have so much to do today. i have one week left of school and that is it until september. i have to start an online course this afternoon. i have a m...  Read more


A New Week
7/21/2014 6:17:32 AM,  10 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Soul Searcher Question
7/21/2014 5:44:44 AM,  9 COMMENTS

...  Read more


100 Days to a New You Challenge day 068/100/032
7/20/2014 10:46:30 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Today I did some walking inside because it was really warm outside, drank 10 glasses of water & did a little Mandala coloring. Last night after I wrot...  Read more


My 1,000,000th New Plan :)
7/20/2014 7:46:02 PM,  7 COMMENTS

Seriously folks, this new plan stuff is getting old....but I just keep starting and stopping. I definitely need to work on my stick-to-it-iveness!...  Read more


5 hrs in ER, Helping Friend
7/20/2014 7:21:04 PM,  18 COMMENTS

Is there anything more motivating than seeing how taking care of our health may prevent doc visits and other medical emergencies? Sure, there's stuff...  Read more


I feel the mid-section of my body becoming concave & gushy
7/20/2014 6:42:33 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Which is the front and which is the back..........aha....but the waist is now down to 37 and the bellybutton line is 40. For me this is amazing...  Read more


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