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  • 9/19/17

    9/19/2017 10:29:56 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Boy this was a horrible day. My good leg decided to do me wrong today. I don't know what happened. I woke up this morning with severe pains in... Read more

  • 9/18/17

    9/18/2017 10:25:01 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well the sale became legal today! We are now bought out by TDAmeritrade. This sale will eventually put 1000 people out of work. We were told ... Read more

  • 9/16/17

    9/16/2017 2:12:08 PM, by RHOOK20047

    I am upset with myself again. I didn't go to K.C. because my knees hurt so bad, and once again I have allowed my body to dictate what I can and ... Read more

  • 9/15/17

    9/15/2017 10:20:53 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Reagan came into the world at 6:30 p.m. this evening. The checked in the hospital last night at 9:30 p.m. She is 8 lb. 8 oz. and 20 inches long... Read more

  • 9/14/17

    9/14/2017 9:02:24 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well within 24 hours I will be a grandpa again. They are going to the hospital at 9:30 tonight and will induce the baby. She wasn't dilated yet... Read more

  • 9/13/17

    9/13/2017 10:27:20 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Today is Margaret's birthday, and she is 29 for the 35th time. See doesn't like it when I say that! We went out with our friends, and they got ... Read more

  • We survived

    9/11/2017 10:07:22 PM, by FROSTY99

    Irma sure did a lot a traveling in Florida and none of us could pin her down! She could not make her mind exactly which vacation spot she wanted... Read more

  • 9/11/17

    9/11/2017 9:59:17 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Gee so many folks to pray for today. The folks in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, the Caribbean Islands. All the families still suffering from the 9... Read more

  • Wonderland

    9/11/2017 12:27:39 PM, by GABBY98_80

    An average of 1 lb a week for 7 months. In part that makes me sigh. Two steps forward one step back makes for a slow journey, but today i stepped... Read more

  • 9/9/17

    9/9/2017 8:08:45 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well the yard work went out the window. I started getting everything ready for trimming some bushes and I stepped in a mole hole and twisted my ... Read more

  • 9/8/17

    9/8/2017 11:04:23 PM, by RHOOK20047

    TGIF...made it through the day. Was beat when I got home. Didn't want to go anywhere for dinner, just eat in, but Margaret answered the house p... Read more

  • SMART Goals for the start of the BLC35

    9/8/2017 1:00:12 PM, by CURLYLADEE

    Hello Everyone! I wanted to put my goals in writing and blog my SMART Goals for the start of the BLC35 Long term goal - Get down to 146 an... Read more

  • 9/7/17

    9/7/2017 9:40:26 PM, by RHOOK20047

    It was a bad knee day. It hurt all night and wrecked my sleep and seemed like I was going from the 2nd floor to the 5th floor so many times toda... Read more

  • 9/6/17

    9/6/2017 10:44:21 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Busy day, worked, went to the doctor's office, pulminologist, everything was good with him, except for my weight, he noticed that I have gained i... Read more

  • 9/5/17

    9/5/2017 9:39:57 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Had a bad knee day. I didn't wear the brace to work, and I am paying for it tonight. I had to ice both knees when I came home just to get some ... Read more

  • 9/4/17

    9/4/2017 9:28:09 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well, I had to talk myself into it, but the grass got cut, trimmed and some raked. I got up about 8:30 and I was outside by 9:00. I was so hot ... Read more

  • 9/3/17

    9/3/2017 10:15:45 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well, I think I have turned lazy this weekend. I came home from church and since we had gone to brunch with some folks from church, I didn't fee... Read more

  • 9/2/17

    9/2/2017 9:41:09 PM, by RHOOK20047

    We had a nice day today. Didn't do too much of anything. Went to Costco to get some of the items we like were on sale. And got gas while we w... Read more

  • 9/1/17

    9/1/2017 10:09:12 PM, by RHOOK20047

    A new month and another chance to start over. Excuse myself for where I failed, and resolve once again to get back on track. This was a slow da... Read more

  • 8/31/17

    8/31/2017 8:58:30 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well worked till noon today and then went for my root canal. The oral surgeon is so nice. Since this tooth is toward the front, the pain went u... Read more

  • addiction

    8/31/2017 1:31:23 AM, by GABBY98_80

    There is are slow revelations I have had on this journey... 1) Part of me still has childhood clean plate syndrome. I have to chant to mysel... Read more

  • 8/30/17

    8/30/2017 11:03:21 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Not a bad day. I had a busy day at work, and the day went back quickly. Went out for dinner tonight, and had a salad instead of pasta. Just w... Read more

  • 8/29/17

    8/29/2017 9:20:10 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Went to the doctor and we don't know anything more. All tests came back normal. The only thing he did was lower the dose of the diuretic and i... Read more

  • 8/28/17

    8/28/2017 10:09:33 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well I don't have much to report on today. I worked from home so I got an extra hour of sleep. Was a pretty boring day at work. After work, I ... Read more

  • 8/27/17

    8/27/2017 8:49:57 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well, spent a quiet day today. Went with Margaret to do grocery shopping. I walked while she shopped. Then when I got home I cooked for the we... Read more

  • 8/26/17

    8/26/2017 11:19:13 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well this has been a quiet peaceful day. I slept in this morning and got some extra sleep. My knee is feeling a little better, but if I am stan... Read more

  • Good news bad news

    8/26/2017 9:50:50 AM, by GABBY98_80

    The good news is somehow I found my way back to my real profile after forgetting my password to this account (it's been auto saved alllllong time... Read more

  • 8/24/17

    8/24/2017 10:03:55 PM, by RHOOK20047

    OMG! This was a day. I think I should have stayed home another day. But no, not me. I made it okay until after lunch. Since my feet were st... Read more

  • 8/23/17

    8/23/2017 10:32:07 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Still not feeling the greatest. Some of the swelling has gone down somewhat, and hoping I can get a shoe on tomorrow so I can make it to the off... Read more

  • 8/22/17

    8/22/2017 10:08:33 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well, this has been a long day. I worked, and went to the doctor. Before I get into today's activities, I want to share a friend took yesterday... Read more

  • 8/21/17

    8/21/2017 10:03:13 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well, like I really don't have enough going on with me. I think I that have a case of gout. I have never had it before, but the way my feet ha... Read more

  • 8/20/17

    8/20/2017 11:00:27 PM, by RHOOK20047

    What a great and exhausting weekend it was. It was a great retreat, starting with 13 men that were strangers to most of us, and we left as Broth... Read more

  • 8/16/17

    8/16/2017 10:32:23 PM, by RHOOK20047

    I just lost my whole blog. 15 minutes of typing. So you get the short version. Retreat is tomorrow, leave at 7 a.m. and will return Sunday aro... Read more

  • 8/15/17

    8/15/2017 9:58:08 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Had an okay day. My knee is driving me nuts. I am really considering dropping out of the retreat due to the fact I am not sure how I will navig... Read more

  • Bad Knees and May Need Surgery Down the Line

    8/15/2017 7:55:36 PM, by GRANNYSUE9

    I went to my doctor this morning and the ligament that runs down the outside of my right knee is pulled. I have had my second steroid shot and t... Read more

  • Work In Progress!

    8/15/2017 1:33:41 PM, by CARDSGIRL77

    Hello again! So I decided that I needed a major reset of my eating habits and am on my first Whole30! I'm on Day 10 and so far, even though I'm n... Read more

  • 8/14/17

    8/14/2017 2:55:24 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well this Thursday, I start on my annual retreat and I will be away from Thursday morning through Sunday afternoon. Although I am on the retreat... Read more

  • 8/13/17

    8/13/2017 6:55:40 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Sorry, I have been MIA lately. I seem to be my worst enemy. The cell phone dilemma ended up costing more money of course. Despite the new disc... Read more

  • 8/11/17

    8/11/2017 10:45:20 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well, I woke up to thunderstorms this morning, so mowing grass was out? So I got the letters done for the retreat. I also wrote up a proposal t... Read more

  • Just Shoot Me

    8/11/2017 12:01:32 AM, by FROSTY99

    Well I feel that way at times. My poor DH has been in the hospital 6 times since he got a stent in May. He is currently in there for his 3rd GI... Read more

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