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  • Results of 3rd test

    7/2/2015 9:42:49 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    I got the results of the PFT test today. The test showed something abnormal but I'm not sure what though. I have to see a lung doctor on August 1... Read more

  • New books!

    7/2/2015 8:26:04 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    I love books! I got two new ones in the mail today, and sat down and read one before dinner this evening. Of course I hopped on the bike and pe... Read more

  • Nice day

    7/1/2015 7:07:02 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Another day gone... but well spent, so it is all good. Went to PT this afternoon, and took the long way there. I like to walk the long way to g... Read more

  • Movement every hour...

    6/30/2015 8:11:06 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    That was my goal today, and it went swimmingly (though I did not go swimming). I walked, ran, pedaled, stepped, stretched for at least 30 minute... Read more

  • Errands and exercise...

    6/29/2015 8:05:15 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    I got a lot of errands done today, after dropping my nieces and Cooper off at my parents' house this morning. I even got my recycling taken care... Read more

  • If only I were a mushroom...

    6/28/2015 9:35:17 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    If I were a mushroom I would probably like the weather we have been having this Spring/Summer. It has been damp. Judging by the variety and qua... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    a CPAP machine is weird

    6/27/2015 9:23:07 PM, by JOJOBEE318

    But I guess I'll get used to it. ... Read more

  • Saturday

    6/27/2015 6:48:46 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    I woke up early this morning to pouring rain, so I knew Cooper was not going to want to walk. I rolled over and went back to sleep, and didn't w... Read more

  • feeling a little discouraged

    6/26/2015 11:00:28 PM, by ADEARMAN

    Today I went to the doctor. After the weigh-in, I found that I have only lost 4 1/2 lbs. After working on it for about three months, I was hoping... Read more

  • Friday

    6/26/2015 9:15:18 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    I had an invite to go kayaking this morning, but I had plans to walk with my middle niece at that time... which she canceled at the last minute. ... Read more

  • Quick update

    6/25/2015 8:21:52 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Quiet day with the dog mostly, except for a short visit from the visiting nurse. Got grocery shopping and house cleaning accomplished. Three wa... Read more

  • Took the dog kayaking

    6/24/2015 11:17:41 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    That was my evening's entertainment. He was very well behaved, and did not fall in. I made good food choices at the grocery store after we fini... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    Got my date!!

    6/23/2015 9:20:37 PM, by JOJOBEE318

    I'm so excited!!!... Read more

  • Stormy last night...

    6/23/2015 8:25:21 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Thunderstorms with strong winds came through in the wee hours of the morning. I woke up around 5am, with the storm seemingly directly overhead. ... Read more

  • Got results of two of the tests

    6/23/2015 4:52:50 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    Well I had to call the doctor's office to see about the lung test tomorrow and where its at. I'm having the PFT tomorrow. I also asked about the ... Read more

  • Quiet day...

    6/22/2015 8:15:15 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    It was a quiet day for me. I dropped Cooper off with my parents in the early afternoon, so I could go to appointments and not have to crate him.... Read more

  • Ugh on the way that I've been feeling

    6/21/2015 9:56:29 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    Sorry for the long delay but I've been feeling like crud for the past month. Headaches, chest pains, shortness of breath, numbness, and a few oth... Read more

  • Freedom

    6/21/2015 2:59:25 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    A friend left a comment on yesterday's blog, and she mentioned the blessing of being free from temptation. How apt! It is freeing not to feel b... Read more

  • Family meals

    6/20/2015 8:48:51 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    I went to my parents' house this morning as is my usual Saturday routine, to make lunch for them. Mom and I had already decided the menu would b... Read more

  • Neurologist appointment...

    6/19/2015 8:06:55 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Drove up to Orchard Park with my brother to the neurologist's office for my monthly nerve block injections. He stuck me 6 times today. Hopefull... Read more

  • Good job, Chandra

    6/18/2015 8:09:15 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    It is cooler outdoors than it is in my apartment today. It is pretty comfortable outside, but sticky and hot in my place. Oh well, at least it ... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    Things are getting exciting

    6/18/2015 7:44:25 PM, by JOJOBEE318

    Getting close!!... Read more

  • Eek!

    6/17/2015 8:59:39 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    This may be TMI, but I had my initial appointment with a new gynecologist, since my old one retired. I did not state a preference for which doct... Read more

  • I'm scared of a weigh-in

    6/17/2015 7:20:23 PM, by ADEARMAN

    I haven't stood on the scale for a few months. There are a few small signs that I have noticed that show I am losing weight like clothes fitting ... Read more

  • Quick update...

    6/16/2015 10:35:38 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    I don't have to go back for more labwork until next week, thank goodness. I do have a late doctor appointment tomorrow, which means I can't go k... Read more

  • A sticky one today

    6/15/2015 9:04:44 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    It wasn't horrendously hot today, but it was pretty humid. Humid enough that I didn't feel like going for a run. I went for a run yesterday, so... Read more

  • Demo Day

    6/14/2015 4:37:01 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Yesterday I volunteered at Evergreen Outfitter's Demo Day. They hold this event once a year where anyone can come and try any or all of their ka... Read more

  • Quick update

    6/13/2015 11:03:40 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    I will go more in depth about my day today in tomorrow's blog. Suffice to say it was a long day (6:30am- 9:00pm) volunteering at Demo Day. I am... Read more

  • What to do without the dog

    6/12/2015 7:24:42 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Cooper is staying with my parents tonight, because Jeremy and I have an early start in the morning for Demo Day with the local outfitter. That m... Read more

  • The bug-catching benefit of weight loss... LOL

    6/11/2015 10:22:11 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    I had to catch and release a really ugly beetle last night, that had somehow gotten into my apartment and started buzzing around near my bed. I ... Read more

  • A good day...

    6/10/2015 10:50:18 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    It was a good day today, despite the ever present headache. Started the day by walking the dog, which is always a nice way to start the day. Th... Read more

  • Feeling a little hungry is not an emergency

    6/9/2015 9:16:58 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    I have to remember that. I am having fewer cravings now that I am restricting carbs, but sometimes I think I am feeling hungry when really I am ... Read more

  • Quick update...

    6/8/2015 10:09:03 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Not much sleep again last night. I did get about 5 hours though, so it was better than Saturday night. I had three appointments scheduled today... Read more

  • Keep on going!

    6/8/2015 12:24:49 PM, by KEELYJACK

    Weight loss, living healthy, moving more. It all takes time, motivation, energy and comraderie. Since the start of the year I have tracked my foo... Read more

  • Again with the insomnia...

    6/7/2015 8:49:52 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    The moonlight paddle last night was lovely, though it was chilly. Temps after dark were in the 50s. Glad I took my fleece along. I got home ri... Read more

  • Have been away for a while!

    6/7/2015 5:59:23 PM, by JUSTINESUE

    So it turns out that I havent been on here in a really long time! Exciting news I have gotten out of the 200's and is now in the 180's!! ... Read more

  • Quick update...

    6/6/2015 2:24:03 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Lunch was yummy with my parents. Cooper is staying with them until after I get back from kayaking tonight. It is chilly today, so I need to dig... Read more

  • Long day...

    6/5/2015 6:56:05 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    I was just nervous enough about my doctor's appointment this morning that I woke up an hour before my alarm, even though I didn't go to bed until... Read more

  • Tired today...

    6/4/2015 11:01:45 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    I was quite tired today. Not certain why, but I actually took a nap this afternoon, which is quite the rare occasion. Normally I cannot sleep d... Read more

  • Went kayaking

    6/3/2015 10:53:34 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Went out with the outfitter on the Chadakoin down in Jamestown. Perfect weather! Had a lot of fun. Fell into a good groove with my paddle stro... Read more

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