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  • Today

    6/13/2017 3:45:31 AM, by ARNETTELEE

    It's a holiday today....and I went to the dentist. Then hubby and I went to Tropicare where the residents (and visitors too) of Kauai get free me... Read more

  • Holiday again

    6/10/2017 10:53:28 PM, by ARNETTELEE

    Hubby and I had "date" last night. I had an eye appointment and daughter had plans to go to the bon dance in Lihue; however, my doctor was ill s... Read more

  • Coming back

    6/5/2017 4:30:28 PM, by LASTROSE91

    I am returning... but, must cut back my time on SP.... I have a very difficult schedule and routine now..... ... Read more

  • Unknown

    6/5/2017 6:06:36 AM, by METALBABE

    I haven't been writing, and I know that I should. I know it will help me work through the many complex things I am trying to process. Trying to... Read more

  • Unknown

    6/5/2017 6:06:35 AM, by METALBABE

    I haven't been writing, and I know that I should. I know it will help me work through the many complex things I am trying to process. Trying to... Read more

  • 5/12 Oceanfront Trail

    5/30/2017 3:38:51 PM, by SAILORRT

    Beautiful Day! Headed out in the morning for a great hike on the Oceanfront Trail. Lots of entertainment and a great circuit down to Keawakapu an... Read more

  • 5/11 Oceanfront Trail

    5/30/2017 3:18:45 PM, by SAILORRT

    Wake up to a beautiful day. Head out to the Oceanfront Trail and do a beautiful circuit of Kam I, II and III. We head to baseball practice and a ... Read more

  • 5/10 Oceanfront Trail

    5/30/2017 3:12:02 PM, by SAILORRT

    Woke up to a beautiful day and headed out on the Oceanfront Trail. Beautiful circuit of the trail on an awesome afternoon. Worked on some project... Read more

  • 5/9 Kihei Day

    5/30/2017 3:02:24 PM, by SAILORRT

    Busy day. Great news out of Maui County that the polystyrene ban has been successful. Great day!... Read more

  • 5/8 Wailea Trail

    5/30/2017 2:59:05 PM, by SAILORRT

    Wake up to a beautiful day and head out to enjoy it. We head out to baseball practice and Chris is doing hula, so Byron and I head out for a grea... Read more

  • 5/7 Makena State Park and Earth Day

    5/30/2017 2:51:41 PM, by SAILORRT

    Wake up to a beautiful day, have breakfast and head out. Gorgeous day at Makena State Park. Hang out with friends and have a great day bodysurfin... Read more

  • 5/6 Makena State Park

    5/30/2017 2:36:17 PM, by SAILORRT

    Wake up to a beautiful day. Out to hike in Makena State Park and a fun day talking with friends and body surfing. Great day!... Read more

  • 5/5 Cinco de Mayo! Oceanfront Trail.

    5/30/2017 2:32:21 PM, by SAILORRT

    We wake up to another beautiful day and I get the kids ready and out for school. Down to the Oceanfront Trail for another spectacular hike down t... Read more

  • 5/4 Oceanfront Trail!

    5/30/2017 2:25:11 PM, by SAILORRT

    Wake up to a spectacular day and head out to Makena to our secret beach. Out into the Pacific to enjoy the reef and go skindiving for the first t... Read more

  • 5/3 Oceanfront Trail

    5/30/2017 2:17:25 PM, by SAILORRT

    Beautiful day. Wake up to a great day and head down to the Oceandront Trail and sneak in half an hour before baseball. Good session and great day... Read more

  • 5/2 Santana!

    5/30/2017 2:09:11 PM, by SAILORRT

    Woke up to a nice day and worked on projects. Thinking I'd head out to see Santana although tickets are ridiculously expensive. As the day wears... Read more

  • 5/1 Mom's Birthday! Wailea Trail Day!

    5/30/2017 1:59:59 PM, by SAILORRT

    We wake up to a mixed bag and I toast Mom. Work on projects, and then out to get the kids and back for a wet baseball practice where we hang out ... Read more

  • 4/30 Hawaiian Culture Day!

    5/30/2017 1:52:55 PM, by SAILORRT

    Wake up to another rainy day. We decide to head out for an incredible hula event at Baldwin High School. Wow. Several amazing halaus, including N... Read more

  • 4/29 Rainy Kihei Day

    5/30/2017 1:43:52 PM, by SAILORRT

    We wake up to a rainy day. The kids play around in the morning, then we head out to see the Smurfs movie. Pretty entertaining. The kids get busy ... Read more

  • 4/28 Oceanfront Trail

    5/30/2017 1:39:33 PM, by SAILORRT

    Woke up to a mixed bag and took the kids up to school. On the way to Carden there was a billygoat in the road, owning the road. Pretty funny. Too... Read more

  • 4/27 Oceanfront Trail

    5/30/2017 1:32:30 PM, by SAILORRT

    Yet another beautiful day. Up and down to the Oceanfront Trail for a repeat of the beautiful day before. Once again, down past Kam II and Kam III... Read more

  • 4/26 Oceanfront Trail

    5/30/2017 1:27:09 PM, by SAILORRT

    Beautiful day. Down to Kam I with plenty of time, so out on the trail , Down past Kam II and Kam III and then past the Mana Kai to Keawakapu. Coo... Read more

  • Monday Monday

    5/29/2017 8:19:28 PM, by ARNETTELEE

    It's a holiday....and the grands are over so their parents can go on a date. Having fun!... Read more

  • Cleanse

    5/29/2017 4:12:47 AM, by METALBABE

    Day two of my cleanse. Last day of the terrible antibiotics I have been on. Hoping that this reboot will be just what my body needs to find its... Read more

  • Sparking week

    5/28/2017 4:37:06 AM, by ARNETTELEE

    Last week Friday was the school's May Day program. Both our grandchildren's classes did a dance. This past Thursday the third graders had a credi... Read more

  • Gratitude

    5/27/2017 4:09:31 AM, by METALBABE

    I could not be more grateful for the support of my Spark friends. I can't believe that after more than a year, all I had to do was reach out, an... Read more

  • My perfect portion

    5/21/2017 1:53:06 AM, by LASTROSE91

    Yesterday I made my first fancy bentos... Here is the first one, I made and ate..... Yummy and healthy! Grapes, potatoes, rice, spinach, carrot... Read more

  • Change is not good, but very good!

    5/20/2017 12:18:18 AM, by LASTROSE91

    I colored and cut my own hair today.... No one cuts... Read more

  • Good morning!

    5/19/2017 2:06:58 PM, by LASTROSE91

    It is going to be a beautiful day. Doing what I don't feel like doing, has been my theme for the past two months. Fighting lethargies' and fatigu... Read more

  • Ideas for weightloss (non food) rewards

    5/19/2017 12:21:11 AM, by LASTROSE91

    Wonder what other people use to reward themselves with, when they have weight loss... I was thinking about a good movie or a charm bracelet. For ... Read more

  • Motivation: where are you?

    5/17/2017 3:07:42 AM, by LASTROSE91

    Feeling defeated today...... Read more

  • My assignment for a challenge

    5/16/2017 1:06:07 AM, by LASTROSE91

    Well, my challenge for today, was to read food labels and to learn about how much sugar are inside of different foods... There is practically sug... Read more

  • Happy Mother's Day!

    5/14/2017 7:14:05 PM, by LASTROSE91

    Happy Mother's Day to all moms....... Read more

  • What I needed

    5/13/2017 4:57:17 PM, by LASTROSE91

    I had a headache this morning..... felt like laying back down. Instead, I exercised for 15 minutes and headache is no longer hanging around.... N... Read more

  • Calorie budget is limited

    5/13/2017 1:40:58 AM, by LASTROSE91

    Time to put some limits on my calorie and carbohydrates that I eat... ... Read more

  • I need consistancy

    5/12/2017 1:11:53 AM, by LASTROSE91

    Oh goodness, need to stay with a good pattern and with better habits. Habits that will help me stay on track.... More of these and... Read more

  • Exhaustion ha set in

    5/10/2017 11:26:27 PM, by LASTROSE91

    I am so tired....The good news is: I managed to pass m... Read more

  • Great week

    5/7/2017 1:29:55 AM, by ARNETTELEE

    The week started off with a SWIM (stop work informational meeting) for our union where we learned about the arbitrators' decision about our futur... Read more

  • Dopamine: how can I get more?

    5/5/2017 4:22:16 PM, by LASTROSE91

    Eating sweets can give us a dose of dopamine; exercise can raise this level even more... Exercise not only can raise dopamine, but also raise se... Read more

  • My new goal today

    5/4/2017 3:44:46 PM, by LASTROSE91

    Goal: Drink 8 cups or 8- 8 ounces of water. X 8 = hydration ... Read more

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