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  • I Can Do It! Week 4

    10/23/2014 2:30:31 PM, by DEJECTEDWALKER

    So, I'm slipping in some areas, getting better than others. Overall I think I'm not focused enough and need to figure out a good time to do that... Read more

  • 10 day streak!

    10/22/2014 8:32:41 AM, by SOTEIRA75

    Whooohooo! Now I know that this is not really a big deal for most people but for me, be it here or with another weight loss site… I have never lo... Read more

  • busy week

    10/21/2014 11:27:40 AM, by XBREW88

    I'm feeling tired today! I have a lot on my mind, one good thing is I did get a work out in this AM so that's one less thing but still have a bus... Read more

  • Week 2

    10/20/2014 12:42:28 PM, by XBREW88

    I knew week 2 would not be as good as week one but feel like I lost more than 3 lbs, I'm pretty sure I need a new scale. Don't get me wrong I'm H... Read more

  • happy sunday!

    10/19/2014 6:34:50 PM, by XBREW88

    so i have found something that will mess up all my work. sundays.... i can't get my water in and hardly any food being eaten today. today is not ... Read more

  • Sweet reminder to listen!

    10/18/2014 9:29:59 PM, by TRIM180

    Hospital regulations require a wheelchair for patients being discharged. However, while working as a student nurse, I found one elderly gentleman... Read more

  • UGH!

    10/18/2014 12:03:11 PM, by XBREW88

    I'm so bummed, I was running late this AM and totally forgot my activity tracker, I'm just working so not much moving but still I wanted every st... Read more

  • Is that the sun??

    10/17/2014 11:37:36 AM, by XBREW88

    yes it is, happy happy Friday to you!! The sun is out I did so much this am before work, cleaned my stove and my bathroom and vacuumed. WOW an ex... Read more

  • Make the best of today!

    10/17/2014 8:21:39 AM, by SOTEIRA75

    So, today is Friday, can I hear a YAY?! I have a very busy weekend ahead of... Read more

  • Cooking healthy...

    10/16/2014 12:34:33 PM, by SOTEIRA75

    I live in a big house that is full of people... I moved there in May of this year with my love and his family (his mom, dad and his 2 kids... wel... Read more

  • Missing the sun!

    10/15/2014 10:48:41 AM, by XBREW88

    It's been raining for 3 days, I miss the sun so much! At least the rain is coming from the south and the temperatures have been in the high 60's ... Read more

  • Lack of motivation or stress?

    10/15/2014 8:22:08 AM, by SOTEIRA75

    Through the years I have lost weight and then stayed stable for a while, start again loose again and stay at that weight, 2 years ago I went to t... Read more

  • I Can Do it Days 19-21

    10/15/2014 5:07:07 AM, by DEJECTEDWALKER

    Days 19 -21 Cold is almost all gone, losing a bit of motivation and haven't really exercised beyond the normal amount of walking ... Read more

  • Week 1

    10/13/2014 12:11:50 PM, by XBREW88

    Week 1 is the hardest, but don't you just love week 1 weigh in day! This week I worked so hard to stick too it but didn't always and that's ok... Read more

  • Smile

    10/12/2014 11:54:03 AM, by TRIM180

    Having lost weight over the past few years, a lady was discarding things from her wardrobe that no longer fit. Her seven-year-old ... Read more

  • I Can Do it DAY 18

    10/12/2014 10:05:24 AM, by DEJECTEDWALKER

    Day 18 Changing the name of my blogs... some encouraging words. So, the cold kicked my butt and then internet went down. When I... Read more

  • No Weights?? Try This! :)

    10/11/2014 11:28:53 PM, by SPARKED2BFIT

    THE GREAT POTATO EXERCISE (as always, check with your doctor before attempting) BEGIN by standing on a comfortable surface, where you ... Read more

  • True or False: The U.S. imports more cocoa beans than any other country

    10/11/2014 12:26:01 PM, by TRIM180

    BEWARE! If you research this question, you will find BOTH answers: True,... Read more

  • Fun

    10/10/2014 2:52:12 PM, by TRIM180

    Q: Why don't angry witches ride their brooms? A: They're afraid of flying off the handle! Q: What is a witch's favorite subje... Read more

  • me shy??

    10/10/2014 11:27:31 AM, by XBREW88

    I'm totally not sure what my deal is, I've never been shy before all of a sudden I can't talk to anyone on here? I am not sure what my deal is go... Read more

  • Too Adorably Cute Not to Share!

    10/9/2014 5:20:30 PM, by IMAVISION

    240 ... Read more

  • Back to basics

    10/9/2014 12:15:05 PM, by TRIM180

    Listened to link "Best Diet" basically learning about Nutrients and body functions (Physiology) Next apply knowledge...lifetime process. ... Read more


    10/9/2014 6:28:11 AM, by WILDXANGELS

    Good morning everyone! I have no idea what i am going to post till i begin to write. I woke and am tired, have a long day ahead and won't finish ... Read more


    10/8/2014 1:34:11 PM, by WILDXANGELS

    This october 2014 I celebrated 4 years clean and sober. I was diagnosed with diabetes in october of 2006. My weight at that time was 440 + . When... Read more


    10/6/2014 7:53:35 PM, by WILDXANGELS

    a tough day indeed. The quiet days are the hardest no distractions here. I'm miserably uncomfortable. Excited about the arrival of my daughters n... Read more


    10/6/2014 7:28:27 PM, by WILDXANGELS

    Feeling much better after getting things in perspective and talking with a friend. Whew! I'm having to learn life lessons and take care of things... Read more

  • WWJD???

    10/6/2014 6:00:55 PM, by WILDXANGELS

    Went to the store the other day and left without getting my usual candy bar, cookies or coke. How did I do it? I just imagined that there were tw... Read more

  • Day 13 and 14 of my Never Ending Journey

    10/6/2014 1:30:10 PM, by DEJECTEDWALKER

    Well, still sick... ended up staying in bed like 14 hours yesterday... just didn't have the strength to do much. Still went to work, but this col... Read more

  • Workout Range

    10/5/2014 4:16:37 PM, by TRIM180

    Advantages to getting older LOWER target HR 20 beats LOWER at 85% and burning calories the same as when I was age 25 Fitness Zone... Read more

  • too big clothes

    10/5/2014 7:17:28 AM, by LAURENSURP

    I will give my clothes to the crushed thrift store. This is an interesting concept... I realized getting rid of them means there's no going back... Read more

  • Day 12 of My Never Ending Journey

    10/4/2014 1:33:41 PM, by DEJECTEDWALKER

    Well, the cold that has been going around work has finally decided that I'll be its next victim. It came on super quick too... woke up and felt ... Read more

  • Changes... And You Helped!

    10/4/2014 8:31:53 AM, by SPARKED2BFIT

    Lately I've been noticing small changes that seem to be sticking. Tea and water are now my mainstays instead of coke. On a recent app... Read more

  • Day 11 of My Never Ending Journey

    10/3/2014 1:45:55 PM, by DEJECTEDWALKER

    Decent day - walked 2.7 miles at work and came home and did another 1 mile walk with the dog. Ate breakfast - something I reguarly fail at. Now... Read more

  • Feeling down...

    10/3/2014 12:48:06 PM, by PNKFLAMINGO

    I know that I need to loose weight. After all, I'm here aren't I? I am struggling with getting motivated to wake up in the morning and doing my e... Read more


    10/3/2014 2:46:45 AM, by WILDXANGELS

    I've stated before that weight loss is important to me in this program. Let me restate that. Weight loss is a wonderful tool I use. I use it to g... Read more

  • Day 10 of My Never Ending Journey

    10/2/2014 3:02:06 PM, by DEJECTEDWALKER

    Feel a little like this today: Didn't sleep very well and it was my run a... Read more

  • step four

    10/1/2014 8:12:03 PM, by WILDXANGELS

    Relearning that I don't have room in my life for resentment. Forgiveness is the path to peace. It's just hard to 'let someone get away with such ... Read more

  • Day 9 of a Never Ending Journey

    10/1/2014 4:27:44 PM, by DEJECTEDWALKER

    Still pretty motivated. Did another WATP video - 2 miles. Went grocery shopping and bought a decent amount of healthy foods - veggies mainly. ... Read more

  • 90 days

    10/1/2014 9:17:31 AM, by TRIM180

    Celebrating the feelings of accomplishment (without eating) Oct. 1 marks my 90 days on my program: eating more F&V, whey protein sh... Read more

  • Exactly what does a dog see?

    9/30/2014 6:41:31 PM, by IMAVISION

    338 52... Read more

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