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  • An Athlete? A Beautiful Spirit?

    4/10/2015 7:16:55 PM, by ADARKARA

    I live in a large apartment complex. The complex has 21 2-story buildings with 4-16 apartments per building. It backs up to a golf course on one ... Read more

  • Pixar's Inside Out

    4/10/2015 2:25:25 PM, by FORZACHANDMATT

    I saw a trailer this morning for a movie coming out in June and I can't wait to see it. That might sound a little silly when you hear that it is ... Read more

  • A Grandma's Observations

    4/10/2015 1:48:16 PM, by PATTYKLAVER

    Being with Helena the last couple of weeks, I have made a few observations: When away from home, I didn't really think about getting my steps i... Read more

  • it's friday

    4/10/2015 9:43:21 AM, by MOMMY445

    the weekend is here! hurray! i look forward to the weekends every week. it is a chance to unwind and enjoy doing things that are not work related... Read more

  • Day 100

    4/10/2015 8:51:04 AM, by CROUCHINGFLEA

    There it is, another 50 days has passed and I have nothing to show for it. Granted I was sick twice and had an infection and, well, ... Read more

  • I'm Proud of Me

    4/9/2015 9:34:02 PM, by PUPPYBUG

    I went to bed late last night, waiting up for Bryan, and woke up late this morning. I was too late for my morning swim, but managed a quick, inte... Read more

  • it's thursday

    4/9/2015 8:42:47 PM, by MOMMY445

    i enjoyed a much needed day off today. spent time with my daughter,which is something i enjoy doing any time. got some errands done and some of m... Read more

  • Loving all these storms!

    4/9/2015 8:40:54 PM, by CATTUTT

    I should say, I'm loving all the storms that are happening at times when I am safe inside and not wishing I was outside. But all this thunder is... Read more

  • 04/09/2015 when did i get old? or am I?

    4/9/2015 7:38:46 PM, by KIMBERLY0916

    it's been a weird day .. a weird week/end definitely being reminded of my mortality .. but not from death so my parents today have been... Read more

  • Can orange glasses help you sleep better?

    4/9/2015 8:49:57 AM, by FORZACHANDMATT

    My husband texted me this article at 4:51 am - unfortunately we all have trouble sleeping in our family. I have had trouble all my life and I thi... Read more

  • change this

    4/9/2015 8:29:31 AM, by WILDXANGELS

    I feel like I will never be happy. I can never get my ex off my mind no matter what I do I have done what he always on my mind. I always worry ab... Read more

  • Rain, TV, Boredom

    4/9/2015 8:21:59 AM, by ADARKARA

    It's only been 2 days since I blogged, but it feels longer. Maybe it's because I've been both tired and feeling like a bottomless pit (TOM is due... Read more

  • Mental Health

    4/8/2015 11:30:08 PM, by PUPPYBUG

    I went swimming this morning and now I'm over my anxiety about using the pool, for the most part. I also worked today, which was a plus of course... Read more

  • I think all your good luck wishes worked!

    4/8/2015 8:49:21 PM, by CATTUTT

    First things first... I DID NOT EAT in the middle of the night last night! Woo hoo! I managed to keep my hand out of the proverbial cookie jar ... Read more


    4/8/2015 6:38:34 PM, by WILDXANGELS

    I know a few people who are in some sort of an abusive relationship. Recently a woman died at her ex-husbands hands. She was dropping off their p... Read more

  • Using my slow cooker

    4/8/2015 11:42:53 AM, by FORZACHANDMATT

    I have used my slow cooker this past winter more than I ever had - I'm not sure why I didn't use it more often previously because it is so simple... Read more

  • Two

    4/8/2015 11:01:28 AM, by JULYCITY

    Well, it looks like I gained two pounds over the Easter weekend. I can understand that because I did not pay attention to portion control. No c... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    4/8/2015 9:54:39 AM, by MOMMY445

    i did get the hours i hoped for at work. i am happy to still have a job and that i enjoy going to work each day. i get along well with my co work... Read more

  • APRIL 7th, 2015~ My Personal Short Term Goals

    4/8/2015 12:00:55 AM, by SUNRIZING


  • Successful Day

    4/7/2015 9:45:17 PM, by PUPPYBUG

    Had a GREAT session with my trainer today. I think we’re going to continue training as long as we can afford it. Every single one of my pores w... Read more

  • Ready for tomorrow!

    4/7/2015 8:25:38 PM, by CATTUTT

    Today started out pretty well, since I was ready to wake up and didn't drag myself out of bed kicking and screaming. That's always nice. I was ... Read more


    4/7/2015 3:42:42 PM, by WILDXANGELS

    feeling very upset and full of anxiety today as i found out my daughter has been nice to my face and relocated me when i did not want her too and... Read more

  • it's tuesday

    4/7/2015 10:42:47 AM, by MOMMY445

    i had a great long weekend. easter was wonderful and my daughter is very happy. i am catching up on some computer work today. later this afternoo... Read more

  • My Weekend & New Post on A Measured Life

    4/7/2015 7:01:52 AM, by ADARKARA

    I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was pretty darn good. My Easter morning started with sleeping in to an INSANE 7:15 am. ... Read more

  • Making Myself a Priority

    4/6/2015 9:50:26 PM, by PUPPYBUG

    I did not want to wake up this morning. I snoozed my alarm for an hour and a half! No time for the gym now, got to get to work. I get to work rig... Read more

  • I refuse to surrender my optimism!

    4/6/2015 8:18:43 PM, by CATTUTT

    Well, last night went better than the night before. I still woke up and ate more than I should have, but it was less, so I consider it an improv... Read more

  • Week at a Glance: April 5th

    4/6/2015 4:02:39 PM, by TECHNOKAT

    This week I'll be finishing up the 28 Day Boot camp challenge and I'm trying to use it as a base for figuring out a little routine. There is such... Read more

  • 4/6/2015 Week in Review

    4/6/2015 3:56:09 PM, by PATTYKLAVER

    Another :(. Trying to get Sherry and Helena ready played havoc with my schedule and steps. But it was so worth it. I did notice that once I wa... Read more

  • Lexie's Easter pics.

    4/6/2015 11:09:29 AM, by SMIDGON

    To see Lexie's Easter finery; check out my Gallery!... Read more

  • Easter pics. today

    4/6/2015 10:59:55 AM, by SMIDGON

    I decided to depart from the usual today. I wanted to see if I could get some Easter pics on here. Haven't tried it for awhile. Read more

  • Day 96

    4/6/2015 8:07:11 AM, by CROUCHINGFLEA

    Supposed to be rainy all week! Not looking forward to it, rain always makes me sleepy. It's Spring break! So I thou... Read more

  • Saying No

    4/5/2015 11:14:35 PM, by PUPPYBUG

    Well, despite eating candy I didn't mean to eat last night, I was still (miraculously) under my calories for the day. I didn't completely learn m... Read more

  • Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!? Um... maybe?

    4/5/2015 9:27:24 PM, by VELVETALCHEMIST

    Ahh, Easter in Michigan, where you never know year to year what it's going to be like. Will there be four feet of snow on the ground and all the ... Read more

  • Pretty sure today was a personal best..

    4/5/2015 8:51:51 PM, by CATTUTT

    Alright, so... Day 1 of WW didn't end great. Woke up in the middle of the night and semi-binged. Then woke up this morning really frustrated. ... Read more

  • Week ending 4/5/15

    4/5/2015 7:15:16 PM, by EFDUNCAN

    Happy Easter! End of a good week. I did not have a good diet week and the scale was +1 pound. Good week of exercise. Up'ed my long run to 65 minu... Read more

  • Easter Hike - a new tradition

    4/5/2015 4:30:57 PM, by FORZACHANDMATT

    Today was a beautiful day and we had a nice Easter morning and then since it was so warm and sunny out, with beautiful blue skies, we decided to ... Read more

  • easter/not

    4/5/2015 11:26:43 AM, by WILDXANGELS

    I called the house to talk to him thinking we could finally have closure...we could talk things out rationally...as adults do....but what I got w... Read more

  • Blessings on this Easter day

    4/5/2015 11:02:49 AM, by JULYCITY

    ... Read more

  • hard day night

    4/5/2015 9:47:48 AM, by WILDXANGELS

    stayed in bed from noon to 9pm last night and stayed up for hours then slept 3 hours,wanted to go to church this morning but cant get a ride.no f... Read more

  • Living Mindfully

    4/5/2015 8:03:27 AM, by PUPPYBUG

    It’s Bryan’s birthday today and I’m taking him shopping and making him a chicken pot pie. I’ve already been to the gym – and I did NOT ... Read more

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