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Last Day for Coldwater Creek
7/30/2014 10:56:29 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Man! Am I ever going to miss Coldwater Creek and their well made, well designed clothes. Today was the outlet's last day, and what was left was marked...  Read more


Sorry to all my team members and I'm back after the fire!!!
7/29/2014 11:06:31 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I'm back after being gone for a while due to the fire that hit our place on June 17. It's been a long 6 weeks and still a lot of things haven't been d...  Read more


7/29/2014 11:05:21 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Dead Air-conditioner is now fixed! Dead computer is replaced (Mercy! I'm wrestling w/ Windows 8) Woo Hoo! I checked off some biggies from my To Do...  Read more


7/28/2014 11:04:27 PM,  3 COMMENTS

It's hot in Texas right now, and today my house air conditioning died. What a surprise! I'm so glad that my AC repairman is a friend, and wi...  Read more


Giving Rewards
7/28/2014 2:26:10 AM,  10 COMMENTS

Partially to tuck away that last blog, I'm posting another right away that is a little more positive. What does a reward minus a few gifts equal...  Read more


Gaining 2014
7/28/2014 2:06:35 AM,  12 COMMENTS

The end of the year is gaining on us.... But I've been gaining weight and losing fitness in 2014. I'm between 290-293, up from my lowest in 201...  Read more


Big Day
7/27/2014 11:01:11 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Celebrated Peruvian Independence Day yesterday by gathering at a Peruvian restaurant and eating Peruvian food and listening to a lively Peruvian band....  Read more


7/25/2014 11:21:52 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Have you ever played the game Bananagrams? I don't get to play it very much, but I enjoy it a lot, and so a bunch of us from church got together...  Read more


Peru Independence Day
7/24/2014 10:32:46 PM,  3 COMMENTS

This weekend is Peru independence day, and since I have developed a fondness for all things Peruvian I am going to go to the celebration that the Aust...  Read more


When tough tries to overtake.
7/24/2014 7:21:50 AM,  1 COMMENTS

There are some days when pain overcomes our efforts, draining one of energy and stamina. Attempting to remain on track and positive can become strenuo...  Read more


Surrounded by Romance
7/23/2014 11:30:29 PM,  7 COMMENTS

The Romance Writers of America are having their annual meeting in San Antonio, one of the most romantic cities in the country, and I had the chance t...  Read more


Fair and Grands
7/23/2014 1:40:10 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Wow what a week so far. We have been setting up and babysitting the Coos County Fair and visiting our grandkids here at home. They are such go...  Read more


Getting along
7/23/2014 12:14:35 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Tthere's a group of volunteers that I spend time with, and so Somehow I have become the peacemaker of the group. I Don't think it's because of any inn...  Read more


Texas Woman Quotes (More 7)
7/20/2014 11:00:08 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Molly Ivins (1944-2007) " If Texas were a sane place, it wouldn't be nearly as much fun. "...  Read more


Texas Woman Quotes (More 6)
7/19/2014 9:55:21 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Betty Sue Flowers " Somewhere deep down, I really feel that every Texas woman ought to own a pair of red boots - even if she never wears them. "...  Read more


Texas Woman Quotes (More 5)
7/18/2014 6:19:31 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Linda Ellerbee " If men can run the world, why can't they stop wearing neckties? How intelligent is it to start the day by tying a little noose...  Read more


Perfect 10 Gymnast
7/17/2014 11:55:27 PM,  6 COMMENTS This LSU gymnast scores perfect 10s, not just this once, repeatedly. Do you know how much coordinated muscle it takes...  Read more


Texas Woman Quotes (More 4)
7/17/2014 10:55:48 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Liz Carpenter (1920-2010) " I am Woman - hear me roar. . . . Or is that my vacuum cleaner? "...  Read more


Education for Diabetes
7/17/2014 12:08:54 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I am taking a managing diabetes class that has been very interesting. I have always known that exercise is important but I now find it really is true...  Read more


continuing the walk
7/17/2014 10:20:32 AM,  0 COMMENTS

up bright and early - taking my walk and ending in art lessons. resulting in a very productive morning....  Read more


Texas Woman Quotes (More 3)
7/16/2014 6:50:01 PM,  7 COMMENTS

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor " It's an honor to be the first woman on the Supreme Court, but it will be even better when we get the second cowgir...  Read more


Texas Woman Quotes (More 2)
7/15/2014 11:00:13 PM,  8 COMMENTS

Ann Richards (1933-2006) - 45th governor of Texas " Neither snow nor rain can move my hair. " " It is absolutely joyous to get up in the mor...  Read more


New Course
7/15/2014 8:47:18 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Am so excited as I have enrolled on a short course to extend on my creativety....  Read more


Lost 200 pounds of Appliances
7/14/2014 6:57:49 PM,  7 COMMENTS

This year's tally: My garage door opener died My chest freezer died. My emergency backup refrigerator died. My good friend, Dave,...  Read more


Week 2 Challenge continues
7/14/2014 4:51:47 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Into the second week and determined to continue. The heat helps to drink up the water....  Read more


Houston is Hot
7/13/2014 11:17:17 PM,  8 COMMENTS

Houston is hot in July. And August. And September.. But it's a humid hot.....which makes it really REALLY hot. That's all I wanted...  Read more


Sweet Memories
7/12/2014 11:21:10 PM,  6 COMMENTS

There are only a few people who remember me from my college days....fewer still are those who remember me from my childhood, and most of them are rela...  Read more


feeling motivated.
7/12/2014 8:02:59 AM,  8 COMMENTS

Today was a clear decision day. One of current assessment and one of future plans. Definite and clear decisions with planning. Am excited for the resu...  Read more


Texas Woman Quotes (More)
7/11/2014 11:14:32 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Barbara Jordan (1936-1996) Do not call for black power or green power. Call for brain power. Human rights is not a temporary or transito...  Read more


Six Pounds of Butter!
7/10/2014 9:33:27 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Yes! I can hardly believe it myself, but in that refrigerator that died, I had six pounds of BUTTER, for goodness sakes! I guess that I stocked...  Read more


I Paid That Debt
7/10/2014 2:28:25 AM,  15 COMMENTS

Sometimes the universe gives you a swift kick in the pants. There was one tiny loose end still connecting me to my ex-husband... The bank account I op...  Read more


No Ordinary Eggs
7/9/2014 12:43:19 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I saw this quote this morning on artist Lesley Riley's blog sign-up page. Hadn't read this quote by C.S. Lewis before, and I love the way it relates t...  Read more


Domestic Catastrophe
7/9/2014 10:03:10 AM,  10 COMMENTS

My refrigerator/freezer died without me noticing until yesterday... the freezer was already was my extra fridge, kept in the laundry roo...  Read more


Texas Woman Quote
7/8/2014 9:11:15 AM,  6 COMMENTS

(Babe) Didrikson Zaharias (1911-1956) It's not just enough to swing at the ball. You've got to loosen your girdle and really let the ball have...  Read more


Still dealing with fire loss, vacation, and hot weather.
7/7/2014 11:00:47 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Dan and I are still dealing with the fire and everything we lost and insurance and smoke damage. The weather has gotten very hot here and staying in t...  Read more


Starting over AGAIN! Hopefully this will be the one!
7/7/2014 10:45:57 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Started the Paleo diet/lifestyle on June 22, 2014. currently have lost 13 pounds! I'm learning to make more vegetable dishes, eat more fruit, and stay...  Read more


Looking Guilty
7/7/2014 6:54:53 PM,  7 COMMENTS

When I was in Colorado a week ago, I saw the funniest thing...Lake City is so small that it is an hour away from the nearest stoplight, but in the sum...  Read more


AHA! Explanation!
7/6/2014 1:59:59 AM,  3 COMMENTS

When I checked my Sparktracker after turning my computer off and then on again, I found this message: "Our partner, FitLinxx, is currently experi...  Read more


I never even saw it
7/6/2014 12:41:12 AM,  7 COMMENTS

Last night I took a picture of myself in the same outfit I snapped a picture of myself back in January. At first, when I looked at the picture, I felt...  Read more


Out of Sync
7/5/2014 11:43:56 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I've done so much travelling lately, it's been hard to know what day today is and establish a regular schedule... Even though YESTERDAY seemed like S...  Read more


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