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  • Another Great Day

    10/8/2015 10:49:41 PM, by MCJULIEO

    Got a great night's sleep last night without taking any cough suppresant/antihistamine.... what a nice devlopment! Made another two crockpot... Read more

  • A Little Put Out

    10/8/2015 6:57:26 PM, by SMOLLETTRI76

    Hey all my fellow Sparklers, I hope u all are having a most pleasant day. I am not very inspired by this contest for the sparkpoints. When I fi... Read more

  • Woodland Wedding Cake

    10/7/2015 11:44:03 PM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    This beautiful, non-edible Woodland Wedding Cake by... Read more

  • Long, Busy Day

    10/7/2015 9:49:45 PM, by MCJULIEO

    Woke up to the sounds of a lively household.... I am SO going to miss this when I go back home to Texas... DD had already peeled and chopped... Read more

  • Long, Busy Day

    10/7/2015 9:49:29 PM, by MCJULIEO

    Woke up to the sounds of a lively household.... I am SO going to miss this when I go back home to Texas... DD had already peeled and chopped... Read more

  • Feeling Awesome

    10/7/2015 9:16:04 PM, by SMOLLETTRI76

    This entry is going to be a bit difficult as I am typing it out on my phone. But I wanted to tell you all how awesome I feel today. I seem to hav... Read more

  • Walking is Uplifting

    10/7/2015 3:18:51 PM, by TIME2BOOGIE2

    After four days of walking I realized that I miss so much in my neighborhood just driving in and out of it with the air-conditioning on. The air... Read more

  • What I Need

    10/6/2015 9:00:04 PM, by MCJULIEO

    I need to climb more stairs!!!! All that climbing yesterday at the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials has made me ache in places that I would really... Read more

  • Wiped Out

    10/5/2015 9:04:02 PM, by MCJULIEO

    DD got us up at 5:30 am in order to make our connections to DC (left home at 6:10 am so as to be sure to find a parking space at the Metro statio... Read more

  • I Need to Take Pictures

    10/4/2015 7:37:54 PM, by MCJULIEO

    Well, we finished the Texas flag shirt project last night, and I think they look great, very different in texture... Tomorrow we are going t... Read more

  • A New DAY!

    10/3/2015 10:21:10 PM, by MCJULIEO

    Boy! This new medication has turned my world beautiful! I slept 11.5 hours, and woke refreshed and ready to go... Which was a good thing, be... Read more

  • Working on changing my mindset

    10/3/2015 7:45:20 AM, by SMOLLETTRI76

    I am now 39 yrs old & 365 lbs. People have suggested i get weight loss surgery, but I am scared to have all that hanging skin with no way to fix ... Read more

  • Happy Spark Anniversary #3 to ME!!!

    10/2/2015 10:07:56 PM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    I was in such a rush this morning I didn't even notice the date! It was 3 years ago today that I joined SparkPeople . . . and what a differe... Read more

  • Bronchitis and Me

    10/2/2015 5:59:51 PM, by MCJULIEO

    If I had ever doubted myself that I was truly sick, my rough night last night proved that I needed to consult a medical professional, and they co... Read more

  • Tragedy on Campus - Courage in action

    10/2/2015 1:42:54 PM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    Such unnecessary heartbreak. Yesterday's shooting on the UCC campus in Roseburg will have life-changing impacts on so many people. Rosebur... Read more

  • I just don't understand

    10/1/2015 3:51:22 PM, by F8CONE8

    Umpqua Community College in Oregon is the latest to be hit with a mass shooting. No one, including me, would expect this beautiful college set i... Read more

  • Hurricane Changing & Daily Progress

    10/1/2015 2:38:44 PM, by MCJULIEO

    After all those hurricanes I've lived through while growing up on the Gulf Coast, I'm stunned to find a hurricane heading once again in my direct... Read more

  • Woo Hoo!

    9/30/2015 9:07:48 PM, by MCJULIEO

    Doing quite a bit better today with my cold and actually enjoyed the day.... I am NOT getting used to this Maryland weather! Being from Texa... Read more

  • Not Good Way to Lose

    9/29/2015 6:48:55 PM, by MCJULIEO

    Well, being sick HAS cut my calorie intake.... I just haven't been hungry... BUT it is not a good way to lose weight.... Thanks to all ... Read more

  • Monday update

    9/28/2015 8:50:56 PM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    At least for today, the heart palpitations have sub... Read more

  • Thank You

    9/28/2015 3:39:19 PM, by MCJULIEO

    I am still considerably under what I consider to be Tip Top great shape (I feel lousy, with brief interludes of "pretty OK" throughout the day) ... Read more

  • I'm Sick

    9/27/2015 9:34:00 PM, by MCJULIEO

    Feels like a first class cold.. I'm coughing and my nose is dripping, and I slept for 14 hours last night.... FOURTEEN HOURS! Blah. Am ... Read more

  • Money can't buy me love ? ? ? ?

    9/27/2015 1:37:26 PM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    Whoever said that, must have never seen the smiling faces of a bunch of Winter Pansies. Read more

  • County Fair Time!

    9/25/2015 11:23:03 PM, by MCJULIEO

    It's county fair time bck where I come from, back in Comal County, Texas, home of German settlers and the Wurstfest.... but I am currently in St.... Read more

  • Must Be Jet Lag

    9/24/2015 3:19:41 PM, by MCJULIEO

    I know that coming from Texas to Maryland is changing only one time zone, but I am So sleepy! There may be a few contributing factors : 1) I... Read more

  • It all started with a thump . . .

    9/24/2015 1:42:08 PM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    Well, yes. It all started with a thump, and then another, and another. My heart thumping woke me up with weird, irregular beats. Of cours... Read more

  • Trip Day 1

    9/23/2015 10:58:50 PM, by MCJULIEO

    Flew out of San Antonio to Baltimore.... Plane was seat mate had a service dog, which was well behaved...interesting traveling compa... Read more

  • Packing- Too Much? Too Little?

    9/22/2015 5:29:57 PM, by MCJULIEO

    I'm leaving to visit the grandchildren in Maryland (oh, and their parents, too!) There's a real change of seasons going on right now, with T... Read more

  • Feeling Groovy... Not!

    9/21/2015 6:59:21 PM, by MCJULIEO

    It feels like a cold... My throat is scratchy. My eyes are watering... My nose is running a little... I'm taking cold medicat... Read more

  • So Sleepy.....Zzzzzzzz

    9/20/2015 10:49:06 PM, by MCJULIEO

    I think I'm coming down with a cold.... my throat is a little tender and my nose has just barely started to drip a little... And I'm SO slee... Read more

  • Saturday catch up

    9/19/2015 11:12:14 PM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    It's been a busy week. . . I lost some points this week because DH made a cheesecake.... well, actually two cheesecakes. I limited myself to h... Read more

  • Playing With Grandchildren, Surprising the Children

    9/19/2015 4:29:16 PM, by MCJULIEO

    I got to play with another set of grandchildren today, ostensibly to take care of them while their mom and dad take a church youth group hiking a... Read more

  • Update

    9/18/2015 9:47:44 PM, by MCJULIEO

    I went to have lunch at my grandson's school for grandparents' day, and it was an experience... Update: I wore a long red flowing skirt, and... Read more

  • Which strategy is better?

    9/17/2015 11:47:17 PM, by MCJULIEO

    Tomorrow is grandparents day at my grandson's school. He is in first grade, and I cannot decide whether I want to be the grandmother that all the... Read more

  • Shopping...

    9/16/2015 9:43:29 PM, by MCJULIEO

    Is it too much to ask to expect to be able to find a classic style skirt that looks good, washes well, covers the subject (my high school speech... Read more

  • Two week report -- it really adds up!

    9/16/2015 3:41:13 PM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    Remember when I blogged about developing a habit of getting on the treadmill while talking on the phone??? When I looked at my numbers, I c... Read more

  • I did it!!!!

    9/15/2015 11:41:01 PM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    That's been my story for the past 10 or 15 years . ... Read more

  • More on RWB-Out

    9/15/2015 9:19:39 AM, by MCJULIEO

    Have I ever mentioned how glad I am to be a Texas Aggie??!!!! I'll bet that by now you're wishing that I would stop..... but TOO Bad! I still wan... Read more

  • Red, White, and Blue Out

    9/14/2015 11:26:48 PM, by MCJULIEO

    Texas A&M University may be home to a lot of eccentric, and may I just come out and say it- GOOFY traditions, but they often come up with some re... Read more

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