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  • Only the best me

    5/30/2016 12:58:28 PM, by BEESHELL8

    Just a quick one to share a blog I stumbled upon last night. It's called Weighty Matters, and the doctor addresses the Biggest Loser stuff here: ... Read more

  • The jogging stroller

    5/30/2016 11:10:20 AM, by SUNSHINE20113

    I love jogging. It was the one thing I was reluctant to give up when pregnant and the first thing I got back into when my body felt ready. This m... Read more

  • Monday 5/30

    5/30/2016 11:03:12 AM, by FRECKS96

    Ragnar was amazing, as I expected it to be! I walked more than I would have liked. Trying to move too much of me is definitely slowing me down.... Read more

  • Memorial Day

    5/30/2016 8:09:50 AM, by BA5454

    Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in service of the United States of America. It wa... Read more

  • Recovery, running, and racing musings

    5/29/2016 7:57:54 PM, by MOBYCARP

    Recovery is a long, slow process. Or at least, it feels slow while it's happening. It would be possible to become frustrated at how slow it is,... Read more

  • 5/29 Sunday

    5/29/2016 4:42:49 PM, by BEESHELL8

    Been off the healthy food and routines for a couple of days. Friday was a long exhausting day, headed to a memorial service which was almost 2 ho... Read more

  • What a joy!(warning lots of photos!)

    5/29/2016 3:43:31 PM, by LDYHAZ

    That is what the grandchildren have been. I have been officially run ragged and "I Like It!". Oh yes all those meals, dishes and laundry. Extr... Read more

  • Sunday

    5/29/2016 3:03:54 PM, by COOP9002

    the holiday weekend will begin after evening worship for us. hope you've been enjoying your weekend thus far. Blessings... Read more

  • Last Week

    5/29/2016 2:02:41 PM, by BA5454

    My sentiments about last week: and ... Read more

  • Reboot Day 7

    5/29/2016 11:25:59 AM, by POISONGIRL999

    Again at the top of my range but still good. Tonight is going to probably be my over day ,we're having steak with all the fixings. ... Read more

  • Sugar

    5/28/2016 4:17:21 PM, by ELLEMAC7

    I'm watching a documentary on Netflix about the horrors of sugar. I am most definitely addicted to sugar. I'm not looking to cut it out entirely,... Read more

  • Day 1630- Sprint Triathlon Complete

    5/28/2016 4:01:02 PM, by BOBCATGIRL76

    I did it. I swam 400 meters, biked 20 kilometers (1... Read more

  • Reboot Day 6

    5/28/2016 2:57:53 PM, by POISONGIRL999

    Didn't think I'd be posting did you? We ran into Hele... Read more

  • Saturday

    5/28/2016 2:29:19 PM, by COOP9002

    this afternoon i am officiating a wedding ceremony for a young couple in our church. they are actually already married, but the bride wanted to h... Read more

  • Reboot Day 5

    5/27/2016 1:45:45 PM, by POISONGIRL999

    Today will really be a testament to how much I want to do this race ( if you are unaware of what I'm talking about, go back 4 blogs). We are hav... Read more

  • Friday

    5/27/2016 1:45:01 PM, by COOP9002

    i am thankful for a safe flight back to KCI last night, and a safe drive home this morning. this evening i have a wedding rehearsal and then a we... Read more

  • Weary Wednesday to Finally Friday

    5/27/2016 12:20:39 PM, by BEESHELL8

    This week has left me a bit disheartened and spent. A bunch of little things can add up and take you down. It started with dealing with an ... Read more

  • Slowly Adjusting Mentally

    5/27/2016 1:21:49 AM, by BMCC488

    Yesterday my eating was barely okay and then after dinner, I threw things out the window. So frustrating. I was trying to think what I did last t... Read more

  • Reboot Day 4

    5/26/2016 4:57:23 PM, by POISONGIRL999

    Nothing to huge to report today, so I'm just gonna share my stats and be bop back to my day :) Read more

  • Thursday

    5/26/2016 8:17:45 AM, by COOP9002

    Yesterday was an interesting day. I saw things that I had only seen in pictures and movies, as well as enjoying some time with some gracious peop... Read more

  • Whole 30 Report Week 2

    5/25/2016 5:39:52 PM, by AHALTOM

    Day 10!!! I am proud to say that I have not cheated once. I will admit the weekend was rough. I was low on energy and moody. I was never tem... Read more

  • Reboot Day 3

    5/25/2016 11:09:05 AM, by POISONGIRL999

    Woke up with a headache this morning, could have easily let this be my excuse to stay in bed. But I got up, took some meds and put on my workout ... Read more

  • Wednesday

    5/25/2016 7:52:01 AM, by COOP9002

    After a safe trip in last night, I was able to meet and have supper with four of the members of the committee. It was an enjoyable time. Today we... Read more

  • Some Good and Not so Good, Moving Forward

    5/25/2016 12:04:00 AM, by BMCC488

    My eating hasn't been too great since working to get it back on track. I'm struggling with finding a balance with that. I just want to eat whatev... Read more

  • Wow - 4 days away and lots to do

    5/24/2016 11:56:04 PM, by KPETSCHE

    Just about 4 days away from our daughter's wedding. She's getting married on Saturday at 1pm. I took my 5 day work week off so I can help with ... Read more

  • That's so me.

    5/24/2016 11:28:51 PM, by ELLEMAC7

    I went to the gym this evening. I haven't been doing great mentally lately (or physically - I've been sick,) so my husband was all for me leaving... Read more

  • Race Wish List

    5/24/2016 7:52:16 PM, by ELLEMAC7

    While I already have a very ambitious race schedule in the works, there are some races that will have to wait a year or two or three. These inclu... Read more

  • Tuesday

    5/24/2016 4:35:42 PM, by COOP9002

    I'm on the plane and heading off to Alexandria . Prayers appreciated... Read more

  • Obligations, Alternative Exercise, and Painting

    5/24/2016 12:48:08 PM, by BEESHELL8

    Good morning! I started a blog yesterday but got side tracked by having to deal with some issues related to my mom's care. And got in the middle ... Read more

  • Reboot Day 2

    5/24/2016 10:30:43 AM, by POISONGIRL999

    Just checking in with me stats. Didn't get to Insanity like I wanted to last night so I found an Insanity Max 30 video on YouTube. That whooped... Read more

  • Day 1626- Successful Weekend But a Migraine Today

    5/24/2016 9:34:38 AM, by BOBCATGIRL76

    Ugh. This blog won't be very long because my head is killing me and looking at the computer screen doesn't help. I took my migraine meds last nig... Read more

  • First Peony of the Season

    5/24/2016 6:05:02 AM, by BA5454

    Nothing too Sparky here, just my first peony of the season. What a whopper! Read more

  • Planning then doing

    5/24/2016 12:13:07 AM, by ELLEMAC7

    I've been under the weather for a couple days with a fever and a nasty sore throat. Before that, my son was sick (he's currently fighting an ear ... Read more

  • Rest, Active Recovery, and the Balancing Act

    5/23/2016 8:47:55 PM, by MOBYCARP

    Balancing act: Picture a Bosu Ball with the flat side down, curved side up. Picture a man stepping onto the middle of that Bosu Ball with one f... Read more

  • Emotional Eating-Stop!

    5/23/2016 4:03:24 PM, by BERGBA7

    Oh my... I am writing this blog to make me stop eating and get my mind off of that "comfort-food." It shall help me, I know! I came back fr... Read more

  • Back to daily check ins and a Disney Deal Breaker?

    5/23/2016 3:44:57 PM, by POISONGIRL999

    As much as I thought these weren't helping and I was just annoying everyone with my screenshots, it's very apparent by my ill fitting clothes tha... Read more

  • Travel and family fun!

    5/23/2016 2:53:10 PM, by LDYHAZ

    Once again we took off and drove 5 hours. This time it was back to Omaha. Our oldest daughter Alisha, her husband Jay and our two grandson were... Read more

  • And so it begins...

    5/23/2016 2:26:57 PM, by COOP9002

    today is the final day before our family takes the next step in what could be a life-changing step in our journey. I will travel to Washington DC... Read more

  • Springtime to keep you active

    5/23/2016 7:47:01 AM, by DEBRAJ61

    Well, I didn't make huge strives this last week, but nothing like springtime to keep you active outdoors. I tried to keep to the goals I had give... Read more

  • Sunday

    5/22/2016 9:46:25 PM, by COOP9002

    We had a great weekend and our youngest daughter enjoyed some time with her sister at Comicon in KC. now it's time to focus on a busy and p... Read more

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