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    6/30/2015 7:36:13 PM, by SIERRAGOLD

    I just had to share what exercise video I did on Monday. I haven't done this one in years, and just about killed myself trying to keep up! I... Read more

  • 15/3

    6/29/2015 7:27:48 PM, by 5KROWER

    Stopped by the YMCA since I HAVE to drive past it every work day , and SURPRISE!!!! they have 3 concept 2 rowers!!!! woohooo, I was just hoping ... Read more

  • Day 14/2

    6/28/2015 4:24:19 PM, by 5KROWER

    So, I have been trying to get more sleep, and this morning due to operator error, my alarm went off an hour early which I did not realize until ... Read more

  • Day 13, day 1 of Summer challenge

    6/27/2015 1:10:50 PM, by 5KROWER

    Went to a memorial celebration for a rowing team member. once again contemplation about life, living and significance.... Read more

  • The Tao Of Pooh (for Barb)

    6/27/2015 12:22:27 PM, by LJCANNON

    Thank You everyone for reading my Dr Seuss Blog yesterday. His Wisdom is Simple and Timeless, which is probably why so many of us Love Him. Barb ... Read more

  • 8 Must Read Success Lessons From Dr Seuss

    6/26/2015 3:25:24 PM, by LJCANNON

    1. Be Who You Are “Be who you are and say what y... Read more

  • Oh my goodness! I could honestly delete my blogs and just start over..

    6/25/2015 1:39:51 AM, by NIELSENSLADY

    Here is my update. Nothing worthwhile to write about but I figured I would get it out via blog anyway. I've been stressed a lot. I am stru... Read more

  • Day 10

    6/24/2015 10:54:12 PM, by 5KROWER

    hmmm first try at this disappeared, still not mastering the TBPH thing, and need to increase enduranc on the cycle - did 35 minutes and it was l... Read more

  • Thought energy alone isn't enough

    6/24/2015 3:54:49 PM, by NJOYNOW

    A while ago I read an article that talked about the negative correlation between reading about fitness and health and achieving goals. Now, I'm a... Read more

  • Day 9

    6/23/2015 10:11:54 PM, by 5KROWER

    rowing rained out, time to hop on the trainer - put air in the tires and I am ready to go. Prepping for 5% challenge - will be moving the ergome... Read more

  • day 8

    6/22/2015 3:09:22 PM, by 5KROWER

    Back to work, and implementing my version of HALT except it is really: Thirsty, Bored, Procrastinating, Hungry.....looks like I need to use a the... Read more

  • ETL day 6

    6/20/2015 3:55:48 AM, by BOBOSENSEI

    No loss again today- in fact there was a pound gain so I am down 3.2 pounds so far this week. Still amazing progress, but I do need to buckle do... Read more

  • Day 5

    6/19/2015 10:16:14 PM, by 5KROWER

    been out of town on work-related travel. Found the fitness room at the hotel and used the elliptical and treadmill. BIG conscious behavior for ... Read more

  • ETL day 5

    6/19/2015 8:30:23 AM, by BOBOSENSEI

    No loss today. I knew eventually it would have to stop, but my diet was partially to blame. I ate mostly fruit yesterday as I had a second day ... Read more

  • ETL day 4

    6/18/2015 2:37:45 AM, by BOBOSENSEI

    Yesterday ended in major migraine and withdrawal symptoms. I guess giving up one cup of coffee a day is a lot harder than I expected. The day w... Read more

  • ETL day 3

    6/17/2015 1:55:28 AM, by BOBOSENSEI

    Wow, two awesome things happened today. First, I woke up feeling refreshed and decided that today I could forego my half cup of black coffee in ... Read more

  • ETL day 2

    6/16/2015 4:27:02 AM, by BOBOSENSEI

    Yesterday was my first full day on the Eat to Live Diet. I've decided to stick to mostly raw salads for now since it's hot and summer because I ... Read more

  • Eat to Live?

    6/15/2015 5:16:42 AM, by BOBOSENSEI

    I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. My weight is higher than it was last time I was seen, and my blood pressure is surely the same. I don't... Read more

  • Day 1

    6/14/2015 12:49:00 PM, by 5KROWER

    6/14/15 Rowed 4 seat - 5k drills, 5 k steady state. Working on gettign legs down before back away - reult should be no digging at the catch.... Read more


    6/13/2015 9:34:22 PM, by SIERRAGOLD

    Yesterday I was working online and my internet shut down. So I go check the TV... and no connection there either. I called Charter Cable and ther... Read more

  • Back on the wagon...

    6/6/2015 2:15:04 PM, by JGOARING

    Back after many years away. A new man in my life and fun date nights and dinners and lunches and breakfasts at noon adds up to too many pounds... Read more

  • Insane Inflatable 5K & A Huge Thank You To Oral Roberts University

    6/6/2015 2:05:12 PM, by LJCANNON

    On May 31, my Sister, her Middle Son, and I went to Tulsa, Oklahoma for the Insane Inflatable 5K. I'm pretty sure it wqas her Son's Idea and I wa... Read more

  • June 4th

    6/4/2015 4:04:49 AM, by BOBOSENSEI

    I've been a bit off track lately. Had a lot going on and family and friends visiting plus several appointments that required me being in the car... Read more

  • Healthy Habits Week One Day One

    5/27/2015 12:40:44 AM, by NIELSENSLADY

    So I'm not getting any thinner yet, LOL! My eating is not great. I honestly don't think its horrible compared to some but the scale says I've p... Read more

  • Graduation, Socks' First 5K, and Fun With A Nephew

    5/20/2015 6:28:47 PM, by LJCANNON

    I spent last weekend with my Husband, Sister (MOMINE), and Dad (AIRFORCEBOB) celebrating her Graduation from Oklahoma Panhandle State University.... Read more

  • Back to the Grind

    5/19/2015 2:29:45 AM, by NIELSENSLADY

    Finally back to GA after a week in Salt Lake. Josh lose his Grandma at the end of April. Her husband Grandpa Joe planned her service for the 16... Read more

  • Long Blog, Don't Read If You're Easily Frustrated, LOL!!

    5/13/2015 6:04:58 PM, by LJCANNON

    I am going to share my Story with you because I am sure that there is a Lesson in here SOMEWHERE!! At the moment I Do Not see it, but I figure th... Read more

  • Being authentic

    5/10/2015 10:44:28 PM, by MRSGIXXER

    The new year always has many people thinking about what they would like to improve in their life, me included. I read over my goals that I poste... Read more

  • Mother's Day Litany

    5/10/2015 10:17:30 PM, by LJCANNON

    Our Pastor shared this at Church this morning, and I thought that my Friends who are Moms might enjoy it. Read more

  • So far, so good!

    5/6/2015 10:03:24 AM, by KRISTEN_SAYS

    It has been about three weeks since my last blog post. I am still going strong. The junk food is still in my house and I have not touched any of ... Read more

  • Frustrated But I WILL Go On

    5/6/2015 12:48:36 AM, by LJCANNON

    This evening's workout left me feeling Frustrated more than anything else. My... Read more

  • 4/29/2015 - Try, try again

    4/29/2015 12:18:24 PM, by TANYAP71

    Well, the first third of 2015 has been a bust when it comes to getting my fitness and nutrition groove back. The big move to Bee Cave, TX is com... Read more

  • Day 14

    4/25/2015 2:28:40 PM, by BOBOSENSEI

    I have successfully cut out alcohol for 2+ weeks. I am very proud of that. I've gotten into a bad habit of having wine most nights, and I thoug... Read more

  • 5K A Day Continues, Leaving Chicago Illinois

    4/24/2015 12:39:37 AM, by LJCANNON

    My new shoes and I have been together for 24 hours and a little over 16,000 Steps now. My back pain is almost gone. So, even though ... Read more

  • Day 12

    4/23/2015 9:37:42 AM, by BOBOSENSEI

    I'm still solid with my diet. No alcohol, no sweets, and I'm eating lots and lots of fruit and veg. My water intake has been great until the la... Read more

  • Tuesday & Wednesday Workouts & New Shoes

    4/22/2015 9:56:18 PM, by LJCANNON

    This was Yesterday's GoldsFit Workout. By the middle of the 20 Minute EMOM (Every Minute On The Minute you switch to the next Exercise) , all I w... Read more

  • Day 10

    4/21/2015 9:14:22 AM, by BOBOSENSEI

    Today has been a good day diet wise. I've really been eating a lot of vegetables, fruit, and lean meat. I did struggle with some serious sugar ... Read more

  • The Ant And The Rubber Tree Plant

    4/17/2015 4:41:58 PM, by LJCANNON

    I am sure hoping that this link works because I have had this Song stuck in my head all day and I want to share it with you!! https://www.... Read more

  • Consider The Ant!!

    4/17/2015 1:15:07 AM, by LJCANNON

    Quote of the Day: “Discover your beast mode” Scripture of the Day: ... Read more

  • Long time no see!

    4/16/2015 10:03:51 PM, by KRISTEN_SAYS

    Hello, SparkPeople! So, here's a rundown of what has happened in the last 34875938475 years since I've been active on SparkPeople. 201... Read more

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