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  • Day 6 to Onederland

    6/25/2017 12:08:49 AM, by NWME4EVRMARYANN

    It has been a quiet day. It was a little warmer than yesterday. My knee was very unhappy late last night, my back and right groin (hurt i... Read more

  • Summer 2017

    6/24/2017 3:14:11 PM, by LOVEAQUABLUE

    Haven't written in awhile here. This past year since last summer has been tough on me emotionally and I have gained 18 lbs turning to food for c... Read more

  • Journey to Onederland Day 5

    6/24/2017 3:32:00 AM, by NWME4EVRMARYANN

    Short day, and pay day, and grocery shopping day... Not much else was accomplished. Dinner was Taco Salad at Taco Bell, I didn't eat the s... Read more

  • Gardening

    6/22/2017 5:14:34 PM, by SUSANNAH31

    I spent a large part of today and yesterday in gardens and in a farm field. There are huge bug bites on my neck (right wear I put on perfume... Read more

  • Today I'm exhausted

    6/21/2017 3:06:49 PM, by ADRIENALINE

    Many years ago we lived in Yuma Az, wherein March they would start counting for the Century Day (which is the 100th straight Day that the tempera... Read more

  • My walk today

    6/20/2017 7:08:27 PM, by ADRIENALINE

    I take a brisk walk every day during lunch M-F. I'm kind of limited where I can go but I'm lucky to have interesting choices. I often walk on the... Read more

  • What a day yesterday

    6/15/2017 6:42:37 PM, by ADRIENALINE

    Yesterday we went out with friends. The four of us have season tickets for the musicals that are shown in San Francisco. We initially bought them... Read more

  • To Eat or Not to Eat

    6/13/2017 12:01:45 PM, by IAMJOYFUL2

    Last night I mindlessly thought of helping myself to some apple cobbler. But since I am in my focused state, I caught myself. For years I k... Read more

  • WHEN you eat matters

    6/12/2017 11:15:28 PM, by SUSANNAH31

    Some research has shown that dieters who eat most of their calories earlier in the day lose more weight than those who eat their big meal at the ... Read more

  • Hmmmm!

    6/12/2017 11:48:21 AM, by IAMJOYFUL2

    We ate out with DIL parents. Her mother is on the thin side. Dinner was family style. I took two good size spoonfuls of everything. She ... Read more

  • Summer Salad

    6/11/2017 2:44:48 PM, by SUSANNAH31

    Salad is a real summertime lunch favorite for me (just as soup is a favorite for fall and winter). I'm always looking for ways to pack in th... Read more

  • Motivation & Self-fulfillment

    6/9/2017 5:02:38 PM, by SUSANNAH31

    My motivation to eat within the calorie limits every day can sometimes fade after a while. Being fit and liking how I look is important to me -... Read more

  • I love my walks

    6/8/2017 7:35:28 PM, by ADRIENALINE

    Every day I try to spend about 90 minutes walking. 10 minutes in the morning walking the 3/4 of a mile walk from my car to my office. An hour to ... Read more

  • ""Friends are SO Special""

    6/7/2017 5:27:36 PM, by BARBIEE52

    It's nice to be back....I wish I could be as active as before, but my body gets too tired after I'm on for a short while... I'm so behind on s... Read more

  • Face Book

    6/7/2017 1:00:22 PM, by SUSANNAH31

    My friend's blogs, Watermellen, got me thinking about Face Book. I am 72 years old, and I am on Face Book. Mostly I post photos - of wild... Read more

  • Summer 5% challenge

    6/6/2017 7:18:28 PM, by ADRIENALINE

    Very soon we will be starting the Summer version of the 5% challenge. It doesn't really have much to do with losing 5% of your current weight but... Read more

  • NATIONAL...YoYo Day (June 6th)

    6/6/2017 7:32:28 AM, by HOMEBODY4EVER

    Yo-Yo Day is celebrated annually on the 6th June. It ... Read more

  • Wanna Wrestle, Grandma?

    6/5/2017 3:51:46 PM, by SUSANNAH31

    My 5-year-old grandson will ask me every now and then, "Wanna wrestle, Grandma?" I never turn him down. I consider that to be one of th... Read more

  • NATIONAL....Hot Air Balloon Day (June 5th)

    6/5/2017 8:19:32 AM, by HOMEBODY4EVER

    The hot air balloon is the oldest form of flight... Read more

  • Best Grandma Day

    6/4/2017 11:25:22 PM, by ADRIENALINE

    Today was a gorgeous day. It was hot but there was a great breeze coming from the Bay. My younger son, Jeff has a good friend whose daughter play... Read more


    6/4/2017 10:37:50 PM, by BARBIEE52

    I came across this today while trying to find a "thank you" to so many of you...this pretty much says it all..... Sometimes saying “thank you” ... Read more


    6/3/2017 6:06:16 PM, by BARBIEE52

    Hello my dear dear friends, I will do my very best to explain to you why I've been gone. It all started April 28th, when I had seizure. A nei... Read more

  • Beautiful day at our vacation house

    5/28/2017 2:24:51 AM, by ADRIENALINE

    We had breakfast out as we usually do on Saturday. Then drive up to our place in the mountains. We thought we'd miss the traffic by leaving on Sa... Read more

  • My Tummy

    5/24/2017 2:33:23 PM, by ADRIENALINE

    It looks like I have succumbed to diverticulitis. My poor tummy is almost always in heartburn mode. Tomorrow I start prepping for that dreaded di... Read more

  • Home again

    5/23/2017 9:09:18 AM, by SUSANNAH31

    We arrived home early yesterday morning on a sleepless redeye flight, and spent the day resting and napping. It was a demanding ten days bab... Read more

  • And NOW I can relax

    5/19/2017 11:36:53 AM, by SUEFROMRI

    Some of you know that my daughter's life was threatened by a lunetic when she and her future husband and future sister-in-law were scheduled to t... Read more

  • Yesterday was the greatest

    5/18/2017 3:41:21 PM, by ADRIENALINE

    Yesterday, my girlfriend Naomi and her husband David picked up my DH, Mike and I and we drove up to San Francisco to see Hamilton. Read more

  • Slow cooker

    5/16/2017 4:17:31 PM, by ADRIENALINE

    For the first time in a long time, I got it together to use my slow cooker. We had Ginger Orange Pork Roast. The recipe is from my Make it Fast, ... Read more

  • Prioritizing

    5/15/2017 7:29:02 PM, by SUSANNAH31

    My husband and I are in California babysitting our two grandkids, age 8 and 5, while their parents are taking a 10-day trip to celebrate their 15... Read more

  • Today has been a good spark day

    5/12/2017 7:22:19 PM, by ADRIENALINE

    So far I am well with my calorie count I had a great walk of over 10,000 steps. It was really windy but a beautiful day I have had no negativ... Read more

  • The New Normal

    5/11/2017 4:16:20 PM, by HORSEBOOKS

    I'm a new widow. My husband died two weeks ago today. Now, I'm not crazy about the word "widow" and I'm not sure how to be one, so I'm choosing t... Read more

  • Scared and grateful

    5/11/2017 3:18:38 PM, by ADRIENALINE

    When I was younger I got asthma whenever I had sulfites (dried apricots, red wine etc) Before I figured it out I'd wheeze and when I took a breat... Read more

  • Wisdom from "My 600 lb. Life"

    5/10/2017 8:11:54 PM, by MILLER-S

    "There is no life situation that justifies making unhealthy choices." Dr. Nowzaradan I really thought there was... chronic depression, an a... Read more

  • Some chuckles about stress eating

    5/10/2017 3:10:03 PM, by SUSANNAH31

    Stress eating: we have all been guilty of it some time. I certainly have. Here are some cartoons about stress eating that can help us laugh ... Read more

  • Walking benefits the brain

    5/8/2017 9:46:22 AM, by SUSANNAH31

    I am happy to see that science finds even more benefits from walking: April 24, 2017 "You probably know that walking does your body go... Read more

  • New trail blazed in town!

    5/5/2017 7:01:12 PM, by SUEFROMRI

    The mud reached over my boots and oozed inside. You ... Read more

  • 5/4

    5/4/2017 2:15:49 PM, by ADRIENALINE

    Not as hot today. I'm glad. Yesterday, I waited until 4:00 to do my lunchtime walk because that is when we get a good breeze coming from the Bay ... Read more

  • Day two

    5/2/2017 11:22:32 PM, by LILLIPADTX

    I did well today. Ate okay and died a Wii workout. I like this Seinfeld rerun. I still kinda want Elaine's hair.... Read more

  • Today

    5/2/2017 4:41:15 PM, by ADRIENALINE

    Wow, it's hot today. I just heard that we have 3 times the snow in the Sierras than we've had for the last 100 Years and they are afraid that whe... Read more

  • Behaviors determine success

    5/2/2017 8:27:28 AM, by SUSANNAH31

    It feels really good at the end of the day when I can say to myself: "I did everything I needed to do today to meet my goal. I walked for an ho... Read more

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