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  • Cleared to run

    9/19/2014 7:43:14 AM, by BA5454

    At the end of the exam, my PT asked what my goals were now that the knee is doing tons better. Talk about a moment. Panicked because I really did... Read more

  • TGIF

    9/19/2014 1:16:19 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Enjoy your day very painful day for mee sending prayers and blessings... Read more

  • Productive Day

    9/19/2014 12:06:58 AM, by MCJULIEO

    Ate wisely. Made it to my genealogy class...worked on homework... Finished tying up some loose financial ends. Ate wisely again. (Yay!) W... Read more

  • it's thursday

    9/18/2014 11:48:23 AM, by MOMMY445

    another day has begun. it is very cool and cloudy here today. i have started to work on my online course. i will work on it a bit every day until... Read more

  • hump Day

    9/18/2014 12:11:14 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    I made it thru surgery sending prayers and blessings hugz... Read more

  • hump Day

    9/18/2014 12:11:12 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    I made it thru surgery sending prayers and blessings hugz... Read more

  • Spotty at Best, But Yay!

    9/17/2014 11:43:16 PM, by MCJULIEO

    We had rain today! Sweet beautiful refreshing pouring down deluge of RAIN! Something we hadn't seen in months! And I got soaked going from t... Read more

  • Can't get out of bed

    9/17/2014 4:34:29 PM, by BA5454

    Love the cooler temps, but they make me want to stay in bed longer! ... Read more

  • Reminder to self--keep moving, and new dress for June graduation

    9/17/2014 8:10:46 AM, by BECKYF3506

    My reminder to myself today is to keep moving. I've been working in front of my computer for too many hours lately, and I need to pick up the pac... Read more

  • Hump Day

    9/17/2014 12:34:40 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    I have surgery in the morning surrounding myself by my guarian angels God and Jesus sending prayers nad blessings hugx... Read more

  • Youthful Forever

    9/16/2014 6:02:48 PM, by MCJULIEO

    Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your ... Read more

  • Callback Yesterday

    9/16/2014 10:55:11 AM, by CATHY1970-1

    I had a callback yesterday for a commercial I auditioned for a week or so ago. I am very anxious right now. Shoot is tomorrow...so they... Read more

  • woo hoo!

    9/16/2014 10:08:08 AM, by MOMMY445

    my daughter told me this morning that she made the cross country team at school! woo hoo! way to go,sweetheart! she has a field trip coming up ne... Read more

  • Tues

    9/16/2014 12:58:11 AM, by CHIBIKARATE


  • A Few Educational Sites to Mention

    9/15/2014 4:44:14 PM, by CYBRARYCARD

    I'll let you explore them in more detail but I thought it would be worthwh... Read more

  • Overwhelmed...

    9/15/2014 11:58:55 AM, by WISHFULDREAMING

    I feel like I need a life overhaul. I don't know where to even start. I know there are so many directions i need to go to improve, but I feel lik... Read more

  • Only 5 days to go

    9/15/2014 11:38:59 AM, by F8CONE8

    In five days I will be doing the 10K Prefontaine run here in Coos Bay. I've worked hard and I know I will finish. I just hope to beat the 1 hou... Read more

  • Fast Metabolism Diet - I did it for 28 days!

    9/15/2014 12:22:07 AM, by MARYRUN1

    I actually did it! I lost 11 pounds in 28 days! I am going to go another 28 days and try to lose some more weight. The main thing that I learned ... Read more

  • Oh What Music!

    9/14/2014 11:23:51 PM, by MCJULIEO

    I'm visiting my mother in Houston and she wanted to go to a special concert given by a collaboration of three churches, one Baptist, one Methodis... Read more

  • it's sunday

    9/14/2014 3:26:54 PM, by MOMMY445

    a new week has begun. i was able to meet up with my good friend the other night. we are meeting up again this evening. my daughter got the book s... Read more

  • Planning ahead

    9/14/2014 1:18:37 PM, by BA5454

    The week ahead is looking sort of busy, so I'm planning ahead: -- Navy bean soup w/ cumin is simmering -- Lettuce has been spun -- Peppe... Read more

  • Laying Low - shoulder has been a bit out of commission

    9/14/2014 1:33:38 AM, by SPARKNB

    Apparently, I must have done something while I was sleeping, or maybe aging and jumping back right in too quickly, possibly over-doing it (no, no... Read more

  • I finished my first 5K race

    9/13/2014 8:34:18 PM, by ARTISTSBRUSH

    Hello Again, I finished the race today. I didn't run the whole thing, there was quite a bit of walking done, and that's okay. This was in ... Read more

  • Campus Fun

    9/13/2014 6:57:26 PM, by MCJULIEO

    I spent the day on the Texas A&M University campus WITHOUT planning on attending their evening football game tonight.....I was there for a schola... Read more

  • Going to work harder at reaching 10% of my weight off (16lbs to go)

    9/13/2014 4:36:44 PM, by BECKYF3506

    Do you ever get just plain sick and tired of hauling around your extra pounds? I'm there right this minute, and it's giving me renewed impe... Read more

  • it's saturday

    9/13/2014 11:57:15 AM, by MOMMY445

    i am finally getting going on my day. my daughter and her grandma went to the library this morning. she loves to go to the library and encourages... Read more

  • Preparing for the Challenge!

    9/13/2014 10:10:50 AM, by ISLASK

    Spent some time going over the nutrient information on my logs. There are a couple of things that are glaring. I am low in both protein and fiber... Read more

  • it's friday

    9/12/2014 9:54:02 AM, by MOMMY445

    another week is just about complete. it is supposed to be raining quite a bit here tomorrow, so i am getting as many outdoor errands done as i ca... Read more

  • Fresh Incentive

    9/12/2014 9:36:02 AM, by MCJULIEO

    Yesterday I saw a photo that had been taken of me when I wasn't looking...... ACK! Not a pretty sight.... and it gives me an extra kick in t... Read more

  • Friday loading

    9/12/2014 7:11:57 AM, by BA5454

    Awesome week, here's a few highlights: 1. Tried out 3 new exercises: spi... Read more

  • Out of My Control

    9/11/2014 10:56:49 PM, by MCJULIEO

    The next few days I'm going to have quite a few meals that will be out of my control- basically only 2 choices- Take it.... or Leave it..... ... Read more

  • New "Do"

    9/11/2014 5:12:58 PM, by LIZZIEWHISLER

    I got a haircut yesterday- which is not unusual--I get one every 7 weeks--but I decided to mix things up a bit and asked my stylist to cut the lo... Read more

  • it's thursday

    9/11/2014 4:37:05 PM, by MOMMY445

    i am catching up on some reading today. the weather here yesterday was really rainy and windy. today, it is just windy and it is much cooler outs... Read more

  • No matter how slow you go

    9/11/2014 11:50:56 AM, by BECKYF3506

    Yup, I'm slow, but I'm going. Walk...walk...walk... Have a great Th... Read more

  • Back to basics

    9/11/2014 10:06:02 AM, by NATHELESS

    Had some health challenges this summer, but feeling better lately and ready to get back to work on taking good care of my one and only body. ... Read more

  • Really Mother Nature?

    9/11/2014 9:34:50 AM, by ISLASK

    It actually snowed here today! -2 degrees this morning. Keep looking at Greek villas on the internet. I know it is summer somewhere. ha.... Read more

  • THursdary

    9/11/2014 12:50:07 AM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Thanks for yourprayers and guidence sending prayers blessings and love to all hugz enjoy your day remember it is the small things that count... Read more

  • YAY -It's working!

    9/10/2014 10:03:28 PM, by SPARKNB

    I just started back on Spark and tweaking my lifestyle healthier (esp exercise, but also portion sizes and mindful food choices) after US Labo(u)... Read more

  • Busy

    9/10/2014 5:06:48 PM, by MCJULIEO

    I never want to be so busy that I don't take time for what is important.... People are important.... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    9/10/2014 11:04:52 AM, by MOMMY445

    a day to do some errands for me. i was not expecting to see my good friend until this weekend. i got to see him yesterday for a few hours. he is ... Read more

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