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  • a rainy day

    9/26/2016 2:02:47 PM, by MOMMY445

    it started to rain here about an hour ago and it will rain for another few hours, at least. my daughter and i are both prepared for the weather t... Read more

  • New week

    9/25/2016 11:27:36 PM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Sending light love joy and happiness to you have a wonderful and blessed day sending lots of love... Read more

  • Virtuous-ish...

    9/25/2016 6:42:45 PM, by MCJULIEO

    I had to bring a dessert to a church lunch today, and so made an angel food cake (and some truffles- which I did not eat even one until today, a... Read more

  • Saturday check in

    9/24/2016 7:45:26 PM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    Hope you're having a wonderful Saturday. We are enjoying some awesome fall weather. Temperature in the mid 70s today. Supposed to be closer... Read more

  • 5% starts today

    9/24/2016 12:04:04 PM, by F8CONE8

    I have accepted the challenge and I can do it. I'm on Team Rookie and I know I have some obstacles but i can do this. My mindset needs to... Read more

  • Let's Eat Grandma!

    9/24/2016 11:11:14 AM, by MCJULIEO

    It's National Punctuation Day! Let's eat Grandma! Let's eat, Grandma! Punctuation SAVES LIVES!... Read more

  • Adulting is Hard

    9/24/2016 9:57:57 AM, by BA5454

    I heard this from one of the kid's at the barn--she was about to turn 18, LOL. But I can appreciate the sentiment because this morning I had to m... Read more

  • Eating Consciously

    9/23/2016 9:53:23 PM, by MCJULIEO

    I am trying to follow Spark advice and listen carefully to my body's signals, to eat when I'm hungry, to stop when I'm not, and to reward my vict... Read more

  • it's friday

    9/23/2016 1:05:38 PM, by MOMMY445

    another day with not too much planned. tomorrow, i am going to a mini high school reunion. i have not seen or been in touch with my old high scho... Read more

  • First Day of Fall- HA!

    9/22/2016 11:54:55 PM, by MCJULIEO

    No matter what the officials say, it's still summer here in beautiful, but hot, south-central Texas... and if THIS year's county fair is typical,... Read more

  • Falling all over the place

    9/22/2016 1:25:22 PM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    Seems like it was just a few days ago that we had s... Read more

  • a beautiful day

    9/22/2016 11:50:02 AM, by MOMMY445

    enjoying some much needed solo time. my daughter is at school and says hi. all of the birds say cheep,cheep! it's the first day of fall. a day of... Read more

  • Hello Fall!

    9/22/2016 7:54:58 AM, by BA5454

    First day of fall/autumn today y'all. I don't know what it is about the fall but it super charges me up where summer drains me. It should be the ... Read more

  • Choosing the Lesser Stress

    9/21/2016 11:30:19 PM, by MCJULIEO

    Since I already have plenty of obligations going on right now, I decided against entering anything in the county fair, even though it's really fu... Read more

  • it's a wonderful day

    9/21/2016 2:21:40 PM, by MOMMY445

    i heard from a good friend of mine this morning. it definitely brightened up my day. my daughter says hi to all! all of the birds say cheep,cheep... Read more

  • So Much Going On!

    9/20/2016 11:49:55 PM, by MCJULIEO

    I spent the day pretty much in meetings, and laying the groundwork for some projects that need some intense mental gyrations right now.... But as... Read more

  • Once Upon a Time... An Eye-Opening Lesson That Everybody Needs to Learn

    9/19/2016 3:36:45 PM, by SUSANSKI

    Top O' the Week to you! I'm glad you came to visit because I really REALLY need to share something with you. So again...pull up a chair and get... Read more

  • ITLAP- International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

    9/19/2016 2:40:52 PM, by MCJULIEO

    Ahoy, Mateys! and Shiver me Timbers! It's that special day of the year again, International Talk Like a Pirate Day! talklikeapirate.... Read more

  • a beautiful sunny day

    9/19/2016 11:04:35 AM, by MOMMY445

    one errand completed. a few more to go and then i can relax. my daughter says hi! all of the birds say cheep,cheep! have a terrific day,everyone... Read more

  • A poem.

    9/19/2016 10:38:31 AM, by WISHFULDREAMING

    The crisp breeze pulled summer from the leaves, dragging them from their place among the trees. Change breathed deeply in my chest and a weight I... Read more

  • Nothing ends the way you thought when you started.

    9/19/2016 9:11:56 AM, by WISHFULDREAMING

    I have been researching a new hobby... almost obsessively, for the past week. Part of me is wondering if it's just a "Wow what a great distractio... Read more

  • Funny Monday

    9/19/2016 8:34:18 AM, by BA5454

    ... Read more

  • Last Day of Collage Art Class

    9/18/2016 11:52:29 PM, by MCJULIEO

    My goodness! Though I missed being with church friends this morning, I had a GREAT day in my art collage class with Internet Art Maven, Julie Fei... Read more

  • Sunday September 18th

    9/18/2016 3:10:30 PM, by SUNRIZING

    Stillllll sick..... ugh. But this pic made me laugh!... Read more

  • a new week

    9/18/2016 2:00:33 PM, by MOMMY445

    i have a somewhat busy week coming up this week. i am also helping my daughter to fund raise for her school. that is not due back to the school f... Read more

  • 5% Challenge

    9/18/2016 11:29:14 AM, by F8CONE8

    I love a good challenge so when my friend Mary Merry invited me to join this one I checked it out and joined. www.sparkpeople.com/... Read more

  • My Art Class

    9/17/2016 11:21:52 PM, by MCJULIEO

    As Microbiology major, I never really considered ever taking an art class, even if I had had time for it, so I'm apparently trying to make up for... Read more

  • Air Force Half

    9/17/2016 3:46:42 PM, by BA5454

    The Air Force half this morning makes my 7th half-marathon overall. It was a good one, today, too. The rain stopped at the start and left it pret... Read more

  • Time passes so quickly

    9/17/2016 11:38:49 AM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    Time passes so quickly. What are you doing today to... Read more

  • O Frabjous Day!

    9/16/2016 10:08:53 PM, by MCJULIEO

    Strictly for my own fun and edification, I signed up to take an art course with Internet Art Guru, Julie Fei Fan Balzer, and TODAY was the first ... Read more

  • it's friday

    9/16/2016 2:47:50 PM, by MOMMY445

    another week is coming to a close. i am taking it easy today and not doing too much. i am still very active. i am just not taking on anything ex... Read more

  • All Tingly

    9/16/2016 8:46:24 AM, by BA5454

    Happy Friday! And why didn't anyone tell me I have spinach in my teeth? Read more

  • Back to BSF

    9/16/2016 12:09:44 AM, by MCJULIEO

    Bible Study Fellowship is a non denominational Bible study with ~1300 classes meeting around the world....I've been in classes for many years, bu... Read more

  • The Girl Who Tried

    9/15/2016 9:17:39 PM, by CURVACEOUS10

    I haven't blogged in a long time, just hadn't been feeling myself lately. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a perfectionist. I think everything ... Read more

  • Thursday September 15th, 2016

    9/15/2016 8:23:30 PM, by SUNRIZING

    Today I slept all day. I've been sick now for a week ... Read more

  • a bright and sunny day

    9/15/2016 1:06:25 PM, by MOMMY445

    i printed out the movie tickets i won. they are for the movie storks. even my daughter is interested in seeing it. if she does not hear from one ... Read more

  • Final Goal Weight Deadline Approaching!

    9/15/2016 9:06:49 AM, by RED_WRITINGHOOD

    Great week so far, 1.5 pounds down for the week, as of this morning and 2 more days to go, and 72.5 down since beginning the Naturally Slim progr... Read more

  • Daily Exercize is important

    9/15/2016 12:09:35 AM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    With The return of cooler weather, we've been enjoyin... Read more

  • Strategy

    9/14/2016 11:23:37 PM, by MCJULIEO

    The next several days should be really busy, so I'm trying to plan for healthy meals on the run, and to make sure that I have everything that I n... Read more

  • a beautiful day

    9/14/2016 11:39:59 AM, by MOMMY445

    it is a very windy and much cooler day here today. my daughter says hi! i feel that the job interview this morning went really well. i will know ... Read more

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