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More aggravating news!
7/21/2014 2:18:48 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Well I went to see my new primary care physician. The good news is I really like him! The bad news is the shoulder pain I've been dealing with since N...  Read more


Monday's Motivation
7/21/2014 9:07:55 AM,  5 COMMENTS

"A lot of people are afraid of heights. Not me, I'm afraid of widths." 15 Steven Wright...  Read more


God will take care of you!
7/21/2014 3:36:37 AM,  4 COMMENTS

I just bought 3 nice hairclips last night at the local night market. I was about to put them with the rest of my hair accessory collection when a stil...  Read more


Sunday's Motivation
7/20/2014 9:00:19 AM,  4 COMMENTS

"We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world." Buddha...  Read more


Newest Pic of 240 pounds Lost Using Just SparkPeople
7/20/2014 5:31:58 AM,  231 COMMENTS

I'm the one to the far right....  Read more


Memory Lane
7/19/2014 9:15:23 PM,  4 COMMENTS

This blog has nothing to do with weight loss or nutrition. But, I wanted to share it with all of you because it is so adoring. Today at the mall I saw...  Read more


Bear Silly!
7/19/2014 9:32:20 AM,  6 COMMENTS

The National Game warden put out a warning to all hikers in his area. Warning that they should wear small bells on their boots so not to startle the b...  Read more


Saturday's Motivation
7/19/2014 8:37:11 AM,  4 COMMENTS

"There are only two options: make excuses or make progress." Kim Buehler...  Read more


7/18/2014 9:07:44 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Sorry for my absence for the last few months. I have been working very hard and have advanced to manager at work. Also, recently I got a new boyfriend...  Read more


Renewed Spirit
7/18/2014 10:07:19 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I have recently started to swim in our indoor endless pool with much resistance training. I have finally made the ultimate decision to take care of bu...  Read more


Friday's Motivation
7/18/2014 9:43:23 AM,  3 COMMENTS

"Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company." 246 Mark Twain...  Read more


Worried of impending death......
7/18/2014 5:34:49 AM,  12 COMMENTS

I have been on dialysis for about 10 years and am very likely to be on it for the rest of my earthly life. But statistically studies show that dialysi...  Read more


Day 5: Magic notebook
7/17/2014 11:17:28 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Day 5 of 100 Days of Weight Loss. Keep a "magic notebook" (if you are into the Fly Lady, you may know this concept as a "control journal"). The magic...  Read more


Shopping on a Budget!!!
7/17/2014 9:38:45 AM,  3 COMMENTS

I did a good deed today. I introduced my excellent hairdresser to someone who badly needed a good haircut! He gave her a very stylish short style! She...  Read more


Thursday's Motivation
7/17/2014 6:32:09 AM,  6 COMMENTS

"Change how you think and you'll change your actions. Change your actions and you'll change your weight. Change your weight and you'll change how you...  Read more


Wednesday's Motivation
7/16/2014 9:52:54 AM,  3 COMMENTS

"You can learn something from every single person you meet during your life." 58 Dorothy O'Keefe...  Read more


Being a Victim
7/15/2014 6:51:39 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I never thouight of myself as a victim but more of a shy mercurial inquisitive sort. Several things added to my recent acknowledement. In high school...  Read more


Tuesday's Motivation
7/15/2014 12:28:18 PM,  4 COMMENTS

"A word to the wise ain't necessary; it's the stupid ones who need the advice." 246 Bill Cosby...  Read more


Day 4: Boundaries, not diets
7/15/2014 10:31:29 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Oh, the dreaded D word: "diet." Most Sparksters are aware that Sparking is a permanent lifestyle change, not necessarily a "diet," which implies somet...  Read more


Day 3: Do It Anyway
7/15/2014 10:09:45 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Today's topic from 100 Days of Weight Loss is "Do it anyway." Don't feel like exercising today? Do it anyway. Don't want to track your nutrition...  Read more


I had a Pedi on Saturday!
7/15/2014 4:46:12 AM,  6 COMMENTS

Check it out! ...  Read more


My heart is in it; now if the rest of me could follow suit, that'd be great
7/14/2014 2:30:15 PM,  5 COMMENTS

I promise, I didn't give up! I just had to get through a few things. I'm STILL here, not here again. As a lot of you know, I have chronic migraine....  Read more


Monday's Motivation
7/14/2014 8:50:56 AM,  4 COMMENTS

"Those who have a strong sense of love and belonging have the courage to be imperfect." Brene' Brown...  Read more


Not so good food-wise this weekend
7/13/2014 1:49:19 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Lots of fast food but I mainly stuck to grilled bbq chicken wraps at mcd's, no fries or anything. Just wish I could have some grilled chicken. I'm sta...  Read more


triumph! three wins in one
7/13/2014 10:54:01 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Yesterday's gym adventure was a real triumph. First, I called the field house at the park to ask about how to join the fitness center... and if it wa...  Read more


Sunday's Motivation
7/13/2014 10:41:44 AM,  3 COMMENTS

"What other people think of you is none of your business. And besides, you wouldn't worry so much about what they thought of you if you knew how seldo...  Read more


A year or so later
7/13/2014 7:06:18 AM,  2 COMMENTS

A lot has transpired in the past year. I have gained access to medical care and have been to several Drs. I have not had any more unexpected falls aft...  Read more


Traveling Along
7/13/2014 3:46:52 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Hello! Sorry I have been absent for so long! (So is my body) July has been very busy so far. Yesterday was a big event for me, something I had wante...  Read more


craving elliptical, dreading crowds
7/12/2014 12:21:02 PM,  2 COMMENTS

The thing I miss most about a gym membership is access to elliptical machines. I crave that real cardio workout that I just can't reproduce by joggin...  Read more


Saturday's Update
7/12/2014 12:03:55 PM,  3 COMMENTS

My internet service went kaput yesterday (right after I had finished putting part of my SP information in...thank goodness I at least got part of it d...  Read more


7/12/2014 10:48:31 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Sorry I haven,t checked in. Have had health problems, Had surgery on my hip after going thru PT for it, which didn,t work. My shoulder was bad, but h...  Read more


Friday's Motivation
7/11/2014 10:38:45 AM,  4 COMMENTS

"You don't get a body like this by sitting on the couch 10 hours a have to eat a steady diet of junk food too!"15 Anonymous...  Read more


Day 2: Interested or committed?
7/11/2014 10:17:56 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I'm working through the book 100 Days of Weight Loss. Today's topic is about personal motivation. Ask the question: "Am I completely 'committed' to st...  Read more


feeling GRREAT!!
7/11/2014 8:47:23 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I cut gluten out of my diet and the rewards are astounding! My migraines have lessened and my joint pain is getting much better! Plus I've lost an add...  Read more


Project Wellness 2014
7/10/2014 11:01:36 PM,  3 COMMENTS

It's surprisingly helpful to read my old blog entries. I'd forgotten some of the granular details of my first, very successful foray into wellness wi...  Read more


Starting Over Again. And Again.
7/10/2014 4:08:44 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Oy, it seems that I am great at starting over, but not great at following through! I was down to the 160's last year, and I've managed to gain i...  Read more


Thursday's Motivation
7/10/2014 9:45:56 AM,  3 COMMENTS

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt...  Read more


7/10/2014 6:48:31 AM,  203 COMMENTS

I love a good inspirational anecdote and one that I have never forgotten is the story of the crabs in the bucket. When fishermen trap crabs, they...  Read more


Week 26-31 reflections
7/9/2014 3:29:58 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I have been absent for the past 6 weeks for no particular reason. I apparently hit a brick wall and lost all of my motivation. 2 days ago I went for...  Read more


Wednesday's Motivation
7/9/2014 10:23:09 AM,  6 COMMENTS

"You are only one workout away from a good mood!" Michelle Kruse...  Read more


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