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  • On the road again and again and again.......#22

    4/28/2017 10:28:13 PM, by JAMER123

    (And lovin' it)!!! Left our site this morning and went to WalMart to get a med refill that didn't get to the day before. It hadn't gotten i... Read more

  • A Simple Solution to a Tricky Problem!

    4/28/2017 8:48:50 AM, by EOWYN2424

    My Mom only bought one packet of Cantonese style noodles. She also bought one packet of fried kuey teow. The Cantonese style noodles were for my ... Read more

  • Travel, Day 21

    4/27/2017 11:06:35 PM, by JAMER123

    I can't believe we have been on the road for 21 days now. It doesn't seem like we have progress far but if we think of the miles we have driven i... Read more

  • Non-travel day #20

    4/26/2017 10:47:08 PM, by JAMER123

    I do like the suggestion of "on the road again" when we get going. Hard to think of things when we stop for s few days. We do work on the camper,... Read more

  • How inconvenient!!!!

    4/26/2017 5:37:35 AM, by EOWYN2424

    I have a savings account with some money but unfortunately, there is no atm machine at the new mall I went to! No shop even has machines to accep... Read more

  • Non-travel day #19

    4/25/2017 11:52:40 PM, by JAMER123

    I think I need to come up with a different title for this traveling. We are going to be on the road most the summer and it's going to be a large ... Read more

  • Travel day #18

    4/24/2017 10:11:23 PM, by JAMER123

    Oh my goodness, where have the days gone? We are enjoying the travels. We spent 3 days at WinStar and left with empty pockets! Next time though w... Read more

  • Day 16 and 17th at WinStar.

    4/23/2017 10:21:58 PM, by JAMER123

    We are going to be on the move tomorrow with a little less money and clean clothes and interior of the camper. Heading towards Texarcana which is... Read more

  • Day #15 WOW, and not out of Texas!

    4/21/2017 10:03:46 PM, by JAMER123

    Much of a different day today. As told yesterday we chose to stay the weekend here at WinStar casino due to potential storms rolling through that... Read more

  • Very concerned and worried!!!

    4/21/2017 4:32:51 AM, by EOWYN2424

    I know I said good news, my eprex has decreased, but today, it's a Friday and I owe the dialysis machine 700g! That's almost 1kg! And it's a week... Read more

  • Day #14 Not moving!

    4/20/2017 11:08:51 PM, by JAMER123

    We have been listening to the news the past couple days and find we could be in for another big storm being on the TX/OK border. Thought about le... Read more

  • Great News!!!!

    4/20/2017 1:05:10 AM, by EOWYN2424

    I am sooo Happy!!!!! My Eprex injections has been decreased by 2 jabs a week!!! Which means I only require 4 jabs a week, not 6 anymore! Th... Read more

  • 13 "travel" sitting in one spot blog :)

    4/19/2017 9:56:48 PM, by JAMER123

    Last night we enjoyed a quiet night at our campsite. This morning got up and went to breakfast at the casino. The breakfast is the least expensiv... Read more

  • Travel Log Day #12

    4/18/2017 11:23:48 PM, by JAMER123

    This was an interesting day even though we drove casually for most the day. The highway we chose was as straight as an arrow. Part way as we got... Read more

  • Travel day #11

    4/17/2017 10:43:09 PM, by JAMER123

    I think It's 11 days now that we have been gone from the RGV. A friend posted pictures of our church's Easter breakfast and it sure did look tas... Read more

  • Travel day 8 & 9 through Easter

    4/15/2017 11:58:16 PM, by JAMER123

    I am finding it difficult to even locate my pictures from the past couple days. Finally found them after much searching and have to open them in... Read more

  • Travel Day #7

    4/13/2017 11:04:26 PM, by JAMER123

    Today was a much calmer day and the sun was shining. There was a small chance of another storm but it didn't develop, or not yet. To be just rain... Read more

  • Travel Day #6 (excitement)

    4/12/2017 11:18:15 PM, by JAMER123

    This is the first chance I have had to sit down and work on SP. It is 9:52 PM and I have all to do (if I don't fall asleep!!) We have a new truc... Read more

  • Didn't manage to exercise today! So upset!

    4/12/2017 8:39:32 AM, by EOWYN2424

    I was totally planning on exercising today but I took an afternoon nap that stretched on till 8pm. Now I have to shower and get ready for bed bec... Read more

  • Travel day #5

    4/11/2017 11:37:46 PM, by JAMER123

    This was truly a day on the road. We left the Fort Davis campground that we found to be over priced and no in good repair this AM. I was surprise... Read more

  • It's all about choices!!!

    4/11/2017 10:09:40 AM, by EOWYN2424

    I went to see Beauty and The Beast yersterday! It is a good movie!!! Surprisingly, Emma Watson was good and really shone in the movie! I rea... Read more

  • Travels Day 3 & 4

    4/11/2017 12:47:34 AM, by JAMER123

    Just a quick overview of where we have been as my pictures continue to upload into the computer. I will have pictures tomorrow. We haven't... Read more

  • travel on hold through the weekend

    4/8/2017 8:18:09 PM, by JAMER123

    We are in a park right by the Rio Grande River in Big Bend with no cell service nor internet except in the office/store. I won't go into detail u... Read more

  • Travels, Day 1 & day 2

    4/7/2017 10:27:56 PM, by JAMER123

    There has not been too much to tell of our story yet. We left our park about 11 AM and traveled 300 miles to Uvalda. The scenery in Western Tx. i... Read more

  • Still recovering from a small flu!

    4/5/2017 5:59:04 AM, by EOWYN2424

    I have a stuffy nose. I am hesitant to start exercising again before I fully recover. If I exercise now before I've truly recovered, I will get a... Read more

  • Famous Last Words. (Laugh & Lift)

    4/4/2017 11:52:43 PM, by JAMER123

    Famous Last Words "Are you sure the power is off?" "Don't be so superstitious." "He's probably just hibernating." "I can do that w... Read more

  • Fitting in Special Occasions..

    4/4/2017 9:43:40 PM, by CYBERCITYSHELL

    Since losing the three kilos I am still getting straight back on track after a bad day. My son celebrated his 30th birthday over the weekend. And... Read more

  • Age

    4/4/2017 12:41:14 AM, by JAMER123

    Boy, this is something that my DH and I have both found. We have no needs or wants. We are able to travel which is what our hearts desired. We lo... Read more

  • Grateful

    4/2/2017 10:35:27 PM, by JAMER123

    I seem to find these long after I have written a blog about the subject but I love to share them with others anyway so here it is! Read more

  • Good Bye March, Hello April

    3/31/2017 10:35:53 PM, by JAMER123

    My thoughts and prayers for each and every one of you. May it be a beautiful month! Read more

  • The Power of one...........

    3/30/2017 12:49:36 AM, by JAMER123

    I know I have written about the smile being so very... Read more

  • Old Folks

    3/27/2017 11:54:14 PM, by JAMER123

    Dear Pastor: Don't ever forget about us old folks. We are worth a fortune. We have Silver in our hair, Gold in our teeth, Stones in our kidn... Read more

  • Me and the scales are buddies :)

    3/27/2017 9:40:21 PM, by CYBERCITYSHELL

    I've been sticking to my eating sensibly and weighed in this morning three kilos down . I have been really good, and have eaten a no... Read more

  • Small lunch!!!

    3/27/2017 2:56:56 AM, by EOWYN2424

    I just finished dialysis. But I am feeling terrible! I am having an anxiety attack. My Mom brought me to the mall, she brought along my handbag b... Read more

  • Spring has sprung

    3/26/2017 11:28:21 PM, by JAMER123

    I saw this picture and it feels so much like spring... Read more

  • Are you alone?

    3/24/2017 12:08:15 AM, by JAMER123

    Have you felt like there is no one to support you or to listen when you are in need? You do have one place to go that will never turn you away bu... Read more

  • I am Strong

    3/23/2017 12:33:07 AM, by JAMER123

    I found these words to be beautiful and so true. I ... Read more

  • Helping the Elderly!

    3/22/2017 10:24:26 AM, by EOWYN2424

    Me and my family went out for dinner. We had to fill up an order form. My Mom found it difficult to read the fine print so I offered to do it for... Read more

  • Quote for today

    3/22/2017 12:34:29 AM, by JAMER123

    Some very good advice that I hope I can follow. ... Read more

  • Thank you hugs!!

    3/20/2017 11:36:44 PM, by JAMER123

    I am so glad the daily postings are meaning something to you all that are following them. I am really finding them to be helpful to me and my men... Read more

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