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  • Fiber

    4/28/2016 4:27:32 PM, by JENNAYSAYHEY

    I've been keeping an eye on my fiber intake and I seem to never get in the range listed on SP. Good days and bad days alike. I'm not worried as... Read more

  • zZz

    4/26/2016 3:09:53 PM, by JENNAYSAYHEY

    Well, the past two days I have actually taken a nap. About 45 minutes after my workout I am just flat out exhausted. I lay my head down at the ... Read more

  • Getting Back on Track

    4/25/2016 11:59:47 AM, by JENNAYSAYHEY

    Well, I won't go into details, but let's just say the past few days have not been very "healthy" eating wise. I've got the exercise down 100%, b... Read more

  • Been a while...but I'm back!

    4/21/2016 8:01:53 AM, by BAJILLIGAN

    Returning to this is going to be tough. I gained over the past two years and lot has happened! A lot of good things! And some stressful things! B... Read more

  • Fitbit

    4/19/2016 4:36:32 PM, by JENNAYSAYHEY

    Today is day two of wearing my Fitbit. Well, it's actually my mom's. I'm borrowing it so I can check it out and decide if I'd like to buy one f... Read more

  • Some Small Victories

    4/19/2016 11:41:43 AM, by CANADA-DISCO19

    I've been counting calories now for almost a week, and I'm actually kind of liking it! This time, I'm doing things a bit differently. Instead of ... Read more

  • 80 / 20

    4/15/2016 6:09:51 PM, by JENNAYSAYHEY

    We've all heard it... The 80 / 20 rule. Eat clean 80% of the time and the other 20%, you're free to let loose (just a little though, lol!). Wel... Read more

  • Update

    4/15/2016 5:56:41 PM, by JENNAYSAYHEY

    Had my appointment this morning and everything went well. The conversation wasn't as in depth as I had expected. She said my weight was fine an... Read more

  • Counting Calories? :(

    4/13/2016 11:10:52 AM, by CANADA-DISCO19

    I used to count calories. In fact, I can remember counting when I was 14. I was very uninformed then and would try to limit myself to 600-800 cal... Read more

  • Appointment

    4/12/2016 5:09:13 PM, by JENNAYSAYHEY

    This Friday I have my annual with the gynecologist. I always dread it, I psyche myself out so much but then the actual appointment only lasts a ... Read more

  • Breakfast

    4/12/2016 11:19:16 AM, by CANADA-DISCO19

    I used to absolutely LOVE breakfast, and I would have no problem eating anything in the morning, as soon as I got up. Lately, however, for some r... Read more

  • Busyness!

    4/11/2016 10:52:46 AM, by CANADA-DISCO19

    This weekend has been super busy. I have final exams this week, four of them. My plan was to study all day Friday and Saturday, until 5/6 pm. We ... Read more

  • 85 Pounds

    4/7/2016 11:25:16 AM, by CANADA-DISCO19

    At my lowest weight, in 2013, I was 145 pounds. Since then, I have gained 85 pounds. It's hard to say, and what exactly caused me to gain weight,... Read more

  • Clean Eating

    4/6/2016 2:07:11 PM, by JENNAYSAYHEY

    Eventually I hope to be eating clean the majority of my meals. But, for now, I do have some "processed" foods. I am watching my portions though... Read more

  • I Got This! (With God)

    4/4/2016 9:08:45 PM, by JENNAYSAYHEY

    I tend to have a lot of negative thoughts about my journey of losing weight and yes, at times, I believe those thoughts. From now on, I'm just g... Read more

  • I Dunno

    3/30/2016 6:46:04 PM, by JENNAYSAYHEY

    I'm currently doing a 7-day Nutrisystem plan just to get back on track and headed in the right direction again. I tend to ask a lot of questions... Read more

  • Insert Some Clever Blog Title Here

    3/27/2016 7:38:37 PM, by JENNAYSAYHEY

    Hey, hi, hello! Hope you all had a great Easter weekend. I myself did! Nothing too extravagant, but spending time with the family is always gr... Read more

  • Still at it

    3/26/2016 4:00:34 PM, by STODD251

    Working my weight down slowly but surely... Today I finally did a little bit of exercise (30 minute p90x video). It was really hard! Apparently I... Read more

  • Arrghh

    3/23/2016 2:53:12 PM, by JENNAYSAYHEY

    I'm slowly losing motivation. I honestly feel that I need a nutritionist or something. Some kind of push, I guess. I skipped the gym today bec... Read more

  • Spring 5% Challenge

    3/23/2016 1:43:04 PM, by PSALM34V7

    1. Exercise Commitment: Strength and flexibility workouts ~ 3 times a week Cardio ~ 3 times a week If I am unable to engage in the above... Read more

  • Coffee Protein

    3/21/2016 11:28:23 AM, by JENNAYSAYHEY

    I have such a difficult time finding a decent tasting protein drink/powder. I've tried multiple brands and flavors to no avail. Obviously I'm p... Read more

  • Plateau

    3/20/2016 10:16:21 AM, by JENNAYSAYHEY

    Well, I've hit a plateau. It's pretty much inevitable. I've been the same weight for roughly six weeks now. Quite sad, but then again I'm glad... Read more

  • Allegiant

    3/20/2016 10:12:23 AM, by JENNAYSAYHEY

    I finished the Divergent series a few days ago. While reading the last few chapters of Allegiant (the final book), I pretty much yelled at it the... Read more

  • Day 8

    3/16/2016 5:26:24 PM, by SAHMWICH

    (this is a cool basket from Africa I saw in my fav gi... Read more

  • Hiatus

    3/14/2016 6:36:10 PM, by SASSYJK

    So I kind of took a week long hiatus from eating healthy, but I'm back now. Up a couple pounds and ready to get focused again. Nothing in particu... Read more

  • So I guess this is Day 3

    3/14/2016 12:08:39 PM, by STODD251

    So far, my only focus has been on tracking my food. As much as I want to lose this weight for good, I'm taking it very slowly this time. I've bee... Read more

  • Starting again

    3/12/2016 11:01:40 AM, by STODD251

    I've reached the point where I feel like I've lost control. I don't think I'm eating that badly but my weight had skyrocketed. Since my wedding, ... Read more

  • Busy Bee

    3/12/2016 10:28:04 AM, by JENNAYSAYHEY

    It's finally Saturday! I've been doing orientation/training for my new job and I felt like I was constantly on the go. I did not do well with m... Read more

  • *before pic*

    3/10/2016 1:00:01 PM, by SAHMWICH

    I wanted to post this.. my son took it the other day... Read more

  • Day 3

    3/10/2016 10:17:51 AM, by SAHMWICH

    Made it through day 3. I feel so proud. I am making... Read more

  • Day 2

    3/8/2016 7:54:23 PM, by SAHMWICH

    Dudes. Made it through another day. I went to hel... Read more

  • Captain's log day fifteen

    3/8/2016 2:35:58 PM, by TCTHOMURE

    Today was picture day at the preschool I work at. This involves giving up my classroom and doing what is not typically in my job description. Tod... Read more

  • Finish Strong

    3/7/2016 3:50:17 PM, by JENNAYSAYHEY

    Happy Monday everyone! I'm doing well today, but I won't toot my own horn just yet. I got an hour of Zumba in this morning. I also went for a ... Read more

  • New Clothes & Monday

    3/7/2016 3:45:21 PM, by SASSYJK

    This weekend (and Friday) I didn't exactly stay on track, I'm the same weight as last Monday, so hopefully I can make forward progress. I haven't... Read more

  • Captain's log day fourteen

    3/7/2016 3:24:15 PM, by TCTHOMURE

    Sugar cravings are my nemesis! I do so good at combating and keeping away from junk when I'm trying and then some chocolate sneaks in and there I... Read more

  • Day 1 (again)

    3/7/2016 11:10:44 AM, by SAHMWICH

    I'm following sparks pre-diabetic meal plan this week... Read more

  • I'm Ready

    3/6/2016 8:01:14 PM, by JENNAYSAYHEY

    Call me SpongeBob because, "I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready!" Though I had a rough weekend, I'm ready to tackle a new week and make some progres... Read more

  • Captain's log day 12

    3/5/2016 8:08:29 PM, by TCTHOMURE

    Today has been a day of fun. I took my kids to a Pine... Read more

  • Recovering

    3/4/2016 3:42:02 PM, by JENNAYSAYHEY

    Well, after calling Ralph 7 times yesterday, I do feel better today. I skipped out on the gym, not wanting to overdo it. I've just been taking ... Read more

  • Hungry Hungry Hippo

    3/3/2016 2:34:01 PM, by SASSYJK

    I am sooo hungry today. Just one of those days I think, not particular reason. I've stayed on track but seriously want to go out and buy a big lu... Read more

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