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  • Week 1 Report

    3/29/2015 11:21:18 AM, by ALYBOBALLY87

    Well, I've finished 1 week back on the Keto diet! I struggled toward the end of the week with work meetings over the lunch hour (food was provid... Read more

  • Friday! Hello, beautiful

    3/27/2015 3:35:22 PM, by KYRRIA

    Welp. Here i am. At work on Friday afternoon. Everyone else is gone for the day/weekend and I am patiently waiting for 5pm! Ok, not so pat... Read more

  • Back in the saddle (Again)

    3/22/2015 2:02:20 PM, by THEJHARP

    I can't believe I am starting this journey again! The past year has been filled with a bad relationship, moving to a different state, getting bac... Read more

  • Back at it!

    3/22/2015 11:21:32 AM, by ALYBOBALLY87

    So I strayed. A lot. For a LONG time. And I regret it. I started a new job at the end of September of last year. I absolutely love it as... Read more

  • Walking in the morning

    3/19/2015 11:38:26 AM, by SICOSH

    It has been a while since I have taken a walk in the morning. I forget how stress free it made me feel. And it is really wonderful to see ... Read more

  • Over halfway to the end of March

    3/18/2015 8:21:07 AM, by STODD251

    As some of you know, I am very anxious for the end of March to get here ASAP. This month is starting to get to me. I am tired. I am lonely. And I... Read more

  • step it up

    3/16/2015 2:26:55 PM, by TCTHOMURE

    So about three weeks ago I had a weight freak out when I stepped on the scale and oh my! I was heavier than I was at any point in my last pregnan... Read more

  • Wow!

    3/9/2015 6:10:57 PM, by TAMSALIVE

    I really seem to be progressing positively with my career now. I went into the fitness industry to help people change their lives for the better ... Read more

  • Goal Update 8: A New Pain in the Back

    3/6/2015 2:32:05 PM, by WOADWRITER

    Well, goals love getting sidelined but some progress has still been made. Two days ago I succeeded in sprinting for 0.25km on a gradual uphill sl... Read more

  • Getting through a tough month

    3/6/2015 8:23:10 AM, by STODD251

    So not only is this a long month because Brett is working almost nonstop, I don't even get to talk to him much because we are working the exact o... Read more

  • No Time 56

    3/3/2015 7:07:09 AM, by TCTHOMURE

    Time is ticking away, and it seems so hard to find more. I am needed for this task and that person and no is not in my vocabulary............... ... Read more

  • Ummm...mmmm

    3/2/2015 10:13:05 PM, by LOVEJANEAUSTEN

    So today could be counted as a total failure or a very productive day. Your pick lol! We've been working on our house, scrubbing selves and wo... Read more

  • On Again!

    3/1/2015 7:49:12 PM, by TCTHOMURE

    Ok so I have been an on again off again sparker, more off than on. I have desired to get out of the obese range since before I concived my 2nd ch... Read more

  • Persistence is key!

    2/28/2015 9:09:43 AM, by TCTHOMURE

    I have started this journey before, So I'll begin it once more. Until I get it right, For a healthier life I will fight. I need to do th... Read more

  • Progress

    2/27/2015 6:28:25 PM, by TAMSALIVE

    Finalmy I feel like I'm making progress with my Lent challenge. I didn't crave the coffee as much as I have on previous days. It can't be because... Read more

  • Its REALLY been awhile!

    2/26/2015 4:56:08 PM, by KYRRIA

    So I see that my last blog entry was in 2013. It's now 2015. My bio says I'm 22 years old... I'm now 26 years old xD My oh my, how time flies. ... Read more

  • Doing well so far!

    2/26/2015 8:22:06 AM, by LOVEJANEAUSTEN

    Today I got up at 5:35 am made breakfast for my brothers who were going to work, made eggs and bran flakes for me, did Bible and prayer time, swi... Read more

  • Lazy(ish) day

    2/25/2015 8:00:09 PM, by TAMSALIVE

    after the last few days, pushing myself really hard to keep going, I made today my day off from exercise. A lazy day, sort of. I did work through... Read more

  • :(

    2/25/2015 12:50:48 PM, by LOVEJANEAUSTEN

    Ugh... I've been doing horrible this week. I've been stuck inside due to the nasty weather and desperately need to work out. I've done ok co... Read more

  • March is Coming

    2/25/2015 8:23:30 AM, by STODD251

    So I'm aiming to start now and make this coming March the time when I really buckle down and get my weight under control. For some reason, this y... Read more

  • Goal Update 7: Feels like an uphill battle

    2/23/2015 7:03:07 PM, by WOADWRITER

    Parent's were gone for three days last week, and the week so-far is a stress-fest with no relief in sight. I'm fighting the urge to turn to food ... Read more

  • Struggled today

    2/23/2015 7:00:49 PM, by TAMSALIVE

    Today I really struggled to not cave in to coffee. I was so tired. Had so little sleep and worked such weird shift times over the last few days t... Read more

  • Lent Day 4

    2/21/2015 8:06:56 PM, by TAMSALIVE

    I've still been craving coffee a bit but am finding it easier now than I was yesterday. I think that's more to do with the fact that I've had a b... Read more

  • Lent days 2 and 3

    2/20/2015 5:40:09 PM, by TAMSALIVE

    I'm doing ok so far with giving up the chocolate, hot chocolate and coffee, but it's not easy. I was telling completely on the caffeine boost fro... Read more

  • Lent day 1

    2/18/2015 4:07:50 AM, by TAMSALIVE

    so I've decided, as many people do, to give up something for lent. Last year I ate completely clean for the majority of the time but it proved to... Read more

  • Goal update 6 and WeightLoss!

    2/7/2015 1:51:55 PM, by WOADWRITER

    Well, at least it's easy to keep track of food and exercise. Had fun this past week in working on a pile of ghostwriting. Really want to finish e... Read more

  • And all of a sudden, it is February

    2/1/2015 10:30:06 AM, by STODD251

    Slow progress has been made over the month of January. However, accelerating things would be good. January 4, I weighed in at 192 pounds. ... Read more

  • Sugar Rock Bottom

    1/26/2015 9:02:27 PM, by DANCEDIVAMISSA

    Well post baby, I feel like I am starting at square one. While I was pregnant, I allowed my sugar addiction creep back in. I started eating sug... Read more

  • Goal update 5

    1/25/2015 6:47:46 PM, by WOADWRITER

    Well, goals sure love being sidetracked. It seems that only food and exercise are "easy" to keep up with. Instead of writing my novel this week, ... Read more

  • Procrastination and Self-worth

    1/24/2015 1:43:50 AM, by DANCEDIVAMISSA

    I just posted two new blog posts this week over at awakening genesis. One is about procrastination and the other is self worth!!! Come over and ... Read more

  • New Year New me

    1/19/2015 9:56:23 AM, by SICOSH

    Last year I had a lot of up and downs, and I let obstacle that came my way stopped me in my journey. But this year started of quite differen... Read more

  • Goal Update 4 and a Fandom Question

    1/18/2015 4:51:43 PM, by WOADWRITER

    Well, goals are pretty well in ruins this week, try again starting tomorrow. I barely got any personal writing done, or editing, due to going out... Read more

  • Getting a boost from giving a boost

    1/18/2015 11:48:47 AM, by TAMSALIVE

    I'm feeling renewed in my determination now, sitting here on my work break. I just had a big boost in both confidence and enthusiasm. To me what ... Read more

  • I broke up with my scale!

    1/16/2015 11:42:54 PM, by DANCEDIVAMISSA

    Come over to my personal blog and find out why I am breaking up with my scale!!! https://awakeninggenesis.wor
    ... Read more

  • Goal Update 3

    1/14/2015 1:30:24 PM, by WOADWRITER

    Well, this week my goals, excepting fitness ones, seem to have gotten sidelined. My dad hurt his back and has been home every morning - which thr... Read more

  • Update and new blog!

    1/13/2015 6:48:50 PM, by DANCEDIVAMISSA

    Hello all!!!! I have a lot of updating to do! I had my beautiful baby girl on December 10th and have been recovery nicely. We are both doing we... Read more

  • chocolate to get back on track

    1/13/2015 11:34:29 AM, by TAMSALIVE

    I read a SparkPeople article on behaviour change and using chocolate as a reward to reinforce positive behaviours. As a Personal Trainer and Fitn... Read more

  • January Goal Update 2 and 5% Challenge

    1/11/2015 12:38:08 AM, by WOADWRITER

    Well, today was a fun Saturday. Now have reached a 10 day exercise streak, and a 4/5 day goal-met streak of writing and editing my novels. Feelin... Read more

  • January Goal Update 1

    1/7/2015 2:04:04 PM, by WOADWRITER

    Been nearly a week since my re-start post, feels like forever though. Weight wise I haven't lost any yet, but I did check my measurements a... Read more

  • A week into the New Year and I've yet to blog...

    1/7/2015 1:09:48 PM, by STODD251

    Sorry everybody. I feel like I have nothing to say, at least not anything that I haven't already said a million times. I'm feeling all discombobu... Read more

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