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    9/24/2016 12:00:58 AM, by SUSIEQQ62


  • my worst enemy

    9/11/2016 8:08:04 AM, by MARPARMC46

    no one blocks my weight loss goals but me. i have a disease when it comes to food. i can not say no. i dont like the taste of healthy foods ... Read more

  • my worst enemy

    9/11/2016 8:07:59 AM, by MARPARMC46

    no one blocks my weight loss goals but me. i have a disease when it comes to food. i can not say no. i dont like the taste of healthy foods ... Read more

  • my challenge

    9/6/2016 6:58:49 AM, by MARPARMC46

    i am doing great with the physical activity part of spark people walking my 10000 steps per day and have now added strength tapes and some str... Read more

  • pumping it up

    8/31/2016 8:49:14 AM, by MARPARMC46

    i have been walking each day and get in at least 10000 steps on 6 days of the week and about 7500 on the 7th. ( sunday so very full of church and... Read more

  • healthy me

    8/30/2016 7:15:10 AM, by MARPARMC46

    to be in my perfectly healthy place without a scale is scary but i have read that the other ways to track success are actually more accurate. f... Read more

  • all or nothing

    8/23/2016 5:49:39 PM, by MARPARMC46

    being perfect thinking has been a huge part of my life since childhood. i always felt i had to EARN peoples love or respect so i must be the bes... Read more

  • So-so weekend

    7/24/2016 7:39:12 PM, by ASHLEEMICAHSMOM

    At least foodwise, it wasn't a great weekend. But I got out of the house, got to hang out with my kids. Going through a break up isn't the best... Read more


    7/22/2016 11:28:54 AM, by ASHLEEMICAHSMOM

    And leaving early and have the entire weekend ahead of me... could anything be better?!?!? ... Read more

  • Beautiful Day

    7/21/2016 8:52:46 AM, by ASHLEEMICAHSMOM

    Blasted U2's "Beautiful Day" on the way to work this morning; anticipating a rough day, so doing what I can to make it as positive as I can! Read more

  • What's YOUR positive for today?

    7/20/2016 9:34:35 AM, by ASHLEEMICAHSMOM

    My positives (read: my abundant blessings from God) are: My children Sunshine Short work day Wonderful friends & family Keeping t... Read more

  • Rough day

    7/19/2016 1:16:39 PM, by ASHLEEMICAHSMOM

    Bad cravings, not the best day at work (when your mother is technically your boss and doing it remotely from home, kinda sucks sometimes) BUT th... Read more

  • You'll Overcome It

    7/18/2016 8:37:25 AM, by ASHLEEMICAHSMOM

    Let's face it, we're all having a bad day lately. But I heard this song on Contemporary Christian radio this morning. So for all of us, who for... Read more

  • July 15, 2016

    7/15/2016 8:29:33 AM, by JEANNELORRAINE

    I have been doing tons of research on the Internet about Intermittent Fasting and from what I can tell it seems to be the ONLY way to go. I am s... Read more

  • Dancing at my desk

    7/14/2016 1:19:05 PM, by ASHLEEMICAHSMOM

    Desk job... what a better way to kill the monotony and BOREDOM of this job than dancing at/under my desk to "Happy"?? I got some funky looks, b... Read more

  • One of those days

    7/14/2016 10:59:26 AM, by ASHLEEMICAHSMOM

    Ok, one of those lives. Actually, I do so much better when I force myself to remember my blessings. I have such wonderful friends and family, I... Read more

  • 7/2/2016 Obviously still have not figured it out

    7/2/2016 7:58:15 AM, by JEANNELORRAINE

    I have been tracking what I have been eating and my exercise on Sparkpeople again now for two weeks. I had wanted to go on the Rotation diet, bu... Read more

  • Today is my Birthday

    6/29/2016 10:56:49 PM, by SUSIEQQ62

    Well, I turned 54 today..It is rough to face each year as we get older..I am thankful for The Lord for all that he has given the Strength to me ... Read more

  • Day 1 of my 28 day challenge.

    5/16/2016 9:59:20 AM, by PATTIOPERA

    I'm back to try again. I've been inspired by The Engine 2 Diet and Eat to Live to eat plant strong for 28 days. I'm not giving up. I will cont... Read more

  • WELL...day 2 - it was UP and DOWN

    3/10/2016 11:27:07 PM, by VENUSLSD

    Day 2 was ehhhhh - i felt like it started good and then things kinda got away from me. I think i'm just a bit worn down from a long week - but I... Read more

  • Sick n tired of being sick n tired!!

    3/10/2016 12:02:02 AM, by VENUSLSD

    I keep trying to get on here or journal and making a plan - but I keep falling off the wagon!! I've been real down the last couple months...so t... Read more

  • The Fact of Forgiveness

    1/16/2016 11:11:11 AM, by KNH771

    I think I mentioned in a previous blog that I'm doing a daily blog challenge on tumblr. This post is actually from that challenge, but I thought... Read more

  • When it rains, it POURS!

    1/11/2016 3:46:19 AM, by THISISFORME13

    Interesting developments the past year or two. Kept me away from here for a while, but as you can see, I'm back. Those children I mentioned in a ... Read more

  • Step by Step

    1/10/2016 11:05:33 PM, by KNH771

    Last blog, I talked about my three goals for this year: 1. Be physically healthier. 2. Be mentally healthier. 3. Be a better em... Read more

  • Crazy day

    1/7/2016 10:54:07 PM, by DEWYANDAJ

    Been doing pretty good on taking in my protein shakes... Read more

  • I Love a Blank Calendar!

    1/2/2016 4:41:35 PM, by KNH771

    I say this every year, but I love, a fresh calendar... Read more

  • I'm BAAACK!

    10/1/2015 4:18:28 PM, by KNH771

    Actually, I never really left, but I haven't been blogging for several months. Work has been crazy busy, and recently, I've spent more time in h... Read more

  • Trying hard to get back into shape!

    10/1/2015 2:27:38 PM, by LACYCOWGIRL

    I injured my back in July 2014. I finally was diagnosed in February of 2015 with a low back bulge at the l4 l5 and l5 s1. I had surgery March 28t... Read more

  • RNY Trade-Offs

    7/21/2015 8:43:04 PM, by ANI_AMICK

    I was heavy my entire life and I had RNY January 2014. I did a lot of research prior to it and didn't find anything about some of these "trade-of... Read more

  • The "See Food" Diet

    6/18/2015 12:31:40 PM, by KNH771

    It's hard to believe how much my blogging has fallen behind lately. I find I'm just not having that much time to myself. Work, work, work and n... Read more

  • Doctor's Orders

    6/15/2015 12:42:00 AM, by BRAINBENT

    Okay so it's been about a year since my last entry. My... Read more

  • Daily Stress

    5/30/2015 6:52:36 PM, by MSLISAK7

    This is going to be my stress tracking blog. Today I spent three hours shopping with my mom for groceries and it was stressful because I hurt so ... Read more

  • Getting Past a Health Issue

    5/28/2015 10:55:12 AM, by NENATO2

    I have had to change a few things up due to hip issues. In order to deal with this new issue, I decided that it is not the amount of steps I... Read more

  • Normal Weight - OMG!

    5/16/2015 8:26:53 PM, by ANI_AMICK

    I haven't been on the scale in a while, but I decided to check my weight today. I was amazed to find I've lost more weight than my current weigh... Read more

  • Haven't left SP yet...

    3/31/2015 5:31:09 PM, by ROSEKUMP

    It's been 8 years since I joined Sparkpeople, and every once in a while, I find myself getting into the site to take a look around to see if I ca... Read more

  • Eating by Accident

    3/24/2015 9:31:11 AM, by KNH771

    Over time I've really come to appreciate the importance of planning. latel... Read more

  • Fit for life!

    3/22/2015 4:05:10 PM, by ANI_AMICK

    It's been almost 14 months since my RNY Gastric Bypass. About a month ago, I discovered I can wear size 6 Levis. Since then I started having nig... Read more


    3/22/2015 12:50:49 PM, by NINALEAH

    It sure seems that way. I am stuck between two recording systems and have put this message out to see if someone can help me integrate them... Read more

  • 94 Days Until Summer

    3/18/2015 3:17:08 PM, by KNH771

    I'm beginning to feel more optimistic about my summer countdown. I've set... Read more

  • Countdown to Summer

    3/16/2015 9:08:48 AM, by KNH771

    Summer is just around the corner, and I'm trying to get prepared. I've be... Read more

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