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  • Weight down this month

    1/29/2018 12:04:15 PM, by NYXWOLFWALKER

    Well been annoyed with the home scale it's been showing 0 loss for this month yet the dietition scale said I'm down form 284 to 276 so in 48 days... Read more

  • Yep, I did it again!!

    9/21/2017 12:22:48 PM, by JAREJIL

    So happy that I FINALLY made up my mind to follow a pl... Read more

  • Stepping weather!

    9/12/2017 10:35:14 AM, by JAREJIL

    I am so glad it has cooled off to the lovely fall weather, it makes it so pleasant to stroll that I might even do some little sprints!... Read more

  • Water water

    9/9/2017 8:32:44 PM, by JAREJIL

    I have been watching everything about hurricanes and water all day long, and just realized I never drank a single glass of water all day long!!!... Read more

  • Getting Ready . . .

    9/7/2017 3:46:11 PM, by JOE_ANNE2

    I will soon be doing my weight loss journey, and using Youtube as my accountability. I will also be starting a business of cosmetics by being a p... Read more

  • September

    9/1/2017 10:43:47 PM, by JAREJIL

    Really!!?! I can't believe it, but September always seemed like it would help motivate me to get those 10,000 steps in!! I need some motivation!... Read more

  • Good greif

    8/29/2017 8:27:15 PM, by JAREJIL

    Watching all the coverage really gives you perspective!! I wish I could go help, or bring stuff or relocate people or something ... Read more

  • Long time no post

    8/27/2017 12:30:24 PM, by NYXWOLFWALKER

    Well it has been a long time since it last posted and unfortunately my health hasn't gotten better. In the past year instead of getting better o... Read more

  • Falling off a roll

    8/26/2017 7:26:29 PM, by JAREJIL

    Yep, I was on a roll, and it was great! Then, I went out of town. My intentions were good, we were mindful about nutrition and water and we did a... Read more

  • Crossfit

    8/11/2017 10:29:48 AM, by JAREJIL

    I did it!! I finally attended my first crossfit training this morning. I was expecting to be sore and achy, in a good way. But that didn't happen... Read more

  • The challenge

    8/4/2017 8:03:25 PM, by JAREJIL

    Our weight watcher leader challenged us to eat fruits and vegatables from 5 color food groups, not only fun, but yummy!! She also will do a drawi... Read more

  • Fitbit education

    8/2/2017 12:02:13 AM, by JAREJIL

    I am getting more focused on what the Fitbit has been trying to say. I know 3500 calories makes 1 pound, the way I have been going, I only use a ... Read more

  • Watching the dream come true!!

    7/31/2017 7:51:48 PM, by JAREJIL

    I haven't made goal yet, but I am jumping the gun. I want it to be right now, so I am really over excited!! I cannot believe in a matter of what ... Read more

  • New clothes

    7/24/2017 11:26:00 AM, by JAREJIL

    Not new to me at all, been sitting in my closet for ye... Read more

  • Visitors, fun, food celebrations

    7/10/2017 2:02:52 PM, by JAREJIL

    I spent a almost a week after my great success at my w... Read more

  • Lost a couple more pounds

    7/7/2017 12:01:59 AM, by JAREJIL

    My weigh in was successful, then today I did a lot of walking, sightseeing through town, enjoyed my meals with out of town visitors and drank wat... Read more

  • Day 1

    7/4/2017 4:26:26 PM, by JAREJIL

    I really am going to stop starting over!! I am finally in a place that I 'get it'!! I always wanted to be small, so I could 'look good' and I wou... Read more

  • Freedom

    7/3/2017 11:58:23 PM, by JAREJIL

    What a wonderful feeling, I feel so positive, I am gra... Read more

  • Freedom

    7/3/2017 11:50:42 PM, by JAREJIL

    What a wonderful feeling, I feel so positive, I am gra... Read more

  • Water, Lean Muscle, Fat

    6/29/2017 5:45:16 PM, by JAREJIL

    I was so dissapointed to learn the weight loss journey... Read more

  • Building muscles

    6/27/2017 1:57:42 PM, by JAREJIL

    Now that I feel like I am getting water, logging my nu... Read more

  • Being fully committed

    6/26/2017 4:57:11 PM, by JAREJIL

    When I think about not thinking about focusing on what... Read more

  • Happy Father's Day

    6/18/2017 9:33:20 AM, by JAREJIL

    Thinking of the many wonderful Father figures in my li... Read more

  • Stress related nerves

    6/14/2017 1:18:07 PM, by JAREJIL

    Oooo I hate that antsy stress related nervousness over... Read more

  • The weigh in

    6/9/2017 10:38:11 PM, by JAREJIL

    Yes!! Success... Read more

  • Fitbit lessons

    5/29/2017 10:51:20 PM, by JAREJIL

    The most fascinating thing about the Fitbit is the knowledge. Seeing calories in vs calories out, in black and white makes it a whole lot easier ... Read more

  • Ready

    5/28/2017 1:58:17 PM, by JOE_ANNE2

    Going to try Keto. I will be back for updates soon.... Read more

  • Fitbit coaching

    5/23/2017 11:17:44 PM, by JAREJIL

    Finally starting to 'give in' to the Fitbit. I am very determined to make this happen, I have been goofing around with it for too long. I definat... Read more

  • Tangible logging

    5/21/2017 10:14:22 PM, by JAREJIL

    I am just getting the hang of logging and blogging, but each time I stay committed to a program, I learn more, and it helps me reach farther. The... Read more

  • New FitBit New routine

    5/13/2017 5:46:24 PM, by JAREJIL

    My favorite part about the Fitbit is that you can do c... Read more

  • Fitbit action

    4/25/2017 9:57:58 PM, by JAREJIL

    Finally broke down and bought a new Fitbit to replace the one that I absolutely could not get to work! So happy that, unlike my phone, it keeps m... Read more

  • Navy Mom

    4/2/2017 1:03:32 PM, by JAREJIL

    Up until now, my healthy journey has been focused on l... Read more

  • Making Peace with the World!

    3/24/2017 1:57:32 PM, by JAREJIL

    Always so much going on, so very very easy to get dist... Read more

  • Gym time

    3/21/2017 8:51:48 AM, by ALHOOVER81

    Got my son to school, now I'm at the gym. Currently on the bike, going at a steady pace. I forgot to do my inhaler this morning, but I remember... Read more

  • Spring is here

    3/20/2017 7:44:45 PM, by ALHOOVER81

    So looks like I haven't made a blog in awhile. I'm doing this from my phone, so pardon any misspellings. I'm really excited, I got approved for... Read more

  • Navigating

    3/14/2017 11:57:21 PM, by JAREJIL

    I am just going to try for one consistent month to figure out how to successfully navigate this whole site to make use of every part of it. There... Read more

  • Down 5kg

    3/12/2017 3:58:57 PM, by NYXWOLFWALKER

    Well finally got another 5kg (10lbs) off so I'm a happy camper all things considered.... Read more

  • Time flies!! Blog #1 The restart restart

    3/11/2017 5:12:10 PM, by JAREJIL

    So I clicked on the blog link, and up pops so many blogs, I thought I was reading about some other person. Turns out, that at one point, I was nu... Read more

  • Im back

    1/9/2017 6:31:33 PM, by ALHOOVER81

    I have been mia for the past several weeks. School was out for Christmas break so I took a break from getting on here. For the past 6 days I ha... Read more

  • Is it Friday yet

    12/22/2016 6:05:37 PM, by ALHOOVER81

    Well today is my last day for class until next year, that sounds weird to say. I take 2 tests today, hopefully we get to go home after them. Ot... Read more

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