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  • Visitors, fun, food celebrations

    7/10/2017 2:02:52 PM, by JAREJIL

    I spent a almost a week after my great success at my w... Read more

  • Lost a couple more pounds

    7/7/2017 12:01:59 AM, by JAREJIL

    My weigh in was successful, then today I did a lot of walking, sightseeing through town, enjoyed my meals with out of town visitors and drank wat... Read more

  • Day 1

    7/4/2017 4:26:26 PM, by JAREJIL

    I really am going to stop starting over!! I am finally in a place that I 'get it'!! I always wanted to be small, so I could 'look good' and I wou... Read more

  • Freedom

    7/3/2017 11:58:23 PM, by JAREJIL

    What a wonderful feeling, I feel so positive, I am gra... Read more

  • Freedom

    7/3/2017 11:50:42 PM, by JAREJIL

    What a wonderful feeling, I feel so positive, I am gra... Read more

  • Water, Lean Muscle, Fat

    6/29/2017 5:45:16 PM, by JAREJIL

    I was so dissapointed to learn the weight loss journey... Read more

  • Building muscles

    6/27/2017 1:57:42 PM, by JAREJIL

    Now that I feel like I am getting water, logging my nu... Read more

  • Being fully committed

    6/26/2017 4:57:11 PM, by JAREJIL

    When I think about not thinking about focusing on what... Read more

  • Happy Father's Day

    6/18/2017 9:33:20 AM, by JAREJIL

    Thinking of the many wonderful Father figures in my li... Read more

  • Stress related nerves

    6/14/2017 1:18:07 PM, by JAREJIL

    Oooo I hate that antsy stress related nervousness over... Read more

  • The weigh in

    6/9/2017 10:38:11 PM, by JAREJIL

    Yes!! Success... Read more

  • Fitbit lessons

    5/29/2017 10:51:20 PM, by JAREJIL

    The most fascinating thing about the Fitbit is the knowledge. Seeing calories in vs calories out, in black and white makes it a whole lot easier ... Read more

  • Ready

    5/28/2017 1:58:17 PM, by JOE_ANNE2

    Going to try Keto. I will be back for updates soon.... Read more

  • Fitbit coaching

    5/23/2017 11:17:44 PM, by JAREJIL

    Finally starting to 'give in' to the Fitbit. I am very determined to make this happen, I have been goofing around with it for too long. I definat... Read more

  • Tangible logging

    5/21/2017 10:14:22 PM, by JAREJIL

    I am just getting the hang of logging and blogging, but each time I stay committed to a program, I learn more, and it helps me reach farther. The... Read more

  • New FitBit New routine

    5/13/2017 5:46:24 PM, by JAREJIL

    My favorite part about the Fitbit is that you can do c... Read more

  • Fitbit action

    4/25/2017 9:57:58 PM, by JAREJIL

    Finally broke down and bought a new Fitbit to replace the one that I absolutely could not get to work! So happy that, unlike my phone, it keeps m... Read more

  • Navy Mom

    4/2/2017 1:03:32 PM, by JAREJIL

    Up until now, my healthy journey has been focused on l... Read more

  • Making Peace with the World!

    3/24/2017 1:57:32 PM, by JAREJIL

    Always so much going on, so very very easy to get dist... Read more

  • Gym time

    3/21/2017 8:51:48 AM, by ALHOOVER81

    Got my son to school, now I'm at the gym. Currently on the bike, going at a steady pace. I forgot to do my inhaler this morning, but I remember... Read more

  • Spring is here

    3/20/2017 7:44:45 PM, by ALHOOVER81

    So looks like I haven't made a blog in awhile. I'm doing this from my phone, so pardon any misspellings. I'm really excited, I got approved for... Read more

  • Navigating

    3/14/2017 11:57:21 PM, by JAREJIL

    I am just going to try for one consistent month to figure out how to successfully navigate this whole site to make use of every part of it. There... Read more

  • Down 5kg

    3/12/2017 3:58:57 PM, by NYXWOLFWALKER

    Well finally got another 5kg (10lbs) off so I'm a happy camper all things considered.... Read more

  • Time flies!! Blog #1 The restart restart

    3/11/2017 5:12:10 PM, by JAREJIL

    So I clicked on the blog link, and up pops so many blogs, I thought I was reading about some other person. Turns out, that at one point, I was nu... Read more

  • Im back

    1/9/2017 6:31:33 PM, by ALHOOVER81

    I have been mia for the past several weeks. School was out for Christmas break so I took a break from getting on here. For the past 6 days I ha... Read more

  • Is it Friday yet

    12/22/2016 6:05:37 PM, by ALHOOVER81

    Well today is my last day for class until next year, that sounds weird to say. I take 2 tests today, hopefully we get to go home after them. Ot... Read more

  • Feeling better

    12/21/2016 6:16:38 PM, by ALHOOVER81

    After feeling sick yesterday I woke up feeling better this morning. SO I have been doing so well with eating plant based, but I cheated yesterda... Read more

  • sickness

    12/20/2016 6:45:45 PM, by ALHOOVER81

    Well I woke up fine this morning. Had oatmeal for breakfast and then went to physical therapy for the day. By the time I got home I was feeling... Read more

  • UGH

    12/19/2016 7:16:29 PM, by ALHOOVER81

    So my physical therapist said I could not go to the gym while I am going through pt. I feel like I can strengthen my back even more if I exercis... Read more

  • today

    12/15/2016 6:41:55 PM, by ALHOOVER81

    Well today has been ruff. My lower back hip area has been hurting me all day, no pt today. I had to see my surgeon today for a place under my a... Read more

  • PT

    12/14/2016 6:38:34 PM, by ALHOOVER81

    SO My first day back at work was Dec 2, on Dec 9 I hurt my lower back at work. So any kind of moment, really anything including sitting hurts ri... Read more

  • Week 3

    12/12/2016 7:08:35 PM, by ALHOOVER81

    Well I haven't giving up and stopped eating plant based. With Christmas coming up I was asking my mom do I cheat and enjoy what everyone else is... Read more

  • This time around

    12/6/2016 7:29:51 PM, by ALHOOVER81

    So I changed my diet to vegan back in June, after several months I was off the bandwagon. Well I am tired of feeling bad and not losing weight l... Read more

  • Happy Thanksgivings

    10/10/2016 1:51:19 PM, by NYXWOLFWALKER

    Sighs not the best way to start the day 100% pain filled and foggy brain. Functioning at a pain level of between 6 and 8 while getting thanksgiv... Read more

  • For me :)

    8/29/2016 11:26:08 AM, by JOE_ANNE2

    These past few months I've been on the Ideal Protein diet and had lost 40 lbs. I've been on the maintenance phase as of the first of August and I... Read more

  • Camping Trip

    8/15/2016 6:55:11 PM, by NYXWOLFWALKER

    Well for the first time in a long time we went camping - we chose to do Crown Land camping, which was fun in general as we chose to camp out at t... Read more

  • 20 lbs down

    7/14/2016 10:16:21 AM, by ALHOOVER81

    So on June 8 I went vegan, no more meat or dairy. Because of that I dropped 20 lbs, with no exercising. I plan on starting to exercise in 2 wee... Read more

  • Glucose levels not on range

    6/23/2016 11:58:04 PM, by NYXWOLFWALKER

    This is getting annoying - my glucose levels starting going hyper after starting on the Gabapentin n that was supper frustrating. Been off the dr... Read more

  • Pain pain pain

    6/22/2016 10:34:13 AM, by NYXWOLFWALKER

    Ya yesterday was a great day in general but BLEEP I'm feeling it in the front part of my thys today. Was running around a golf course from 8am u... Read more

  • Grrr

    6/20/2016 10:26:40 AM, by NYXWOLFWALKER

    Well two days of over average calorie intake and not seeing any changes on the scale - yes I know can take time but normally when I over indulge ... Read more

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