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  • Spring, the Perfect Season to Set New Goals

    3/19/2017 2:38:17 PM, by TYMBERWOLFE

    So, Spring is right around the corner! I just got finished with the Winter challenge. I lost about 18 pounds (close to the 10% I was going for). ... Read more

  • I'm a Weaver Again

    3/17/2017 6:14:43 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    Went to Weavers Guild today. That group is so spirited...it makes me smile just thinking of all the wonderful ladies (and a few gents). They ev... Read more

  • Two Puzzles

    3/13/2017 7:45:48 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    Last week I had the Bod Pod done. It's like a space capsule you sit in for five minutes while the machines measure the fat and muscle in your bo... Read more

  • A Small World

    3/9/2017 8:34:22 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    My middle daughter and I went to a town 30 miles away today. We had been told this coin shop was the best around. After showing some of my husb... Read more

  • New Blood Pressure Plan

    3/6/2017 7:03:57 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    I took the book "Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally" back to the Library today. I'd renewed it twice and reached the limit. In the meantime, I... Read more

  • Starting over again

    3/5/2017 9:59:23 PM, by PENONE

    Starting over again soon right now taking the time to get meal plan in order and exercise plan too... Read more

  • Birthday Party

    3/4/2017 10:20:50 AM, by PATTI_PAL1

    This morning I needed Spark Coach. The subject was "Saboteurs". I'm going out of my comfort zone for a good friend. I needed that reminder to ... Read more

  • You Can Too!

    2/26/2017 2:59:20 PM, by TYMBERWOLFE

    Well, I finally got a full weekend off. The whole weekend! Yesterday I tutored but then went for a nice walk with my wife/partner (whichever i ch... Read more

  • Friendship Day

    2/24/2017 11:06:16 AM, by PATTI_PAL1

    Today is my "Friendship" Day. Starting with chest exercises to help my rotater cuffs work well, then visiting a friend who will help me get star... Read more

  • It's Working!

    2/21/2017 10:27:07 AM, by PATTI_PAL1

    About six weeks ago I signed up at the Army Wellness Center at Ft. Lewis (now called JBLM) for their weightloss program. I know, I've maintained... Read more

  • Living Nightmare

    2/18/2017 10:56:53 AM, by PATTI_PAL1

    What a nightmare..my alcoholic daughter forced her way into the house and wouldn't leave. I had to call the police. Sleep-deprived and still sh... Read more

  • Moving Day...Phase II

    2/13/2017 11:18:15 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    Today was moving day. To my middle daughter to hand off my loveseat and shelf for her in her new apartment....to the Equipment Bank to pick up t... Read more

  • Busy weekend and major decisions...

    2/12/2017 9:38:36 PM, by TYMBERWOLFE

    Well this weekend was busy. After I tutored on Saturday morning I came home and spent hours deep cleaning the house. It looks amazi... Read more

  • Got the Hospial Bed!

    2/11/2017 10:17:48 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    For those of you who have been following this saga, I will write the ending (I hope), For those of you who haven't read the other parts, I'l... Read more

  • Another Day at Home

    2/7/2017 9:22:02 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    No school again today, so no Needlework Group or Tatting or Zumba. For a few moments, I didn't know how I'd fill the day....yeah, sure. My ... Read more

  • Despite the Heavy Bed...She Sleeps

    2/6/2017 12:39:55 AM, by PATTI_PAL1

    Last night my daughter slept in her wheelchair. It still amazes me she chose to do that rather than sleep another night at my house. (Love the ... Read more

  • A Memorial Puts Things in Perspective

    2/5/2017 3:01:26 PM, by TYMBERWOLFE

    Well, it's been a long week. I worked a lot of overtime but I stuck to my diet, despite 2 days of my boss bringing in cakes and cookies. ... Read more

  • ...And It Rains!

    2/4/2017 12:06:51 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    Thanks so much for all the positive comments on my post about the Challenge of Moving on Thursday. Today is supposed to be the day everything go... Read more

  • Challenges Conquered

    2/3/2017 11:05:29 AM, by PATTI_PAL1

    I am SO grateful for Spark! Yesterday was a challenge in so many ways. I wonder how it would have been if I hadn't found Spark and hadn't lost ... Read more

  • Doing Better with the Tracker

    2/1/2017 11:27:01 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    Well, somehow the Jawbone UP Tracker is connected with Spark on my computer and added to my phone. I understand more with the videos and glad to... Read more

  • SparkTracker to Jawbone UP

    1/31/2017 11:15:58 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    I've received my Jawbone UP today and I think I'll like it. Haven't quite worked out how to get it to work for me yet...it comes up on my Spark ... Read more

  • Kale

    1/29/2017 10:46:49 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    When I went to the store last week, I noticed this HUGE bag of Kale. I surprised myself by reaching for it...and actually buying that much. It i... Read more

  • Moving Along...

    1/28/2017 10:59:25 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    One daughter had to move out of her rented house, and found a place very close to me. Another daughter already lives close to me, and is going t... Read more

  • Bod Pod

    1/18/2017 10:43:21 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    Have you ever done the Bod Pod? I did it today. It's a type of large "case" large enough for a person to sit in similar (to me) to a space caps... Read more

  • Getting Organized in 2017 (my work so far)

    1/17/2017 10:51:19 PM, by TYMBERWOLFE

    Well this past weekend we finished organizing the kitchen. As you can see we even labeled everything. I fixed things, hanged baskets, scrubbed ev... Read more

  • Next Sunday

    1/15/2017 11:08:03 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    Next Sunday would be our 28th Anniversary if my husband had lived another 5 months. I plan to mark the day by getting all 5 of my kids together ... Read more

  • Ok so it has been awhile...

    1/13/2017 11:29:47 AM, by JUDDLL

    I can't believe how far I have come in a year... I was looking forward to seeing what 2016 would bring and it has brought me a lot. 1. I am ... Read more

  • Refusing to quit!

    1/12/2017 10:06:23 PM, by TYMBERWOLFE

    Well, it's after the New Year and so much has happened. I found out I have heart disease which is pretty shocking at 42. Me and my f... Read more

  • Looking Forward

    1/11/2017 6:18:14 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    I'm signing up for four 5K races today. One each month for February-April...well,maybe two in April.... Read more

  • January 2017 RESTART

    1/11/2017 8:43:18 AM, by HEALTHY4CAROLYN

    WOW, did I really just type 201....7??! Oh my. Where ... Read more

  • "Volunteer Day"

    1/3/2017 11:47:57 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    My volunteer day turned out differently than expected. I got to SideWalk (helping homeless people find homes) and got a panic call from my young... Read more

  • A Stay-at-Home Day

    1/2/2017 12:14:56 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    For the New Year, I decided to get out my basic drawing books and begin using my "studio" to learn to paint what I draw. Also, sew those two pai... Read more

  • My Christmas Present

    1/1/2017 11:32:45 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    My son sent me the cookbook "Fork Over Knife"...all vegetarian foods. He is a marathon runner (15 in 2016!), a gourmet cook, and a vegan. I dec... Read more

  • Phone call

    12/28/2016 9:45:52 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    Well, I've talked with the mother in this situation I'm going through, and had to leave a message. Please keep me in mind. I hope she calls bac... Read more

  • Court Today

    12/23/2016 8:02:59 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    Part II--First story is my blog for December 9 called "Now What". ****************************
    ************... Read more

  • Zumba

    12/21/2016 3:35:20 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    Zumba is a lot of fun. At the Senior Center, we have Zumba Gold...low impact. I need that because I have doctor's orders not to do high impact.... Read more

  • Knitted Knockers

    12/20/2016 11:17:37 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    Have you heard of these? There's an organization based in Bellingham Washington sending out free to women who have had a mastectomy. They are e... Read more

  • The Wellness Center

    12/14/2016 12:23:11 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    I've been going to a class at McChord Airforce Base called MoveToHealth. There's a different health topic each week. It's helpful to me to focus... Read more

  • What I Do in the Winter

    12/12/2016 6:53:19 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    This cold and rainy spell has made me reexamine my exercise routine. Thank goodness I do have a library of DVDs that give me cardio and my Perso... Read more

  • Thank You!

    12/10/2016 10:08:51 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    Thanks to everyonex commented on my last blog. I read the whole document today, and it's pretty apparent that his mother has written the stateme... Read more

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