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  • Recipes

    11/25/2015 1:37:25 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    Both of the SparkTeams I lead have a "Recipes to Share" thread. They are some of the most popular threads, and I've recently posted a few recipe... Read more

  • End of the quarter

    11/25/2015 3:29:34 AM, by FRAYEA

    Final week in my college is coming up quick! I have a final presentation in one class.. then a 2hr math final and in my art class I have to do 4... Read more

  • Heat Tomorrow!

    11/24/2015 11:00:55 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    Hi to All of You, The Technician should be here early tomorrow morning. The doctor called to help us through the bad time my husband is hav... Read more

  • There's Heat in My Future

    11/23/2015 11:12:20 AM, by PATTI_PAL1

    I'll add to this blog later in the day. For now, here's the news: Anyway, I found out an hour ago that our furnace is under a 40 year warra... Read more

  • Crazy Busy Weekend, Start of the Holiday Week

    11/23/2015 10:59:35 AM, by BITSYANDTANK

    What a weekend. I wasn't able to get to my computer at all this weekend. Thankfully I was able to somewhat keep up on tracking with the SparkPeo... Read more

  • No Heat

    11/21/2015 10:51:23 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    The technician didn't fix the furnace. He found the problem and said it would be over $1500 to repair it. A new one similar to ours would cost ... Read more

  • I have the date...

    11/21/2015 8:08:12 PM, by JUDDLL

    December 15th! Woot! I have a the pre opp scheduled for December 2nd and it is a 4hr appointment. I didn't expect that. Plus I have to do the ... Read more

  • Sugar Challenge

    11/21/2015 3:00:21 PM, by SEANLOTZ

    I am doing SP's "Sugar Challenge," starting today. I eat a reasonably healthy diet--nothing fanatical, but reasonable--and pretty much have alway... Read more

  • Change of Plans

    11/20/2015 1:00:52 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    No heat today! Last month I missed the Weavers Guild because I was waiting for the furnace mechanic. Guess what? It's happened again. So,... Read more

  • Fitting exercise in when the kids are sick.

    11/20/2015 12:48:44 PM, by BITSYANDTANK

    The past two days have been challenging to get in exercise. My son has been sick. Nothing big, but, when you are 2, all you want to do is sit o... Read more

  • Pumpkin Stuffed with Everything Good

    11/19/2015 11:17:20 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    On Sunday my grandson, his girlfriend, my daughter, and the baby came to my house for the first big dinner I've cooked in months. The girlfriend... Read more

  • Wii Fit to the rescue

    11/17/2015 11:58:19 AM, by BITSYANDTANK

    High winds and a lot of rain today means the kids and I will be inside. I decided to take a look to see what fitness dvds might be available, an... Read more

  • My Holiday Declaration

    11/16/2015 11:22:06 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    It's been a battle....with myself. So, I'm telling you to keep me accountable. I've finally determined to lose weight over the holidays. Y... Read more

  • Making the most of a beautiful day.

    11/15/2015 6:33:56 PM, by BITSYANDTANK

    Living in the Pacific Northwest means rain, and lots of it. From what I've been told, it's going to last until June. For a sun craver like me, t... Read more

  • Pictures!

    11/12/2015 11:11:28 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    My friend brought me my camera. No wonder I couldn't find it. The night I was a gypsy Read more

  • Restaurant Day

    11/11/2015 9:59:18 AM, by PATTI_PAL1

    Today is a weird Restaurant day for me. Looking for some support as I venture out. It's a special day as the "Inspire Your Creativity" Group is... Read more

  • It Was Fun!

    11/10/2015 8:17:25 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    Note: I'm going to write this one for my Spin Me a Yarn Team Members and anyone interested in Spinning. If that's not you, please skip it and r... Read more

  • I don't eat enough.

    11/10/2015 1:20:38 AM, by SEANLOTZ

    With tracking food and counting calories, I am finding that I really don't eat all that much on my days off. I have long thought this was true, b... Read more

  • Thankful

    11/9/2015 12:04:43 AM, by TYMBERWOLFE

    This Thanksgiving I have so much to be thankful for. More specifically my partner who recently had a quadruple bypass. It started with chest pain... Read more

  • No Pictures

    11/8/2015 11:45:10 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    Today was the day to get ready to teach my Spindle Spinning Class on Tuesday. I emptied 4-5 Spindles, prepared leaders for several more, searche... Read more

  • Stationary Bike Victory!

    11/8/2015 9:19:21 PM, by SEANLOTZ

    At the end of August I bought a stationary bike. I don't remember exactly the train of thought which led to the purchase, but by the time I bough... Read more

  • Not doing good on the workouts yet but...

    11/8/2015 3:12:34 PM, by JUDDLL

    I have gotten my eating back under control again. The other day I went to the bathroom and when I was washing my hands I looked up in the mirror... Read more

  • Another Teaching Opportunity

    11/6/2015 6:30:39 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    Now that I've signed on to teach some fiber arts classes, I think I'm becoming the Fiber Artist on call. The Executive Director of the Folk Scho... Read more

  • So far so good

    11/4/2015 10:58:51 AM, by SEANLOTZ

    Day 5 and I've done pretty well. I suppose that means nothing--there is still plenty of time for me to drop the ball and lose interest completely... Read more

  • Recipes

    11/3/2015 9:13:36 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    Today I joined a Recipe Feed on my Maintenance Team. From time to time I'll probably share some of the recipes with you, too. So, here is my fi... Read more

  • 10K

    11/2/2015 12:16:28 AM, by PATTI_PAL1

    Today was my first 10K. I made it in 101 minutes--walking all the way. Last week I did a 5K and ran occasionally (even though my doctor told me... Read more

  • Halloween

    10/31/2015 1:39:03 AM, by PATTI_PAL1

    Usually my husband and I turn off the porch light and hide in the bedroom with all the lights off and watch TV. HONEST! This year he says he's ... Read more

  • Current Projects

    10/29/2015 3:15:40 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    Our Question of the Day on the Spin Me a Yarn Team (thanks to NANCYSGARDEN) yesterday was do describe what we are working on now. That got me to... Read more

  • A Day at Home Waiting

    10/28/2015 6:00:28 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    My car has a recall on it, and today was the day to get that done. Thanks to a shuttle ride I've spent the day weaving, spinning, knitting and l... Read more

  • My fridge is now full of urine samples...

    10/28/2015 12:55:28 PM, by JUDDLL

    LOL! I was upset about my sons eating a specific for me food and I wrote about it in my last blog. One of the lovely members here suggested put... Read more

  • Still struggling since I lost my friend...

    10/25/2015 8:08:34 PM, by JUDDLL

    I have been eating things I shouldn't and the stuff I can eat I have been eating to much of. I am still going ahead with the weight loss surgery... Read more

  • What a Weekend!

    10/25/2015 12:08:41 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    I'm having SO much fun the last few days. People telling me how much they appreciate and love me. Getting to talk to my Spark Maintenance Buddy... Read more

  • Skype

    10/24/2015 10:21:27 AM, by PATTI_PAL1

    Here is an idea for any of you that have made truly fantastic SparkFriend connections: Skype. I've just gotten offline with my Maintenance ... Read more

  • Haiku & Chinese Brush Painting

    10/22/2015 9:43:55 AM, by PATTI_PAL1

    No power at my house today. They are replacing a power pole just across the street from us. For once, I'm glad I'm going to be doing crea... Read more

  • Arts & Crafts

    10/21/2015 9:29:57 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    Today I learned (once again) how much I love the people around me...and that they love me, too. We had an Arts & Crafts Sale at the Senior Cente... Read more

  • October Meetup

    10/18/2015 2:12:01 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    Today is the day for the SparkPeople Meetup for the Olympia Team. I'm expectant and excited. It's fall and time to plan for the next few months... Read more

  • Sleeping Late

    10/16/2015 6:34:41 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    You know SparkPeople is big on getting 8 hours of sleep. Well, I usually wake up at 4:30 a,m. and it's go, go, go for the day. That was wonderf... Read more

  • Community Support

    10/15/2015 11:01:59 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    Today was a FUN day. I changed clothes 4 times. First to my robe since I didn't want to get all fancy that early. Than to my Halloween costume... Read more

  • Struggling with Myself

    10/14/2015 7:02:56 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    I reached Maintenance (yes, for me capitalized) over a year ago. I still don't know how many calories I should have daily. I know to lose weigh... Read more

  • Three Days to Rest

    10/13/2015 9:28:35 PM, by PATTI_PAL1

    After all the hubbub surrounding the fender fender (well, actually a bumper bump) and getting the car into the shop and me into a rental, I've ba... Read more

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