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ADS, ADS, ADS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6/18/2014 4:50:55 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Because of all the ads now on spark people, I'm constantly having to hit refresh before I can do anything on here. Takes me 1/2 an hour just to put my...  Read more


Should I start fresh with a new account?
6/1/2014 6:51:52 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I keep going up and down with my weight loss progress. I am wondering if I should scrap this one and start all over again. It gets really depressing s...  Read more


Next week's plan
4/26/2014 8:48:35 PM,  3 COMMENTS

1; eat clean 80% of the time. 2: Walk 25 miles ( 5 mils/day X5) 3: Do 30 mi of ST X 3 4: Stay in my calorie range or/and have calorie defici...  Read more


I jumped off the gluten-free wagon!!
2/27/2014 6:27:06 PM,  8 COMMENTS

With so much in the news about wheat, wheat intolerance and celiac disease I became very interested, because last summer I ate a sandwich from a well-...  Read more


Getting Back to Reducing Carbs
2/22/2014 7:37:48 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Sometimes I just want to kick myself for getting away from the carb control way of eating. When I am eating the low carb way, I am less sluggish and f...  Read more


S.M.A.R.T goals
1/17/2014 3:40:31 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I tend to fall off the wagon in the evenings and weekends when I tend to reach for unhealthy snacks even when I am not hungry. My goal for this ch...  Read more


5% Challenge Exercise Commitment
1/1/2014 2:08:21 PM,  7 COMMENTS

Exercise plan for the 5% winter challenge. I have lately been talking myself out of a morning workout, I will stop that and start to do 30 -60 m...  Read more


Grand D playing Tiger.
11/22/2013 11:01:53 AM,  6 COMMENTS

...  Read more


How long will it take to burn off those Halloween Fun Treats?
10/31/2013 8:07:51 AM,  20 COMMENTS

I received this from Pop Sugar this morning and just wanted to share it with you all. Just because those Halloween Fun Treats are small doesn't m...  Read more


Having trouble with Sparkpeople page/ internet and freezers
10/28/2013 3:33:08 PM,  8 COMMENTS

I am just in cranky mood today. First I am having trouble with the internet and the spark page is not coming on properly and second I get news that m...  Read more


Yoga- Learning to breath.
9/18/2013 4:02:22 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I signed up for 10 wk beginner yoga class last week. Today is my second session. Last week was all about learning to breath. No much calories burnt t...  Read more


CICO:Friday 30/2013
8/30/2013 8:41:23 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Eaten 1,766 ( over by 211) BMR* 1,650 Exercise 472 Total Burned 2,122 Differential -356 Water: 12 cup...  Read more


End of BLC2 : Come back for BLC23
8/29/2013 4:01:37 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Start weight: 164 lb End weight: 156 lb. The goal was to lose 12 lb so I am short 4 lb. I know I could have done better but sometimes stuff happ...  Read more


Excuses: Just one: No Time
7/22/2013 1:03:49 PM,  8 COMMENTS

I use that a lot. I have no time to exercise and to cook in the evening. Yet I will have time to sit and eat junk, read a book (I am an addict to hi...  Read more


7/19/2013 12:44:09 PM,  5 COMMENTS

My plan was to lose a pound a week through proper nutrition and exercise. I have not been losing consistently and it is not that the plan is a bad one...  Read more


7/3/2013 8:47:36 AM,  10 COMMENTS

These are June 5/2013 measurements Weight: 164 lb Neck: 14 in Bust: 39 in chest: 34 in (under the breasts) waist:38.2 Lower abs:...  Read more


Friday recipe.
6/28/2013 10:32:10 AM,  6 COMMENTS

I make a lentil soup with aramanth grain and kale here is the recipe. You can use any other grains and vegetables as well as change any of the s...  Read more


BLC22 Super ideas: Friday
6/21/2013 3:47:04 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I am always tempted to over eat during the weekend and be good during workdays. As the challenge this weekend is really to stay in calorie range this...  Read more


Healthy Breakfast idea:
6/17/2013 10:11:37 AM,  5 COMMENTS

Kashi high fibre mix: 7 whole grain flakes and granola : 1/3 cup Fibre 1 crunchy original cereal: 1/4 cup sunflower seeds :1TBS Pumpkins seeds:...  Read more


A Pictoral Blog to Celebrate Macki's Life
6/16/2013 8:21:30 AM,  67 COMMENTS

This week, we lost our Macki Girl and while no words could express how we feel, I thought this collection of photos might just do that. We will miss...  Read more


My Healthy Staples Grocery List
6/14/2013 4:05:43 PM,  16 COMMENTS

My Stapes Grocery List Bananas Apples or as season permits, berries.... Seasonal Fruit as available Carrots Lettuce Tomatoes Cu...  Read more


Working off unwanted calories....
6/12/2013 12:36:32 PM,  17 COMMENTS

I subscribe to a daily blog titled Pray Fit Daily. The Link to this website is at the bottom of this blog if you are interested. I received the...  Read more

SUNNY332 the direction of my GOALS (dreams with deadlines)
6/10/2013 5:10:43 PM,  25 COMMENTS

Just wanted to post a blog/update. BLC22 started last week and I already have learned so much about myself. #1.) I can do more than I t...  Read more


BLC22 S.M.A.R.T goals
6/9/2013 9:10:20 PM,  5 COMMENTS

What are my goals for the next 12 wks. 1: To stop sabotaging myself by not being consistent 2: Track my food every day 3: exercise at least 30...  Read more


Puree fruit in yogurt for a sweetener.
6/6/2013 4:23:03 PM,  6 COMMENTS

I stopped buying flavored sweetened yogurt and started using plain Greek yogurts. My favourite is President's Choice (PC) 0% plain. So instead of s...  Read more


BLC 22 begun today so here are my starting Measurements
6/5/2013 7:43:42 PM,  7 COMMENTS

Weight: 164 lb Neck: 14 in Bust: 39 in chest: 34 in (under the breasts) waist:38.2 Lower abs: 40 in Hips;44.5in thigh:27in knees:17.5i...  Read more


Biggest Looser Challenge22 here I come....
6/5/2013 9:30:31 AM,  27 COMMENTS

Go Ivory Falcons I am so happy to be a Falcon again for Challenge22 and am going to be giving this challenge my very best. I have an inju...  Read more


Tuesday: actions
6/4/2013 6:38:52 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Instead of goals I am recording my actions for today. I did not sleep well last night so a bad way to start the day. Just stretched The savin...  Read more


week 4 :
6/3/2013 7:09:23 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Still struggling with food issues. Weight going off slowly but I suppose I should not complain. The weekend was stressful and I am still getting ove...  Read more


How has it been going?
5/30/2013 8:49:04 AM,  10 COMMENTS

Ok, I have not been doing this 1500 cal challenge well the last week. Family stressed me out and I just found myself reaching for unhealthy servings...  Read more


Day 5 and Day 6:
5/21/2013 7:52:49 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Yesterday was a salt and bread craving day and I gave in. I ate a white biscuit : I am sure I enjoyed it and then this was followed by salted Pnu...  Read more


Monday: Victoria Day
5/20/2013 12:42:48 PM,  7 COMMENTS

It is holiday here and it turned to be a very nice day. I am at work as I had to dry some materials. Day 4: Calories: 1458 224 Exercise: 12...  Read more


Day 3: Went over!!
5/19/2013 8:29:19 AM,  7 COMMENTS

Day 3: The test of the weekend and I failed not to far out. I stayed within my Calorie range but over the 1500 limit so 2/30 days Exercise: 0 yes...  Read more


Day 2:
5/17/2013 7:01:56 AM,  6 COMMENTS

I made it to 1500 cal . Water and herbal tea : 14 cups. I finally got in my fat requirement by adding nuts and seeds. Exercise: 4 mile walk S...  Read more


Mini Challenge till my birthday.
5/15/2013 8:19:45 AM,  6 COMMENTS

June 15 I will be 57 and I decided to do a mini challenge till then. A 1500 calorie / day challenge. It is not going to be easy especially next we...  Read more


When Life Gets in the Way!!!
5/13/2013 9:05:09 PM,  4 COMMENTS

This seems to be the story of my life, and un-success lately! I work 40+ hours a week, tend to a house and 3 kids as well as try to fit in a healthy a...  Read more


Day 3: Great weekend.
5/13/2013 11:08:06 AM,  5 COMMENTS

Day 3: So far so good. Thanks for all suggestionsto deal with stress eating, I had a good weekend. I planned all the meals out and instead of going...  Read more


Stress eating
5/10/2013 8:12:40 AM,  4 COMMENTS

No idea why this week I reached out for biscuits but they sure showed up on my scale. A gain this week 39 and I felt like going for a bag of cookies....  Read more


Closing in on the 40 lb loss mark!
5/3/2013 11:25:28 PM,  7 COMMENTS

Just 2 lbs to go! When I first started over I weighed in a 253, that was just 2 lbs below my all-time highest weight. I am now down to 215! What...  Read more


Preparing for 5% challenge by saving Calories
5/1/2013 8:36:10 PM,  9 COMMENTS

This being a time to prepare for the spring into Summer 5% challenge, I am just looking at painless ways to stay in charge of my lifestyle so one of...  Read more


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