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  • Need info please

    5/18/2017 10:54:18 AM, by WONDERWOMAN806

    Does anyone know of a good website for someone with corn product allergies? I'm having to change my diet and I'd like to find substitutes in plac... Read more

  • College Graduation and Finding a New Wave of Motivation.

    5/3/2017 4:20:04 PM, by SPIRIT-WALKER

    It was 2 years ago that I shattered my wrist and I had to have plate and 9 pins put into it. During that time I gained about 50 lbs. At first, it... Read more

  • THRIVE...

    4/25/2017 10:18:23 AM, by WONDERWOMAN806

    Hi all... well today is my very first day to try thri... Read more

  • Trying seems pointless

    4/8/2017 5:09:25 PM, by ADDONEXUS

    I try so hard to loose weight and eat healthy and I just keep getting sick and it sets me back. Was put on steroids for just a few days and I bal... Read more

  • Maxiclimber

    4/4/2017 8:36:56 AM, by WONDERWOMAN806

    Anyone out there ever try a maxiclimber? I purchased one and I'm interested in feed back about it. 😁... Read more

  • Sugar Journal

    3/26/2017 1:20:29 PM, by SAMEDINA

    Huge cravings last night. Husband gone..is that why? Boredom? Sugar cravings are my body's response to quitting drinking! forgot about that lol... Read more

  • I decided to get up and make myself feel better..

    3/17/2017 4:17:45 PM, by WONDERWOMAN806

    So I took a selfie of my before and after. 🤔🤔... Read more

  • Frustrated.

    3/17/2017 12:51:55 PM, by WONDERWOMAN806

    I'm having a really hard time eating solid foods. I ate soup last night and oh man did i pay for it in the middle of the night. I thought I was h... Read more

  • Anyone ever used one of these?

    3/14/2017 1:13:15 PM, by WONDERWOMAN806

    I'm thinking of getting me one after I get better. An... Read more

  • I finally had my surgery!

    3/14/2017 10:27:58 AM, by WONDERWOMAN806

    Yesterday I went in to have my gall bladder removed. I felt awful the whole day. Today's a little better. I thank God for my husband and family.... Read more

  • Coach Nicole

    3/9/2017 10:54:25 AM, by SAMEDINA

    I don't know why but I am really comfortable with Coach Nicoles workouts and blogs. I miss her presence here at SP. I'm glad there are videos and... Read more

  • Feelin' It.

    3/9/2017 10:30:25 AM, by SAMEDINA

    I lost 50 lbs. with the assistance and accountability of Sparkpeople once before. I gained it back and tried to lose it again but I wasn't very f... Read more

  • Surgery finally!! :)

    3/7/2017 11:30:01 AM, by WONDERWOMAN806

    I'm finally having this gall bladder taken out. I will have surgery on the 13th of this month. I'm excited and a little nervous. I just got back ... Read more

  • Stomach pain go away!!

    3/6/2017 1:07:10 PM, by WONDERWOMAN806

    Finally finally after almost a year and a half of being sick...and also being told from numerous doctors what could possibly be wrong with me I f... Read more

  • Been a while!

    4/12/2016 11:06:10 AM, by REDTEDDY

    I have not been on here a while and there has been a very good reason :). I am currently 11 weeks pregnant and been suffering from all the sympto... Read more

  • Exhausted!

    2/11/2016 10:24:32 AM, by REDTEDDY

    Wow! This facilitation is rough on the emotions. Even though I have shared my story with other groups, it is always so draining when talking abou... Read more

  • Grumble...grumble...grumb

    2/1/2016 9:22:04 AM, by REDTEDDY

    So struggling with the sicky-woo's this week. Need to work though so just dragging myself through today. Lucky I enjoy my job or it would be even... Read more

  • What a week!

    1/25/2016 10:49:47 AM, by REDTEDDY

    Aarg! Had a bad week, and to top it all off, I rolled over last night in my sleep and gave myself a black eye on the corner of the side table... ... Read more

  • Slow Saturday...

    1/16/2016 9:39:49 AM, by REDTEDDY

    Well... slow working day. But it is OK. Listening to Blues and Rock while I wait. So starting to feel good. Got up to my goal of 30 minutes per e... Read more

  • Keep on moving it...

    1/14/2016 9:33:03 AM, by REDTEDDY

    So is has been a while. Just got my mini stepper and in a week have gone from doing 5 minutes a day to doing 40 minutes a day. Tough job conditio... Read more

  • Sooooo hoooot!

    12/5/2015 7:32:14 AM, by REDTEDDY

    Wow! It is incredibly hot in the Cape lately. But it gives me a good excuse to keep my water intake up. Was so cross at my cat, she was playing a... Read more

  • Today...

    12/4/2015 8:36:42 AM, by REDTEDDY

    So my husband and I are trying to get pregnant and I have 1 week left before I can test. And I hate waiting!!! It is so frustrating waiting for t... Read more

  • Just another day.

    12/3/2015 7:48:03 AM, by REDTEDDY

    Well today started off very well. Now as I sit at home doing a job that I both love and fear. It is so strange that most of my thoughts are so co... Read more

  • Nice to just write sometimes...

    11/27/2015 5:06:12 AM, by REDTEDDY

    Well the home business is going well. I am taking a much needed 'easy time' break. I was so wiped out and I think I had a bit of a burnout! The f... Read more

  • rough days...

    10/11/2015 6:38:38 AM, by REDTEDDY

    Well there has been a lot of change in my life lately and the stress is enormous! Now I am setting up my work from home business, trying to get p... Read more

  • I'm back!

    1/3/2015 4:06:37 PM, by WALESHL

    Today I made the choice. You know the one you keep saying "I really should do that..." Today I made the choice. Yes one many make this time of ... Read more

  • So long summer; Happy New Year

    8/31/2014 9:46:12 AM, by EJRANVILLE

    Most of my life has been driven by an academic calendar. My dad was a teacher, I was in school K-12 then 4 years of college, my husband has alway... Read more

  • Breaking old habits

    2/22/2014 11:29:30 AM, by HUMYBYRD

    Getting back into the habit of daily Spark entries is tough. I was really busy for a couple days and it turned into a week. I really sucks to hav... Read more

  • Sick Sick Sick

    2/19/2014 10:41:21 AM, by ADDONEXUS

    It seems to be that I am sick 3/4 of a month... give or take... (well my friend pointed it out to me when he came over with some medicine) I keep... Read more

  • Resuming the journey.

    2/10/2014 2:29:13 PM, by HUMYBYRD

    I was doing really great three years ago and for some reason I just stopped tracking on Sparks. I really believe that was the start of my old hab... Read more

  • Trail ride

    11/16/2013 9:55:44 PM, by RAKASHA

    First trail ride in a while, lots of new people and Cochise had to play drag. He always does great on the trail but did better than I'd have ever... Read more

  • Great weekend with the pony

    11/10/2013 6:11:42 PM, by RAKASHA

    So Diamond went out to the pasture to grow up a little more for a couple of months. I spent this weekend working with Cochise. We're going to try... Read more

  • Day 106: 42 days since my last confession, I mean blog.

    11/6/2013 1:52:28 PM, by NYX_2015

    Okay... blogging is not really my thing, but I can concede it's value if only because it makes you 'think' about what you are trying to achieve. ... Read more

  • Always failing!

    10/10/2013 12:05:58 AM, by TAYLIANNA2

    Okay, I will start off with the good news, my husband finally got full time at a job in his field. We will be financially okay. My son is growing... Read more

  • Day 63: Bought a FitBit Flex

    9/24/2013 1:15:51 PM, by NYX_2015

    I often don't have time to go to the gym, so my goal this month is to get those '10,000 steps' in consistently. I had a little clip on pedometer,... Read more

  • about...

    9/23/2013 9:17:42 AM, by ELAOPET

    This has been the worst summer of my life. Dramatic, but true statement. I got a job, after many doubts and fears. And I liked it a lot! I h... Read more

  • Day 47: Spark Ap Disappointment

    9/8/2013 11:05:22 PM, by NYX_2015

    I was camping this past weekend and was prepared to use the Spark Ap on my Galaxy 3 phone for the first time.. I was disappointed. I found it ... Read more

  • Day 40: Plateau already??

    9/2/2013 1:53:15 AM, by NYX_2015

    Rather than set a long-term weight loss goal which I figured would seem to large to ever reach, I set a short-term and hopefully attainable one. ... Read more

  • Day 32: Empty Nester

    8/24/2013 9:22:46 PM, by NYX_2015

    My daughter moved into her dorm at the university today. I'm incredibly excited for her, but I'm feeling the "empty nest" blues already. I almo... Read more

  • Day 29: I got caught!! LOL

    8/21/2013 2:16:51 PM, by NYX_2015

    Everyone was out of the office.. my chance to get in a little exercise! I turned on the 10 minute Kick Boxing Video.. was half way through when... Read more

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