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  • Bad food day

    2/4/2016 12:41:59 AM, by RAERAE1984

    Totally making poor food choices today. Breakfast wasn't healthy and I know it. Lunch was supposed to be healthy turned out it wasn't as healthy... Read more

  • 2/3/16 - Bedtime

    2/3/2016 10:34:17 PM, by GORDON66

    As I was doing some strength exercises, I was very happy that I didn't step on EJ kitty. He was in my face, circling around my ankles, and weavi... Read more

  • Extra workout

    2/3/2016 9:12:42 PM, by BSGREEN42

    I love to eat, so I have decided to add extra exercise and smaller portions to help with my weakness.... Read more

  • Enjoy Super Bowl Sunday Without Packing on the Pounds!

    2/3/2016 8:59:18 PM, by THEFITTCHICK

    Did you know Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest f... Read more

  • Reasons for changing my life

    2/3/2016 8:58:41 PM, by SMTURN70

    This started because I didn't like the way I looked in pictures with my family. Sure my jeans, and shirts had gotten tighter. I had to put a lot ... Read more

  • Day 2

    2/3/2016 8:41:29 PM, by LUCRETIA14

    I stayed within my calorie range (1392 yay!) -- only drinking water from here on out -- and got a bunch of stuff done. I'm feeling cautiously opt... Read more

  • Running pants

    2/3/2016 8:34:48 PM, by FITNFAB2016

    Every type of pants I buy, mostly yoga pants, start running down while I run. It's like they get stretched out while working out. I can't focus... Read more

  • I received a cash reward today!

    2/3/2016 8:20:23 PM, by TWEETIBEAR

    My 9 year old granddaughter told me in this afternoon's visit that she is proud of me for working on my "new illness" (diabetes), and she made me... Read more

  • Don't want to get discouraged

    2/3/2016 7:42:11 PM, by MEESA80

    I've been using the program since last Monday and I've completely changed the way I eat. I still eat 50% of what I used to just in the proper po... Read more

  • Sweet Treat

    2/3/2016 4:30:17 PM, by CAITLINR83

    My new favorite sweet treat! Coconut milk yogurt, fres... Read more

  • Squats

    2/3/2016 3:27:15 PM, by LONDONFOG222

    Oh, my! I try these and I can't seem to get the right form to make it through....any ideas?... Read more

  • Additional help....maybe.

    2/3/2016 2:57:05 PM, by EVANS62201

    I think I'm going to try a dietitian to help me with my goals. I've read articles & do what I can for eating healthy but I'm not sure if it's eno... Read more

  • Sleep

    2/3/2016 1:35:37 PM, by CRYSTALSMISSION

    Sleep is important, I know, but evades me when my pain levels are up. ... Read more

  • Sleep

    2/3/2016 12:50:52 PM, by CRYSTALSMISSION

    Sleep is important, I know, but evades me when my pain levels are up. ... Read more

  • Wired!

    2/3/2016 12:14:43 PM, by PPEAKINGBY

    Went to bed late midnight last night. To me that's late. I had way too much on my mind.... couldn't sleep. Then got up at 7am to my son covere... Read more

  • Broke down and wore my belt

    2/3/2016 10:27:13 AM, by AUNTRENEE

    I got a belt on Black Friday in the men's department at Target and finally having to wear it. I'm wearing my 18W jeans and they are really baggy ... Read more

  • Day 4

    2/3/2016 10:04:31 AM, by FREELES

    Yesterday was a productive day. After work I headed to the grocery store to stock up on fruits and veggies for this week. When I got home I did a... Read more

  • After Whole30

    2/3/2016 9:59:53 AM, by SLW1299

    My husband cooked dinner last night. He "loves to cook", but seldom allows nutrition to factor into his meals. He did ask me if I could eat mac... Read more

  • Feeling better

    2/3/2016 8:41:01 AM, by RAERAE1984

    Went to the gym, got my butt kicked... and I'm okay with that. After a month I think I'm finally getting used to it because I came home and sta... Read more

  • Changes at work

    2/3/2016 1:33:11 AM, by SIXLESTER69

    I'm a CNA and for awhile now I've been using a pedometer app on my phone to count my steps during my shift. Well over the weekend I was informed ... Read more

  • Rest To See Victory

    2/3/2016 12:12:28 AM, by MISSDAISY23

    Meditate On ..."Sit at My right hand, till I mak... Read more

  • Day 9

    2/3/2016 12:05:22 AM, by TTAYFEL1997

    Hi everyone, I'm back. So today was my first day of classes for my Soring term of college. I'm taking four classes on Tuesday and Thursday. So m... Read more

  • 2/2/16 - Bedtime

    2/2/2016 11:58:41 PM, by GORDON66

    Today we got about 3/4 " rain. If it had been colder, that would have been 8" of snow. Thank goodness for the higher temperatures!!! ... Read more

  • Insomnia

    2/2/2016 11:32:24 PM, by EROJEK

    Baby up all hours of the night and when he sleeps I still cant. I dont know how I'm keeping myself from eating all the sugar foods in the house b... Read more

  • Excited

    2/2/2016 7:49:28 PM, by RAERAE1984

    I'm excited to get back in the gym tonight. My trainer always works me hard and I know he's picking up the pace this month... so hopefully I'll ... Read more

  • 18" dolls are excited...early Spring means camping and a new sleeping bag! (PICS)

    2/2/2016 3:31:40 PM, by TWEETIBEAR

    This is my latest project. I have 4 different sleeping bags finished and hope to finish 4 more before the Spring craft show. Of course this "p... Read more

  • Day 8.

    2/2/2016 3:31:29 PM, by KEELINMARIE

    The closer I get to my time of month the more I eat. Foods that I normally wouldn't eat either. Cake, fast food, chips. How do I stop overeating?... Read more

  • New Shoes

    2/2/2016 3:30:08 PM, by CONFUSEDBIRD

    The new plumbers finally came, they were way more pricey. The issue is fixed, I can do my cloth diapers again! I started PT last week for a... Read more

  • Had to say goodbye to my Fitbit Flex

    2/2/2016 2:30:16 PM, by BACCSURFS

    I had to return my Fitbit Flex yesterday. Discovered it just wasn't accurately measuring my steps. Hubby got the one and we spent a day shoppin... Read more

  • Day 14- sore

    2/2/2016 12:08:11 PM, by FOXYTAY

    I've been lifting weights and my muscles are super sore! Also have had a hard time remembering to update every Cal. Eaten and every calories burn... Read more

  • Healthy Lunch Ideas?

    2/2/2016 11:51:51 AM, by MORATO

    Does anyone have any good healthy lunch recipes?... Read more

  • Pushing through

    2/2/2016 11:19:43 AM, by PPEAKINGBY

    Cramping and girl stuff.... working to push through it!! Need to stay strong.... need some positive feed.... Read more

  • Day 5

    2/2/2016 10:34:04 AM, by SPYSZKAD

    Going strong hopefully this month I will make my goal have a good day... Read more

  • Vitamins

    2/2/2016 9:59:40 AM, by TWEETONE

    What kind of vitamins do you take??? I'm sometimes sluggish and low in energy, so I have just started taking centrum multivitamins. I am hoping ... Read more

  • Day 84 - Husband has expressed a desire to lose weight too.

    2/2/2016 9:28:27 AM, by 16TO10

    This will be a big help to me in my own weight loss efforts. I feel responsible to help him since I do all the shopping and cooking. I no longer ... Read more

  • Keeping it a good week.

    2/2/2016 9:11:40 AM, by BSGREEN42

    Day two without any soda and 8 glasses of water.... Read more

  • Another day...

    2/2/2016 1:12:53 AM, by SIXLESTER69

    Went way over on my calories yesterday...... Read more

  • One week...

    2/2/2016 12:04:46 AM, by SHAR1MOMENT

    Wow it has been one week now and I am still desperately trying to figure this app out and the group and trying to find similar friends on this jo... Read more

  • Proud

    2/2/2016 12:01:10 AM, by RAERAE1984

    So, I am feeling rathet proud of my self. I had a weak moment of willpower and bought a box of oreos. However they've sat unopened on my shelf f... Read more

  • Day 8

    2/1/2016 11:45:14 PM, by TTAYFEL1997

    Hi everyone, so I know I haven't been keeping up with my blogs and I'm sorry. I'm going to make it a goal to blog at least twice a week. So nothi... Read more

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