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Blogs by Members of SP Class of April 13-19, 2008

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  • July Goals

    7/2/2015 1:46:05 PM, by SHEENADEE

    1) Get to bed by 1AM. 2) Close the kitchen at 9PM. 3) Do yoga 3x per week. #3 is the only one that should be relatively easy for m... Read more

  • 6/30/15

    6/30/2015 1:59:24 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    Instead of just setting in a chair, I used my stability ball& got some exercise in.... Read more

  • Food Binge

    6/26/2015 12:46:40 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    When I feel a food binge coming on. I can 1. Go for a walk. 2. Call a friend. 3. Read a book. 4. Check in with one of the Spark people gr... Read more

  • Weekend Eats and weekly weigh in (14 weeks left until our Wedding)

    6/3/2015 7:06:39 PM, by MARYONAMISSION

    Hello Friends, I finally feel like my life is under control and see a bright happy future. I finally saw a sleep specialist and she diagnosed ... Read more

  • PAWSE - 5/27/15

    5/27/2015 2:08:47 PM, by SHEENADEE

    PLAN/PREPARE for the coming week. - Starting this week, I will post my dinner plans here. This has really helped me in the past to actually make... Read more

  • PAWSE - 5/20/15

    5/21/2015 1:12:54 AM, by SHEENADEE

    My first PAWSE for BLC Round 28: PLAN/PREPARE for the coming week! - I planned a few dinners and will have leftovers with salads the other ... Read more

  • What I ate Wednesday and Weekly Weigh in (17 weeks left until our Wedding)

    5/13/2015 1:31:07 PM, by MARYONAMISSION

    I have really been struggling lately. I’m binge eating 3-4 times a week after work to deal with the stress and anxiety. Almost always I binge o... Read more

  • Determine

    5/9/2015 9:54:12 AM, by LYCO123

    how many of u start each day new and challenges and fall to the way side with u weight loss goals. This am I am refreshed determine to make each... Read more

  • Thank you broken toe…

    4/24/2015 1:33:48 PM, by TESS504

    For the last few years I’ve maintained my weight goal. In February I broke my toe and about the same time committed to a vegan diet for lent. ... Read more

  • 4/15/15

    4/16/2015 2:48:45 AM, by RDNKWMN49

    The healthy habit that's the hardest for me to stick with is exercise. I procrastinate, make excuses, and avoid exercise. I'm getting better. I ... Read more

  • Weekend Food Blog & Weekly Weigh in (Count down to the wedding!)

    4/13/2015 3:55:46 PM, by MARYONAMISSION

    My name is Mary and I’m a type 2 diabetic. "Hi Mary" I’m a type II diabetic and I’m the worst. I’m the kind of patient doctor’s... Read more

  • some peace

    4/13/2015 6:12:12 AM, by MAGGIE_SLIM

    Whoo hoo! Another walk down. I am enjoying my walks in the morning. Just me and my dog and my music. No one else, and I mean no one else. It seem... Read more

  • Day 19

    4/10/2015 1:30:40 PM, by NEWMARILYN

    I'm not doing so good. My BP went sky high on Wednesday. I've been eating out of control. I can't get any good sleep. And, I'm having really bad ... Read more

  • a much better start!

    4/9/2015 6:34:29 AM, by MAGGIE_SLIM

    Today went so much better. I bought some new shoes and an $8 pedometer that clips to your pants. I got all my gear on and went to get my dog, and... Read more

  • I am so disappointed. . .

    4/8/2015 6:54:25 AM, by MAGGIE_SLIM

    I havent been on the blog part of this site for quite awhile as you can see, like 3 years :( but i have been using the tracking information. How... Read more

  • 4/6/18

    4/6/2015 11:30:24 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    The date I've set to reach my goal weight is December 30th 2015. I think it is reasonable. I'm going to do it!... Read more

  • Day 15

    4/6/2015 2:08:53 PM, by NEWMARILYN

    Why can't I do this?... Read more

  • 4/5/15

    4/5/2015 9:45:33 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    Since I've been eating healthy, I have more energy. I feel better about myself. I think before I eat and eat consciously. I chew my food. I have ... Read more

  • Day 12

    4/3/2015 10:01:04 AM, by NEWMARILYN

    ... Read more

  • 4/2/15

    4/2/2015 8:25:09 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    Today I feel good. I had some time to kill so I went to a store and walked for 45 minutes.... Read more

  • Day 11

    4/2/2015 11:02:56 AM, by NEWMARILYN

    ... Read more

  • Day 10

    4/2/2015 11:02:31 AM, by NEWMARILYN

    ... Read more

  • 4/1/15

    4/1/2015 11:41:23 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    Compliment 1. I took my walk today and completed 35 min. even though it was cool and very windy. I wanted to turn around but kept going. 2. ... Read more

  • Day 9

    3/31/2015 12:40:59 PM, by NEWMARILYN

    Well, I ate ice cream with the kids last night. It tasted really good. But,... Read more

  • 3/30/15

    3/30/2015 5:46:44 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    I seldom give 100% to my work outs. I'm working on that! It's a combination of effort and attitude!... Read more

  • Day 8

    3/30/2015 12:40:46 PM, by NEWMARILYN

    I'm back on track. But, I am hating the way that I look. Every time I pass a... Read more

  • Day 7

    3/30/2015 12:38:15 PM, by NEWMARILYN

    Well, this weekend just didn't work for me. I ate 2 cookies, drank 2 7-up sodas and ate 1 piece of fried chicken breast. Oh, I also did not ... Read more

  • 3/29/15

    3/29/2015 11:44:59 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    When I feel an eating binge coming on I can 1. Go for a walk, use the eliptical or treadmill. 2. Get a healthy snack- celery, apple, carrot... Read more

  • Day 6

    3/28/2015 8:38:31 PM, by NEWMARILYN

    Uh Oh! I skipped some meals on today...two to be exact. I didn't portio... Read more

  • 3/27/15

    3/27/2015 10:54:13 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    I've thought about an inspirational quote,and thought of several. However I have been procrastinating and making excuses for not taking my walk. ... Read more

  • Day 5

    3/27/2015 12:28:00 PM, by NEWMARILYN

    God is good! God is good! God is good! I am down 8 pounds. Praise God! ... Read more

  • Day 4

    3/26/2015 11:26:18 AM, by NEWMARILYN

    I'm eating too fast. I've realized that I am so anxious about my food inta... Read more

  • 3/25/15

    3/25/2015 11:04:25 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    I have been passing up soda/ diet soda when we go out to eat. I have water or tea.... Read more

  • Current BMI and BMR as of 3/25/15

    3/25/2015 11:42:05 AM, by NEWMARILYN

    Thes... Read more

  • Day 3

    3/25/2015 10:57:09 AM, by NEWMARILYN

    I had such a horrible night. I have, traditionally, had mood swings when... Read more

  • Day 2

    3/24/2015 9:38:08 AM, by NEWMARILYN

    I'm approaching today a little more cautiously. I don't know what I'm feel... Read more

  • I’m Engaged!!!

    3/23/2015 5:23:41 PM, by MARYONAMISSION

    First and foremost Rich and I got Engaged!!!! Woot Woot! I love my vintage art deco diamond engagement ring. It belonged to Rich’s great-g... Read more

  • Day 1

    3/23/2015 2:26:59 PM, by NEWMARILYN

    Alright, I am over half way through Day 1 of my New Start. And, I'm not hungr... Read more

  • Uncovering Marilyn

    3/23/2015 10:40:20 AM, by NEWMARILYN

    I have battled my weight on and off for the past 21 years. This issue is now grown up enough to be released. I have lost 90 pounds, thanks to God... Read more

  • 3/20/15

    3/21/2015 12:08:10 AM, by RDNKWMN49

    I'm not sure who has benefited from my " lifestyle changes" except my husband has noticed. I have definitely benefited! I have a little more ener... Read more

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