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Blogs by Members of SP Class of April 13-19, 2008

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  • It's been so long!

    12/29/2015 6:06:00 AM, by DESIDERATA~GIRL

    It's surprising that considering how significant SP was in my weight loss, that I have not really used it in the last year and a half! I used to ... Read more

  • Sooooo.....5th time's the charm, right?!

    12/16/2015 8:31:52 AM, by SKNYDEE

    Ok, this isn't just my fifth time trying to eat healthy or "go on a diet" or change my lifestyle. Its much more than that. But I think it is my f... Read more

  • 12/2/15

    12/2/2015 9:52:11 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    Today I'm going to continue to keep doing what I've been doing!... Read more

  • 12/1/15

    12/1/2015 10:07:42 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    As my clothes get too big, I'm count to donate them. I want them out of my house.if they aren't in my house, I can't wear them.... Read more

  • 11/30/15

    11/30/2015 10:25:20 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    Going shopping for clothes is embarrassing, and depressing. I dread it.... Read more

  • 11/27/15

    11/27/2015 8:17:04 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    I'm definately a glass half full.I'm very proud of myself. Yesterday was Thanksgiving. I managed to sample the food and even had a small slice of... Read more

  • 11/25/15

    11/25/2015 9:17:24 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    My biggest supporters are the other spark people.... Read more

  • 11/24/15

    11/24/2015 8:48:28 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    I know I've had a good workout, when I'm soaked with sweat, torred, and I finished the entire woorkout.... Read more

  • 11/23/15

    11/23/2015 9:02:42 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    I'm grateful for my family because they are my strength and support.... Read more

  • 11/21/15

    11/21/2015 8:55:53 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    To me health means to be active,comfortable weight, and flexable. It means to be pain free when I walk. It also means getting a good night's slee... Read more

  • 11/17/15

    11/17/2015 10:26:14 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    1. I've gotten my 10,000+ steps in every day (I've been using the stability ball but I can feel the difference -progress). 2. I'm drinking at l... Read more

  • 11/16/15

    11/16/2015 10:15:08 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    I'm not sure if you I'm really good at anything in particular.... Read more

  • 11/15/15

    11/15/2015 9:37:23 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    This week I'd like to lose 1p pound.... Read more

  • 11/14/1

    11/14/2015 8:59:06 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    There's not buck I like am out my body.I can bend over and touch the floor. Today I needed to go to the grocery store. Instead of getting the car... Read more

  • 11/ 11/15

    11/11/2015 9:17:54 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    My biggest supporter has been the coaches and Sparkpeople members.... Read more

  • 11/10/15

    11/10/2015 8:20:04 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    1.I feel better, stronger. 2.I sleep better. 3. My clothes fit better. 4.I feel proud of myself. I have a sense of accomplishment. ... Read more

  • 11/9/15

    11/9/2015 10:26:52 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    When I feel like binging I can 1. Take a walk. 2. Read a book. 3. Work on a craft project ( you can't eat and knit at the same time). 4.... Read more

  • 11/8/15

    11/8/2015 10:47:09 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    Today I feel encouraged.... Read more

  • 11/6/15

    11/6/2015 9:14:44 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    I have been getting my 10,000 + steps daily.... Read more

  • 10/13/15

    10/13/2015 6:46:04 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    I feel anxious.... Read more

  • 10/8/15

    10/8/2015 11:35:40 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    What motivates me to exercise is how I feel later.... Read more

  • 10/7/15

    10/7/2015 4:51:39 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    I am grateful for my family because they love me unconditionally.... Read more

  • 10/5/15

    10/5/2015 10:45:46 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    I'm a half full type of person. I try to be positive, encouraging, and supportive. Every day is filled with challenge, adventure, ,and learning ... Read more

  • 10/1/15

    10/1/2015 6:15:23 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    Proud of myself. I've made good food choices, used my time shopping to get in some exercise, and brought healthy snacks with me.... Read more

  • 9/30/15

    9/30/2015 7:53:57 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    I can't think of anything I'm really good at.... Read more

  • 9/29/15

    9/29/2015 10:53:17 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    Things I can do when I feel a food binge coming in: 1. Take a walk. 2. Clean a room in my house. 3. Call a friend. 4. Blog or ask for hel... Read more

  • 9/21/15

    9/21/2015 11:33:02 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    I will 1. Eat more vegetables. 2. Schedule exercise. 3. Complete my daily Spark tasks.... Read more

  • Weekend Food Blog & Weigh in #2

    9/20/2015 11:30:00 PM, by MARYONAMISSION

    This past week was mostly good. I worked out 4 days and because of meal planning/prepping over the weekend my food was on point. Read more

  • Weekend Food Blog & After Wedding Weigh in #1

    9/15/2015 8:51:09 PM, by MARYONAMISSION

    Hi All, Well I’m finally hitched and I promise I’ll do a wedding blog soon as it was an amazing, wonderful day that I’ll keep close to my... Read more

  • day 8

    9/8/2015 3:25:14 PM, by MAGGIE_SLIM

    Today is a rest day, I am so glad it is a rest day. My body aches but nothing like day 3 :) I was a very big skeptic when people said I would get... Read more

  • day 4--rest day

    9/5/2015 2:04:39 AM, by MAGGIE_SLIM

    Ah I was able to sleep properly and rest a bit so my legs are starting to feel much better, still a little tender, but better than yesterday :)... Read more

  • day 3 finished!

    9/3/2015 8:02:10 PM, by MAGGIE_SLIM

    I am very sore. Tomorrow is my rest day and I am so happy for it. I cannot get up and down my own stairs right now. Haha I know this will be wort... Read more

  • day 2 completed!

    9/2/2015 9:10:28 PM, by MAGGIE_SLIM

    I have successfully finished day 2 of my 30 day Challenge. My legs are more sore than they have ever been, I almost fell down my stairs this morn... Read more

  • no changes in a month!

    9/1/2015 9:40:08 PM, by MAGGIE_SLIM

    So I did try to do the 30 day ab challenge and failed miserably. But I continued to walk everyday until I was soaked in sweat and my knees were w... Read more

  • Well...

    8/28/2015 10:31:18 AM, by NEWMARILYN

    ...I have no real excuse. Because, life will always be there until death. So, getting my daughter through her senior year and into college is not... Read more

  • What does it take for me?

    8/14/2015 12:58:26 PM, by SKNYDEE

    Me at work. I am having so much fun getting ba... Read more

  • Starting again and really excited about it!

    8/13/2015 1:16:14 PM, by SKNYDEE

    OK. So I've been in a bit of a slump for the past coup... Read more

  • (not) losing heart

    8/5/2015 10:20:05 AM, by MAGGIE_SLIM

    I have been walking and eating so much better for a bit now but I haven't noticed a difference in the way my clothes are fitting. Now I know I ju... Read more

  • Love this website----

    8/1/2015 10:53:28 PM, by DOCKO56

    This website is the best thing out there---I have "met" so many people that I admire and there are so many positive, supportive people here. Onl... Read more

  • 8/1/15

    8/1/2015 2:23:38 PM, by RDNKWMN49

    If I feel a binge coming on I can 1. Go for a walk. With the dog. 2. Work on a craft project. I can't knit and eat. 3. Call a frien. 4. B... Read more

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