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Blogs by Members of SP Class of Jan. 6- 12, 2008 aka Honey's BUSY Bees

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  • Fitting it all in

    9/1/2015 10:23:45 AM, by 2MUCHFLUFF

    Today has thrown a wrench in my carefully planned week. My husband has a doctor's appointment that I need to take him to because he won't be abl... Read more

  • My friends' influence

    8/31/2015 8:32:48 AM, by ILLINIFANS

    I rarely get together with my friends so they are not really an influence on my eating, positive or negative.... Read more

  • NSV

    8/28/2015 10:32:21 AM, by 2MUCHFLUFF

    My company brings in donuts and muffins on Fridays. I am pretty good at avoiding them unless I have to go downstairs for something. This mornin... Read more

  • Back to Spark

    8/26/2015 9:16:06 AM, by 2MUCHFLUFF

    I left Spark to go to Weight Watchers thinking accountability to someone else would help me. After spending way too much money for a program I w... Read more

  • Another year older, another year healthier

    8/20/2015 1:06:55 PM, by CARLING33

    I turn 32 tomorrow. I'm SERIOUSLY dreading having to admit that. My age hits me really hard, and I'm not sure why. It started when I turned 25, a... Read more

  • Happy Anneversary

    8/18/2015 3:26:17 PM, by POSEY440

    My date of being on this site in this week since 2009. Read more

  • Do this for yourself, Charlene!

    8/7/2015 6:45:09 AM, by CHARLENEMICHELE

    That is what I am saying to myself every day! Do this for yourself, Charlene! It is not selfish; it is about taking responsibility and not lett... Read more

  • Exercise Plan for August

    7/31/2015 9:28:50 PM, by AMIEMICHELE

    8/1 Treadmill 5 miles 8/2 Treadmill 2 miles 8/3 Elliptical 20 minutes 8/4 Strength Training 60 minutes Treadmill 30 minutes 8/5 rest 8/... Read more

  • Could this really be it?

    7/14/2015 3:40:03 PM, by JILLRY03

    I had a conversation with my wonderful husband last night and thought I would share.... I asked him when he thought I was my happiest?! I already... Read more

  • Happy Weekend

    7/10/2015 4:43:30 PM, by POSEY440

    Just wanted to tell you all to have a Happy Weekend summers are so nice. Read more

  • Happy 4th of July

    7/4/2015 7:08:53 PM, by POSEY440

    ... Read more

  • Week 6 Reflection

    6/25/2015 1:29:40 PM, by BOBANDTY

    I had a nice loss this week which surprised me! We had a four day camping trip and I didn't exercise as much as I usually do on those days. My ... Read more

  • Week 5 Reflection

    6/17/2015 9:05:55 PM, by BOBANDTY

    OK I just realized I am a week ahead. It's because my first blog was posted during the practice round...I'm not going to change it now. Hopeful... Read more

  • Glad Day

    6/14/2015 11:11:02 AM, by POSEY440

    ... Read more

  • Car Show

    6/13/2015 3:53:16 PM, by POSEY440

    Just went to car show in park behind my building some nice ones. Read more

  • Week 4 Reflection

    6/10/2015 5:53:02 PM, by BOBANDTY

    I'm up 2.5lbs from last week and I'm not surprised. I spent last night going over my numbers and entering them into the spreadsheet and I could ... Read more

  • My weekend

    6/8/2015 10:06:16 PM, by MELTEAGUE

    This weekend was such fun! I attended a wedding, that was nice! With my dh.....the kids stayed with my SIL so it was like date day! :-) ... Read more

  • Week 3 Reflection

    6/3/2015 12:50:51 PM, by BOBANDTY

    This week was much better! I was thrilled to have a 3.5lb loss this morning and I'm under 200lbs! I really stuck with the program this week, it... Read more

  • Designer jeans & chocolate

    6/2/2015 1:27:44 PM, by NEWLITTLE1

    Never have I bought a pair of designer jeans..... I have so many better things to do with $100.... Besides, they always run small and aren't made... Read more

  • Peeking out from under that rock...

    6/1/2015 5:25:54 PM, by JUDIMOON

    Rock Bottom - that's where I find myself today... My experience is very similar similar to so many of you here. I lost 50 lbs in 2008 then I le... Read more

  • A goal for 1 week

    5/27/2015 8:03:06 PM, by NEWLITTLE1

    I have a fit bit.... I use my fitbit.... I love my fit bit.... I will go several days in a row hotting my goal of 1000 steps..... My go... Read more

  • Week 2 Wednesday Reflection

    5/27/2015 6:28:37 PM, by BOBANDTY

    We had a great camping trip but I did overindulge in certain beverages. I didn't overeat though and got in lots of hiking. So I was pleased whe... Read more

  • Happy Memorial Day

    5/25/2015 3:30:53 PM, by POSEY440

    ... Read more

  • Day 3

    5/24/2015 6:27:44 PM, by LEIGH_AUDRA

    I woke up at 2:30 am for work. I didn't get much sleep, but I didn't have much choice in the matter. So I had some coffee before I went in. Tw... Read more

  • Weekend musings

    5/24/2015 6:27:22 PM, by MELTEAGUE

    Today has been beautiful! Perfect weather... Yesterday I mowed the lawn...did not track it, although I could have LOL I disassembled a swingi... Read more

  • Offical Day 2

    5/23/2015 6:13:20 PM, by LEIGH_AUDRA

    I woke up about 8:30 am. I had a cup of coffee for 112 calories. I used Agave Nectar instead of sugar. That definitely brought it down. I wi... Read more

  • I Have Offically Begun

    5/22/2015 11:06:32 PM, by LEIGH_AUDRA

    Well, it was another day of me having to eat more to get enough calories. If it wasn't for the fact I want to go to bed not long after getting h... Read more

  • The Last Day Before The Offical Start

    5/21/2015 8:10:26 PM, by LEIGH_AUDRA

    Well, today was my brother's birthday. I was full when it came time for the cake. So I didn't have any. I had one of my shakes for lunch cause... Read more

  • Thoughts....

    5/21/2015 8:02:24 PM, by MELTEAGUE

    Thank you for popping by my blog.... I realized a few weeks ago how much things have changed since I started my journey on Sparkpeople. I use... Read more

  • Another Day Down

    5/20/2015 11:30:06 PM, by LEIGH_AUDRA

    Well, I treated myself to some coffee. I don't drink coffee that much. It wasn't Starbucks that's for sure. Anyway, I had only one of my weigh... Read more

  • Week 1 Wednesday Reflection

    5/20/2015 7:32:43 PM, by BOBANDTY

    OK. This will be easy because last week was a breeze! Getting used to my new team and using all the tools I have. I planned ahead of time, mad... Read more

  • And I went shopping....

    5/20/2015 12:30:07 PM, by NEWLITTLE1

    I promised myself at certain l=milestones I would award myself NON-FOOD "prizes" Today I rewarded myself for my 160 mark..... well actually 158... Read more

  • How Did Day Two Go?

    5/19/2015 10:44:32 PM, by LEIGH_AUDRA

    Today was defiantly different than yesterday. I had to actually eat more to reach at least the lowest recommended calorie limit. I got my... Read more

  • Walk By. Water

    5/19/2015 4:20:36 PM, by POSEY440

    This went by me at my walk, ... Read more

  • My Walk

    5/19/2015 4:02:33 PM, by POSEY440

    Had a great walk today here are a few pictures. ... Read more

  • Look what I did this weekend

    5/19/2015 3:50:11 PM, by MELTEAGUE

    Here in Canada we just had a long weekend, so I keep thinking that today is Monday, but it is not! The kids and DH went camping and I got t... Read more

  • BLC 28 Goals

    5/19/2015 1:12:06 AM, by BOBANDTY

    I am going back to basics this round, I've been on a major slow slide for about 12 months and I am 50lbs heavier for it. short term goals:... Read more

  • A Daily Recount

    5/18/2015 6:57:55 PM, by LEIGH_AUDRA

    First day back, and I did bad with my calorie count. I'm not kicking myself too hard, but it was a wake up call. Kinda. I don't normally eat t... Read more

  • Things Will Hopefully Be Better

    5/18/2015 3:06:06 PM, by LEIGH_AUDRA

    Unlike my first time here on the site, I'm in almost complete control. I'll cook all of my meals except for the few times I'm off and my brother... Read more

  • Layout Of Plan

    5/18/2015 11:08:02 AM, by LEIGH_AUDRA

    My plan is rather simple. First, use the site here to record everything. I don't eat out that much, but I won't lie sometimes what I eat isn't ... Read more

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