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  • eyes open

    7/11/2016 10:14:17 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    I woke up this morning. Yea! A good nights sleep makes all the difference. I feel better in my soul today... Read more

  • i wish

    7/10/2016 5:26:40 PM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    In a perfect world I would have the love and support to make being me the greatest thing there is .in a perfect world! Mr. Steele you are the rea... Read more

  • The wide awake blog - the week's recap

    7/8/2016 4:05:48 AM, by ANNIEONLI

    3:30 am.....up since 2am....no idea why So here I am on Spark and reading popular Sparkpeople blogs...love the My Graph looks li... Read more

  • Deck building

    7/3/2016 6:58:03 AM, by ANNIEONLI

    So being that I'm alone for half of this weekend, I'm faced with the whole question of "What are you going to do with all that down time?" and t... Read more

  • knock me down 7 time i get up 8

    7/1/2016 10:33:43 AM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    Well that sounds good afterward .yesterday after a great session in theropy I left feeling motivated ready for the next step. Boom bang oof I too... Read more

  • Still in it

    7/1/2016 9:33:45 AM, by DKEY06

    It's been weeks since I last tracked. But, I have tried to watch what I eat. I weighted myself this morning, and I was extremely happy to see tha... Read more

  • Changed the morning today...

    7/1/2016 6:21:08 AM, by ANNIEONLI

    I was awake at 3:30am to say goodbye to the hubby and eldest as they began their journey to pick up the 2 younger guys in NC....I was up. 4:... Read more

  • Morning routine

    6/30/2016 6:30:46 AM, by ANNIEONLI

    Coffee.... Spark..... Coffee.... Don't engage until the coffee is in and I'm speaking to you first is a rule I like to tell people... Read more

  • Enjoy the silence

    6/25/2016 7:58:46 AM, by ANNIEONLI

    2 of the boys are in NC, the other one is sleeping, the house is pretty quiet and it's the first day in a looooooong month that we have nowhere p... Read more

  • June craziness - I hate it - so there. :P

    6/11/2016 7:36:19 AM, by ANNIEONLI

    This week: absolutely, positively the most nutty week ever. Things that were all over the place: a) eating (if I eat takeout or pizza for... Read more

  • Pergatory is a place!

    6/7/2016 2:49:38 PM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    Home at last. A little over a year ago i went into the hostpital at the time doctors were not sure if I would be comming back as I started to com... Read more

  • The post weekend weigh-in

    5/31/2016 8:10:40 AM, by ANNIEONLI

    Oh yesterday I drank.....more than I usually do at a family gathering. I ate chips too. Today I'm fine, but instead of waiting until Thursday f... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    My Vivofit needs steps

    5/28/2016 8:42:55 PM, by KNITSKI

    This is how I finish getting my steps in at the end of the day. I've lost 23 pounds so I think it's working pretty well.... Read more

  • Crock Pot Freezer Meals

    5/25/2016 9:28:10 AM, by AMSHARK

    I saw a post about crockpot freezer meals on FB a while ago. This was huge news to me. I didn't know you could throw a bunch of ingredients in ... Read more

  • (Re-)Starting Small

    5/24/2016 8:48:16 AM, by AMSHARK

    I'm baaaaccckkk. Infertility, and pregnancy, and loss of pregnancy, and pregnancy again with complications, and infant twins (HUZZAH!!!), and lo... Read more

  • Ashamed

    5/20/2016 1:17:25 PM, by CAROL-

    I'm ashamed to say I haven't logged into my account for nearly a year. Sparkpeople has been such an important part of my journey and I let this a... Read more

  • Happy Chef

    5/18/2016 1:12:33 PM, by BUGGY1968

    I am an abysmal cook. Not only do I dislike cooking, I am really bad at it. My family will corroborate this. My husband has been known to say ... Read more

  • Germ Riddled and Unhappy

    5/17/2016 7:15:02 AM, by BUGGY1968

    I'm unofficially sick. While I never go to the doctor unless I'm dying, I decided to go yesterday to deal with the deep painful cough I've... Read more

  • Embracing My Inner Bitch

    5/8/2016 2:12:46 PM, by BUGGY1968

    As a general rule, I am a really nice person. Extremely nice. Super nice. Goddamned nice! I choose to be pleasant, helpful, understanding, an... Read more

  • Finding My Way Again

    5/6/2016 7:31:53 AM, by BUGGY1968

    I am back on track! Thank God!!! After several months of uncontrolled eating, I am back on SP. I'm also exercising more than ever before, and ... Read more

  • Tracking - just do it!

    5/6/2016 5:40:10 AM, by ANNIEONLI

    Y'all know that I'ma HUGE fan of tracking my nutrition....because, it works and it got me where I am today....and it keeps be on track! ... Read more

  • Major Fat Attack

    5/3/2016 7:30:40 AM, by BUGGY1968

    Every evening before bed, I have a little bowl of cereal, which keeps me from waking up in the night so hungry I can't sleep. Last night my son ... Read more

  • Refusing to Eat Cat Food

    5/1/2016 6:40:49 PM, by BUGGY1968

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Fish is for cats, and I just won't eat cat food. Tonight we went out to dinner with friends at ... Read more

  • Waddling to an Epiphany

    4/29/2016 7:42:07 AM, by BUGGY1968

    Every single day I worry about being fat, and every day I struggle with food choices. Despite my never-ending issues with body image, it has not... Read more

  • Dungeons and Dragons

    4/23/2016 3:38:23 PM, by DONDAIN

    Had a great day yesterday working then visiting with friends and playing DnD until 2 in the morning. Had breakfast then came home to dogs that we... Read more

  • When food shuts up

    4/22/2016 6:39:24 AM, by ANNIEONLI

    PJH2028 "so.... magic balance of paying attention and NOT making food the center of my focus. Activities... opening up to more.... delicate as a ... Read more

  • Positive Attitude

    4/21/2016 2:21:51 PM, by DONDAIN

    I try to keep a positive attitude. By keeping a positive attitude and optimistic outlook things seem to always get better. I also tend to enjoy m... Read more

  • Last Day of Bowling for the Season

    4/20/2016 7:17:38 PM, by DONDAIN

    I bowled okay today. For the season I bowled 2 additional weeks from last season. My average increased by 14 over the season and by 8.33 from the... Read more

  • A Long Day

    4/19/2016 9:20:09 PM, by DONDAIN

    My day started at 630 am when my husband left to take my mother to the airport. She is going to visit a dying friend. I went to work and did not ... Read more

  • Short Work Day

    4/18/2016 3:45:21 PM, by DONDAIN

    I had a short work day today. So I got to come home early and spend some time with my husband. I enjoyed the sunshine and warm but not hot temps.... Read more

  • A Day Off

    4/17/2016 9:15:17 AM, by DONDAIN

    I got to sleep as late as the dogs allowed. Watched a little TV. Waited for baseball to start. Went for a walk.... Read more

  • Lost 20 pounds

    4/16/2016 7:50:10 PM, by KNITSKI

    I'm down 20 pounds. I put on a t shirt my daughter gave me last year that I thought there was no way I would ever be able to wear ... Read more

  • Another Beautiful Day

    4/16/2016 3:00:12 PM, by DONDAIN

    I absolutely love these sunny beautiful spring days. I am glad that I get to enjoy them.... Read more

  • A Beautiful Day

    4/15/2016 4:34:50 PM, by DONDAIN

    It is a beautiful day outside and I am enjoying it. My husband has mown the front lawn and will mow the back lawn later this afternoon when it co... Read more

  • Respect and Value

    4/14/2016 5:29:42 PM, by DONDAIN

    It is a great feeling to be respected and valued at work. I have been offered a extra job on a Friday coming up to make a little extra money. It ... Read more

  • Feeling Better

    4/13/2016 8:03:17 PM, by DONDAIN

    I am feeling better today. I went bowling this morning and still have my average. I thought there for a while that it was going to go down. A fri... Read more

  • Sick Today

    4/12/2016 8:15:08 PM, by DONDAIN

    Had a great day in the morning. Went to lunch. Got sick. Told work and they sent me home. The boss went home sick too. I hope it is nothing serio... Read more

  • Reach out & speak up!

    4/12/2016 6:25:07 AM, by ANNIEONLI

    I'm guilty of not reaching out when I need it the most....that's why I have a little blurb on my page telling people to do so when they need to. ... Read more

  • Babies, Surgery, and Meat Water

    4/11/2016 8:26:21 PM, by C_HILLNJ

    I am here for yet a fourth time starting over, again. However, the reason for my hiatus is because I had a baby! I have PCOS and had been struggl... Read more

  • Exciting Things Are Happening

    4/11/2016 8:06:28 PM, by DONDAIN

    I now work at our local YMCA. I gave my notice to Cracker Barrel and have already worked my last day there. I have committed to the Y as my sole ... Read more

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