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  • it's saturday

    7/18/2015 7:32:41 PM, by MOMMY445

    a very warm and humid day here today. my daughter and i kept cool. she says hi! all of the birds say cheep,cheep! we went to a park that has a wa... Read more

  • Summer Update!

    7/18/2015 6:16:26 PM, by BRENNA84

    I tried to do a fitness challenge, 4 weeks long for low - impact by Fitness Blender. SOOO many of their workouts just weren't good for my back... Read more

  • Wild Woman

    7/18/2015 8:58:05 AM, by BONNIEMARGAY

    "Bone by bone, hair by hair, Wild Woman comes back. Through night dreams, through events half understood and half remembered, Wild Woman comes ba... Read more

  • Dogs + ;-) 7/17

    7/17/2015 8:56:14 PM, by PDSLIM

    How many dogs does it take to change a light bulb?
    oes-it-take-to-change-a-li... Read more

  • WI Day (First week results!)

    7/17/2015 12:54:26 PM, by ONCEUPONADREAM

    Survey says.... *drum roll* SW: 1997. Today's WI:... Read more

  • Fierce

    7/17/2015 8:11:49 AM, by BONNIEMARGAY

    "You can be fierce and weep at the same time." ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes ☆ This brilliant Singing Over The Bones intensive training with Cl... Read more

  • Cats ;-) 7/16

    7/16/2015 6:34:06 PM, by PDSLIM

    Working With a Feline - A Cat-astrophy...
    d=872002 Read more

  • day 12

    7/16/2015 4:20:58 PM, by THORNROSE23

    I did not reach my goal of losing 9 pound over a month but 7 works for me. There was a lot of stress in my home and losing my father in law did n... Read more

  • Weight In Day is tomorrow..

    7/16/2015 12:25:38 PM, by ONCEUPONADREAM

    Tomorrow makes 1 week since I've been back on spark and logging my food. It also officially marks the day of my weigh in. I've been keepin... Read more

  • Still time

    7/16/2015 10:35:59 AM, by BONNIEMARGAY

    "If you have yet to be called an incorrigible, defiant woman, don't worry, there is still time." ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes ☆ Finding answe... Read more

  • it's thursday

    7/16/2015 9:01:09 AM, by MOMMY445

    another beautiful sunny day here today! woo hoo! i am ready to get my day going. my daughter is ready to go,too. all of the birds say hi. have a ... Read more

  • Animals ;-) 7/15

    7/15/2015 9:46:41 PM, by PDSLIM

    What Lions, Tigers, And Your House Cat Have In Common
    all-cat-similarities Read more

  • Singing over the bones

    7/15/2015 10:21:50 AM, by BONNIEMARGAY

    "Today the old one inside you is collecting bones. What is she remaking? She is the old Self, the builder of the soul-home. Ella lo hace a mano, ... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    7/15/2015 9:12:24 AM, by MOMMY445

    a beautiful summer day! woo hoo! my daughter and her soccer team won their game last night 2-0! yay! today, she will be off to day camp this afte... Read more

  • 92 days

    7/15/2015 7:36:28 AM, by MISSCATY

    I am at 92 days in my latest Spark streak. Am I doing it differently this time? Yes. Why? This is something I have been thinking about.... Read more

  • Feathers ;-) 7/14

    7/14/2015 10:24:27 PM, by PDSLIM

    Surfing Swans
    bsiqdl6vsGQ Read more

  • Lost 110-Someone Else's Story

    7/14/2015 8:58:52 PM, by WOLFKITTY
    -loose-skin I came across this story, and overall it is bleak, except for the ti... Read more

  • I'll miss you!

    7/14/2015 9:26:30 AM, by BONNIEMARGAY

    ... Read more

  • ComicCon 2015

    7/14/2015 1:57:55 AM, by WOLFKITTY

    Walking around on Friday & Sunday for ComicCon wore m... Read more

  • it's monday

    7/13/2015 9:20:45 PM, by MOMMY445

    another warm and humid day here today. everyone is keeping well hydrated and cool. tomorrow is the last warm and humid day for a few days. there ... Read more

  • You're worth it

    7/13/2015 12:13:09 PM, by BONNIEMARGAY

    Find the strength and stability in releasing that p... Read more

  • Long time no ....

    7/12/2015 1:48:00 PM, by CITABRIA

    First, thank you to any friends who still check on my blog/SparkPage from time to time -- I very much appreciate it! Second, I had no idea how l... Read more

  • Be you!

    7/12/2015 1:15:41 PM, by BONNIEMARGAY

    ... Read more

  • Thanks again. I like you too!!

    7/12/2015 12:07:48 PM, by PDSLIM

    Thanks you so much for the likes on my blog. It's been fun to get the 'popular blog' award a few times. And I so much appreciate the comments. ... Read more

  • Dogs + ;-) 7/12

    7/12/2015 10:56:04 AM, by PDSLIM

    Duet - This dog lives next door to a mosque!
    gp-n1-JPA Read more

  • it's saturday

    7/11/2015 7:23:40 PM, by MOMMY445

    another relaxing day here today. everyone is keeping cool today. all of the birds say hi. i am getting more caught up with my online courses. my ... Read more

  • You deserve love

    7/11/2015 3:00:16 PM, by BONNIEMARGAY

    "You cannot love what you hope your body to be, without loving it for what it is." ~ Mary Lambert Read more

  • Cats ;-) 7/11

    7/11/2015 9:54:10 AM, by PDSLIM

    Fascinating Facts You May Not Know About Your Cat!
    rid=843076#.U91Q8GOB9Rk Read more

  • Fruit Salad breakfast (food ramble)

    7/11/2015 9:14:12 AM, by EIGHTHNOTECHOIR

    2 chopped bananas 5 chopped strawberries 1 chopped peach or nectarine Half a Lemon Chop up all the fruits put them in a bowl and the s... Read more

  • Support Issues.

    7/11/2015 8:53:26 AM, by EIGHTHNOTECHOIR

    Greetings Sparkfans, I'm writing this on an empty stomach but I wanted to get this out before the food changes my headspace and I get distr... Read more

  • woo hoo!

    7/10/2015 10:47:47 PM, by MOMMY445

    the minions movie was great! my daughter really enjoyed it! it was so worth it to get the tickets ahead for her to go with me and her grandparent... Read more

  • Transparency

    7/10/2015 8:36:44 PM, by ONCEUPONADREAM

    Update o' Rama: Well! I am back in the US again! We've been back since April and while I was pretty good when we first moved back, I have manag... Read more

  • thankyou for your support

    7/10/2015 4:13:18 PM, by LYRICGRR

    My biggest supporters have been my husband and the spark community and I want to thank you all for your support. It has really helped me become m... Read more

  • I wish you fierce courage

    7/10/2015 1:44:24 PM, by BONNIEMARGAY

    I wish you the sort of movie magic in which the rig... Read more

  • Animals ;-) 7/10

    7/10/2015 10:04:50 AM, by PDSLIM

    Cow Festival??? Who knew!
    rid=872002 Read more

  • Feathers ;-) 7/9

    7/9/2015 4:00:45 PM, by PDSLIM

    What Kind of Bird are You?
    rid=872002 Read more

  • You are surrounded by love

    7/9/2015 2:02:18 PM, by BONNIEMARGAY

    ... Read more

  • Dogs + ;-) 7/8

    7/8/2015 10:23:18 AM, by PDSLIM

    12 Hacks to Make Your and Your Dog’s Lives Easier
    rid=872002 ... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    7/8/2015 8:43:42 AM, by MOMMY445

    a beautiful sunny day here today! woo hoo! my daughter was very happy to see me yesterday and with all the minion stuff i brought with me for her... Read more

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