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  • Weight Loss Surgery

    1/6/2017 4:09:19 PM, by TASHAMARIE27

    I have been thinking about weight loss surgery for awhile now. I really do not want to go that route, but I know that if I cannot lose this weigh... Read more

  • A New Beginning

    12/16/2016 1:16:05 PM, by FAIRAI

    While this blog post has a very cliche title, and just as cliche content, this really is a new beginning because this is the first time I've been... Read more

  • Still Sick

    12/15/2016 7:24:06 AM, by RUSHER244593

    As some of you were concerned. Yes I am still sick I now have 4 infections in my body and my legs and body feel worse than ever before. Gonna sta... Read more

  • This Week's Progress

    12/15/2016 5:47:09 AM, by RUSHER244593

    Hi guys I think today was a successful week. This week I started tracking my nutrition and fitness again. I also crossed the 100 mile mark in a l... Read more

  • Getting Back on Track

    12/8/2016 2:33:08 AM, by RUSHER244593

    Hi Guys, Recently I just lost my ability to move around so I quit doing anything related to this site. But I am going to start today and get b... Read more

  • Shoulder.

    9/30/2016 8:24:35 PM, by TINACARROLL1

    GET to loose the sling from now on, so, yeah, baby. Thats progress.... Read more

  • Fall Challenge 2016

    9/11/2016 6:16:37 PM, by LIZMORGAN

    I'm doing this challenge because I don't want to wait until my new year resolution to get back on track. I've tried losing weight and getting int... Read more

  • Tracking my food and exercise.

    8/7/2016 8:31:01 PM, by RUSHER244593

    For the last 5 days I have tracked my food. And have seen the power of tracking my food. Somedays I do tend to eat more but I burn more. Somedays... Read more

  • Bottomless Pit

    8/5/2016 10:24:28 PM, by ASHLEYRX12

    When I'm on my cycle I feel like the hunger NEVER stops... I feel shaky like my sugar is in the pits. Does this happen to anyone else? I feel l... Read more

  • Moderation of Bad Foods

    7/30/2016 1:53:42 AM, by RUSHER244593

    I think there is something to say for having moderation when eating bad foods!! i don't think we have to eat them all the time but once in a whil... Read more

  • Day 4

    7/4/2016 7:48:17 AM, by PUNKYSMD

    After visiting Mayo for a CME conference, I decided to read the Mayo clinic diet. I am going to try it. here are few of the basic ideas. Ad... Read more

  • Day 3

    7/3/2016 7:42:24 PM, by PUNKYSMD

    Every day will not be perfect but I can do my best and keep moving forward. Previously, I would eat something not on plan and say the heck with ... Read more

  • Day 2

    7/2/2016 8:18:51 AM, by PUNKYSMD

    This morning I woke and had some quiet time, how nice. I love weekends and love nice long weekends. My only small steps today are going on a hi... Read more

  • Day 1

    7/1/2016 7:09:01 PM, by PUNKYSMD

    As so many times before I am starting new. This is the first time ever that I have not done something due to my weight. Jeff, the girls and Ann... Read more

  • Guess who's back? Back again...Chelsea's back...tell a friend!

    5/18/2016 10:56:14 PM, by FOUREYEDFOOL

    Back again. Sigh. I come back on SparkPeople and then stop when I start to fail. Here I a trying again. I'm 26 years old, 346 pounds (last I hear... Read more

  • My Reasons for Losing Weight

    5/14/2016 9:26:22 AM, by RUSHER244593

    Hi Everybody and Happy Saturday!!! I want to just say that yesterday got me thinking about my reasons for wanting to loose weight. Its not a... Read more

  • Wow it's been almost a year....

    4/21/2016 3:45:51 AM, by LIZMORGAN

    It's been almost a year since my last blog, and I really wish I could say things have been going well the last year. Last year I (over)trained fo... Read more

  • April 20, 2016

    4/20/2016 5:16:53 PM, by *JENNIE*

    Day 2 of running 2 miles on elliptical. I have the elliptical for another week then it's to the streets I go! I need to get this done... For me, ... Read more

  • Exercise Every Day Eat Less

    4/14/2016 4:44:16 PM, by RUSHER244593

    I have either weight trained or did some cardio every day of the week this last two weeks. I thank my support team and myself for the progress I ... Read more

  • Lost Inches

    4/6/2016 4:28:16 AM, by RUSHER244593

    I am so happy that I lost 10 inches on my hips thats awesome! I am losing weight! But I never felt this happy about it! My hard work is working!... Read more

  • Pushing through!!

    3/10/2016 7:42:21 PM, by SHANNA30

    After having plateaued for the last 3 weeks I didn't give up on my eating and working out I finally reached my first goal of 15lbs!!! ... Read more

  • Practice What You Teach

    2/16/2016 6:19:43 PM, by MEDHOPEFUL777

    Since the first of the year I have been making smal... Read more

  • 1/6/16 - Small Steps

    1/6/2016 9:19:23 AM, by MEDHOPEFUL777

    One of the reasons I love Spark People is because I can look back on so many years of personal weight loss failures and success.... Read more

  • I'm back

    11/15/2015 9:19:11 PM, by OFFWITHTHEOLD

    I can't believe I haven't been on here for almost 2 years. I did lose about 12 labs this past year, not much but it is better than gaining. I am ... Read more

  • Tracking small fish suggestions?

    10/13/2015 10:52:50 AM, by KIKIMAV

    Hey guys, I could use some help on how to track down my lunch today! We ate fish that my father fished today, and obviously this kind of fi... Read more

  • I Love Spark People

    9/14/2015 10:14:38 PM, by THATGALNIKKI06

    Wow. Im sitting here looking through all my old blogs and I realized that I never would have lost 20+ pounds if it wasnt for you guys. I havent b... Read more

  • Why don't I want to do it anymore?

    7/25/2015 11:36:55 AM, by NORAB52GOOD

    Been a long time since my last blog entry. Things are better in some ways and not in others. My work is still very stressful. Work takes up too m... Read more

  • Treadmill running...

    7/13/2015 8:12:16 PM, by *JENNIE*

    I decided that i needed to just start running - so today I started "running" on the treadmill instead of the elliptical. I'm doing a "couch... Read more

  • Ready, set...Run!

    7/7/2015 3:10:31 PM, by *JENNIE*

    I've never been a runner. Even as a kid (though that may have been my undiagnosed & untreated asthma) I couldn't do the 1 mile run in 15min. I'... Read more

  • July 2 - Day 2 of SparkPeople's Bodyweight Blast Boot Camp

    7/3/2015 1:08:33 AM, by *JENNIE*

    Let's see - Tuesday: 1.5 miles, 34 min (treadmill... yuck) Wed - totally slacked. Sigh. Thursday: did day 1 and day 2 of the Boot Camp! Str... Read more

  • Struggling but plugging

    6/30/2015 2:16:45 AM, by FOUREYEDFOOL

    I've had a really, really hard time getting my steps in. Grr! Part of the reason is that my sleep schedule is so messed up. I'm up all night and ... Read more

  • New job, new island, new start!

    6/30/2015 1:05:27 AM, by *JENNIE*

    Today I'm committing to be active everyday. EVERYday. Even if it's slow walking for 30 min, I need to move EVERYday. No excuses. No whining. To... Read more

  • 206!

    6/15/2015 1:17:08 PM, by THATGALNIKKI06

    It's been a year and I'm still over 200lbs. Ever since having my son, I have not been able to get under 200lbs. :-(. It make me sad, but I know t... Read more

  • here again

    6/11/2015 1:07:11 PM, by KIKIMAV

    So let's start this again. Small steps is the only way that has ever worked for me. For the next 4 days my goals are 1)drinking 10 glasses... Read more

  • I Am So Proud of My Body

    6/7/2015 12:13:44 AM, by DANIELLE2013

    When people spoke of loving their bodies, I never understood. I do not find a single part of my body attractive. In fact, I absolutely hate the w... Read more

  • It starts with food

    6/2/2015 7:44:17 PM, by DANIELLE2013

    I have tried this over and over again. I have been concerned with my weight and body image ever since I was a little girl. I got serious about ea... Read more

  • What is this, my 30th time?

    5/24/2015 3:12:02 PM, by FOUREYEDFOOL

    It certain feels that way. Here I am, back again, to lose weight. Normally, I try to make it super complicated. I don't mean to, but it happens a... Read more

  • day 33

    5/16/2015 2:51:53 AM, by MARBETH38

    Well i took my second month pic and need to upload it . I think i lost more weight and motivated more this week. Yesterday i was suppose to blog ... Read more

  • day 31

    5/14/2015 2:59:17 AM, by MARBETH38

    Well made it through first month with few hiccups along way lost over 8lbs in a month that is good thing . Next Friday i do my measurements and h... Read more

  • day 29

    5/12/2015 2:41:44 AM, by MARBETH38

    Wow made it 29 days Still losing weight . This week i lost 2 more lbs. Begiining to wonder if i am losing more inches now since i went under 300.... Read more

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