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  • Updating again

    8/25/2014 8:27:05 AM, by FITTEREVERYDAY

    So I followed the advice I'd always heard about reviving wet electronics and stuck my turned off phone in rice for three days and it survived! I'... Read more

  • Friday Truths

    8/22/2014 9:07:29 PM, by SLIMLILA

    Apparently I trashed my youngest dd on the internet.... guess it's not safe to blog on SP and expect that only your friends will see it. Spe... Read more

  • Update

    8/22/2014 12:21:00 PM, by FITTEREVERYDAY

    My niece drowned my poor phone with a bottle of water so I'm not even able to go out today (I refuse to go out without a way to make an emergency... Read more

  • Woohoo

    8/19/2014 12:56:39 PM, by FITTEREVERYDAY

    Did not feeling like working out today. Did it anyway. That is all. ... Read more

  • Some relief and maybe finally getting off this plateau...

    8/18/2014 2:15:25 PM, by FITTEREVERYDAY

    So we aren't going to get to go to SC because we desperately need a new car before winter. I'm relieved...we were going there mostly to see my m... Read more

  • Update

    8/16/2014 5:22:34 PM, by FITTEREVERYDAY

    I am pretty sure a lot of my shin pain has to do with my worn out shoes...ok so shoe replacement is a must. I'm not entirely sure what I'm lookin... Read more

  • A little jogging

    8/15/2014 12:00:08 PM, by FITTEREVERYDAY

    Was not up to C25k today but jogged a bit when I was walking. Still getting shin pain and I'm guessing a lot of it is having my right leg being s... Read more

  • Shop & drop

    8/14/2014 8:23:18 PM, by SLIMLILA

    WE shopped and got some more school supplies, and dropped them off and told them we need an update on further donations they have gotten in befor... Read more

  • Couch to 5K

    8/13/2014 12:08:36 PM, by FITTEREVERYDAY

    First day...that stuff is INTENSE. Total running time six minutes, longest run streak one minute. Neither my HRM nor the program times me so I'm ... Read more

  • catchup

    8/12/2014 8:54:05 AM, by SLIMLILA

    A week from today and my dd will be here on her honeymoon...and tomorrow I WILL be getting my cast off.....gotta think positive... I expect ... Read more

  • Faster than I thought

    8/7/2014 2:15:12 PM, by FITTEREVERYDAY

    I actually tracked myself with the Pedometer on my phone today and it turns out I've been selling myself short. I've been tracking my walks as 2 ... Read more

  • Thursday - patiently waiting out my 24 hrs....

    8/7/2014 8:53:20 AM, by SLIMLILA

    Hey, yes I do have a fibreglass cast, but it is lined with cotton batting and around your ankle it gets wet, it doesn't dry out. Dumb me not loo... Read more

  • Been busy

    8/6/2014 7:03:03 PM, by SLIMLILA

    It's our summer Action Days city festival this week, been to 3 concerts, John Gracie, Matt Minglewood and Kintyre. Are any of these well know na... Read more


    8/2/2014 10:34:50 PM, by NANASKNOLLAZ

    Here are pictures of the teachers bag. This is the front view with pockets ... Read more

  • South Beach Diet Day 1

    8/2/2014 10:17:00 AM, by IMLOSENW8

    I've been trying to start the South Beach Diet for a week now, finally I have all my ducks in a row. This will be interesting because as I've re... Read more

  • Starting out

    8/2/2014 3:09:41 AM, by DEBOWL4FUN

    I plan on riding my recumbent bike for 10 minutes after I get off work in the morning. No excuses.... Read more

  • August goals

    8/1/2014 2:26:39 PM, by FITTEREVERYDAY

    I'm going on vacation mid-October so I want to be serious in August My goals for August include: Ab exercises five times a week Tryin... Read more

  • Thank you

    7/31/2014 10:53:38 AM, by SLIMLILA

    sorry for the whine yesterday.... am looking at things from different perspectives today and realizing I have a temporary inconvenience, nothing ... Read more


    7/31/2014 12:29:55 AM, by NANASKNOLLAZ

    Took me all day to get to this point. I started designing a bag for my dau... Read more

  • Disappointment

    7/30/2014 6:43:55 PM, by SLIMLILA

    WEll been counting down the days to Weds, but just got taught not to count my chickens before they hatch. Weds. came and went, but my cast did n... Read more


    7/30/2014 12:52:30 AM, by NANASKNOLLAZ

    Here is two of the outfits I made for one of my grand daughters for school. ... Read more

  • I can't get my FIRST 1,500 minute exercise trophy next month....

    7/29/2014 10:13:41 AM, by FITTEREVERYDAY

    because I got it this month!!! I forgot I was going hiking over a weekend when I posed the idea of getting my first one next month. Six + hours o... Read more

  • Moody Monday

    7/28/2014 10:55:45 AM, by SLIMLILA

    It is all in your perspective, isn't it, Patty? I like the way you think. Yesterday a friend called and was going to drop me off a couple o... Read more

  • Lazy Sat.

    7/26/2014 7:19:16 PM, by SLIMLILA

    Stayed in pj's all day, on computer, watching tv and cooked a nice supper, talked lots on phone B - Hot microwave oatbran cereal w/banana ... Read more

  • Hot Thursday

    7/24/2014 10:27:36 AM, by SLIMLILA

    Another hot one, I know I shouldn't be complaining after the winter we have and if I could walk, I'd be at the beach in the sand and water, but .... Read more

  • Exciting Discovery

    7/23/2014 10:37:28 AM, by SLIMLILA

    Had my first sit-down chair shower today, sure beats a 'sponge bath' gotta admit.... With the heat and humidity today, I can't tell if the inside... Read more

  • Tuesday - 7 more days till xray to see if cast comes off already

    7/22/2014 8:13:50 PM, by SLIMLILA

    You all know how much I enjoy a bargain, and today was a real surprise for me. I didn't realize what good deals I got till I got home. Box of m... Read more

  • Mon

    7/21/2014 7:43:44 PM, by SLIMLILA

    Lazy day... ate well yesterday and today... Boring day.. did make a namasu and enjoyed slow cooker soup from last nite...... Read more

  • Solemn Sunday

    7/20/2014 12:48:05 PM, by SLIMLILA

    Very tired, stayed in bed till almost 11am, no one called to offer me a drive to church, guess I should have asked. Must also call and see how t... Read more

  • Cape Breton card game

    7/19/2014 12:09:37 PM, by SLIMLILA

    attn: You gotta come here and I will teach you...we only play it with half a deck. It is more fun to play partners with 4 people. Apparently, ... Read more

  • Busy

    7/18/2014 1:43:01 PM, by SLIMLILA

    Funeral was yesterday, and there were about 75 people in his community where he grew up. Now rest of family is gone to PEI for burial and graves... Read more

  • Trying to find something positive to think about....

    7/18/2014 11:39:35 AM, by FITTEREVERYDAY

    You know I've never gotten a 1, 500 minute trophy for exercise. I think I'm going to go for that next month. I'm looking like I'm going to get a ... Read more

  • Grandma's New Top & Aprons

    7/17/2014 12:59:04 AM, by NANASKNOLLAZ

    Here is some pictures of the top I made for my mother-in-law Here she is we... Read more

  • WEds.

    7/16/2014 8:12:32 PM, by SLIMLILA

    Well, thank you all for caring... and you would be proud of how smart I was.... I sat at table with my foot on chair and used a cookie sheet on t... Read more

  • Sun-Tues-Thur

    7/15/2014 10:55:18 PM, by SLIMLILA

    Hmmm? Where did the time go? Cooked Eggplant Parmesan, Cole Slaw, Salad, oatcakes, Irish soda bread and Family arrived Monday, Tuesday we visi... Read more

  • Saturday

    7/12/2014 9:43:01 PM, by SLIMLILA

    Yes Bear, I hear you and am listening, even as we speak, I have my foot up on a stool under the computer table. And I went for a drive today and ... Read more

  • Another couple non-scale victories

    7/12/2014 5:14:56 PM, by FITTEREVERYDAY

    I was helping out my inlaws yesterday and I realized hills (my old nemesis) have gotten easy to climb. I even climbed up with a cooler (pulling i... Read more

  • Friday

    7/11/2014 7:16:55 PM, by SLIMLILA

    Saw GP today, for 9:40 apt, he wasn't even finished his 9am patient till 10:45, so long day there. What's with these new medical people that are... Read more

  • THursday

    7/10/2014 4:43:29 PM, by SLIMLILA

    Wow, did my ankle ever swell last nite. It was hurting and almost to the point where I was going to go to hospital. BUt I put my leg up against... Read more

  • Bright Red Cast on my ankle

    7/9/2014 8:51:36 PM, by SLIMLILA

    My apt was for 11:40 today, so after washing my hair with the sprayer in kitchen sink, and then trying to get a sponge bath in tiny sink in 2 pc.... Read more

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