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  • Day 51

    2/19/2015 8:56:23 AM, by AAAIMEES3

    Had a very good day yesterday, Excited for the Spring Challenge that I have signed up for. Might have said this a couple of times before. I was ... Read more

  • it's thursday

    2/19/2015 8:03:54 AM, by MOMMY445

    a very cool day here today. i just have to go out once and do one errand and then i am back inside for the day. my daughter was all bundled up th... Read more

  • Talk about a heat wave!

    2/18/2015 12:21:38 PM, by IMAVISION

    444 Talk... Read more

  • Books and booked a visit with a Dietitian

    2/18/2015 12:20:40 PM, by PAPER_WINGS18

    Brrrr. Happy Wednesday friends. I hope it is warmer where you are than here in Illinois! I searched on Amazon.com yesterday, and asked my fabul... Read more

  • Day 50

    2/18/2015 11:41:09 AM, by AAAIMEES3

    Feeling better today, might have been going through one of the ups and downs of either Fibro or Menopause either way Yea me lol. Joined up for th... Read more

  • it's wednesday

    2/18/2015 9:02:45 AM, by MOMMY445

    a not as cool of a day here today. tomorrow it is supposed to be really cold here. so i will get the errands i need to do done today, so i can st... Read more

  • Day 48 & 49

    2/17/2015 1:09:52 PM, by AAAIMEES3

    I belive the days are correct but i could be wrong, can i just say that i saw a video of me this morning that my daughter took and what we see a... Read more

  • I guess I have PCOS.

    2/17/2015 10:17:04 AM, by PAPER_WINGS18

    I called the nurse at the Endocrinologist again this morning to see WTF is going on b/c Id like some answers.. & she said the doctor got back ... Read more

  • a cool day

    2/17/2015 9:05:43 AM, by MOMMY445

    it has started to lightly snow here today. i will be off shortly to run a few errands and to get my job search going full speed ahead. my daughte... Read more

  • Holding strong!

    2/17/2015 12:38:13 AM, by RUNNINGOLLIE

    I've been busy with traveling and catching back up after coming back from Boston. I'm glad to say that I have been pretty consistent with trying ... Read more

  • Day 46 & 47

    2/16/2015 12:31:55 PM, by AAAIMEES3

    Looks like I goofed in my days. Wow the last 3 days have been super busy, now maybe back to normal. Making chicken soup for dinner the hubby is ... Read more

  • it's monday

    2/16/2015 8:16:20 AM, by MOMMY445

    i'm taking it easy today and enjoying some much needed down time. my daughter says hi! all of the birds are doing well and say hello,hello. have ... Read more

  • So 166, we meet again!

    2/15/2015 7:41:55 AM, by MANDAMOM2THREE

    After all that work to get past 166 lbs, I'm back there again. I knew I'd have gained weight last week, my depression was horrible and it took ev... Read more

  • Day 44

    2/14/2015 7:03:42 PM, by AAAIMEES3

    Another busy day.😄 Breakfast, shopping and having a great day with my family. Looking forward to a challenge that I have signed up for and to ... Read more

  • happy valentine's day

    2/14/2015 8:57:29 AM, by MOMMY445

    i found out yesterday that my contract job was completed. now i will be looking for other work. i am doing well in my online college courses. my ... Read more

  • Day 44

    2/13/2015 6:00:38 PM, by AAAIMEES3

    Been busy today, went and got a cut and my wisdom colored. Went to a couple of stores got my valentine's day presant early from hubby, new wallet... Read more

  • Some possible answers?Maybe.

    2/13/2015 4:09:04 PM, by PAPER_WINGS18

    Well, I dont have any definite answers yet from the Endocrinologist. But, I figured Id update yall with what I do know. I called the doctors ... Read more

  • Day 43

    2/12/2015 3:21:53 PM, by AAAIMEES3

    Hi all, Thanks for the ears last night, my day has gotten better my knee not. I expected as much so I have decided to do the little things tha... Read more

  • Quick log-in

    2/12/2015 12:06:12 AM, by RUNNINGOLLIE

    Hi everyone I'm rushing around preparing for my 6AM flight to Boston- logged in and tracked today. I did walk at lunch but no gym- still I c... Read more

  • Still Day 42

    2/11/2015 11:18:57 PM, by AAAIMEES3

    Being an Aimee downer, so bumbed I was getting into the swing of walking again and my fibro flares back up, it's been a month maybe, of good days... Read more

  • Day 42

    2/11/2015 12:09:33 PM, by AAAIMEES3

    Not much of anything is going on today. Hubby kinda had a bad nite everything he ordered was either not in or delivered to another place . Needle... Read more

  • Tough day

    2/10/2015 11:55:39 PM, by RUNNINGOLLIE

    I was not as successful at my daily goals today- besides being busy at work I found out a good friend is leaving the company. It's centered aroun... Read more

  • Day 41

    2/10/2015 8:46:17 AM, by AAAIMEES3

    Good morning, I slept really good last night not sure if it was from my walk or if I was just so tired from not sleeping the night before? ... Read more

  • ugh missed my daily login streak

    2/10/2015 12:26:14 AM, by RUNNINGOLLIE

    I was swamped today and missed logging in before midnight. I'll just try harder-it's more that I want to make sure I am investing in myself. In t... Read more

  • Day 40

    2/9/2015 10:04:26 PM, by AAAIMEES3

    Just wanted to say yea for me, I just walked a mile in 25 min. Thats good for getting back into it. See you all in the morning. ... Read more

  • Feeling it

    2/9/2015 3:04:57 PM, by THEABSURDEXTENT

    Today was my official weigh in! I weigh myself pretty much every day because I like to see progress and also how my eating/activities are affecti... Read more

  • Day 40

    2/9/2015 1:33:01 PM, by AAAIMEES3

    Just got back from breakfast with my oldest not bad. Had a good day yesterday, we did some baby shopping and we got a new bed. The new bed was ki... Read more

  • Tracking during the day vs at the end...

    2/8/2015 9:40:29 PM, by RUNNINGOLLIE

    I woke up grumpy and feeling stressed just thinking about what I have to do for work this week. I know I will eventually get some balance on that... Read more

  • A Couple of Happies

    2/8/2015 3:11:14 PM, by MANDAMOM2THREE

    Well, not only did I FINALLY get out of the 166's (165.4 lbs this morning thank you very much ;) ), but I bought a new shirt in MEDIUM (I wore an... Read more

  • Day 39

    2/8/2015 8:56:10 AM, by AAAIMEES3

    Morning all, Its very early here but I can't sleep. This has been happening a lot lately, up watching Grown Ups 2 it's funny I enjoyed the 1... Read more

  • Getting the food back in order

    2/7/2015 11:58:54 PM, by RUNNINGOLLIE

    I have the exercise down but tracking and making better food choices is still spotty. I was hoping that tracking would provide some help but to b... Read more

  • Day 38

    2/7/2015 8:58:43 PM, by AAAIMEES3

    Found my Fit bit and baught a new battery for yea. I'm a happy girl and I sink it with sp. This helps a lot in activity and I get to see what I ... Read more

  • Nothing Feels Better

    2/7/2015 3:36:14 PM, by THEABSURDEXTENT

    Nothing feels better than making good choices for myself. Seriously. Knowing that I'm taking care of my body, and putting my health first. It mak... Read more

  • fitbit? or no fitbit?

    2/7/2015 2:37:09 PM, by JENNYD97

    I have a bunch of friends that have gotten fitbits and they all seem to love them but no one I know has had them for longer than a couple months.... Read more

  • Update!

    2/7/2015 11:24:38 AM, by BLACK-PRINCESS

    I thought I was doing pretty good on my weightloss journey, until I pulled my muscles in my lower back watching the Super Bowl. I'm in so much ... Read more

  • Starting to get back into the swing of things

    2/6/2015 11:59:20 PM, by RUNNINGOLLIE

    So while I was even more busy together I perserved and not only ate well but went to the gym. Everythng seems to be shifting towards these are st... Read more

  • Carnie Wilson Quote

    2/6/2015 8:46:55 PM, by IMAVISION

    252 I do 304... Read more

  • Day 37

    2/6/2015 10:33:32 AM, by AAAIMEES3

    Morning all, Weighed myself and nothing has changed so can't be to disappointed. Feels a little lost don't have my grand baby to watch today, I h... Read more

  • Endocrinologist appointment

    2/6/2015 10:10:06 AM, by PAPER_WINGS18

    The appointment went OK. The endocrinologist didnt really tell me anything new from what I had read on WebMD regarding PCOS, but she was very ni... Read more

  • it's friday

    2/6/2015 8:00:05 AM, by MOMMY445

    i had a great time the other day,when the company treated our department to lunch. i was able to make healthy choices,too. i found out last night... Read more

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