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  • Snow days

    1/26/2016 4:16:57 PM, by TYCOLES

    Snow days are the worst! Actually they are the best, but they are the worst for your diet. There’s nothing like snow day with some cookies, and j... Read more

  • Strengthening

    1/26/2016 9:48:46 AM, by GEE-KNEE

    Health issues, which were resolved a year ago, made aerobic exercise less apealing for a while because I'd get a stabbing pain in my ovary and ut... Read more

  • "C"oncerned

    1/26/2016 7:19:09 AM, by SMILING321

    You would think it would be easy to make healthy choices when you are so concerned with your own health, but in reality, fighting negative though... Read more

  • Starting again

    1/25/2016 9:04:49 PM, by LYNXMYNX

    I'm just back in SparkPeople. Just re-joined a gym, ha... Read more

  • Weight standing still but feeling good none the less

    1/24/2016 9:04:25 PM, by GEE-KNEE

    I've had a few salty meals lately and the weight has been at a standstill.. Give it time. I bet I see a big drop by midweek. I can retain water... Read more

  • Blog #3 for 2016

    1/24/2016 6:50:34 PM, by SWEETBABYGIRL5

    Hello everyone how are you all doing? Well I wanted to blog again and let you know how I am doing with everything. My blood sugars have been ... Read more

  • Cold Brewing Bounty (of Coffee)!

    1/24/2016 4:02:54 PM, by BECCABOO127

    Well, I read the article from Spark People the other day about cold brewing coffee, and I went on Amazon immediately to get a "toddy" system. ... Read more

  • Revisiting Kale

    1/24/2016 11:08:26 AM, by BA5454

    I wasn't so much a kale fan unless it was accompanied by sausage, potatoes and cream in the form a soup. Ahem. But I bought a big bag of the curl... Read more

  • Perfectionist Boss

    1/23/2016 1:36:14 PM, by CAREN_BLUEJEANS

    I lost a pound this week! I've been trying to be more mindful of eating. I leave just 2 forkfuls of food on my plate (when I remember). It's not ... Read more

  • My Saturday Breakfast

    1/23/2016 10:45:36 AM, by FITCOFFEEMOM357

    It has been a while since I blogged and what is better than sharing how God took control of my breakfast. I love how the Lord works in me wh... Read more

  • Never give up

    1/23/2016 1:52:34 AM, by BIGGESTLOSER_V

    Don't give up I was struggling really bad Because I ... Read more

  • Fish Friday

    1/22/2016 11:09:21 PM, by LIVINGDEAD_GIRL

    01-22-2016 Weight: 285.5 Woke up later than I wanted to, had the rest of my steel cut outs with a little pumpkin spice mix I made and a dr... Read more

  • Relaxing day

    1/22/2016 11:00:01 PM, by LISAT78

    Enjoyed a relaxing day being a mom.. Lots of cuddles and coo's... Read more

  • Pphhbt!

    1/22/2016 6:37:27 AM, by BA5454

    Last week deserves a big ole: pphhbt! Onward and... Read more

  • Repetitive Meals

    1/21/2016 11:46:32 PM, by LIVINGDEAD_GIRL

    01-21-2016 Weight: 285.1 So the last few days have been a bit repetitive over what I've been eating. Pretty much laziness and forgetfulnes... Read more

  • Scared to get Skinny

    1/21/2016 7:51:38 PM, by MOMSFIVE1028

    I wrote it all in my blog already. So here's a link... lifetruelytwisted.wordpr
    ess.com ... Read more

  • Blog #2 for 2016

    1/20/2016 6:00:57 PM, by SWEETBABYGIRL5

    Hey everyone hope your all doing good. I am good went to my diabetes team apt today and it went good. My AIC was 8.4 and needs to get lower. And... Read more

  • Fit to Fat to Fit (TV Show)

    1/20/2016 8:56:26 AM, by BA5454

    I saw this and dvr'ed it then ended up watching most of it anyway last night. And I'm not sure what I saw--still trying to make sense of it. This... Read more

  • "B"ehavior

    1/20/2016 8:09:54 AM, by SMILING321

    It's all about our behavior. I don't want a diet or a quick fix. I'm looking to change my behavior. Currently my behavior is very lethargic and... Read more

  • Blog #1 for 2016

    1/19/2016 10:04:35 AM, by SWEETBABYGIRL5

    Hey everyone I am just blogging to say hi and see how you guys are doing and hoped everyone had a great Christmas and New Years so great Holidays... Read more

  • And I'm still moving

    1/19/2016 9:49:10 AM, by GEE-KNEE

    I did my two miles this morning. I'm not running the whole thing yet, but I'm shaping it. It will be there soon. Tonight is yoga. I've been do... Read more

  • "A"spire

    1/19/2016 9:34:35 AM, by SMILING321

    Instead of counting my days of hard work, I thought I would go with the alphabet to help motivate me. Aspire - I aspire to be healthy. I a... Read more

  • Meatless Monday

    1/19/2016 12:22:35 AM, by LIVINGDEAD_GIRL

    01-18-2016 Weight: 285.5 Starting to feel like I am getting my eating better under control today, or was it because it was meatless Monday... Read more

  • Enjoying life

    1/18/2016 9:09:20 PM, by SBECKER526

    I am enjoying meeting new people and to hear their stories. Each of us has challenges and special traits that are great to hear about. I have a... Read more

  • Hey, Sugar

    1/18/2016 11:31:03 AM, by BA5454

    I inadvertently did an experiment. I was pretty muc... Read more

  • Need to get back to it

    1/17/2016 10:57:05 PM, by LIVINGDEAD_GIRL

    01-17-2016 Weight: 284.6 So I am already falling behind with my goals for the year. I'm not quite making those 3 walks a week and I've hav... Read more

  • Celebrating little milestones

    1/17/2016 3:20:58 PM, by GEE-KNEE

    Still... Yay! 209... It's still a bigger number than I'... Read more

  • quick update

    1/17/2016 1:49:16 AM, by GEE-KNEE

    I've had no sugar since 2015 and it feels easier every day. My mood feels more up and stable since I quit sugar. My energy is up. My food crav... Read more

  • New life

    1/16/2016 5:35:06 PM, by LISAT78

    Enjoying spending every second with our newborn and trying to stop my brain to rest when he's resting ... Sometimes Rockin it, others not. But an... Read more

  • Sorry, Adele

    1/16/2016 6:48:40 AM, by BA5454

    ... Read more

  • Progress in defining new life

    1/15/2016 9:55:03 PM, by SBECKER526

    My husband and I completed the new resident orientation and found the program to be worthwhile. We understand our new environment and the govern... Read more

  • First Week Down

    1/15/2016 10:13:52 AM, by TYCOLES

    So I completed my first week with my new weight management program. The way the program works is that you come into the program assigned to a 10 ... Read more

  • Priority

    1/15/2016 6:52:25 AM, by BA5454

    Have a Spark-tacular Friday all!... Read more

  • Baby oh...

    1/15/2016 3:28:28 AM, by LISAT78

    Baby finally came, now to loving on little one, healthy eating and getting rid of baby Chubb plus everything I should have lost before baby. :)... Read more

  • When time just gets away from you

    1/13/2016 12:55:30 PM, by JAHAR929

    It's crazy how a new relationship, job, child, or whatever change in life's circumstances can really shake up your world in the best of ways. My ... Read more

  • My thoughts this morning

    1/13/2016 9:32:07 AM, by GEE-KNEE

    This morning I ran 1.5 miles and did 20 minutes of wii fit. I can feel my energy going up. I'm still going strong with the sugar free plan. If ... Read more

  • Rolling forward

    1/13/2016 12:32:10 AM, by GEE-KNEE

    Tonight I went to yoga, but no running this morning. I'm still going in the right direction. I wasn't as tight as last week. Next week will ev... Read more

  • Wait game

    1/12/2016 9:27:41 PM, by LISAT78

    Still waiting to have baby boy.... The waiting is sometimes the hardest part!!... Read more

  • Strength in numbers

    1/12/2016 7:42:46 PM, by SMILING321

    I've reached out to different friends about my goals and sought out workout buddies, but no one is motivated or interested. I live in a rural sma... Read more

  • Bombshell Revamped

    1/11/2016 12:11:40 PM, by GONABFIT

    Hey guys! I'm SO excited for 2016!! My goal for this year is to Lose 30 pounds by this time next year. I want to remain active throughout th... Read more

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