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  • Monday

    8/17/2015 7:33:25 PM, by SMOKENLIZZARD

    Ugh, what aa busy day, but didn't let it get me down. Stuck to my points and did some walking!... Read more

  • Monday

    8/17/2015 2:19:35 PM, by CIVPRO1

    I am disappointed in myself for the past week. I am re-dedicated to getting back on track.... Read more

  • Monday

    8/17/2015 12:01:23 PM, by NEWFLABULESS

    I was doing so well with logging in and posting everyday and then...well then I guess I let the business of life take over too much space and kee... Read more

  • Monday

    8/17/2015 11:59:23 AM, by COOP9002

    hope your Monday is going well. we are getting ready for school to start later this week here in mid-Mo. our youngest daughter is having a little... Read more

  • I'm Back!

    8/17/2015 8:55:25 AM, by SUMMERFAITH63

    It started with an awesome week of vacation. We were active the entire time, so I wasn't too far off my path. Then came a couple weeks of being s... Read more

  • Am I Waiting For My Life to Begin?

    8/17/2015 8:46:05 AM, by SUNSET09

    Happy Monday , I used to tell myself, “When I graduate high school, when I get a job, when I save a little bit, when I get marr... Read more

  • Wonderful weekend... Time with the Grands

    8/17/2015 7:07:06 AM, by BUSYGRANNY5

    What a wonderful weekend we were blessed with! Layton came over Friday evening, we ended up going to the Puxico Homecoming... it was fantastic...... Read more

  • 8/15/15

    8/16/2015 10:37:55 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well my quiet evening didn't end that way last night. I was running some price labels down to finishing last night and I heard a TL yelling at o... Read more

  • Monday

    8/16/2015 9:06:44 PM, by SPEDED2

    Pray for Peace!... Read more

  • New

    8/16/2015 6:54:49 PM, by AMBERJOY1979

    So I guess I'll try this "blog thing". So, I guess I'll start with why I'm here, since I'm new here. I just recently got some news from my doctor... Read more

  • Daily Inspiration and Birth verse Aug 15-16:

    8/16/2015 6:39:37 PM, by LHLADY517

    Daily Inspiration: If you are waiting to be happy, you never will be. Lord, the only moment that I can count on and be in charge of is right now... Read more

  • Keeping Track

    8/16/2015 5:05:17 PM, by HUNGRYWOMAN2

    One of the first things I learned when I began my journey to a healthier me, was the importance of keeping track. Maintaining a record of diet a... Read more

  • Sunday

    8/16/2015 1:55:42 PM, by COOP9002

    Had a great time of worship at church this morning. hopefully our monthly business meeting goes well, and is not too lengthy. should get in some ... Read more

  • Sunday

    8/15/2015 11:21:10 PM, by SPEDED2

    Pray for Peace!... Read more

  • 8/15/15

    8/15/2015 10:57:19 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Last work day of the week! Finally! 2 1/2 hours left! Had to get up early today to have our pictures taken for the Parish Pictorial Directory,... Read more

  • Saturday

    8/15/2015 3:25:47 PM, by COOP9002

    i was able to get into the rec center this morning so i could ride a stationary bike. one of these days i need to break down and buy an actual bi... Read more

  • Joyce Meyer

    8/15/2015 8:42:43 AM, by BUSYGRANNY5

    “Spending time with God is the key to our strength and success in all areas of life. Be sure that you never try to work God into your schedule,... Read more

  • Joyce Meyer

    8/15/2015 12:45:06 AM, by BUSYGRANNY5

    “Just because you go to church doesn't mean you're a Christian. I can go sit in the garage all day and it doesn't make me a car” ― Joyce... Read more

  • Here Motivation..Motivation...

    8/14/2015 8:59:16 PM, by STLRFNS

    With the ending of the BLC round, I really have lost my motivation - lost it and can't seem to find it. I always do okay food wise - my cousin a... Read more

  • Daily Inspiration and Birth verse Aug 14:

    8/14/2015 6:14:13 PM, by LHLADY517

    Daily Inspiration: Fill your time with that which is important to you and you will feel accomplished. Lord, help me to know my priorities and t... Read more

  • Great week.

    8/14/2015 4:51:45 PM, by SMOKENLIZZARD

    This week has been pretty good. I have lost 3 lbs, I no it's not much but at least it's a loss. Keep moving forward. May God bless us all ;-)... Read more

  • Friday

    8/14/2015 1:14:10 PM, by COOP9002

    got a run in this morning. the temps were beautiful when i started, however they heated up rather quickly. enjoy your Friday.... Read more

  • 8/14/15

    8/14/2015 1:04:25 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well this is definitely different, posting my blog in the daytime. Usually I am playing beat the clock in the evening to do it. For those who h... Read more

  • Starting over

    8/14/2015 10:19:04 AM, by FABN50S

    The last few years have been a blur for me. Between changing careers and moving I have put myself on the back burner. I have gained most of my w... Read more

  • A Blah Kind Of Day

    8/14/2015 9:20:22 AM, by SPARKGIRL811

    Yesterday was HORRIBLE as far as my eating goes. I was on the run from the time my feet hit the floor until almost the time my head hit the pill... Read more

  • Babies are 9 months!

    8/14/2015 12:00:29 AM, by ACHANSO

    Can't even believe it! The babies turned 9 months old ... Read more

  • Daily Inspiration and Birth verse Aug 13:

    8/13/2015 10:03:16 PM, by LHLADY517

    Daily Inspiration: Our goodness is one of God's many gifts to us. Lord, may I humbly appreciate my good qualities and give thanks to You throug... Read more

  • Everyday

    8/13/2015 9:43:31 PM, by SPEDED2

    Pray for Peace!... Read more

  • 8/13/15

    8/13/2015 8:38:09 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Gee whiz, time flies. My grandson is 2 months old. I completely forgot it with as busy as i have been, but my son sent 2 month pictures. Today... Read more

  • Need to plan better

    8/13/2015 6:38:49 PM, by CIVPRO1

    I am doing a lot of travel lately. I have free time between court appearances. I need to figure out a way to exercise between dockets. ... Read more

  • Thursday

    8/13/2015 3:32:33 PM, by COOP9002

    Busy day. hope your day is going well.... Read more

  • semi retired .... (laid off)

    8/13/2015 11:52:33 AM, by TWINSAND3DOGS

    I'm trying to get back into my diet and exercise routi... Read more

  • Day 592 - The start of normal

    8/13/2015 8:33:55 AM, by KAYJ76

    Back to school today! That means planning meals (B,L,D and Snacks) and working in exercise everyday! Both really good things. I am going to up... Read more

  • Setting an example...

    8/13/2015 7:34:11 AM, by BUSYGRANNY5

    The first great gift we can bestow on others is a good example.- Thomas Morell It is so important for each of us to do our personal best to ... Read more

  • Day 1 (of many to come)

    8/13/2015 12:03:51 AM, by PIXILIN

    Today I decided to completely quit soda along with tracking my calories and exercise. I've done all of it once before and lost weight but got fru... Read more

  • 8/12/15

    8/12/2015 9:29:20 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well, my wife's dog (notice how I call her my wife's dog) decided to go investigating the neighborhood this morning. That in itself is not a big... Read more

  • Day 3

    8/12/2015 7:01:07 PM, by KELLIGIRL5

    well I did not log my food but I did finally get a workout in. I do like the daily burn true beginner workouts! I feel so out of shape so these a... Read more

  • Daily Inspiration and Birth verse Aug 12:

    8/12/2015 3:42:34 PM, by LHLADY517

    Daily Inspiration: Today do what you can and expect no more of yourself. Lord, I will feel joy in my accomplishments today and gratitude for th... Read more

  • Moving Dad to Assisted Living...part 1

    8/12/2015 12:11:28 PM, by ASOBFALLS

    After military service and college, Dad went to Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa with goal of starting a Christian Radio station. He surveyed and ... Read more

  • Wednesday

    8/12/2015 10:34:59 AM, by COOP9002

    it's a typically busy Wednesday here at Church, so i will keep this short. Have a great day!! ... Read more

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