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  • Norman Vincent Peale

    5/21/2015 7:13:43 AM, by BUSYGRANNY5

    Stand up to your obstacles and do something about them. You will find that they haven't half the strength you think they have. -Norman Vincent Pe... Read more

  • BLC 28 - Day 1

    5/20/2015 11:08:23 PM, by BROWNSUGAR3030

    Quote of the day: A setback is only a comeback in disguise. (I just made that up. What do you think?) Happy weigh in day! My official start... Read more

  • 5/20/15

    5/20/2015 11:05:53 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well I think that I did well with the interview. It lasted about an hour and half and I answered everything asked easily. I didn't get a clear... Read more

  • Daily inspiration and Birth verse for May 20:

    5/20/2015 10:10:14 PM, by LHLADY517

    Daily inspiration: There is no better time than right now to do what we have been putting off. Lord, grant me motivation and focus that I may l... Read more

  • hmmmm

    5/20/2015 8:53:46 PM, by TARAH_T2000

    Day three. Getting a better routine down. Feeling conflicted. Always feel as it is not enough....but know if I over due it I will become overwhel... Read more

  • Spark Tracker Addiction!

    5/20/2015 12:14:44 PM, by BELTONWALKER67

    Guess I will be going "cold turkey". Loved that little button and feel it kept me motivated to move more. Alas, I lost Spark Tracker #2 this pa... Read more

  • Wednesday

    5/20/2015 11:28:50 AM, by COOP9002

    It's a rainy and gloomy day in mid-Mo. However, the Father is still on His throne. Blessings... Read more

  • Completed 11 days

    5/20/2015 10:32:12 AM, by NEWFLABULESS

    I have completed a total of 11 days on the Whole 30 diet plan. Has it been easy? NO! Has it been as hard as I had envisioned NO! Have I been s... Read more

  • Click and Spark!

    5/20/2015 10:30:12 AM, by KEELSKICKSBUTT

    My husband and I started off the month of May as a clean eating and no drinking month. I was back at 186.6lbs (heaviest I have been in like 2 yea... Read more

  • A little sleep does wonders

    5/20/2015 10:08:51 AM, by ANGFORQ

    I went to bed feeling horrible about myself. I was exhausted and frustrated. I had the best sleep I have had in ages. I woke up this mor... Read more

  • What you have -vs-who you are.

    5/20/2015 7:22:33 AM, by BUSYGRANNY5

    It may be alright to be content with what you have, never with what you are.-Anon In my opinion it is important to approach life as a learni... Read more

  • BLC28 - Day 0

    5/20/2015 12:21:22 AM, by BROWNSUGAR3030

    I say Day 0 because the challenge doesn't officially start until tomorrow. First weigh in! I'm not really nervous because I already know what my ... Read more

  • 5/19/15

    5/19/2015 11:28:10 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well, my nerves are working up with the impending interview tomorrow. I studied the job description today, and I don't know why they called me o... Read more

  • Being a Co-Captain

    5/19/2015 11:18:25 PM, by STLRFNS

    So during the last BLC challenge, a question was put the team - have you ever thought of being a co-captain. And my initial thought wa... Read more

  • Daily inspiration and Birth verse for May 19:

    5/19/2015 10:54:24 PM, by LHLADY517

    Daily inspiration: When you need to feel better about yourself, do something nice for someone else. Lord, help that I may make someone's day a li... Read more

  • Bad Day

    5/19/2015 9:40:05 PM, by ANGFORQ

    Today was a bad day, eating wise anyway. I was not in control of what I ate today because of work obligations. I could have made better choices... Read more

  • Day Two- not giving up

    5/19/2015 8:22:14 PM, by TARAH_T2000

    Positives: kept a positive attitude all day. Still drinking water. Feel motivated. friends support. Being accountable. No after lunch crash. Neg... Read more

  • Something about that tracker

    5/19/2015 11:10:30 AM, by RUDITUDI2000

    I'd like to think its my personal motivation but maybe, just maybe, its something about that tracker. I bought a sparkpeople tracker about a m... Read more

  • Makes me go hmmm.

    5/19/2015 10:55:32 AM, by COOP9002

    I do not know why this text surprise me so much. When I think of my love for my daughters, I realize just how relevant this is to me. Since... Read more

  • Day two goals

    5/19/2015 8:11:21 AM, by TARAH_T2000

    Stay positive. Stay hydrated. Stay motivated. Keep pushing forward. Smile. Stay connected. Don't give up.... Read more

  • Food for thought...

    5/19/2015 7:42:02 AM, by BUSYGRANNY5

    To comprehend a man's life, it is necessary to know not merely what he does but also what he purposely leaves undone. There is a limit to the wor... Read more

  • Up Late, but feeling pumped.

    5/19/2015 2:04:30 AM, by OAKBORN

    I ran my 2nd 10K (the Portland Rock N Roll 10K & Half Marathon) yesterday and had my best time ever... despite a stiff knee and not training as h... Read more

  • wow

    5/18/2015 9:56:55 PM, by TARAH_T2000

    OK. End of the first full day. Not perfect....but is only the first day. Plenty of room for improvements. Positives: drinking plenty of water. ... Read more

  • 5/18/15

    5/18/2015 9:32:34 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Boy this was a busy day. I felt like I had a day in already when I went to work. I needed to get my car in the shop for maintenance which was o... Read more

  • Daily inspiration and Birth verse for May 18:

    5/18/2015 9:26:37 PM, by LHLADY517

    Daily inspiration: Never be too busy to pray. Lord, without Your presence in my life, today would be barren. Daily Scripture & Reflection:... Read more

  • Not my best weekend

    5/18/2015 7:33:20 PM, by STLOUISWOMAN

    What a daySaturday was. I went to give blood in the morning just like I do every couple of months. Usually have no problems. Then I went to the g... Read more

  • Day 10

    5/18/2015 3:54:12 PM, by NEWFLABULESS

    I'm on Day 10 of the Whole 30 plan and to be honest, I am really proud that I have made it this far. Believe me when I tell you that I wanted to... Read more

  • Surprise hidden in Genealogy

    5/18/2015 2:29:36 PM, by ASOBFALLS

    Did Genealogy 30 years ago...found lots of interesting things and verified the truth of the family history that was passed down verbally. Then ... Read more

  • Week 1

    5/18/2015 1:32:48 PM, by ANGFORQ

    It has been a great week. I ended up being down a total 1.5 lbs. I am pretty happy with that. I did not do great over the weekend, but I did l... Read more

  • Monday

    5/18/2015 12:17:49 PM, by COOP9002

    My wife and I are grateful to all of you who wished us well on our anniversary. Now it's time to get focused on another week. Hope your Mon... Read more

  • Day 1

    5/18/2015 8:44:44 AM, by TARAH_T2000

    Stretched and ready for work. Motivation is high and water is ready. Let's go... Read more

  • Final Monday...

    5/18/2015 7:21:18 AM, by BUSYGRANNY5

    Today is the last Monday of the school year for our school district! Although we will be in school most of next week, we won't go on Monday, as ... Read more

  • A little whine without cheese and crackers

    5/18/2015 3:14:01 AM, by KMOMMO

    I took on a part time job recently. I battle chronic pain from several things especially fibromyalgia and arthritis. I have been in so much pain ... Read more

  • Daily inspiration and Birth verse for May 16-17:

    5/17/2015 9:02:45 PM, by LHLADY517

    Daily inspiration: No troubles that we face are new to this world. Guide and protect me, Lord, and strengthen my faith and trust in You so that ... Read more

  • 5/17/15

    5/17/2015 7:54:15 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Well, last night around 8:00 I figured I had a light on the tractor for a reason, and decided to start cutting the grass. So I did half the yard... Read more

  • 29 Years and Counting

    5/17/2015 1:41:58 PM, by COOP9002

    thanks for all the well-wishes as we celebrate our 29th anniversary today. We actually went out last night knowing that doing so would be virtual... Read more

  • The beginning

    5/17/2015 11:16:54 AM, by TARAH_T2000

    Starting this journey. A little scared but hopeful I will be able to find my courage.... Read more

  • Graduation Day...

    5/17/2015 8:47:24 AM, by BUSYGRANNY5

    This afternoon another group of young people will be walking across the stage to receive their high school diplomas; successfully closing a very ... Read more

  • Saturday

    5/16/2015 10:16:55 PM, by COOP9002

    My wife and I were able to go out tonight just to the two of us and celebrate our anniversary. 29 years this woman has put up with me. There has ... Read more

  • Normal Weight - OMG!

    5/16/2015 8:26:53 PM, by ANI_AMICK

    I haven't been on the scale in a while, but I decided to check my weight today. I was amazed to find I've lost more weight than my current weigh... Read more

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