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  • Kind of a Lost Weekend...

    12/5/2016 7:53:15 PM, by PJPEGG

    So I had a bad weekend, starting with Friday when we ate Tex-Mex, going through today when I had a seven a.m. dental appointment that took two st... Read more

  • Cold outside

    12/4/2016 5:45:03 PM, by GLENWICK

    It is really cold out today. This type of weather makes you want to stay inside and eat junk food. I have not I just finished working out. I'm ev... Read more

  • Feeling Good!!!

    12/1/2016 5:43:55 PM, by PJPEGG

    Good day. Went grocery shopping with a “light” shopping list. First of the month shopping is never light on the pocketbook, though. Used s... Read more

  • Cold this morning

    12/1/2016 7:03:20 AM, by GLENWICK

    It is really cold this morning. Even though it is cold I still workouted. I didn't workout yesterday morning and I felt guilty. I workout when I ... Read more

  • New Things!?!?!?!

    11/29/2016 9:37:24 PM, by PJPEGG

    Unexpectedly, today became my day to try new things. I decided to make my own hummus. I wasn’t enthusiastic going in because I had tried store ... Read more

  • Getting ready for work

    11/29/2016 6:57:45 AM, by GLENWICK

    Getting ready for work I was able to workout this morning. Working out in the morning gives me more engery. Everyone have a blessed and wonderful... Read more

  • Home again, Jiggedy-Jig!

    11/28/2016 8:17:46 PM, by PJPEGG

    Last week went pretty well as expected. I ate more... Read more

  • Back to work

    11/28/2016 7:10:48 AM, by GLENWICK

    I really enjoyed my 4 day weekend, but it's back to work. I was to tired to workout this morning I try to get up at 4 and workout. This morning ... Read more

  • Upset

    11/27/2016 11:18:08 AM, by GLENWICK

    I was at work and a coworker ask me was I losing weight I said yes. The she didn't say good job or keep up the good work. She had the nerve to s... Read more

  • Up early

    11/26/2016 7:12:51 AM, by GLENWICK

    Didn't workout this morning was to tired to get up but I workouted twice yesterday. I cannot workout later going to get my hair done but I workou... Read more

  • Black Friday Blues--Not!

    11/24/2016 8:51:24 PM, by PJPEGG

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We have survived Turkey Day, and we ate less this year than last year We did not consume 4500 calories like the... Read more

  • Happy Thanksgiving

    11/24/2016 9:27:16 AM, by GLENWICK

    Hello everyone I hope everyone will have a safe, blessed, and wonderful Thanksgiving. If we eat more then we should that is okay we will start a... Read more

  • Holiday Pangs and Signs of Growth!

    11/23/2016 3:52:41 PM, by PJPEGG

    So we drove from Shreveport to Little Rock yesterday to spend the Holiday with Daughter and Grands. What bug bit me, but I let yesterday slide. ... Read more

  • Short week.

    11/22/2016 7:17:16 AM, by GLENWICK

    I'm so gald we have a short work week this week. I'm still going to try to follow my calories even through the holidays and workout.... Read more

  • Wheeeeeee!

    11/21/2016 9:22:57 PM, by PJPEGG

    Great day! I got some serious exercise in this morning. I made foil packet chicken breasts for lunch with baked sweet potatoes.... Read more

  • Went for a walk

    11/21/2016 7:38:17 PM, by GLENWICK

    I went for a walking and then I did aerobics. I feel really good.... Read more

  • Taking Responsibility

    11/20/2016 9:46:25 PM, by PJPEGG

    Sunday, by force of schedule more than anything else becomes a rest day for my exercise plan. I had a good class with my three third grade... Read more

  • Cold outside

    11/19/2016 11:22:03 AM, by GLENWICK

    It is really cold outside today it makes me want to stay in the bed. I won't I' m going to workout no matter what it is doing outside.... Read more

  • Sick Day

    11/18/2016 9:13:40 PM, by PJPEGG

    I have been sick today. Slept most of the day. Didn't eat much or exercise. Will wake up tomorrow and hit it again. Hope you ... Read more

  • Finally Fall (I Hope)

    11/17/2016 9:39:05 PM, by PJPEGG

    I’ve had a frustrating day because of family, but I got in my exercise and most of my nutrition. I made a cross between the 15... Read more

  • Keep moving

    11/17/2016 6:39:07 PM, by GLENWICK

    I just finished my workout. It's getting easier to get up at four to workout. Thank God for helping me to get up and get me out of my bed.... Read more

  • The Baking Bug Bit!

    11/16/2016 11:14:37 PM, by PJPEGG

    Every year about this time I get the Baking Bug and start baking cookies for the folks at church and as gifts for my neighbors. It bit today, an... Read more

  • Getting ready for work

    11/16/2016 6:59:31 AM, by GLENWICK

    Getting ready to start another day. Finished my morning workout, I feel really good since I 've been working. I'm trying to stay on track so far... Read more

  • The Scale Keeps Going DOWN!

    11/15/2016 10:11:39 PM, by PJPEGG

    Did my weekly weigh-in today and I lost another pound! Under 190 now! The Walk Challenge got me walking around my large b... Read more

  • Working

    11/15/2016 2:42:58 PM, by GLENWICK

    I'm at work can't wait until its time to go home. I plan on working out when I get home, if I'm not to tire.... Read more

  • My Moment in a Pot of Jambalaya!

    11/14/2016 7:05:27 PM, by PJPEGG

    I read the article about living in the moment today. I usually think this kind of stuff is gobbledygook, but I found one bit pretty spot on. ... Read more

  • Bits and Pieces--Good Results

    11/13/2016 10:00:08 PM, by PJPEGG

    Sundays are my hardest day to stay on program. Lots to do, off my schedule, it is hard to get my exercising done. I need my routine. I actual... Read more


    11/12/2016 5:05:32 PM, by PJPEGG

    So today I printed out the “100 Reasons to Exercise Now” basically so I wouldn’t skip it today. Reading over them kicked me out of my chair. I ... Read more

  • Cleaning the house

    11/12/2016 2:21:44 PM, by GLENWICK

    I decided to use my house cleaning as my workout. I hope I will be able to rest tomorrow after church.... Read more

  • Are you GRATEFUL? A Challenge!

    11/11/2016 12:22:38 PM, by PJPEGG

    OK, here's my challenge to all my Spark People Buds! How much weight have you lost this year? Total? Are you GRATEFUL? Consider D... Read more

  • Friday

    11/11/2016 6:53:24 AM, by GLENWICK

    I'm so happy it's Friday. I workouted this morning it getting better I don't hate working out any more. Everyone have a bless day.... Read more

  • Tripped Up

    11/9/2016 10:13:01 PM, by PJPEGG

    I did great today. I exercised, took a little walk around my property two or three times; about ten minutes. I was doing great ... Read more

  • Tired

    11/9/2016 6:01:35 PM, by GLENWICK

    I just workouted out and I tired. Will working out get easier. I cannot wait until I don't have to workout ever day.... Read more

  • Glad That's Over!

    11/8/2016 5:08:50 PM, by PJPEGG

    Went to vote today. Not excited about that either, Ugh. What a choice. Spent all day yesterday with my hubb... Read more

  • Raining

    11/7/2016 7:01:20 AM, by GLENWICK

    It is a raining Monday, but I have to go to work. I also got my workout in this morning. Everyone have a bless day.... Read more

  • Not sure if going to workout

    11/6/2016 12:07:20 PM, by GLENWICK

    I have workouted every day this week, but I'm tired and don't want to workout . But when I don't workout I feel guilty.... Read more

  • This Old Joke Won't be on ME!!!

    11/5/2016 5:06:22 PM, by PJPEGG

    Here’s the old joke: There was a man who lived in a flood zone. When a bad storm blew in the police came to evacuate him. He refused,... Read more

  • Saturday

    11/5/2016 2:11:34 PM, by GLENWICK

    Just workouted now just watching tv. I don't have a car so I not able to go anywhere unless someone picks me up. I can't wait until God help me g... Read more

  • Friday!!!!

    11/4/2016 6:56:27 AM, by GLENWICK

    I'm so glad it's Friday. I can lay down late Saturday and I don't have to get up at 4 to workout. Everyone have a bless and wonderful Friday.... Read more

  • I Blew It!

    11/3/2016 6:52:20 PM, by PJPEGG

    I Blew It. We were running around town. I’d done my exercise, eaten breakfast. I was on a roll. We went to get haircuts. Af... Read more

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