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  • yikes it has been far too long

    2/11/2015 5:28:35 PM, by BLAHIDONTLIKEU

    I had everything under control, or so I thought. Then in early 2013 I got pregnant with my daughter. By the time I hit the 3rd trimester it was ... Read more

  • All Ashore Who's Going Ashore...

    2/11/2015 2:13:27 PM, by MOJO0607

    So, we were nearly blown away at the beginning of the cruise...literally. ... Read more

  • Wacky Wednesday

    2/11/2015 1:30:41 PM, by ALICEART2010

    Hello Sparklers, How are you today? It's almost noon and I have yet to eat yet. I had a mocha for breakfast. I made coffee and put a Swiss ... Read more

  • Getting Closer

    2/10/2015 7:54:55 PM, by FIGHTING4IT

    Here is my new original poem "Getting Closer" Holding on tight, even though it hurts Wondering what's on the other side If only I knew,... Read more

  • Tuesday

    2/10/2015 4:03:36 PM, by ALICEART2010

    Hello Sparklers, Today I woke up at 10, did some Spark tasks (as Cat likes to call them :) and then went walking 2 miles. I was so ready... Read more

  • Gym funny

    2/10/2015 11:43:11 AM, by LADYBUG546

    The gym was very busy last night in our condo we all decided to go at once lol. I started on the Elliptical for 10 minutes. The e... Read more

  • Monday Funday!

    2/9/2015 6:19:10 PM, by MISHAMW

    Oops, I think I have used that title more than once. My bad! Today was a half day at work. Typically I am scheduled from 8am to 1pm, but i... Read more

  • Monday

    2/9/2015 1:16:18 PM, by ALICEART2010

    As I look out my desk window I keep seeing that little yellow butterfly fly by. I think it is God's way of saying hello to me. As you go th... Read more

  • An Open Letter to Myself

    2/9/2015 11:59:55 AM, by SPARKLE883

    An open letter of forgiveness to myself: Dear Self, You've had a rough few weeks (and let's face it, months). You're stressed, and ove... Read more

  • In need of spring

    2/9/2015 8:46:28 AM, by LADYBUG546

    SO this slushy snow and raining sleet needs to bugger off now lol. So indian style cream of wheat is got tumeric in it, onion, potatoes, g... Read more

  • This is me

    2/8/2015 9:03:59 PM, by TIFFA409

    I have never taken/posted a "before" picture. This is hard for me, to expo... Read more

  • I gained weight! :(

    2/8/2015 4:36:53 PM, by RELAXEDBISCUIT

    Boo lol, I woke up this morning excited to find out how much I had lost this week, looked down at the scales which read 146kg! 500gm ... Read more

  • Family get-togethers and eating well

    2/8/2015 3:38:54 PM, by VICKYSBD

    I don't usually write two blog entries in one day, but I find I am in the midst of doing battle with the topic of staying on track while attendin... Read more

  • Arctic chill and eating too much :(

    2/8/2015 3:20:34 PM, by VICKYSBD

    I had been doing really well with eating and exercise, but then I let things slide. Much of it has to do with the bitter cold and TONS of snow w... Read more

  • Sunday

    2/8/2015 3:09:35 PM, by ALICEART2010

    It's nap time. Have a great Sunday! We enjoyed church and then went to eat at a Hong Kong buffet so I am skipping counting calories today.... Read more

  • 19 Weeks with Triplets

    2/8/2015 2:13:37 PM, by BEEBEA

    OMG, 19 weeks! I am feeling evermore confident and excited to meet the babies. There's only 6 more weeks until they could all survive if they wer... Read more

  • Misha Did WHAT?

    2/8/2015 2:07:12 PM, by MISHAMW

    So I did something a little crazy, a lot surprising, and a whole bunch of AWESOME! I got up early, before having to leave for work which sta... Read more

  • Catching up

    2/8/2015 12:56:55 PM, by LADYBUG546

    I feel like I have not been on here since early last week. I have though just minimal and part of the reason was it was chaotic at work. I... Read more

  • How sustainable?

    2/8/2015 11:03:38 AM, by JWOURMS

    Okay, so the plan is to up the exercise this week and see how I manage with the fatigue, muscle problem etc... Had a beautiful walk with husband ... Read more

  • Hiking :)

    2/8/2015 1:28:31 AM, by RELAXEDBISCUIT

    I did an almost 3k loop track yesterday. It absolutely killed. I don't understand how you can walk uphill for so long and end up at the same plac... Read more

  • Second mini-goal met! Thoughts and looking for advice.

    2/7/2015 5:46:53 PM, by TIFFA409

    I have now lost 5% of my initial body weight! Woo hoo! I am excited to be making progress. The scale is moving and my "fat jeans" no longer hu... Read more

  • Day 42.. Feeling Aggravated..

    2/7/2015 4:57:54 PM, by CUPCAKE_NINJA38

    If anyone is in a good mood you may want to skip my blog.. just a warning.. I know I have not been active all week but I have been here on m... Read more

  • Recipes, House Walking, and the Big Ban on Liquor

    2/7/2015 12:23:35 PM, by DEBADEAU

    My recipes from last week were a success! I didn't try the chicken/broccoli/mushroom concoction yet, but that is on the agenda for today! H... Read more

  • Saturday!

    2/7/2015 11:36:12 AM, by ALICEART2010

    It's Saturday Sparklers! Today is beautiful outside here in SW Louisiana but I am still a Texas girl just temporarily living here. (just sa... Read more

  • So...yeah...I'm back

    2/7/2015 12:14:48 AM, by TINAFITE

    I don't know whether to be excited or sad about this return. It seems nothing has helped me to lose weight. Everything seems to be putting me on ... Read more

  • Keto Miracle?

    2/6/2015 9:33:06 PM, by MISHAMW

    I have been doing well for the most part. Cedar count is down, so I am feeling better. Staying strong in keto as well. Until today.... Read more

  • Happy Friday!

    2/6/2015 11:51:41 AM, by ALICEART2010

    Happy Friday Sparklers! I just had a hearty breakfast of eggs, turkey and toast. I am getting ready to do my 30 minute fitness routine s... Read more

  • Endocrinologist appointment

    2/6/2015 10:10:06 AM, by PAPER_WINGS18

    The appointment went OK. The endocrinologist didnít really tell me anything new from what I had read on WebMD regarding PCOS, but she was very ni... Read more

  • It's Friday!

    2/6/2015 9:07:21 AM, by ASH-UMS86

    Good early morning Sparkers! Today is Friday, and I couldn't be happier about it. My husband has an interview with the Social Security office in ... Read more

  • Goals, reasons and ramblings!

    2/5/2015 9:12:06 PM, by RELAXEDBISCUIT

    'Tis Waitangi Day here in New Zealand which essentially commemorates the birth of the country, marking the day when a Treaty was si... Read more

  • This is going to make BLC27 hard to do

    2/5/2015 6:14:50 PM, by NIKKICOLE83

    First off, let me say that I am PROUD Honey Badger and am so glad that I have been surrounded by this team of supportive women. We have just beg... Read more

  • Thursday

    2/5/2015 12:14:44 PM, by ALICEART2010

    Hi Sparklers! How are you? Today is chilly but there's no rain. I have only worked out once in 2 weeks due to this cold but today I am goin... Read more

  • Fresh month and excited!

    2/4/2015 11:58:31 PM, by ASH-UMS86

    I'm really confident and excited about this month. I am continuing to get up early, so the next 3 days will be a cake walk! I'll be happy with a ... Read more

  • My story

    2/4/2015 7:04:00 PM, by RELAXEDBISCUIT

    I have been overweight all of my life, but after I gave birth to my daugh... Read more

  • January/February Update

    2/4/2015 6:59:25 PM, by FOUTZIOUS

    Life is chaos, as usual. But! I have time for some updates. While I haven't been tracking food (and haven't been... like a slacker) I am get... Read more

  • 241 lbs

    2/4/2015 2:47:59 PM, by SALLYLEE84

    There, it's out there, for all of you to see; I backslid to my highest weight ever. I knew what was happening, but I decided to be an ostrich an... Read more

  • WW Weigh In & Endocrinologist anxiety

    2/4/2015 2:31:16 PM, by PAPER_WINGS18

    I had a great weigh-in today at WW! FINALLY. My body may be catching up. Down 2.4! woot woot. I feel betteróless bloated, and I donít feel like a... Read more

  • Snowing/Sleet again uggh

    2/4/2015 1:39:04 PM, by LADYBUG546

    Well it is snowing/sleet again today. We got about a foot the other day and now today this. It is a soupy mess out there. I have to drive toda... Read more

  • Wednesday

    2/4/2015 11:47:37 AM, by ALICEART2010

    Good morning Sparkers! Today I am making baked Salmon and green beans for lunch for the hubs and I. I just had a cup of hot chocolate and a... Read more

  • 1 step at a time

    2/4/2015 10:44:43 AM, by DISNEYDAMSEL1

    So today is the day. Day 30!!! So what does day 30 mean? It was the goal I set 30 days ago to log into spark people everyday for 30 days. Don't f... Read more

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