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  • This past weekend

    6/7/2016 9:26:21 AM, by HSARMYWF

    It was good. We worked on getting all the stuff in the basement sorted. Sat hubby took me for Indian food which we both love. I got some chicken ... Read more

  • Today

    6/6/2016 11:01:43 PM, by HSARMYWF

    Got a big room done going through it for the move. The garage is tomorrow. I got an hour of circuit weight training done and a 30 min walk. I ate... Read more

  • Starting over... again

    6/6/2016 1:54:25 PM, by ITBECHELSEA

    I have been a member of Spark People for over 2 years, but this is the first time I'm REALLY using it. I don't use it for the food tracker. I rea... Read more

  • Hitting the "Reset" Button on Life

    6/6/2016 12:34:16 PM, by RAHRAH0526

    There comes a time in every woman's life where she must take a good look around and figure out if she is truly happy where she is. It may be at ... Read more

  • Weekly Blog: Just A Day Late ;)

    6/6/2016 8:49:04 AM, by THEFARRAH

    Well, my schedule got thrown off because I was on call/working this past weekend. I got all my steps in and then some because my friend and I wen... Read more

  • Close to the Bottom

    6/5/2016 6:27:54 PM, by FIGHTING4IT

    I have been away from Spark for so long. In March/April my anxiety became the worst it has ever been and I suffered the worst panic attack I have... Read more

  • The new layout

    6/4/2016 10:40:38 PM, by RISINGBLUESTAR

    I wish they would change it back. Not a fan of this layout. It seems less organized this way. I loved how my whole entire page was one color. ... Read more

  • The new layout

    6/4/2016 10:40:38 PM, by RISINGBLUESTAR

    I wish they would change it back. Not a fan of this layout. It seems less organized this way. I loved how my whole entire page was one color. ... Read more

  • Venting is healthy

    6/3/2016 5:02:41 PM, by PAISLEYOWL140

    I watch my cousins kids at least 3 times a week. Yesterday I got my schedule for the next 3 months. Her and her husband are going to 3 concerts... Read more

  • Vacation in July

    6/3/2016 12:07:11 PM, by HSARMYWF

    Booked our vacation. 2 weeks in Minnesota with my husb family. Excited can walk right out the door and swim in the lake. I'm a big open water swi... Read more

  • Thursday

    6/3/2016 10:47:57 AM, by HSARMYWF

    had a 6 mi walk 1,070 cals burned did some run intervals thrown in. 16,396 steps total 2855 cals burned total yesterday ate 1228 cals I lost ... Read more

  • no donuts for me today!!

    6/3/2016 10:28:42 AM, by SOFT_VAL67

    I am going to TRY. I am going to TRY REALLLLLLY HARD. To stay positive, and to stay on track today. I am going to walk and I am going to just... Read more

  • Insanity Day 3

    6/2/2016 8:23:57 PM, by LEIRA00

    Talk about your legs burning, back in pain, and sweat pouring off you. I decided to take the insanity challenge and I must say I think I am insan... Read more

  • So

    6/2/2016 12:51:39 PM, by HSARMYWF

    I'm proud of myself to have a loss. Especially since I am about to have my cycle. So pms week. Plus the move coming up. I'm sorting out everythin... Read more

  • one is the one.

    6/2/2016 8:31:08 AM, by SOFT_VAL67

    Up early this morning, cant say I slept well at all. I very badly need to go mattress shopping. That is right at the top of the list of things... Read more

  • Thyroid Meds, Weight Gain & The Gym

    6/2/2016 8:23:31 AM, by GINGERMONKEY21

    Hi everyone... Been awhile since I've been back on here. I hope this blog finds you doing well in your journey. My doctor (who doesn't... Read more

  • Life's (Big!) Surprises...

    6/2/2016 1:10:21 AM, by SLIMMERSUSAN10

    My life just got rather interesting! I had a job interview last Friday for an Accounting position with a large company. My current boss was... Read more

  • easy as pie, who said pie!!!!

    6/1/2016 6:50:30 PM, by SOFT_VAL67

    I had been doing pretty good sticking to low carbs, until dinner, when I had two rolls!! I have given myself a black eye and a kick in my own p... Read more

  • Letting Myself Start to Love Again...

    6/1/2016 4:53:41 PM, by KACEYSW

    I'll be honest. Dating in your 50's is not exactly a bed of roses. As a matter of fact, I think it should require a helmet (for the number of tim... Read more

  • Yesterday

    6/1/2016 9:33:18 AM, by HSARMYWF

    I unpacked a huge wardrobe of clothing and shoes put it all away. A long with huge amount of beauty products. Cool thing is that bras, shorts, sh... Read more

  • June!!

    6/1/2016 1:44:03 AM, by SLIMMERSUSAN10

    Wow, June already? Time flies! Today is my uncle's 70th birthday and would have been my Grandma's 95th birthday had she not passed away 2... Read more

  • misery loves more miserable acts

    5/31/2016 12:26:29 PM, by SOFT_VAL67

    There is this lingering hacking cough, and congestion deep down in my chest. I hack and hack and yield nothing but annoyance. I probably did n... Read more

  • This weekend

    5/30/2016 11:23:45 PM, by HSARMYWF

    Crazy Check engine light went on so had my van in the shop. Got it back then had to pack it in a short amount of time with 8 bikes and a ton of c... Read more

  • may closes

    5/30/2016 8:26:40 AM, by SOFT_VAL67

    Often, I write blogs, that are just exercises to myself, to be able to release pent up anger, or maybe to just be able to see the words and know ... Read more

  • Weekly Blog: Weight Gain, the Y, and School Woes

    5/29/2016 10:42:57 PM, by THEFARRAH

    This'll be short since I need my beauty rest. I just spent the whole day doing 1 of 3 assignments due this week for class. 2 and 3 are gonna have... Read more

  • Lots of firsts

    5/29/2016 4:06:01 PM, by NYXWOLFWALKER

    Well my weight might not be moving on the right direc... Read more

  • Lots of firsts

    5/29/2016 4:03:51 PM, by NYXWOLFWALKER

    Well my weight might not be moving on the right direc... Read more

  • Struggling, but I'm back...

    5/29/2016 3:23:08 PM, by LIGHTKEEPER77

    Hello, my friends. I've been away for a while. I've been experiencing a mystery illness/condition with a great deal of abdominal pain, fever... Read more

  • Back from vacation

    5/26/2016 10:40:37 PM, by ACRAIG921

    I got back from my trip to Vegas at the beginning of the week. It's taken me a little bit to get back into the swing of things. We had an aweso... Read more

  • New house

    5/26/2016 3:20:41 PM, by LEMONBERRIES

    I have been in my house for about 2 weeks now. Just last night, we emptied out our storage unit (well, almost!!). I am slowly getting things put ... Read more

  • Yesterday

    5/26/2016 9:17:54 AM, by HSARMYWF

    Was super crazy. My van had to go in the shop. Went to car repair place, then stitches came out, had breakfast, went back home, walked the dogs f... Read more

  • Too tired

    5/26/2016 4:26:16 AM, by RISINGBLUESTAR

    Hey everyone. I have been so exhausted lately. It's difficult to explain or to understand if you don't have chronic pain or a chronic illness. ... Read more

  • Sparks of knowledge...

    5/25/2016 4:38:38 PM, by KACEYSW

    Sometimes it's a light bulb that goes off spontaneously in your head. Other times, it's the subtle curve of a smile in your direction that makes ... Read more

  • Stalled

    5/25/2016 11:46:31 AM, by MISHACHANGE

    I've only lost 6 pounds this month. I think I've plateaued. Again. But I feel like I'm complaining. I did strength training yesterday. I had... Read more

  • i have been expecting the grim reaper but he hasnt shown up yet!!

    5/25/2016 11:13:08 AM, by SOFT_VAL67

    So, I am still sick, not as bad as I was but just now starting to get a little less yucky. Monday, my nose ran as though I had an open faucet, ... Read more

  • Trying a new supplement Garcinia Cambogia HCA

    5/24/2016 10:42:11 PM, by VOLLEYBALLROCKS

    I've tried to find some reviews on SP from others that have tried Garcinia Cambogia (HCA) but only found a couple. I just ordered it from D... Read more

  • Getting Somewhere

    5/24/2016 10:14:33 PM, by SYDSTARR

    I've been "stuck" on a plateau for about 2 months now.... Read more

  • Crazy

    5/24/2016 10:04:31 AM, by HSARMYWF

    So hubby has this laundry list of stuff to do to the ... Read more

  • sick of being sick

    5/23/2016 10:50:04 AM, by SOFT_VAL67

    Rain has dominated the month of May. According to the local weather channel, the coverage area has seen rain 20 out of 23 days this month. Fina... Read more

  • Moving busy week

    5/23/2016 9:44:23 AM, by HSARMYWF

    I'm leaving my house we own in GA Saturday. Going back to the rental house in the Mid-Atlantic that I rent with hubby. He's been up there the who... Read more

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