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  • Dad's passing

    5/25/2016 9:10:02 AM, by CONLAUR

    My Dad, aged 88, lived at my house for the past 10 years. For the last 6 months or so, he has been declining noticeably. He went onto Hospice t... Read more

  • Spring has finally sprung

    5/25/2016 5:45:18 AM, by WPM911

    Here in Vermont we joke that we have winter and winter. It's so nice to finally be outdoors doing yardwork and walking. So much better than the t... Read more

  • Day 7

    5/24/2016 6:45:34 PM, by HLONEY2

    I have been exercising everyday. Today I chose not too. However, I have not been sedentary either. Laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, making lunc... Read more

  • Did really well yesterday

    5/24/2016 5:17:00 AM, by WPM911

    I did really well yesterday I actually had some leftover calories. Feels much better than the day before when I binged and went way over.... Read more

  • Sticking to it

    5/23/2016 6:40:24 PM, by HLONEY2

    I haven't been doing this long. Normally I would have already given up. But something clicked this time. I am actually enjoying counting my calor... Read more

  • Summer

    5/22/2016 6:44:40 PM, by HLONEY2

    Cannot wait for school to over. There are so many things that I can do with my daughter such as hiking, basketball, Wii games. Things that will k... Read more

  • Kids

    5/21/2016 7:15:45 PM, by HLONEY2

    Wish my daughter had not seen me pull the cauliflower out when making dinner. Made a cheesy cauliflower mash. It was delicious. At least my husba... Read more

  • Notes to self

    5/21/2016 12:36:21 PM, by DOKEYOKEY

    The parts make up the whole ~> Get enough sleep....delicious! ~ HALT ~ Exercise feels great! ~ Cooking well and creatively for myself feels beau... Read more

  • Day 3

    5/20/2016 12:40:46 PM, by HLONEY2

    Tried a new breakfast recipe with mixed results. My husband liked it. I did not. Oh well. Trying new things is what this is all about. Making bet... Read more

  • Shopping

    5/19/2016 3:29:01 PM, by HLONEY2

    After deciding on some spark recipes for the week I went shopping. It was a longer trip than usual. I looked at every label. Checked and compared... Read more

  • Clothes

    5/18/2016 2:23:30 PM, by HLONEY2

    I cannot wait until I have to go shopping because my clothes are too big instead of too tight!!! Or even to wear some of my favorite clothes that... Read more

  • Time to get fit!

    5/18/2016 12:19:33 PM, by HLONEY2

    My daughter is getting married in December. I want to look fabulous for her. I hate the way I look now. I hate having pics taken. I would hate to... Read more

  • 5K Walked!

    5/12/2016 9:14:55 PM, by KATYUNLEASHED

    Today I participated in a local 5K. Even though I weigh 276 pounds, I walked the entire thing and right now don't feel too bad. I'm sore, but i... Read more

  • Hashimotos

    5/12/2016 8:38:34 PM, by JJERRY8

    Hi all! I'm new to this app, but not to diets! Is anyone else battling Hashimotos Disease and trying to lose weight? Any luck?... Read more

  • 5/3/16

    5/3/2016 11:42:45 AM, by JUSTBETSY

    Down 10lbs in a month!! It's been difficult staying o... Read more

  • Being positive

    4/28/2016 6:03:03 AM, by SSTEWART78

    Hello everyone... Read more

  • Awareness - The Opposite of Denial 4/27/16

    4/27/2016 6:17:53 PM, by JUSTBETSY

    Just got done my hour-long walk. Its becoming more ro... Read more

  • Trial & Error 4/26/16

    4/26/2016 6:18:57 PM, by JUSTBETSY

    Today I made baked lemon pepper salmon with avocado d... Read more

  • Mini update

    4/24/2016 11:25:58 AM, by DOKEYOKEY

    I"ve been tracking all week...even the two days when I fell out of sync with my goals. I'm realizing how far I had fallen away from my ideals of ... Read more


    4/24/2016 10:33:21 AM, by WILBRAGURL

    The flu really hit me, and drained me of strength and energy. Given the two weeks I was out sick, then the two weeks I felt so sapped of energy,... Read more

  • And.... its April! 4/21/16

    4/21/2016 7:18:11 PM, by JUSTBETSY

    I've been working hard at improving diet and exercise... Read more

  • Taste great

    4/20/2016 1:38:04 PM, by SSTEWART78

    If you don't like plain water, this flavored water i... Read more

  • Hi everyone

    4/19/2016 11:16:40 AM, by SSTEWART78

    Went over my Cal. A little last night. But doing great back on track today. Have a good day everyone.... Read more

  • Still working on it.

    4/18/2016 3:07:48 PM, by YALUTA

    Slid off the routine for a bit but I'm still determined to make a big difference.... Read more

  • Feeling good

    4/17/2016 2:41:34 PM, by SSTEWART78

    I always feel good after a workout.... Read more

  • Back, again.

    4/17/2016 10:36:31 AM, by DOKEYOKEY

    I'm back, again. This time, having gained back 100% of the weight I lost six years ago. Clearly, I gotta make it a priority not just to lose weig... Read more

  • Back on track

    4/13/2016 7:56:40 AM, by SSTEWART78

    Had a few hard days and got off track, but starting over today... Read more

  • Changing How I Measure Success

    4/10/2016 7:41:30 PM, by MAREA16

    I'm ending my life-long relationship with my bathroom scale. I no longer trust what it tells me, and most of my interactions with it leave me fee... Read more

  • Doing my best

    4/6/2016 1:45:58 PM, by SSTEWART78

    Friday is weigh in day for me. Wish me luck please. Scales hate me.... Read more

  • The beginning

    4/5/2016 8:19:49 PM, by CARLSONB1020

    I used to be very good at keeping track of my calorie intake. I am not anymore, not since the birth of my amazing son. I tend to feel guilty if I... Read more

  • Yay...

    4/4/2016 4:26:52 PM, by SSTEWART78

    My husband told me he would take walks with me every day.... Read more

  • Feeling annoyed

    4/4/2016 8:25:17 AM, by SSTEWART78

    Snowing hard out in Vt. Guess I will be doing my walking inside today.... Read more

  • Day 13

    4/3/2016 5:51:34 AM, by SSTEWART78

    So I've been swapping my old snacks for healthy ones and it's not as hard as I thought it would be. There is a lot out there to chose from.... Read more

  • Day 12

    4/2/2016 1:12:21 PM, by SSTEWART78

    I love this app. All you guys are a great support. Thanks.... Read more

  • Day 11

    4/1/2016 1:06:44 PM, by SSTEWART78

    Still going strong. Hope everyone enjoys the weekend... Read more

  • So good

    3/31/2016 7:31:31 PM, by SSTEWART78

    I never new food could taste so good when you eat less. I had one lean Burger tonight and it was so good. I eat slower to make it last longer. En... Read more

  • Excited

    3/31/2016 4:54:57 PM, by SSTEWART78

    I lost 10 pounds so far... Read more

  • Day 9

    3/30/2016 8:27:11 AM, by SSTEWART78

    Keeping busy and drinking lots of water.... Read more

  • Queston

    3/29/2016 12:29:18 PM, by SSTEWART78

    I have a heart condition with a pacemaker. Is there certain exercise I should not do?... Read more

  • Advice.

    3/28/2016 9:55:01 PM, by YALUTA

    Willpower is a muscle that you must exercise.... Read more

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