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  • Time To Review 2018 Resolutions

    2/25/2018 12:53:46 PM, by JUSTFURKIDS

    Normally I don’t bother but this year I made THREE! 1 ... Read more

  • New Things

    2/24/2018 11:12:42 PM, by DONDAIN

    So, I am trying some new things. One, I don't talk to my father. He has not made any effort to talk to me so I have not either. The new thing I a... Read more

  • Old Habits Have to Be Intentionally Broken

    2/22/2018 10:05:15 PM, by STARDUST53

    Something happened today that encouraged the habit of No-S to take a step forward! We had running to do, which will always end up going out to ea... Read more

  • My Very First Green Smoothie!!

    2/22/2018 12:31:37 PM, by JUSTFURKIDS

    I nuked (6 minutes to soften) a baggie full of spinach... Read more

  • The Evil Hot Water Heater

    2/21/2018 4:04:51 PM, by JUSTFURKIDS

    Husband and I are attempting to move one HEAVY hot water heater out and another Heavy one in. (Why oh why can we not just call a plumber I ask. Y... Read more

  • Treated Myself To Some Forbidden Fruit

    2/21/2018 11:46:08 AM, by JUSTFURKIDS

    Treated myself to a little decadence! Half an apple, s... Read more

  • Another KETO Homerun Creation: Low Carb Cheesy Taco Skillet

    2/20/2018 7:53:14 PM, by JUSTFURKIDS

    I’ve outdone myself again! 6 g netCarbs Another KETO ... Read more

  • Time to try something different

    2/20/2018 3:03:11 PM, by HOLLY61FIRE

    Well I lost 26 pounds but it seems when I do good I end up getting off track. The vacations don't help, even though I didn't gain weight I didn't... Read more

  • Excited for the possibilities

    2/19/2018 3:49:00 PM, by MERILEES

    Starting a detox program tomorrow under Dr. suppervision. The results promised seem a little too good to be true, but I'm ready to get my body b... Read more

  • One month complete!!

    2/18/2018 5:16:00 PM, by LUNABELLE18

    I am so proud of myself! I actually completed the fir... Read more

  • Goals Review

    2/14/2018 3:26:53 PM, by CATREBEL

    I started 2018 with these fitness goals: 1.) run 4 days per week 2.) strength train and cross-train at least 2 days per week 3.) do yoga at... Read more

  • Post vacation

    2/12/2018 3:24:58 PM, by HOLLY61FIRE

    So I was on a cruise for a week. Tried to stay on track eating a lot of fruits and trying not to over do it. No internet so I didn't track my cal... Read more

  • “S” Days Will Eventually Be What Happens Naturally

    2/9/2018 1:31:55 PM, by STARDUST53

    The learning curve for me with the No-S Plan (No Sugar, No Snacking, No Seconds) has definitely been to ALLOW the exception of the “S” days each ... Read more

  • Wanting to quit

    2/5/2018 6:37:20 PM, by KELLIEBELL79

    Today, I want to give up. I feel like I have all these changes in my life and no one to share them with. Being married, having a partner brought ... Read more

  • A dip and a do!

    2/2/2018 10:30:47 PM, by LUNABELLE18

    Hi everyone! Ok, so my scale and I had a bit of a....well, let's just call it a difference of opinion. I felt like the number should be decreasin... Read more

  • One month down 2018

    2/1/2018 10:31:44 AM, by KELLIEBELL79

    I really like science books... every year I ask for one for Christmas. My favorite is about parasites, but that's a whole other thing. Ha. I... Read more

  • February 1

    1/31/2018 3:25:52 PM, by SHORTCAKE48

    Well I know it is not quite February 1 but it is very close. I am trucking along, doing good with my eating but now its time to kick in some exe... Read more

  • Hi!!!

    1/31/2018 2:23:56 AM, by DARKMJH1

    I love this site there,s so much to do here. And so much help here. Its having a personell coach by your side all time well lots of coaches. And... Read more

  • Beginnings

    1/26/2018 12:30:15 PM, by LUNABELLE18

    Ok, starting new things can be fabulous. It can also be scary, confusing, exciting, daunting, and just down right bad. BUT...to every start the... Read more

  • Another day

    1/24/2018 6:34:32 PM, by HOLLY61FIRE

    Walked during my lunch break. Too cold to be outside. So glad for this challenge from my cousin, it's making me walk everyday. What an accomplish... Read more

  • Finally

    1/23/2018 5:12:23 PM, by SHORTCAKE48

    I have finally gotten up the nerve to write another blog. I have finally decided it is time. I will be 70 years old on February 13 (gosh where ... Read more

  • Getting ready

    1/23/2018 1:58:25 PM, by HOLLY61FIRE

    My daily update...challenged to a half marathon in April. My fiancee met me at lunch today and walked with me. He informed me he would walk in t... Read more

  • Challenge

    1/22/2018 3:51:22 PM, by HOLLY61FIRE

    My cousin challenged me to do a mini marathon with her in April. I thought I would like to but never got back to her. Today she sent me the webs... Read more

  • Planning

    1/21/2018 7:34:34 PM, by LAM_MURPHY

    Needed to do better at planning my meals. Been eating good but I know that it will be better in the long run if I plan my meals and snacks that ... Read more

  • Set back

    1/21/2018 8:56:15 AM, by MARSHA7549

    Unexpected dental work just zapped my commitment to myself to lose my last 20 pounds. Having to be on a soft diet for three weeks is making my f... Read more

  • Waiting

    1/20/2018 7:22:25 PM, by LAM_MURPHY

    I had surgery on my ankle five weeks ago. Yesterday, I went to the Dr. for my check-up and now I am able to walk on my foot. Ya, with a walking ... Read more

  • I am Learning:

    1/19/2018 3:17:22 PM, by KELTYCPHOENYX

    * To love myself; always. * To forgive myself; for, I do not have to be perfect * To heal; emotionally, as well as physically... Read more

  • Yesterday

    1/19/2018 3:13:12 PM, by KELTYCPHOENYX

    Yesterday, out of the blue, I started my journey again. Why I let the trials of life halt my progress, I may never understand. Today, I stand ta... Read more

  • I Am Committed to My Goal!

    1/18/2018 11:40:27 AM, by STARDUST53

    The lifestyle modification of the No-S Diet is more realistic to me than anything I have ever attempted. My life has been a cycle of I am either ... Read more

  • Finally a Run!

    1/17/2018 3:59:21 PM, by CATREBEL

    Tuesday morning we got another round of snow, about 2 inches on top of what we got last Friday. The previous snow/ice had not melted! This mornin... Read more

  • Sore after exercise !

    1/15/2018 6:14:07 PM, by LIZZY6112

    I did a 12 minute workout and am I sore today . Guess it's working . Good luck to everyone and have a great day and week !... Read more

  • 5th Day of No Running 😖

    1/15/2018 9:29:34 AM, by CATREBEL

    My last day to run outside was last Wednesday because of the weather! I do not have a treadmill and I have not been able to run outside because o... Read more

  • Changes

    1/14/2018 9:07:18 AM, by MARSHA7549

    Day 2 brings change 2. I love my coffee. I'm now using almond milk, unsweetened. Not as good as with half n half, but I think I can get use to i... Read more

  • Plateau No More

    1/13/2018 10:58:23 AM, by AGINGFATTY

    Beginning on Dec. 18th, my weekly weight has been stuck at 197 lbs. This week it dropped to 196.2 "I am so excited...I just can... Read more

  • Tomorrow is here

    1/13/2018 8:21:18 AM, by MARSHA7549

    Lost my first 30 last year. Maintained the loss until now. Have gained back 3 of it. Every morning I step on the scale and say tomorrow's the d... Read more

  • Day 12, Beach Vacation

    1/12/2018 12:54:09 PM, by STORMIN5

    Motivated and disciplined. Even while vacationing with my husband at beach kept my resolve. Pre-planned meals and workouts. Ran/walked 29 miles... Read more

  • Day 9, Running

    1/9/2018 10:14:16 PM, by STORMIN5

    "You can't go it alone. Never, Ever, Quit." Admiral McRaven - Make Your Bed book 9 days into new year. Focused and doing great. Have added... Read more

  • Celebrating a small victory

    1/9/2018 7:11:38 PM, by DONDAIN

    I lost 1.3 pounds since the first of January. Small victory. I have also started cutting out soda from my diet. I know that it is extremely bad f... Read more

  • It’s a Match for Me, the “No-S Diet”

    1/7/2018 8:45:53 PM, by STARDUST53

    The No-S and S-day plan works well for me! I have rigidly followed an all or nothing nearly my entire life. And although I have had weight losses... Read more

  • Death

    1/6/2018 10:10:59 PM, by DONDAIN

    I lost two friends, one on the 4th and one on the 5th. The one on the 4th I have not seen in several years. He was a good guy. The one on the 5th... Read more

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