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  • 12 week workout

    4/13/2016 12:06:50 AM, by TEEZIE

    Found a free 12 week workout class. Started yesterday. Felt good. Going to go 3 days a week. Also signed up for a 12 week total wellness class... Read more

  • April12, 2016

    4/12/2016 12:51:51 PM, by ALHOOVER81

    Well it's 2 days till my birthday, yay. I do have school and work that day, I am not one to request my birthday off, after all it's just another... Read more

  • A New Low

    4/12/2016 7:46:09 AM, by INCANTU

    In a good way... I've been bouncing off the 201 mark in the last week. That's the lowest I've been in years. It's partly thanks to the use of Qs... Read more

  • Soon to recommit

    4/2/2016 12:16:10 PM, by LOSERJENN

    I'm getting married next spring and I am probably at ... Read more

  • One day till i'm25

    3/28/2016 9:38:11 PM, by CHISAMI1

    So it's been (was) a good weekend for me emotionally wise(mostly I'll add a blurb on that in a bit), eating wise well I went out to the chinese b... Read more

  • Fear....self doubt....no more holds on me

    3/26/2016 12:11:55 AM, by MERMAIDINSIDE

    I went ice skating last night....I didn't think I could...I was afraid that I was too big and that I would fall or mess up my ankle. I fell twice... Read more

  • Hello, is this thing on?

    3/18/2016 1:06:46 PM, by QUIXOTIQUE

    I'm still active around here, but just in the food tracking section (sporadically), so I figure I may as well update if anyone actually pops in h... Read more

  • Fighting emotional issues

    3/17/2016 1:10:46 AM, by CHISAMI1

    I'm doing this from mobile so please forgive any typos anyhow. So last week a friend invited me to play in a game he hosts, I was super excited ... Read more

  • March 14, 2016

    3/14/2016 5:48:08 PM, by MORADAT

    I've been trying to go to the gym on a regular basis, but winter has made it difficult. Snow storms, falling in ice! Colds and flu...I sure hope... Read more

  • 43. Baby steps

    3/12/2016 5:36:32 PM, by LENLEN3

    I've been logging in during the morning, but finally t... Read more

  • Goals

    3/10/2016 2:25:20 PM, by MERMAIDINSIDE

    These are the fitness things I'm going to focus on for the rest of this year: -Learning to run -Running a 5k -Lose 65-70 pounds by my birth... Read more

  • 42. We're still fighting it

    3/8/2016 6:03:35 AM, by LENLEN3

    So, I'm back !! two trips, some neck and back pain an... Read more

  • UGH

    3/7/2016 10:33:35 AM, by ALHOOVER81

    Today is one of those days you just want to start over. I woke up wanting to just try last night all over again. Things are ruff for my family ... Read more

  • March 3

    3/3/2016 12:11:40 PM, by ALHOOVER81

    Well today has been bad. I forgot to eat lunch, so at break I ate all we had in the vending machines, powdered donuts and sausage biscuits. My ... Read more

  • :D

    3/3/2016 2:56:15 AM, by CHRYS00

    I won a thousand sparkgoodie points! And I didn't eat desert today at my friends house. and I haven't eaten wendy's for two days! (That is actual... Read more

  • A new day

    3/2/2016 12:12:18 PM, by ALHOOVER81

    So I haven't been here in probably the past year. So much has happened. My weight shoot back up cause I just stopped caring, no thanks to depre... Read more

  • Sad Day

    3/2/2016 9:52:40 AM, by LARAINE

    This is going to such a sad day have a funeral for my husbands 17 month old baby cousin 😞😥... Read more

  • Keto Land (A Survival Guide: Part 2, There is no sugar in KETOLAND)

    3/2/2016 8:03:00 AM, by NCARMAND

    Here is a random post about Keto diet and things that I have come across. Here is something that I never thought of when traveling to Keto ... Read more

  • Happy leap year everyone.

    2/28/2016 4:25:18 PM, by CHRYS00

    A day early but thats ok. You know I think Im going to try to cut out carbs. not all of them because I love noodles but most of them. I hear... Read more

  • Starting over again

    2/28/2016 10:06:55 AM, by LARAINE

    Geesh! Where to begin. Been trying to start over but it's hard to do as a truck driver so many places that we can park our truck don't have many ... Read more

  • Keto Land (A Survival Guide: Part 1 Mind set)

    2/24/2016 8:37:30 AM, by NCARMAND

    I don't blog, facebook, twitter or other social internet. People who know me say it is because I have the social skills of a Rock. But, I thought... Read more

  • What's today? 17?

    2/17/2016 11:43:02 AM, by CHRYS00

    Ever have that stretch of time where your busy, but you get absolutely nothing done? Yeah that's me! But hey at least I'm getting a little exerci... Read more

  • What's In Your Coffee?

    2/17/2016 8:01:09 AM, by TMA1913

    So as a daily routine (Mon-Fri) I start my day off with coffee! Amazingly on the weekends I do not require coffee in the mornings. On... Read more

  • Last Year I lost 40lbs

    2/13/2016 10:07:02 PM, by TMA1913

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to check into give everyone some encouragement! Last year I lost 40lbs and this year my goal is to lose 40 ... Read more

  • 41. Bad choices

    2/11/2016 6:00:21 AM, by LENLEN3

    So I was feeling bad.... Really just Awful yesterday. Verge of tears most of the day. Decide to go out with some coworkers for dinner -- and watc... Read more

  • 39/40. Return of the stat check in

    2/10/2016 6:32:03 AM, by LENLEN3

    Weight: 183 (-13) Resting BPM: 66 (Fitbit) Avg. Sleep ... Read more

  • 38. More snow

    2/7/2016 11:33:39 PM, by LENLEN3

    Augh it's too late to write anything. I'm already behind though, so I figured batter something then nothing? I guess???? There isn't much to talk... Read more

  • finding a balance

    2/7/2016 10:25:41 PM, by SNOWFLAKE2138

    4 years ago when I lost my weight I was an all or nothing girl. I was 100% 100% of the time. And it worked tremendously well for me, I lost 65... Read more

  • Motivational Member - Temporarily Lost Her Motivation!

    2/7/2016 1:22:49 PM, by AHEALTHYGAMER

    Hey everyone! I just found out I'm today's motivational member and I can't believe it! That is so encouraging and flattering and I just wanted to... Read more

  • 37. Worried about hibachi dinner

    2/6/2016 5:33:06 PM, by LENLEN3

    I liked this quote- something to reflect on :) I had ... Read more

  • 36.tough day

    2/5/2016 10:51:09 PM, by LENLEN3

    I meant to put roughy but it was tough. Both are apropo . The gym in our building is closed for 2 weeks, so exercise will become a challenge. I'... Read more

  • 2016

    2/5/2016 9:12:32 PM, by TEEZIE

    Still busy. Doing more but not the most. Joined a 12 week biggest loser challenge at work. More motivation. One nice thing is that at work we are... Read more

  • February 3

    2/3/2016 11:22:34 PM, by CHRYS00

    So I haven't been all that great the last few days. Not the worst days I've had, but not the best for sure. Upside, my "FINALLY not too tight" je... Read more

  • I saw this and had to share

    2/3/2016 10:59:14 PM, by K1TT3N

    10 Facts Every Woman Should Know: 1. Everyone has rolls when they bend over. 2. When someone tells you that you're beautiful, believe them. They... Read more

  • 35. Such exhaustion

    2/3/2016 10:16:43 PM, by LENLEN3

    Work was tooooo much today . I just want to sleep . Tr... Read more

  • trackers at 5 below

    2/2/2016 5:47:37 PM, by K1TT3N

    yes 5 below stores are selling a tracker , not the top of the line but they have an app to track with , it don't sync, you have to type everythin... Read more

  • Female issues

    2/2/2016 4:49:06 PM, by BO0BERRY

    Why is it around aunt flow I become a bottomless pit?!... Read more

  • So you're probably wondering...

    2/2/2016 12:40:09 PM, by CHRYS00

    The heck is up with this person? Well let me tell you... I'm just weird. Plain and simple. You should see all the weird I manage to filter before... Read more

  • 34. The heroic legend of prince arslan

    2/1/2016 11:54:57 PM, by LENLEN3

    So , growing up the heroic legend of prince arslan was... Read more

  • update health

    2/1/2016 6:42:17 PM, by K1TT3N

    Hubby has a bit of a scare a week ago Sunday. He had bracardia, TIA or mini stroke and a complex migraine. He is feeling better just really tire... Read more

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