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  • 4/26/2015

    4/26/2015 11:51:28 PM, by CAROL6X

    Where is Spring? Not here yet! Still too chilly and the sun is still on vacation. I sure will be glad once it is actually here up here.... Read more

  • 4/3/2015

    4/3/2015 5:19:56 AM, by CAROL6X

    Well, it looks like I have gained during our 2 week vacation. Now, we go back to work this Saturday night and back to running arou... Read more

  • 3/31/2015

    3/31/2015 10:55:35 PM, by CAROL6X

    Well, looks like we will be here for another year-we will make the best of it to try and keep from getting depressed-another year for the winter-... Read more

  • 3/28/2015

    3/28/2015 6:16:23 PM, by CAROL6X

    Spring is supposed to be here, but it continues with the snow. I will be glad once it is finished and gets warmer and nicer so we can go outside... Read more

  • 2 Weeks Down

    3/14/2015 4:27:00 PM, by KHARRIETOFF

    I am 14 days into my Candida Cleanse and going strong! Mentally strong, that is. Physically, I have been feeling achy and very weak; without the ... Read more

  • Re-set Oompteenth.0

    3/1/2015 9:05:33 PM, by KHARRIETOFF

    I hope this is the final reboot, but I think so. I have finally gathered enough of the right kind of information to try this fat busting thing on... Read more

  • Feb 1 2015

    2/1/2015 3:42:42 PM, by CAROL6X

    Well, tired of the snow-let's move on to the Spring, please! It would be really great to move back to Florida this year! Hope all gets into ... Read more

  • Jan 21 2015

    1/21/2015 5:36:54 PM, by CAROL6X

    Well, thought I would get another blog done. I got my hair cut-finally this morning after putting it off for a few weeks. My husband and I both ... Read more

  • Dec 31 2014

    12/31/2014 5:15:19 PM, by CAROL6X

    Happy New Year Everyone!!!! I hope this upcoming year is better than the old for everyone! My New year's resolution is to move back to Flori... Read more

  • Dec 17 2014-2 Year Surgiversary

    12/17/2014 4:12:11 PM, by CAROL6X

    Well, two years ago today I had my surgery. Monday at the surgeon's office for my two year check up proved I am doing good. Waiting to ... Read more

  • Dec 15 2014

    12/15/2014 7:23:21 PM, by CAROL6X

    Well, thought I would do an update on my blog. This week is my 2 year anniversary of my surgery (surgiversary). Gastric Bypass was done on ... Read more

  • Productive While Absent

    12/9/2014 1:36:33 PM, by KHARRIETOFF

    It has been half a year since I have updated here, or anywhere, really. But it is because I have been busy. Dismayed at all of the useless visits... Read more

  • Monday Oct 13th

    10/13/2014 12:42:09 AM, by CAROL6X

    Thought I would get another blog entry in. It is that time of the year-Chilly weather, fall leaves and of course it is the Flu shot season. ... Read more

  • Sunday Sept 28th.

    9/28/2014 8:58:17 PM, by CAROL6X

    Well, time for another entry in my blog collection. Hubby and I were off work this weekend and it was our Wedding Anniversary. We worked Fri... Read more

  • Fall 5% Challenge

    9/14/2014 6:43:03 PM, by CAROL6X

    I am on the Tiger Monarchs Team again (my favorite) this challenge and I have been looking to see how I can put the Team logo on my Spark Page an... Read more

  • Sept 12 2014 Fall is in the air!

    9/12/2014 6:00:31 PM, by CAROL6X

    Well, it is time for another blog. It is looking like fall out this week and I am so ready! I love the cooler (yet not too cold) and I love it... Read more

  • Aug 21st Sunday

    8/31/2014 4:48:33 PM, by CAROL6X

    Happy labor Day everyone!!! Well, I am getting ready for the Fall Challenge. Diet is the same-Protein. I had a Gastric Bypass on 12/17/201... Read more

  • June 18th

    6/18/2014 6:16:17 PM, by CAROL6X

    Well, just a quick one-will do a more in depth on the weekend as I will have more time. Our new medical insurance at the hospital I work for in... Read more

  • Yes, I'm still alive

    6/7/2014 5:58:03 AM, by JLITT62

    I resisted Facebook for sooo long . . . But then I created a community page about my running - Chocolaterunsjudy - and because there are only so ... Read more

  • Send those negative thoughts BYE BYE!

    6/6/2014 7:22:19 AM, by MAMAOF3KIDDIES

    How many times have you questioned yourself in the middle of workout ~ "Wh... Read more

  • June 3rd 2014

    6/3/2014 4:54:20 AM, by CAROL6X

    Well, I did a little bit of my sparkpage updating and will finish it when it gets closer to the start time of the 2014 Summer Challenge. Lookin... Read more

  • First 5k!

    6/2/2014 2:51:14 PM, by SILENTGRL44

    Completed my first 5k Saturday. There were over 4,000 runners in the friehofers run for women. I finished with my fastest time yet ( 40:25) and i... Read more

  • Friday May 30

    5/30/2014 5:39:05 PM, by CAROL6X

    Well last night was busy at work as usual. Tonight will be our regular night shift hours and then both Saturday and Sunday we will be going in ea... Read more

  • Thursday May 29 2014

    5/29/2014 4:25:59 AM, by CAROL6X

    Well, my husband and I will be heading in to work earlier than usual to do some overtime. We were off work last night and so it won't feel too ba... Read more

  • 5/28/2014

    5/28/2014 7:38:53 PM, by CAROL6X

    Well, thought I would post another blog. My husband and I have been on the look for a park in the area that you don't have to pay to get in. We... Read more

  • Now

    5/25/2014 8:19:55 AM, by FRANCA1P

    It's been a long time since i posted here. I am coping and learning how to exist in this new reality of being a widow. It isn't easy but with fai... Read more

  • Sunday May 25th

    5/25/2014 2:10:46 AM, by CAROL6X

    Well, hope to go for a little drive to a park today when it gets light and the park is open. It would be nice to have some time without rain. Wou... Read more

  • Saturday May 24th

    5/24/2014 10:08:10 PM, by CAROL6X

    Well, it is supposed to rain both days of our Memorial Weekend. No surprise as we are both off work this weekend. Hopefully we can get a little b... Read more

  • Oops - I Missed April

    5/10/2014 9:45:44 AM, by KHARRIETOFF

    I had no idea it had been that long since I updated this blog; I missed April entirely! I suppose the reason for this has everything to do wit... Read more

  • Pictures-May 2

    5/2/2014 9:36:07 PM, by CAROL6X

    Well, here are two nice pictures from our drive this morning. Carol ... Read more

  • Friday May 2

    5/2/2014 9:30:03 PM, by CAROL6X

    Well, my husband and I finally managed to go out for a drive on a lovely morning. We left out at 5am to head out to the lake area up north of her... Read more

  • 4/30/2014 They changed the look of the sites

    4/30/2014 8:16:20 PM, by CAROL6X

    Well, they changed the look of the sites and there is no more Huddling. This new way sucks-I don't like it and from what I am reading a lot of ot... Read more

  • Wednesday April 30, 2014

    4/30/2014 3:54:54 AM, by CAROL6X

    Well, thought it was time for another blog from me -it has been a while. Finishing up this week with our two weeks vacation-once again it has r... Read more

  • First 3.65 miles outside

    4/24/2014 4:02:30 PM, by SILENTGRL44

    Jogged my first 5k outside today. I was so proud of myself that I kept going... Read more

  • 80 pounds!

    4/15/2014 4:16:02 PM, by SILENTGRL44

    Hit my 80 pounds weight loss a few days ago. I'm pretty excited about it, but at the same time i feel like i should be farther along in the total... Read more

  • One Milestone At A Time...

    3/27/2014 10:56:12 PM, by KHARRIETOFF

    I was finally able to record a 10 lb. loss, today. Now I just have to do that 21 more times to reach my target goal, but for now I'll set a short... Read more

  • March 20, 2014

    3/20/2014 1:33:28 AM, by CAROL6X

    Well, it has been a little bit since my last blog and all is overly busy at work. It is getting closer to the time when we put in applications... Read more

  • A Simple, Perfect Day

    3/18/2014 8:47:14 AM, by KHARRIETOFF

    Yesterday was such a simple, perfect day. If I can manage 5 out of 7 like that for the rest of my life - I'll reach my goal in no time (2 years, ... Read more

  • Still At It...

    3/7/2014 10:53:28 AM, by KHARRIETOFF

    I am still on track, and that feels good. I am becoming comfortable with the consistency of tuning in to SparkPeople every morning. The especiall... Read more

  • Sleeping ... Finally.

    3/3/2014 7:24:10 AM, by KHARRIETOFF

    I have actually slept two nights in a row. Last night, an entire 8 hours. Not something an insomniac can take for granted, but I am glad I found ... Read more

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